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    She was worth it ! Sorry its a bit blurry. I had to shrink the file. This site lists some of the salaries for 1937. http://stuffnobodycaresabout.com/2014/08/30/salaries-hollywood-1937/
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    You are right, Princess. The film based on his first Broadway play that was condemned by the Legion of Decency was Men in White. The cast of the play included many of the Group Theatre greats, including Clifford Odets in an acting role. Among other subjects, the topic of abortion was addressed. https://www.ibdb.com/broadway-production/men-in-white-11758
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    I would like to see TopBilled and LawrenceA take this one on. I also hope SpeedRacer5's hubby is okay.
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    I posted the premiere limit in the rules and also the Exempt premieres in the challenges. All challengers are allowed to have up to 15 premieres + additional exempt premieres for the challenges, Underground, Silent Sunday Nights, TCM Import and Noir Alley.
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    Kiss Me Deadly Next: A woman with a non-American accent scrubbing floors
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    Cheri Jacobus‏Verified account @CheriJacobus 7h7 hours ago Trump's crimes and brutality have become so normalized that his supporters aren't even bothering claiming he's innocent anymore. They are simply gloating that he will get away with his crimes and they "win". This is now America. RIP America.
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    I thought only Barr knew the contents of the report. Apparently a select group of wingnuts have also been given that information.
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    So, in retrospect, how about ROCK HUDSON playing all those "macho" women chasing "straight" guys in all those movies? Sepiatone
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    All crime bosses have a guy like this hanging around them. Don't ever say anything really nasty about the Donald near these guys or you'll wind up with a horse head in your bed.
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    Not that it makes much of a difference, but I've always considered High Sierra to be a typical gangster flick, though with a better script and more depth than most, and not a noir. Now if Bogie had shot the dog and kicked the crippled girl, well...
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    Okay so Looney is checking back in. I had this elaborate plan to post when the new season started, but then I've been sick all week and didn't feel like doing anything. Truth be told I haven't watched much TCM since I was denied seeing MURDER MY SWEET (1944) again by the "CONTENT UNAVAILABLE" demon. Since I did not know that was the end of the NOIR ALLEY Season I was treated to THE L-SHAPED ROOM (1962), which aired in the NOIR ALLEY slot soon after MURDER MY SWEET (1944). I REALLY loved that movie. I've always liked Brock Peters work, but I was blown away by Leslie Caron. Okay, Okay onto D.O.A. (1949) You are not going to believe this story, but two days prior to seeing this film I saw the 1988 version. I had no clue the D.O.A. (1949) was the week's NOIR ALLEY offering. I just found a used DVD 8 pack. I bought it. It happened to have the 1988 version and I just happened to decide to watch it. It was very strange and didn't really hold a candle to the 1949 offering. Dennis Quaid was possibly a little too unhinged or off the wall or something. He just didn't seem to fit in this movie -nor did Meg Ryan. The best qualities from 1988 were Daniel Stern and seeing Jane Kaczmarek in a role that wasn't Lois from MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE. My apologies, but after you've seen Lois you can't see there is an actress playing a role. So D.O.A. (1949) was definitely one that I got more into as it went along. I thought O'Brien being over the top and frantic fit the mood. And what a reason to be murdered, witnessing a signature of someone basically passing by. OUCH!!!!! It was pretty entertaining. I likely wouldn't pay much attention to it if I had the chance to see it again, but I enjoyed it for one go-round. Dear Diary - I talk to a person every once in awhile about TCM. The only issue is he always says "TMC". Do I correct him? Do I risk sounding like a snob? I am asking because I already have to correct a lot of what he says and answer a lot of questions he has about all kinds of movies. I don't think he minds when I answer his questions, but sometimes I feel like telling him "It is TCM not TMC" or even yelling it at him might send the wrong message. D.O.A. (1988) Does have a cool poster . . .
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    West Wing Reports‏Verified account@WestWingReport Fire, Ready, Aim: 1) Treasury Dept. rolled out new sanctions on North Korea Thursday 2) President Trump reversed them today 3) Good example of the lack of policy coordination, strategy and message discipline that sets the administration apart from others White House rolls out sanctions against a Venezuelan bank and four "subsidiary banks" it says are used by President Maduro (who U.S. no longer recognizes) as slush funds
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    NBC Politics‏Verified account@NBCPolitics BREAKING: In a tweet, President Trump has ordered the US Treasury Dept.’s newly announced North Korea-related sanctions to be rescinded because, the White House says, "President Trump likes" Kim Jong Un “and he doesn’t think these sanctions will be necessary.” https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/white-house/trump-abruptly-reverses-treasury-s-north-korea-related-sanctions-chinese-n986376?cid=sm_npd_nn_tw_ma

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