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    Am I alone in finding posters bellyaching about TCM hosts boring? There seems to be a thread of this nature at least once a week. Enough already! In any event, Muller's enthusiasm for his subject is because he loves noirs, and he does his own writing. In some cases he will crib a lot of his own notes from write ups he's done in the past about a film and use them on the air. At least, he did that with The Breaking Point. I assume the Garfield film is not the only time he's done that. Nothing wrong with that, especially since most viewers will not have read his previous write ups on films, and what he previously wrote was worth repeating. Ben M. has to introduce ALL kinds of film genre, some of which he may not care for (unlike Muller, who picks his own films). I don't know how much of his intros he writes. Aside from that Ben has a laid back, at times puckish, delivery, and he's effective if you enjoy that type of style. You don't like it? Avoid his two minute commentary and just watch the film. Different strokes for different folks, and all that sort of thing.
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    Does it occur to anyone that the hosts (perhaps with the exception of EM) are not writing their own material? I'm amazed that people think that Ben is furiously scribbling notes down about every movie. That is the job of a writer and researcher, not (generally speaking) an on-air host. Obviously RO was the rare exception, perhaps in the early days, but as time went on most of his stuff was boilerplate as well. I get it that some don't like Ben's approach, (which reminds me of the way Bill Murray might intro movies) but personally I find it refreshing. He allows, many times, for the fact that this isn't brain surgery and he's willing to occasionally poke fun at himself and the films....
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    i watched a trio of movies recently that inspired me to get back to posting. DEEP VALLEY- 1947- A Warner Bros joint with Ida Lupino, kind of NOW, VOYAGER meets HIGH SIERRA if that helps those of you who have not seen it get the gyst of what it's about plotwise- a repressed "girl" (Ida is supposed to be 22, snort) living with her superfun mom and dad in an isolated Valley in Northern California hides out a convict and falls in love with him. Jean Negulesco directs and it's a template for JOHNNY BELINDA (which came next year) in many, many ways, right down to the MARVELOUS cinematography and all the wonderful shadows of gnarled branches that cast over the character's faces throughout. I am bad- I admit- about not watching a movie, the lovely black and white photography- which shone through the dullness of the negative- is still stunning. Ida is great in this (although, really, we couldn't do a rewrite to make the character 30?) , so are Fay BAINTER as her mother- who has been stricken with a case of "White Woman Syndrome" where she can't do **** for herself, and Henry Hull as the father- who maybe gives the film's best performance, it's really great work. THE GUILT OF JANET AMES (1947)- tHANKS to KINGRAT for recommending this and the aforementioned DEEP VALLEY, both were on TCM ON DEMAND, which was nice (no issues with sync and i could pause if i needed to wander as i am prone to do) this was a kooky movie, but so 1947- a film whose "feel" is all psychology and DARKNESS and dreaminess. as soon as it references PETER IBBETSON, it had me. (for the record, if you ever get the chance to see the 1935 version of IBBETSON with Cooper and Ann Harding- DO SO) While the script was clever and Melvyn Douglas damned sturdy as a lead, I could not help but feel as though ROZ RUSSELL was misdirected (as were other elements of the movie.) she plays the part too glam and a lot of her moments don't seem genuine- still, a mannered and inexplicably well-coiffed and made-up Roz is still fun to watch. CLUNY BROWN- 1946- how can i put into words a film that is impossible to put into words? Especially when I haven't been putting anything into words AT ALL of late. This film is perfection. Confection. A marvelous oddity. A complete delight. I guffawed numerous times. It is how I verymuch see the world- and how I would like verymuch for the world to be. it is everything a film should be. Jennifer Jones could power several blocks with her luminous qualities and Boyer's work in this made him one of my al-time favorites. it is still on (my) TCM ON DEMAND (or at least it was a couple hours ago) and THERE IS NO FILM ON EARTH THAT I COULD POSSIBLY RECOMMEND MORE HIGHLY THAN IT. J'adore it from start to finish. All right. I'm tired. I haven't done this in a while. my hands are clumsy. \ signing off for now. apologies for the four dozen factual errors i'm sure i made. missed you guys (well, most of you) let the National Nightmare resume, Mama's Back.
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    Oscar-winning actress Dorothy Malone has died at age 92. She made her credited debut in 1943's The Falcon and the Co-Eds as Dorothy Maloney. She appeared in such notable films as The Big Sleep, Night and Day, Torpedo Alley, The Fast and the Furious, Sincerely Yours, Man of a Thousand Faces, Warlock, and many more. She won her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for 1956's Written On the Wind. She made her last screen appearance in 1992's Basic Instinct.
