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    I know you're just a damn troll, but I have some time to waste on you. Try cutting your own politics. And if you don't have the ability or desire to show Ben Mankiewicz the simple courtesy of writing his name correctly (and, yes, I pick up on your not-so-subtle anti-semitism), just refrain from posting.
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    Ed Krassenstein‏ @EdKrassen Fox News host @seanhannity tried to book one of Roy Moore's accusers for an on-air interview, and she replies with this EPIC response:
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    Sources are saying Trump camped out in front of his television last night and got madder and madder and madder. Awww.... And just in time for him to represent the country on his trip abroad. He did warn everyone about electing someone under investigation.
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    The Hill‏Verified account @thehill Companies pull ads from Sean Hannity after his coverage of Roy Moore sexual misconduct allegations http://hill.cm/kyJX8TF
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    Congratulations to Trump for winning the election one year ago and for having 37 percent approval rating (the lowest a modern president’s has ever been this early on in their presidency)! http://observer.com/2017/11/trumps-low-approval-rating-makes-history/
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    It's only Tuesday, but I think we have a winner for right wing rant of the week.
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    The Hill‏Verified account @thehill Roy Moore declines to debate Dem opponent in Alabama Senate race http://hill.cm/qCwALFN
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    The **** Trump woman is back. She is now selling bumper stickers with the **** Trump logo on them, proceeds going to her local Democratic party. There is also the drawing of a middle finger in there too, but it's hard to see if the image is blacked out. You go, girl.
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    Conan O'Brien‏Verified account @ConanOBrien President Trump didn’t pardon the whole turkey, just the white meat.
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    Once I would have said that is a gross generalization. Maybe it still is. But looking at the comments and conservative source only postings, the constant distractions, the refusal to acknowledge the fact that Trump is probably (I shouldn't even say "probably") a woman abuser, from the Trump supporters on these threads, there is a hell of a lot of credibility to what you say, Cid. Manson just died but these Trump followers here act like they're members of a cult, incapable of criticizing their "leader" or seeing the harm that he is doing to the nation. There will always be rationalizations or, in many cases, just mere silence from them in regard to his daily outrages. Yeh, I know, some call it political tribalism, but that's been going on for some time. With many here it's an obsession with the leader himself. I have no doubt that these followers would stand by and be supportive of significant civil liberties being curtailed by Trump (just so long as it doesn't seriously impact them, of course). Is there one of them here that trusts the mainstream media? Trump would be pleased with the answer. They listen for "the truth" from their exalted leader's mouth.
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    Is he going to lock himself up?
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    Ezra Klein‏Verified account @ezraklein Ezra Klein Retweeted Donald J. Trump Trump has more than a dozen, on-the-record, allegations of sexual assault against him, and was caught on tape bragging about committing sexual assault. This is a dangerous game for him to play.
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    I wonder why Trump hasn't disclosed his tax returns.
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    McCarthy and his ilk were more dangerous and caused more harm to this country than anyone blacklisted by self-serving politicians. We're supposed to have freedom of thought in this country. Not one of the blacklisted writers, actors, and others ever committed a crime. They were intellectually motivated; they were not terrorists.
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    Mark Knoller‏Verified account @markknollerMore Pres Trump referred to his Electoral College margin of victory as "massive." Records show his victory ranked 46th out of 58 US presidential elections.
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    Adam Schiff‏Verified account @RepAdamSchiffMore One year ago, @realDonaldTrump was elected President. Since then, he has repeatedly shown why he is the worst president in modern history. Here's how: Almost immediately after the election, the President-elect falsely claimed to have won the popular vote and said that millions of illegal immigrants voted. In his first week of office, @POTUS signed the #MuslimBan, banning people from entering our country based on their faith. Then @POTUS Trump demonized a free & fair press, laying groundwork to discredit any negative stories. He even threatened network licenses. Trump unilaterally rescinded #DACA without any replacement. Hundreds of thousands of DREAMers stand to lose everything. He doesn't care. After the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, @POTUS found fault on "many sides." There were not "many sides," just right and wrong. @POTUS withdrew from the Paris Accords, forever damaging our planet and our standing in the world. Climate change is real, and we must act. Trump said he would discontinue payments to health insurance companies, raising rates for consumers, actively undermining the Affordable Care Act. Trump refuses to acknowledge Russia’s attack on our democracy, and fired FBI Director James Comey because of "this Russia thing." Trump has repeatedly tried to intervene in our justice system, and denigrated judges who rule against him as illegitimate or “so-called” judges. Without checking with the Pentagon, @POTUS banned trans soldiers from serving our country. It was ugly, wrong, and unconstitutional. I haven't even gotten to the President's foreign policy. Cozying up to dictators, threatening war via tweet, hollowing out our State Department... There is absolutely no doubt: President Trump is the worst president in modern history. And each day, he works on eliminating "modern" from that description.
