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  2. Would you ever say a movie is stupid?

    Try It is mostly a film review site, and the reviews are front and center, and its a pretty easy site to use. You can import your film ratings from IMDb too.
  3. I Just Watched...

    Du Barry Was a Lady (1943) - Technicolor musical comedy from MGM and director Roy Del Ruth. Nightclub coatroom attendant Louis Blore (Red Skelton) has eyes for star attraction singer-dancer May Daly (Lucille Ball). But Louis isn't the only one in love with May, as dancer Alec Howe (Gene Kelly) also pines for her. When Louis wins a fortune in a sweepstakes, he thinks he may finally get his gal. Also featuring Virginia O'Brien, Zero Mostel in his movie debut, Douglass Dumbrille, Donald Meek, George Givot, Rags Ragland, Louise Beavers, Kay Aldridge, Hugh Beaumont, Ava Gardner, Marilyn Maxwell, Lana Turner, and Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra. I'm sure this goofy diversion was appreciated during the height of the war years. It's colorful, occasionally humorous, and features plenty of beautiful gals. The musical numbers are decent, especially the Dorsey band numbers. I've never been a big Red Skelton fan, and would have liked this more with Bob Hope in the lead. Lucy hadn't moved into her comedy phase yet, although moments peek through in her performance. She's mainly here to be lovely eye candy, and she is, and this was the first time that her hair was dyed her signature bright red color. I was very impressed with Virginia O'Brien and her deadpan song delivery. Her bored demeanor was both funny and sexy. (6/10) Source: Warner DVD, with a few vintage shorts as extras.
  4. Classics you can watch over and over

    How about Anthony Perkins and Anthony Perkins? Danny DeVito and Anne Ramsey are a distant third.
  5. This sounds more like what happened to a drunken William Holden in Italy, except the man who he killed was also driving a car. Holden was charged with vehicular manslaughter. He got a suspended sentence and paid off the Widow. Unfortunately after this sad incident, his drinking only increased, leading to his untimely death due to a drinking-related accidental fall.
  6. Rayban, I don't see Far from the Madding Crowd as misogynistic at all. Bathsheba does a reasonably good job taking care of herself. She doesn't let herself get cheated at the market. Sgt. Troy is handsome and exciting, and he appears to be strong. Gabriel Oak is impoverished after his dog leads his sheep over the cliff, so Bathsheba would be marrying down. Hardy shows how important class differences are even in rural communities where the opportunities for marriage are much more limited than in urban areas. For a truly misogynistic film, see Lady in the Dark (visually spectacular, but you won't believe some of the dialogue). John Cassavetes' Husbands is another. Or Some Came Running, where a woman is either virgin/prude/frigid or a ****. Schlesinger had a great decade, as you pointed out. Far from the Madding Crowd seemed a bit old-fashioned next to its contemporaries Bonnie and Clyde and The Graduate. It's a faithful adaptation of the Hardy novel, it's visually beautiful, and it has four of my favorite stars of the era perfectly cast. Julie Christie and Terence Stamp were romantically involved earlier in the decade--what a gorgeous and sexy couple they must have made. For those who are interested, I recommend Donald Spoto's biography of Alan Bates and William Mann's biography of John Schlesinger. As you probably know, Schlesinger was openly gay and never felt compelled to marry and pretend to be straight. However, he urged Alan Bates to get married for the sake of his career and Bates did so. Bates was in that familiar Hollywood category of "bi but mostly gay."
  7. *A to Z of Movies*

