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  2. Any suggestions for Nazi movies?

    (NOTE: as many on here & a lot more elsewhere I have compiled in my ever growing movie files-(est: 1982-) "ALTERNATE OSCARS" or "THE OSCARS VS. "THE ORACLE" AWARDS all dating back to inception of real *Academy awards in 1927-28, thing is-(like aythoir Danny Peary of same aboive tile & is in dire need of a revised edition by the way)' MY BEST ACTOR "ALTERNATE" WINNER FOR 2004 WAS GANZ INB TGHIS, THEE MNOIST ACCURATE OF ALL ADOLPH HITLER'S YET ON SCREEN & EVEN OVER WINNER JAMIUE FOX in ":Ray" THAT YEAR TOO!
  3. Seances

    WARNING: A Short Story Long follows... Reminds me of my high school days when a bunch of us would get together late at night and repeat spook stories that we'd heard. Then my neighbor got a Ouija board and we used to play with that a lot. The best setting was always an "old" house with some unknown or embellishable history. Any vacant house could be suspect. And after dark we'd "break-in" with our flashlights and candles and set up the board to conduct our impromptu seance. Someone would always ad-lib a bit, but if we were really into it it didn't matter. Was easy to create a state of mass hysteria, especially with the girls. Speaking of, that was always a prime motivator for having such an event. Invite some hot little diddy to an intimate "seance" with three or four couples, and let the hormones do what they did best. Girls would scare easy (or pretend so) and get real close for "protection" and grab your arm or whatever when "frightened." Manipulating the spirits was easy as we'd always manage to "locate" some sympathetic tragic young departed thing who would cooperatively help us along with our venture into the world between. Had to be careful though. One time a cop interrupted one of our late night events and really scared us with his appearance. Lucky we weren't doing anything really lascivious at the time, and really lucky that it was then and not now, as he was a local guy who gave us a lecture and told us to stay out of someone else's property and conduct our "seance" in one of our own homes instead. Once we were in the middle of a "seance" in my neighbors bedroom, and we left a tape recorder running. We were really getting into it. Undulating shadows on the walls would mysteriously appear, disappear and reappear. We all had our pinkies on the little planchette as it slowly moved around the board answering our questions. Turned out the "spirit" we were communicating with had been a young person who had "actually" been horribly murdered in my friends sister's bedroom in that very house sometime years before his parents bought it. No one knew this house had such a hidden history??? But the spirit slowly revealed to us, question by question, the dark insidious mysteries still lurking there, unsolved, unresolved, and seeking malevolent retribution... To prove that none of us were manipulating the board, one by one we each lifted our finger off the planchette, and within the dim flickering candlelight it still appeared to move... The undulating shadow on the wall began to define itself as an apparition... his sister screamed when some unearthly thing touched her leg. Setting us all into a panic. Suddenly the door flew open and there, in the hallway light stood a stern figure that resembled his mother! She turned on the light and admonished us that it was late and if we were going to scare ourselves like that to be more quiet about it or we'd wake up the neighbors. We told her what had happened, but she somehow didn't appear to believe a word of it. Then, we remembered the tape recorder and replayed the entire event. Somehow the tape caught something that none of us did at the time it happened... A low plaintive moaning sound in the background that began when the apparition first appeared and suddenly stopped when the door flew open! Did we make it all up? The tape was now the "evidence" that it really happened! The story filtered through the school, ensuring many more seances to come. As an addendum I will add this... Years later when I was going through a "religious" experience, a co-worker and friend showed up at my apartment with of all things, a Ouija board. She wanted to have a seance with me. But by that time I knew better and would have nothing of it. According to scriptures I'd recently read, it was evident that persons could actually communicate with "spirits." And the practice was NOT condoned, and Warned against! I remembered that distant high school night and the evidentiary tape recording. And so I politely, but firmly refrained.
  4. Any suggestions for Nazi movies?

  5. I Just Watched...

    The Prince and the Pauper (1937) - Rousing family adventure based on Mark Twain's story, from Warner Brothers and director William Keighley. In 1537 England, Prince Edward (Robert Mauch) meets poor street urchin Tom Canty (Billy Mauch) and they are both amazed at their physical resemblance. After they each dress up as the other, events transpire that find Tom confused by the royal court as Edward, while the real Edward ends up in the slums where Tom came from. Sneaky courtier Earl of Hertford (Claude Rains) discovers the mix-up and decides to utilize the switch to gain the throne, while the real Edward runs into former soldier Miles Hendon (Errol Flynn) who becomes the boy's protector. Also featuring Barton MacLane, Henry Stephenson, Alan Hale, Eric Portman, Halliwell Hobbes, Fritz Leiber, Elspeth Dudgeon, Robert Warwick, Ian Wolfe, and Montagu Love as Henry VIII. Embroidered with a good score by Erich Wolfgang Korngold, this is a fine example of a family film that doesn't talk down to its audience and which should appeal to kids and adults alike. With Flynn, Hale and Rains, this seems like a dry run for the next year's Robin Hood. Claude Rains, in his all-black finery, reminded me of Black Adder. When Flynn, who isn't onscreen enough, finally gets his hands on dirty Bart MacLane, it's a very satisfying movie moment. Recommended. (8/10) Source: TCM.
  6. Charles Boyer