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    Conn Carroll‏ @conncarroll Fox News has nothing on Virginia this morning, instead they are replaying election night 2016 highlights.
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    While I didn't see Ben Mankiewicz's introduction to Tender Comrade (though I have seen the film he was introducing), how can one discuss the Hollywood Blacklist without mentioning politics? It was these people's alleged political ties that started the Blacklist in the first place. In this case, wouldn't mentioning politics be appropriate? And while some of these people were proven to have Communist ties, others were just accused with no solid proof and their careers suffered just as much as those who were actual Communists.
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    I'm still laughing and was proven right. He's a total embarrassment to America. 100% disgrace.
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    Dani Bostick‏Verified account @danibostick Coming soon from Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Wilbur Ross? He was a volunteer we barely knew, a coffee boy. He had nothing to do with our government. #ParadisePapers
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    Yes, because Trump's appointees are the least qualified in last 100 years, if not longer, and capable of doing serious damage to America for decades to come. Please note, the Republican senators did not approve the majority of Trump's nominees; they approved ALL of them. A couple did not vote for DeVos, but enough did to get her confirmed.
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    Jon Meacham‏Verified account @jmeachamMore Jon Meacham Retweeted MSNBC One more time: Lee’s “contribution to our country” was to wage war against it. Had he had his way, the nation would have died 150 years ago.
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    Mikel Jollett‏Verified account @Mikel_JollettMore Trump is always saying we must respect law enforcement. Guess what? Robert Mueller IS law enforcement.
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    Brian Stelter‏Verified account @brianstelter One of those rare days when arch-rivals came up with the same headline...
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    Trump is trying to stick it to veterans and service members again and I mean beyond our Forever Wars: The Secretary of the VA wants to merge VA healthcare with a private group called Tricare, which is affiliated with Koch industries. This is without consultation with any veterans groups or feedback from veterans. So I guess the goal is to privatize veteran care without asking veterans what THEY want and the kickback goes to multi-billionaires. Does this mean that after a service man/woman come back from their fifth tour of duty and needs medical attention, they go to the VA/Tricare and have to sign a loyalty pledge to Trump and the Kochs before they can get treatment? I'm exaggerating, of course (I hope), but the point is nobody is talking to veterans about this. Yes, privatization of government services is a wonderful thing and it has worked out so well - it gave us the prison industrial complex, Whitefish screwing up in Puerto Rico, etc. Trump continues to take his marching orders from Putin, Bannon and the Koch brothers. Everyone else can just drop dead or **** off (but first the MAGA red caps are available for only $45 and say "Merry Christmas" in the back now just in time for the holidays).