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    Start a thread about Full Frontal Male Nudity... the rest will take care of itself
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    Actor John Mahoney has died at the age of 77. Mahoney was born in the U.K. He moved to the U.S. where he attended college at Quincy University in Illinois. He then joined the U.S. Army to attain his U.S. citizenship. He worked as a writer and magazine editor before pursuing acting in his spare time, and not until his mid-to-late 30's. He was eventually asked to join the Steppenwolf theater in Chicago by John Malkovich and Gary Sinise. He made his movie debut in 1982's Mission Hill, but his film career didn't really take off until 1987, with roles in Tin Men, Suspect, and Moonstruck. Among his further film appearances were in Betrayed, Frantic, and Eight Men Out (all 1988), Say Anything (1989), The Russia House (1990), Barton Fink (1991), In the Line of Fire (1993), Reality Bites (1994), The Hudsucker Proxy (1994), and Dan in Real Life (2007). Mahoney found his greatest success on television with his role as Martin Crane in 11 seasons of the show Frasier, which earned him Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.
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    Does anybody pay attention to TCM's daytime programming? There are a lot of vintage classics usually on in those hours that are hard-to-find films. I love their daytime programming with all the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s gems that I crave. And honestly, regarding films made after the 60s, it makes perfect sense that more praised ones should pop up, because I have begun to notice that even films as recently as the early 90s have all but vanished from most other TV channels with only a few exceptions (ie things like James Bond or Back to the Future, and HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax are currently carrying things like The Doctor, Doc Hollywood, The Color of Money, Good Morning Vietnam, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, What About Bob, and Class Action) So, if the films are of high quality and everything why should they be discriminated against just because they are a bit more recent if they aren't getting airtime elsewhere? The alternative (for quality films to go unseen) is not a good one. And its not as though its a recent phenomenon as when TCM debuted back in 1994, they showed a film that was only 13 years old at the time (Rich and Famous) during their first week of programming. Just let the majority be vintage classics, with a polished smattering of later films, like TCM has been doing and it will be as good as ever.
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    The unbelievable amount of braindead garbage on TV, and you target PBS? Really? Not E! Entertainment and the Kardashians, or Bravo and the Real Housewives of Wherever, or Honey Boo-Boo, or Dance Moms, or MTV and their pregnant teens as celebrities, or Dr.Phil/Maury Povich/Jerry Springer? I think this kind of programming is more in line with what the quote was referring to.
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    Sorry to learn about Tiffany. She was becoming more natural in her delivery and showed improvement since she first started. I wonder why TCM didn't renew her contract. It was just Saturdays during the day so it wasn't like she was on all that often. Her statement is gracious.
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    Funny that perhaps the very best male physical specimen of old Hollywood, Burt Lancaster, wasn't included in the running here, and especially since Anthony Quinn was included in the mix. I doubt any of the actors mentioned would still at 55 years of age(heck, Errol was dead at age 50 for that matter), and at the age Burt filmed The Swimmer here, would have been in such good shape as he, wouldn't ya say?!...
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    Sorry, Nip, but public education is supposed to be secular. Remember about that old saying "separation of church and state?" If you want kids to have religious training, send them to a religious school, send them to church, and/or teach it at home.
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    The Wild Bunch is my second favorite western of all time. But I'm also a horrible, awful, bloody mess.
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    Michael Cohen‏ @speechboy71 Michael Cohen Retweeted Donald J. Trump Not to nitpick BUT TRUMP IS THE GUY WHO ENDED DACA. This argument is like killing your parents and begging for mercy because you’re an orphan
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    Haven't these people suffered enough?
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    Molly Knight‏Verified account @molly_knight Molly Knight Retweeted Marco Rubio You’ve taken $3.9 million in blood money from the NRA. Save your prayers for something else @marcorubio.
