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    Yes he is fine, thank you. He ended up having to have his gall bladder removed. He’s all healed up in time for our vacation in a couple weeks!
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    Monday, March 25 noon. Brief Encounter (1945). Voted the most romantic film again and again in Britain. Starring two unlikely romantics, Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson.
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    Crime and Punishment, USA (1959) - 6/10 Interesting Americanized version of the Dostoevsky novel. George Hamilton (in his debut) stars as a young man who kills a pawnshop proprietress. His cocky self-assurance is challenged by wily police detective Frank Silvera. Also featuring Mary Murphy, Marian Seldes, John Harding, Wesley Heffley, and Toni Merrill. Hamilton isn't bad in his first film role, and his sharp, preppy looks befit the elitist character. Silvera has the best role though, and it's one I would rank with the best supporting roles of the year.
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    Zombie High (1987) - 5/10 Mildly amusing horror comedy featuring Virginia Madsen as a new student at an exclusive prep school. She soon discovers that something is amiss, as formerly rebellious students become emotionless and studious overnight. Featuring Richard Cox, James Wilder, Sherliynn Fenn, Paul Feig, Scott Coffey, Clare Carey, and Kay Kuter. This was a USC student film that got a theatrical release and a large video release, so a lot of people saw this, more so than many student films. While it's no one's idea of a polished masterpiece, it's pretty impressive as a student film, and it looks as good as most of the "B" level features of the day. And don't let the title fool you: this is more of a "Stepford Prep School" than a brain-munching zombie flick.
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    Graduation Day (1981) - 3/10 Another in the glut of slasher movies released in the wake of Halloween and Friday the 13th, this is one is set over the course of a few days leading up to a high school graduation. A few months earlier a track star died on the field during a competition, and now a mystery killer is picking off the other members of the track team. Featuring Patch Mackenzie as the dead girl's sister, Christopher George as the over zealous track coach, Michael Pataki as the principal, Carmen Argenziano, Linnea Quigley, E. Danny Murphy, E.J. Peaker, Virgil Frye, Bill Hufsey, and Vanna White. Not much to see here, although fans of cult actress Quigley will get an eyeful. The scene of the school dance, where the students have the option of rollerskating around the horrible musical act named "Felony", is memorably awful. Vanna White, on the right, learning that she will spend over 30 years of her future with Pat Sajak.
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    Thanks, I can tell you get something out of it. It's just something I wanted to get out there, though quite a bit different from the original parts I had thrown together just to keep track of my own movies. Nobody's putting me up to it but myself. It seemed like an interesting idea to me at the time.
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    Cry for the Strangers (1982) - 5/10 TV-movie adaptation of the novel by John Saul. Patrick Duffy and Cindy Pickett star as a couple who move to the Pacific Northwest to a sleepy little fishing village and a large house overlooking the ocean. They soon learn that sinister things are afoot, as the town has a history of being hostile to strangers, and it may have something to do with the supposedly haunted beach below their new home. Also featuring Lawrence Pressman, Claire Malis, Jeff Corey, Shawn Carson, Robin Ignico, Martin Kove, Parley Baer, and Brian Keith. There are some interesting bits here and there, but the overall movie is a bit too blah. Director Peter Medak helmed the superior ghost movie The Changeling just two years earlier, but this is a far cry from that.
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    The photo in the picture looks like a girl with her hair pulled back. Obviously identifying information, like name and gender, is not there for us to see. However, for the officials who detained her, that is Not an issue. And yes, I can see that being her. The nose looks the same, and while the girl in the passport has a rounder face, that could just be baby fat, or the fact that she is smiling. Children change alot in a few years; this is why the card needs to be renewed every 5 years. And since this picture of the card has no dates, we have no idea if it had expired. So you cannot assume that her parents were negligent. If you hear me mention race and racism, that is because you post alot of information re. the Adminstration's policies that deal with this. I call it racism because thst is the target and the effect the these policies, and because I think that is what guides a lot of this President's policies, to appeal to his Racist base.
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    All I know is your post justified her being detained for something totally out of her control. You underscore this with Your referring to regulations for driver's licences, which among other things, were set up by each of the states, not the federal government. In any case their rules have nothing to do with those for the immigration cards.. Your side constantly bends over backward to justify horrific and illegal actions from this racist administration.
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    With the presentation tomorrow of L'aine Des Ferchaux(1963) in its Import series, TCM moves closer to rounding out the filmography of Jean-Pierre Melville. We've already been treated to the majority of his work, most of which is excellent. At worst it's worth seeing. Take your pick for his best. My favorite is Bob le Flambeur (1956). Tomorrow's feature stars Jean-Paul Belmondo, Charles Vanel, and Michele Mercier. I haven't seen it, so I'm looking forward to it. I see it's his first color movie. Can Le Doulos (1962) be coming up in the near future?
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    Mehdi Hasan‏Verified account @mehdirhasan 7h7 hours ago Imagine, just imagine, if Mueller had been silent for past 2 years, held everything back, & then on Fri evening, announced 37 (!) indictments, including of Trump's lawyer, national security adviser & campaign manager. We'd be in shock. The White House would be in chaos & crisis.
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    I finally got to see "Score" and really liked it. This is the way to make an erotic film beautiful people, beautiful setting and hot sex. Metzger had a very erotic imagination- love the way he manages to suggest more than he actually shows- using props and distorted angles.
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    My site has been moved since this the boilerplate copy above was last updated: http://www.moviecollectoroh.com/reports/TCM_SCHEDULES_SUMMARY_alpha.htm
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    Seth Abramson‏Verified account @SethAbramson 5h5 hours ago (THREAD) *Right now*—in the hours before we see Attorney General Barr's summary of what Mueller sent him yesterday —all Americans *must* understand the counterintelligence component of Mueller's investigation. It's vital to our national security. I hope you'll read on......... https://twitter.com/SethAbramson/status/1109481687367536641
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    This is not a good time to be playing the Patsy for Boeing.
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    I missed Dargo's Sixth Sense reference. Sorry Dargo! I've been lurking. It's been a really busy month for me. I had to take my husband to the ER at the end of February and consequently spent two days in the hospital with him while he had surgery. Then I traveled to California for a week for work, it was my sister's birthday a couple days ago... it's been busy. I'm going on vacation (to California) in a little less than two weeks... whew. I'm trying to catch up though. I'm looking forward to Lady in the Lake on Noir Alley tonight.
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    So, in retrospect, how about ROCK HUDSON playing all those "macho" women chasing "straight" guys in all those movies? Sepiatone
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    Jonathan Chait‏Verified account@jonathanchait While we wait for Mueller, the public evidence is overwhelming and clear that Trump had a corrupt relationship with Russia and obstructed justice
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    Ana Navarro-Cárdenas‏Verified account@ananavarro Ana Navarro-Cárdenas Retweeted ABC News 37 indictments. 6 Trump associates indicted. 5 pleaded guilty...so far. Regardless of what else in report, and as awful as this Administration is, it would be worse with likes of Manafort, Flynn, Stone & Cohen having unfettered influence over the President of the United States.
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    emptywheel‏ @emptywheel emptywheel Retweeted Dave Weigel I think this is true but think GOP will defend Trump even if the report is devastating. They've been unperturbed about a ton of really damning information so far.
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    Molly Jong-Fast‏Verified acco@MollyJongFast Molly Jong-Fast Retweeted Kyle Griffin What will it take for the president of the United States to condemn white supremacy?

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