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    The Hill‏Verified account @thehill Rates at Trump's hotels have plummeted since he became president http://hill.cm/KviRQeg
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    Brian Starcher was one of the American soaps' trailblazers, and he did not intend for that to happen. It just did. Brian came from a very large traditional home, he was the middle child in a family that had mostly boys. As the middle child, he felt lost in the shuffle and did not gain confidence until he took up sports and drama. In college he decided to be an actor by profession and moved to New York City. However, acting jobs were hard to come by. Before he was cast as daytime's first regular gay character on As the World Turns in 1988, he had auditioned for two previous parts. Originally Brian tried out for the role of Craig (when it was being recast after Scott Bryce's departure, but Bryce ended up returning to the show). Then he auditioned for the role of Kirk (which went to Tom Wiggin). Brian was straight, and if he had been hired to play either Craig or Kirk, he would have had his share of scenes with the ladies. Though he wasn't hired for either of those characters, Brian made an impression on the producers and casting director. They remembered him, and a few months later, when head scribe Doug Marland was creating the character of Hank Elliott, the genre's first openly gay man, Brian was contacted. They asked if he'd be interested in playing a new kind of character. I should mention that they did not tell Brian right away that Hank would be gay. Yes, he was being introduced as a new fashion designer from the east; but his sexuality was not addressed initially. Two weeks after accepting the job, before he had even filmed his first episode, Brian had a meeting with the producers who told him their plans for Hank. They gave Brian the option of walking away. But after talking with his girlfriend and his parents, Brian decided to stay in the role. He felt he could do a lot of good playing an openly gay man on a soap opera, and the chance to be on such a popular series might not come around again. Though Hank exhibited some stereotypical traits, he did not "come out" until several months after he had been introduced on the air. There was a special two-part episode that dealt with this. Marland had carefully worked him into several plots and built up strong friendships between Hank and most of the show's most important established characters. The older ones accepted Hank for who he was, and so could viewers. The younger characters, interestingly, were a bit more confused and had a lot of questions about how a guy they looked up to was so different from everyone else. It was a thoughtful story, about community reactions, one of Marland's very best. In an article that appeared in a magazine shortly after the big reveal, Brian said his girlfriend didn't mind him playing a gay man, because it meant he wouldn't be kissing other gorgeous women on the show! He didn't kiss any men either, since this was still the height of the AIDS epidemic. Hank did have a lover who lived back east, and when Hank exited the program two years later, he went to take care of Charles who was dying of AIDS. Marland made a point of showing that Hank did not contract HIV himself, leaving the door open for him to return later. Hank never did come back to Oakdale, but he would always be remembered by his employer Barbara Ryan (Colleen Zenk) and her son Paul (Andrew Kavovit).
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    Putin and his buddies have been "investing" in Trump. Trump never criticizes them. These dots are easy to connect; just follow the money.
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    Yea resign and run for President, he's got the winning credentials.
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    Barbara Payton (November 16, 1927-May 8, 1967) Whether you've seen her movies or not, at some point you have come across the name of Barbara Payton. When this blonde, blue-eyed beauty traveled to Hollywood from her hometown of Cloquet, Minnesota, she seemed destined for success. She was undeniably stunning on the silver screen and she even got to star alongside some of Hollywood's leading tough guys such as James Cagney and Gregory Peck. However, the films that should have made her a household name were instead overshadowed by the joyless and often scandalous affairs of her personal life. Barbara Payton was a real-life femme fatale who caused inconsolable pain for not only herself but for those around her, mainly Tom Neal and Franchot Tone who often physically fought for her affections. Ultimately, she lost custody of her only son, John, and the film industry shut thier doors in her once-beautiful face. Barbara then found herself in the unforgiving world of prostitution, alcohol abuse, and trouble with the law. When she failed to stop her drinking habits, she moved back in with her parents in San Diego. I think at this point Barbara truly wanted to turn her life around and get back on her own two feet again. She probably could have found happiness pursuing her other talents like cooking and interior design. It is impossible to change one's past but one's future can change for the better. But sadly, the pain was far too deep. Not even her parents could help bring back the vivacious young woman she once was. Barbara Lee Redfield, better known as Barbara Payton, died alone on the bathroom floor of thier home at only 39 years old. I know that she brought most of her sadness on herself, but the core of the problem was that she was a troubled woman who desperately needed help. You can read more about her life in John O'Dowd's book "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye: The Barbara Payton Story". It's available on Amazon. Films Barbara apppeared in that I recommend: Trapped (1949) Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (1950) Only the Valiant (1951) Bride of the Gorilla (1951) Four-Sided Triangle (1953) Drums in the Deep South (1951)
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    Elizabeth Landers‏Verified account @ElizLanders .@jaketapper opening his show running through the list of Trump accusers: "People in glass White Houses shouldn't throw stones."
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    There is no question that what Franken did was highly inappropriate, especially the forced kiss. The action in the photo, bad taste that it is, looks like prat boy high school "humour." It is clearly an attempt at a joke, and it's a bad one. But that is a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG way from what Roy Moore is accused of having done, hanging around a mall (which banned him), hitting on young girls and, in the case of Beverly Young Nelson, groping her in a car and scaring her so much as she fought him off she said she was afraid he would rape her. Oh, yes, there's the little business of his having touched a 14 year old in a sexual manner. (Not to mention the other FIVE accusers). There is, in fact, no comparison between the two. But that's why NOBODY can take your protestations seriously, MM (nor those of Jake or Nip) because you are all so partisan in your blasts. And as long as you ignore the sexual indiscretions of anyone on your side of the political spectrum and only blast those on the left who do something wrong, you remain, like your President with his Franken tweet last night, SPECTACULAR HYPROCRITES!!!