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    Judd Legum‏Verified account @JuddLegum Trump bragged yesterday that GM is moving a plant from South Korea to Detroit GM has no idea what he's talking about. https://goo.gl/4fcrLe
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    I enjoy this infographic. Some people have a lot of time on their hands, and use it creatively. Movie Monster Size Comparison
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    Schedule's up, and yes he is the Star of the Month in April (so I have edited the title of the thread). Here's the lineup: Monday the 2nd of April GOLDEN BOY with Barbara Stanwyck EXECUTIVE SUITE with June Allyson OUR TOWN with Martha Scott DEAR RUTH with Joan Caulfield THE FLEET’S IN with Dorothy Lamour MISS GRANT TAKES RICHMOND with Lucille Ball Tuesday the 3rd of April INVISIBLE STRIPES with George Raft Monday the 9th of April SUNSET BOULEVARD with Gloria Swanson STALAG 17 with Don Taylor THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI with Alec Guinness TOWARD THE UNKNOWN with Lloyd Nolan FORCE OF ARMS with Nancy Olson Tuesday the 10th of April BOOTS MALONE with Stanley Clements Monday the 16th of April THE MOON IS BLUE with David Niven THE WORLD OF SUZIE WONG with Nancy Kwan LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING with Jennifer Jones APARTMENT FOR PEGGY with Jeanne Crain FATHER IS A BACHELOR with Coleen Gray Monday the 23rd of April THE HORSE SOLDIERS with John Wayne ARIZONA with Jean Arthur THE WILD BUNCH with Robert Ryan WILD ROVERS with Ryan O’Neal THE MAN FROM COLORADO with Glenn Ford Tuesday the 24th of April ESCAPE FROM FORT BRAVO with Eleanor Parker ALVAREZ KELLY with Richard Widmark RACHEL AND THE STRANGER with Loretta Young TEXAS with Glenn Ford Monday the 30th of April BORN YESTERDAY with Judy Holliday PICNIC with Kim Novak NETWORK with Faye Dunaway S.O.B. with Julie Andrews THE EARTHLING with Ricky Schroder
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    Jon Cooper‏Verified account @joncoopertweets Sure, @realDonaldTrump is a lying, corrupt, racist, traitorous imbecile who defends white supremacists, Nazis, wife beaters and pedophiles. But Barack Obama had his own scandal: remember that time he wore a BEIGE SUIT!!! #BeigeSuitScandal
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    Please don't mention the word "a s s" around Mike Pence! His lips will automatically pucker as he starts looking for Trump.
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    You guys sound like you're writing a Dr. Seuss book. The GOOFUS on the Roofus
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    i24NEWS English‏Verified account@i24NEWS_EN #BREAKING: Israeli police chiefs have decided to recommend indicting PM Benjamin Netanyahu for corruption, Israeli media report
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    Trump owns the shutdown. Only he can "fix the problems" and he sure didn't fix this one. He is the "world's greatest negotiator." He was on his way to getting a deal that the American people would have overwhelmingly accepted and then caved in to the extremists in the Republican Party. TRUMP OWNS THE SHUTDOWN.
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    They should kick off the parade with this ...
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    I actually saw it on the news last night. It is sad. He did a fine job filling Ruffin's shoes I thought. As a career long Temps fan, I didn't mind his coming in at all. Especially after HEARING him. Sepiatone
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    The Onion‏Verified account @TheOnion 19m19 minutes ago Nunes: ‘The American People Have A Right To Know The Contextless, Selectively-Edited Truth’ https://trib.al/NbETM5v
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    James Comey‏Verified account@Comey All should appreciate the FBI speaking up. I wish more of our leaders would. But take heart: American history shows that, in the long run, weasels and liars never hold the field, so long as good people stand up. Not a lot of schools or streets named for Joe McCarthy.
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    Claire McCaskill‏Verified account@clairecmc Congress voted 517-5 to impose sanctions on Russia. The President decides to ignore that law. Folks that is a constitutional crisis. There should be outrage in every corner of this country.
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    Beau Willimon‏Verified account@BeauWillimon So many people have said that the current Republican Party is on the wrong side of history. That's true. What's also true is that they don't care about history. Or the future. They just want to amass as much wealth & power as they can while they're here, everyone else be damned. They don't care about legacy. They don't care about decency. They don't care about justice. They don't care about the planet. They don't care about the generations ahead. They only care about money and supremacy. The @GOP is a party of shameless, unscrupulous selfishness.
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    While I can't say that I ever noticed it before, there really is a difference between looking at Claudette from her left side as opposed to the right
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    Cody Jarrett, unlike Rocky Sullivan in Angels With Dirty Faces which did get Cagney an Oscar nod, was a psychopath, a frightening dark force not easily explained. I suspect the Motion Picture Academy was very aware of the protests, particularly from religious groups, that might have made the nomination of an actor playing such a character controversial. As for myself, I think White Heat has the performance of Cagney's career and the best of 1949. Few moments in the movies are so riveting as when a defiant Cody turns to the heavens to proclaim, "Made it, Ma. Top of the world!" a second before being blown apart with atomic imagery. Cagney plays the scene likes it's a moment of triumph. He may be nuts and a menace to society best gone, but you have to admire his character's chutzpah.