    Quantrill's Raiders
  8. All reading this 2 time leading actress *Oscar winner *Olivia de Havilland is currently 102 & mainly lives in Paris-(Mr. 0sborne said he used to call her each & every Sunday) Don't know if she'd either be up to it, or even want to. Though she does still do interviews from Paris, France. She just took the producers of TV's "Feud" top court over the stunningly beautiful *Oscar winning actresss *Catherine Zeta-Jones portrayal of her in that tv mini-series. As much as I think *Zeta is easily among the top ten all-time most gorgeous actresses, she looked nothing like *Olivia in it. I just thought of this idea a couple days ago & it may be why she never personally came here to accept AFI's annual lifetime award either? Though it would be marvelous for say Ben Mankiewicz to interview her via television about her life & career,etc & of course what is always said to still be the love of her life ERROL FLYNN-(l909-l959) Of course she took home "statuettes" for 1946's only ok (**1/2) "To Each Her 0wn" & the great 1949 "The Heiress"-(one of *Scorsese's all-time influences by the way) & correct me if I;m wrong, is she now the sole living survivor from *"GWTW?" & also didn't she do (8) with Flynn? But I have to check my "WALK-OF-FAME BOOK" & see, if she was even ever given a "Star" or not? A GENUINE "LADY" TO BE SURE
  9. *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    Nelligan, Kate
  10. Would you ever say a movie is stupid?

    I checked on imdb, and I did vote on Anchorman - it has a pretty high overall rating at 7.2 - and I think I wrote a review there too. However, imdb has made it impossible to find your own reviews because Col. Needham (the founder) thinks the purpose of imdb is to "create advertising our site visitors will love". Don't get me started. I had about 1700 reviews I had written there, but their new system so demoralized me I haven't written another review there since December 31. I don't know if I ever will again. And I considered that a favorite hobby of mine.
  11. Actor/Movie Association Game

    Three Cornered Moon
  12. describe the scene game

    I love it, too, Lav, and, of course, you got it right. Your thread.
  13. Would you ever say a movie is stupid?

    Yes, the David Janssen film. It's both terrible and stupid.
  14. Would you ever say a movie is stupid?

    The David Janssen film? Once. Years ago on TCM. I see it has a 3.6 rating on the IMDb.
  15. Noir Alley

    I already have copies - some recorded, some on DVD - of just about everything on Noir Alley. However I still record Noir Alley because Eddie Muller's comments make it worthwhile. I have the Olive Films DVD of Cry Danger, and it is a great copy, but there are no comments.
  16. Would you ever say a movie is stupid?

    Absolutely. Have you seen Dondi?
  17. Would you ever say a movie is stupid?

    Sometimes the best way to "defend" a movie is to upvote it. The reviewer I mentioned in the original post gave DON RICARDO RETURNS a 3. The other reviewer also gave it a 3. But it currently has a 4.2 on the IMDb, since 24 other people rated it higher. And for the record, no I have not voted yet. LOL
  18. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Now The Gucci Loafer may be on the other foot.
  19. THANX FOR REPLIES! Although & it makes me scratch me head everytime over the past 218 years, that the majority on here apparently do not collect movie books much let alone memorabilia??? EVER HEAR OF THE TCM VERSION OF "SCENE-IT?" I got it as a Christmas gift about 15yrs ago, but have nobody to play the dvd, board game with??? My ma' at first got me the "SEINFELD SCENE-IT?" GAME, & AS MUCH AS I ADORE THAT SHOW, I WANTED THIS ONE & SURE AS HECK GOT IT, BUT FOR WHAT? IT EVEN HAS LITTLE CLKUE CARDS, DVD's, TINY FIGURINES OF "ROSEBUD SLED" "KONG" "WIZARD OF OZ SLIPPERS" "M. FALCON" & MORE. LOOKS A LOT LIKE MONOPOLY, BUT IT IS SIMNULTABNEOUSLY A DVD TRIVIA GAME.
  20. The FilmStruck Thread

    That's what I meant. The films stay on the site for several months, but the Star of the Week changes. So you have to keep track of who was previously featured. For the directors, this is not necessary because they just switch it from Director of the Week to Directed By.
  21. Would you ever say a movie is stupid?

    Yes, I see what you mean. I wasn't trying to disprove your point. I just wanted to chime in and defend Anchorman - "There were horses, a man on fire, and I killed a man with a Trident" - How can you not love a movie with quotes like that? If you never heard of Gigli consider yourself lucky. I'm pretty sure Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez wish they had never heard of it either.
  22. Noir Alley

    EDDIE, have they asked you to be a regular host yet? & what are your top five or so favorite film 'noir pictures? Though it's from the UK to me "THE THIRD MAN" is the epitome of what that genre should be
  23. Random Alerts!

  24. Noir Alley

    At least these huge cars were made in America
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