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    The New Yorker‏Verified account @NewYorker 1h1 hour ago Roy Moore had been banned from a mall in Gadsden, Alabama, because he badgered teen girls, residents of the town, including lawyers and cops, say: http://nyer.cm/H7BvOQN
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    19 is an adult and presumably she knew what she was doing. 14 is a child. Only an absolute ignoramus would try to equate the two.
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    This is really about what I saw last night; Went to my wife's cousins new apartment last night in Laguna Beach CA. We took a walk to the beach and he said 'hey, don't you like old movies'. YEA! So he showed me Bette Davis' home which was about 50 yards from his place. It has a sign saying the home was build in 1929 and was a historical city structure once owned by Davis. While I knew she lived there with her mother, I have never seen the home until last night.
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    Again, this business that Trump is naive when it comes to Russia or that he is overly-sensitive to having received assistance from Russia that he did not request is utter HS. He knows damn well that Russia meddled in the election because he was right there with them in partnership. He casts aspersions on the Russian meddling not because he has doubts but because he knows it to be the absolute truth. Now he tweets that being friends with Russia is not a bad thing when the truth is he 'owes' Russia bigly for the election and the clock must be ticking on that debt.
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    The Daily Show‏Verified account @TheDailyShow Eric Trump considers his father's comments about kneeling "fighting for this country." @TheLewisBlack reports: http://on.cc.com/2hZh6hk
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    America, I apologize for the South's hypocrisy "As a native Southerner, I'd like to apologize to the rest of the country. My region repeatedly claims that we place God above all else, but our actions tell a different story, especially when we mix religion, politics and the mistreatment of women and girls. We have politicians who feel no compunction, even, misusing the story of a sacred virgin birth to ignore child molestation." http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/10/opinions/i-apologize-for-the-souths-hypocrisy-bailey/index.html
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    Trump is just like any other bully. He talks big until he meets someone face to face and then he wilts like a flower.
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    Seth Abramson‏Verified account @SethAbramson (THREAD) BREAKING: According to an individual with firsthand knowledge of the judging of the 2002 Miss Universe pageant, Trump tried to rig the outcome of the international contest to award the prestigious “Miss Universe” title to Vladimir Putin’s then-mistress, Oxana Fedorova.
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    The November 2017 Election. A great place to start piling on The Donald. DUMP TRUMP!!!!! With Virginia, Voters Give Democrats First Big Wins Of The Trump Era
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    Mikel Jollett‏Verified account @Mikel_JollettMore Guns are not allowed in the U.S. Capitol and every congressman has Obamacare...in case you're wondering how these people really feel.
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    CNN‏Verified account @CNNMore JUST IN: New CNN poll finds that only 33% believe Pres. Trump deserves re-election in 2020 http://cnn.it/2yjuiUl
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    That doesn't mean I'm a democrat. You really should broaden your thinking a little.
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    Donald Trump mocked by Hawaiians holding 'welcome to Kenya' signs 'Immigration gave me my family,' say other signs at rally that also trolled the President over Hawaii courts' blocks on his travel ban http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/donald-trump-hawaii-protest-welcome-to-kenya-birtherism-obama-asia-tour-a8037801.html
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    The Hill‏Verified account @thehillMore Dem lawmaker: Sessions "absolutely" committed perjury and should resign http://hill.cm/MjIP5mH
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    The Hill‏Verified account @thehillMore Trump: It's "sad" and "frustrating" that I can't be involved in FBI investigations http://hill.cm/kFf3xlM
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    That movie still tickles me. I've mentioned this before, but for the "newbies".... When at the theater watching it when it came out, there came that point in the movie in which the 1955 Doc Brown asks, "OK future boy, who's president in 1985?" And Marty, with some hesitation mentions it's RONALD REAGAN. Doc Brown, in disbelief shouts, "The ACTOR? Then who's VICE president? JERRY LEWIS?" At that point, someone in the theater shouted, "Close enough!" and the place erupted in laughter. Of course, many might recall Reagan's vice president was George H.W. Bush. Sepiatone

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