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    The Post (2017): Everyone who says this is a movie about politics hasn't seen the movie. It's a movie about business, choices, the law, egos, journalism..and the 'place' of women. You don't have to know the history of the Pentagon papers to enjoy the film, but it might help in sorting out the characters. This is a film that revolves around the decisions of Kay Graham, a woman who was raised to attend teas and schmooze with the D.C. power brokers - not call them out, and how she grapples with every aspect of running a business. When the film opens, her main concern is why the Post isn't covering the President's daughter's wedding..at the end, she has put everything she holds dear on the line to uphold the 1st amendment. It's an uncomfortable trip for her, but she finds her voice. As Graham, Meryl Streep is a wonder..I know people get tired of her name being included in so many Oscar lists, but, hey..if they truly are the best performances of the year, it's a sham if she's left off and in my opinion, this is one of her finest. Tom Hanks, as Ben Bradlee, is, I think, a more honest take on the man than Jason Robard's 'bigger than life' portrayal. He is seen as a good journalist, but with a big ego who likes to 'hold court' and is jealous of the NY Times 'scoops'. I think people who weren't around at the time forget the Post was primarily just a D.C. local paper then..not quoted or followed by too many. The film is good on details..the 'old' press rooms full of men in white shirts, linotypes, the boardrooms full of old white men and smoke (while their secretaries stand waiting, outside) the obvious nervousness of Ben Bagdikian trying to track down Daniel Elsberg. I really did like the film more than I expected to..it's great story telling--no bombs, monsters, showy graphics or screaming matches--just a well paced human look at the people inside a little piece of history. source: terrarium
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    Susan Hennessey‏Verified account@Susan_Hennessey Susan Hennessey Retweeted Mark Berman It's looking like Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign is in real trouble.
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    Donkey Duty (1949) - This dud "comedy" from MGM featured a talking donkey voiced by Jack Benny. The plot concerned a donkey that gets possessed by the spirit of Jack Benny, playing a radio entertainer who died in a car wreck. Clark Gable stars as the unlucky gambler who wins the donkey in a poker game and then can't seem to get rid of it. This one was so bad that most people forget it even exists. James Agee said at the time, "I saw that?" Who's Got My Pants?!? (1955) - Here's another "comedy", this one from Universal, and it's probably the worst film featuring Edward G. Robinson. The feeble plot concerns Robinson as a meek shopkeeper who gets conked on the head at a boxing match, resulting in loss of consciousness. When he wakes up, he doesn't have any pants on, and the rest of the movie is him trying to get home without any trousers, trying to avoid people, and especially an angry cop played by a young Lee Marvin. Another one that's tough to find, it's never been on VHS or DVD. In a Cat's Eye (1960) - In this silly British thriller, Laurence Olivier plays a "cat psychic", a detective who can mentally communicate with any felines he comes across, an ability he uses to solve his cases, as cats frequently witness crimes of all sorts. What made this ludicrous plot even worse was the use of celebrity voice cameos as the cats' voices that Olivier talks to, including Glynis Johns, Hermoine Baddeley, Trevor Howard, Terry-Thomas, and Dame Edith Evans. This one was only available on an import laser disc. Here's a still from the film, with Olivier and a cat voiced by John Gielgud.
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    The Last Days of Pompeii (1913) YouTube Oddball Italian version of the famous disaster, which basically revolves around the following subplots: 1. Nidia, a blind slave, is in love with her master, Glaucus. 2. Glaucus is in love with the hot-looking babe Jone. 3. Arbace, an Egyptian Priest, lusts after Jone. Now Nidia gets hold of a love potion to use on Glaucus, but, unbeknownst to her, it will really turn him into a blithering idiot. This sets up the most ridiculous scene in the film, where Glaucus shakes, shimmies, jerks around, and looks like he is auditioning for Reefer Madness. Arbace is bumped off, and Glaucus, who is now totally spaced out, is blamed. So Glaucus is sent to prison to face the lions. If the lions had been from Detroit, at least he would have a fighting chance. Nidia comes to his aid, and just as the real killer is about to be set upon by a crowd, Vesuvius explodes. At this point, I was about to commend the filmmakers for the incredible effects, until I realized I was watching deteriorated film and not an eruption. For 1913, the sets are pretty good, and Fernanda Negri Pouget, as Nidia, gives a decent performance. Everybody else pretty much acts by way of hand-wringing and arm gestures. In one very strange scene, three women are taking a bath, but all are wearing towels. A shame. Some gratuitous nudity would have improved this flick quite a bit.