    Too bad.If it's RKO I wonder what the problem is?
  7. (TRIVIA: of all his shorts by Bugs the one & only one that won an *Oscar was "Knighty Knight Bugs" (l958) "
  8. Although Bugs Bunny is my all-timer in any animated characters Even have a few collectibles on Mr Bunny! But, by far my all-time favourite *Disney animated short has virtually all of Hollywoods Golden Age in this short!!! "A Night in Hollywood" by far friends *Gable, *Cagney, *Tracy, *Bogey, Edward G. Raft, Garbo, & a ton more on hand-(WHO RECALLS THIS ONE? EASY TO FIND ONLINE) & of course my main man "BUGS" has a cameo
  9. *A to Z of Movies*

  10. Charles Boyer

    No, I don't think TCM has.
  11. Favorite Disney Shorts

    To date & our buddy Jakeem, Topbilled or LawrenceA, would know, I guess Pixar has won about 9 Best animated feature films td? & more fun facts: "Finding, Dory" is officially the all-time top ten highest grossing pix at over $486m.
  12. Favorite Disney Shorts

    JAMES STEWART, marvelous heading by the way & is he your all time fav. actor by the way? If so I can send you a tonnage of fun & accurate facts on AFI's 1999 number 3 all-time actors-(poll) Back to your topic my fav *Walt Disney-(l901-66) & by far all-time *Oscar winning champ with (26 wins) 1. "Dumbo" (song "Baby 0'mine" robbed of the song *Oscar that year!?) 2. "Fantasia"-(kinda' the "Kane" of it's genre due to it stretching all technical aspects) 3. "Pinocchio"-(must vote for this) 4. "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs": 5th all-timer from *Disney & sometimes the massive Pixar (TRIVIA: '95's "Tot Story" was it's first y the way) & "Inside/0ut" is simply incredible Never did see Pixar;'s latest "Coco" though, among chosen few I did not go & review??? & adore "Finding, Nemo" (P.S. IT IS ASININE THAT 19o47's "Song of the South" is now banned thesedays, it's very good fun (***1/2) & James Baskett even took home a special "statuette" for his Uncle Remus WHO AGREES?
  13. Ripperiana

    Oooohhh! That movie was so good. I had totally forgotten about that film. David Warner, is great in everything, from the time he was in "Morgan" but is particularly chilling in that film. So grateful you remembered and brought up this fine example of how to make a fab Ripper film. Also one of the few films in which MacDowell is a kind of milquetoast character which was fun to see. Thank you!
  14. Connie Sawyer 1912 - 2018

    Such a lovely and inspiring actress! I will have to get out my "Mary Hartman" dvd and watch for her as I think she had a part in some episodes among the many other tv series that she graced. Sorry to hear about her passing but thanks for making note of it here.
  15. Seances

    Right on! I remember in my college theology course, that we learned that in Hebrew lore, 7 was considered a magic and perfect number, hence when the angels like Lucifer [if you believe such things] had their fall from grace, they lost a digit obviously and were then represented by the number, 6 and to amplify how much Lucifer had messed up, he was given the designation of three sixes in a row, just to put him/her/it in their place. Don't ask me about why Ronald Reagan's names also came out to be in a 6-6-6 pattern. I can also recite the names of all sixteen Judges of Israel by memory from the class, if you are interested, Vautrin.
  16. Favorite Disney Shorts

    Aware I had to log my own all-timers pix on this guys' page, thread, post,etc BUT, it did not list reply TO THIS TOPIC ON HEADING THIS TIME? & your 100% correct TCM not legally-(I reckon;0 being able to broadcast Disney's glorious era i.e. "Dumbo" "Fantasia" "Pinocchio" & many other greats! Plus & at this late date the network still cannot broadcast *"GFI" or *"GFII?"-(the fmr being my A No. 1 all-time favoritre pic.) I must be honest 1st though & see this entire topic before also including my favs in motion picture history
  17. I was lucky to now become a TCM Backlot member, who else is a card-carrying member?
  18. That's probably why Hillary lost the election. Campaigning on letting all the radical jihadist terrorists come into America with no background checks whatsoever.
  19. I Just Watched...

    What a strange movie this was! I had never heard of it. I wonder if it had much of a release in the U.S.??? I was a huge Liv Ullmann fan at the time, so odd I dont remember it. I know. There were a lot of logic lapses in the storyline (you could see where it was heading) the biggest being how Max could survive out there in his undies in that kind of weather. Seemed half the film was him running around trying to get in and out of places. I'm glad I watched it, but wouldnt again. Mancini's score seemed derivative of his Wait Until Dark score a few years before......... I thought the film would end with Howard waiting in Max's cell for him. But the ending they used was pretty good too!
  20. Today
  21. I Just Watched...

    You have "stacks"? LOL Me, too. Let us know what ones are worth seeing as you get around to them.
  22. I Just Watched...

    I have a lot of them coming up over the next several years of movies in my "to watch" stacks.
  23. I Just Watched...

    I had not heard of this film before and loved it! Thanks for the heads up about it being on! (Deep Valley)
  24. Charles Boyer

    Has TCM ever shown this version?
  25. Charles Boyer

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