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    Judd Legum‏Verified account@JuddLegum Nikki Haley says leaders who spread conspiracy theories aren’t fit to lead. Awkward. https://thinkprogress.org/nikki-haley-trump-conspiracy-theories-israel-palestinian-authority-2a24c28741d7/
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    Bloomberg Politics‏Verified accou@bpolitics In one phone call, Trump complained to May about his treatment in British newspapers and said he wouldn't visit until she could promise him a warm welcome. In a secure bunker, her advisers listened in astonishment https://bloom.bg/2rFSilT
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    For me, the perpetrator in Time After Time (portrayed by David Warner) is as good a psychopath as I can imagine. Bridging the Victorian era with late 70s San Francisco is a nice twist too. Malcolm McDowell does a tremendous job in the starring role!
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    Malone had been one of only two surviving Best Supporting Actress winners from before the 1960's. With her passing, that leaves only Eva Marie Saint (age 93, winner for 1954). 1960's winners that are still around include Shirley Jones (age 83, winner for 1960), Rita Moreno (age 86, winner for 1961), Estelle Parsons (age 90, winner for 1967), and Goldie Hawn (age 72, winner for 1969). Furthest back survivors in other categories include George Chakiris (age 83, winner of Best Supporting Actor for 1961), Sidney Poitier (age 90, winner of Best Actor in 1963), and of course Olivia de Havilland (age 101, winner for Best Actress in 1946).
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    Well, I know you can't exactly compare their physiques here, but here are Flynn and Lancaster side by side for comparison. Then again, maybe you shouldn't look. This may not be the way Burt wants to be remembered. I wonder if Mitchum's angry because Burt showed up in the same outfit.
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    They look underdeveloped compared to the muscle boy action stars today. One more thing, though. They also look normal.
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    Actor John Gavin died on February 9, 2018. He was 86. Gavin had prominent supporting roles in many of Universal's most successful films of the '50s and '60s, including Douglas Sirk's IMITATION OF LIFE ('59), Stanley Kubrick's SPARTACUS ('60) as well as BACK STREET ('61) and THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE ('67). He was also cast effectively as Janet Leigh's boyfriend, who helps Vera Miles uncover the mystery of Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock's PSYCHO ('60). In the 1980s, Gavin served as Ronald Reagan's ambassador to Mexico for several years. The Hollywood Reporter remembers John Gavin here: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/john-gavin-dead-psycho-imitation-life-actor-990198
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    The Hill‏Verified account @thehill Conway defends Trump's treatment of women, says he has "many times come to the aid of women privately" http://hill.cm/AFkOixY
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    Reading through the comments is a "treat", too. What a bunch of sad wretches who have let their politics twist them into seething knots of rage and paranoia. It particularly cracks me up with how often the author laments the "vulgar, coarse" direction that TCM has taken, while himself seeming to be incapable of a complete sentence without a word that would be censored on this website.
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    The Hill‏Verified account@thehill WATCH: Shep Smith mocks Trump over military parade: Give him "little mini replicas" of tanks to play with instead http://hill.cm/oxKS8hT
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    Satire from The Borowitz Report Trump Collapses From Exhaustion After Ninety Minutes of Faking Empathy.... .......Immediately following his collapse, Trump was rushed to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where a brain scan showed that his brush with human feelings did no permanent damage. “I just visited with him, and he was sitting up in his bed, trashing Jay-Z on Twitter,” Dr. Jackson said. “It was such a relief to see that.” Vice-President Mike Pence, who reportedly reacted to Trump’s collapse by leaping to his feet and exclaiming, “Am I President now?,” was not available for comment. https://www.newyorker.com/humor/borowitz-report/trump-collapses-from-exhaustion-after-ninety-minutes-of-faking-empathy?mbid=social_facebook
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    CNN‏Verified account@CNN Billy Graham's granddaughter: "In order to forgive somebody, that individual needs to repent and apologize. And I don't think America has seen that from our President in any scenario" http://cnn.it/2GlpsKQ
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    When is Nunes up for re-election? He has got to be the most pathetic excuse for a human being in all of congress.
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    CNN‏Verified accou@CNN Evangelical leader Tony Perkins: President Trump gets a "mulligan" on an alleged affair because it was 10 years ago and "evangelicals understand what a second chance means" http://cnn.it/2Gd2Agn
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    I'm just glad that we are part of a community that gives critical thought and reason to why they didn't like or care for a film, rather than saying "It sucked" or "I hated it" or "It was bad/stupid".

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