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    Saturday April 21 10 am (EST) Tarzan Triumphs (1943) The first and, for my money, best of the Johnny Weissmuller Tarzans once the series moved from MGM to RKO. This one has much war time propaganda, with the Germans invading the African jungle and Tarzan, initially, acting like an isolationist. There was much cheering in the theatres at the time when Tarzan, having had enough of Nazi atrocities, suddenly declared while walking towards the camera, "Now, TARZAN make war!" This was also one of two Tarzan films in which there was no Jane, Maureen O'Sullivan having left the series with the last of the MGMs. As a substitute for her, RKO cast beautiful Frances Gifford, fresh off her serial success as Nyoka in Jungle Girl. Not only was Gifford lovely to behold with an innocent sexuality but she had a warm and appealing screen personality (quite frankly, far more so than Maureen O'Sullivan, for my money). As a young boy watching Tarzan Trumphs repeatedly on television I fell seriously in love with this actress. It was only later that I learned of the tragedy of Gifford's life. She was in a car accident in 1947, with head injuries serious enough that her acting career was put on hold for a few years. Later those head injuries are said to have contributed to mental health issues, to the extent that the actress was institutionalized in mental health facilities off and on for 25 years starting in 1958. In 1983 Gifford was found working as a librarian in Pasadena, CA.. Her final years were lived in obscurity, dying of emphysema in a convalescent centre at age 73. So here's hats off to a beautiful lady in Tarzan Triumphs, years before a road accident would change her life forever.
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    Rob Reiner‏Verified account @robreiner Any person who pretends to be someone he isn’t and calls reporters and tells them bald faced lies about his sexual prowess or how rich he is has serious mental illness. That person sits in the Oval Office. God or the GOP help us.
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    Michael Avenatti‏Verified account @MichaelAvenatti Always a bad sign when the judge tells you that your motion has “gaping holes in it,” as the judge told the attys for MC and DJT this AM. I don’t know why they continue to hide what they know about the FBI raids. Time to come clean and let the chips fall where they may. #basta
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    If only he practiced what he preached ...
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    Kyle Griffin‏Verified account @kylegriffin1 An Indiana abortion law signed by Mike Pence has been ruled unconstitutional by a federal appeals court.
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    Brotherly love ... for the moment ...
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    Daniel Dale‏Verified account @ddale8 Is Trump talking about any actual new poll? He's fallen back below 50 in Rasmussen daily tracking, don't see any other polls out today. (Don't just tell me HE LIES DON'T YOU GET IT, I get it but need an actual answer)
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    CNN‏Verified account @CNN US Attorney General Jeff Sessions told White House counsel Donald McGahn he would have considered leaving if President Trump fired Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who oversees the Russia probe, The Washington Post reports https://cnn.it/2qQOFpp
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    ana marie cox‏Verified account @anamariecox ana marie cox Retweeted Matt Cameron 🗽 Most incompetent administration ever pays attention to detail only when it's to inflict pain. They can't be bothered to proofread a presidential condolence but damn they'll go the extra mile to humiliate a brown person.
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    It is still worthy of a news clip for a couple of minutes for one day rather than cover up the story. And besides Trump impersonating his own PR man is funny. Your criticism of the news agencies was unfounded. Did you lose your remote?
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    Cabin in the Sky (1943) - Excellent musical fantasy from MGM and director Vincente Minnelli. Little Joe (Eddie "Rochester" Anderson) is an inveterate gambler who is desperate to change his ways almost as much as his wife Petunia (Ethel Waters) wants him to. Little Joe has a run-in that leaves him on the brink of death, and the demonic Lucifer Jr. (Rex Ingram) can't wait to take his soul to Hell. However, an angel called The General (Kenneth Spencer) appears and gives Little Joe six more months of life in order to clean up his act. Little Joe tries to take the straight and narrow road, but temptress Georgia Brown (Lena Horne) may be his undoing. Also featuring John William Sublett, Louis Armstrong, Mantan Moreland, Willie Best, Butterfly McQueen, Oscar Polk, Bill Bailey, Juanita Moore, and Duke Ellington and His Orchestra. Based on a stage production, this movie marked the first credited feature directing assignment for Minnelli, who does a terrific job. Some extra sensitive viewers may see this movie as pandering to outdated stereotypes, but I think it avoids that trap, despite the broad nature of the characters. The cast is a fantastic assemblage of many of the best black performers of the day, and Waters, Anderson, Ingram and Horne are all tremendous. The petty bickering among the angels & demons is a trope continued to this day in fantasy storytelling. I'm not generally a musical fan, but I liked this one. It received an Oscar nomination for Best Song ("Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe"). (7/10) Source: TCM.
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    The Hill‏Verified account @thehill 6h6 hours ago #BREAKING: McCabe to sue Trump admin for defamation and wrongful termination http://hill.cm/IbfObv5
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    The Atlantic‏Verified account @TheAtlantic Trump's allies believed that releasing the Nunes and Comey memos would vindicate the president, but their reliance on the closed conservative information system again backfired, writes @davidfrum https://theatln.tc/2HN0sNC
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    Matt McDermott‏Verified account @mattmfm Tonight we learn the President is illiterate and the Governor of Missouri is facing two felony indictments — and Republicans continue to enthusiastically support both. Earlier today the Republican Governor of Missouri was charged with a second felony. In any other world this would be a wall-to-wall news story. Has the RNC or RGA even provided a response?
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    Jonathan Lemire‏Verified account @JonLemire NEW: Trump boasted that he would silence those critics who said he could not hire a big name to his legal team. He said he was hiring "America's **** Mayor." https://apnews.com/c3ede039506a4ebeab745c97f5853e6f
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    Jamil Smith‏Verified account @JamilSmith I’ll believe this when I see it. @jeffsessions may like Rod Rosenstein, but I doubt he likes him as much as he enjoys implementing Jim Crow, Jr. in Trump’s America. Plus, given how he treats Sessions, how would this deter the president?
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    Since we're getting to the bottom of things here, I'm pretty sure the best expression to ever leave Audrey Hepburn's lips, is still Otto benign - you can test whether asterisks are about to fall from Otto's ever watchful eye in the sky, by using the Preview button before posting. However, I've refrained from over application of RRRRs, as I want to keep that one available for special occasions... Ha - my joke about a rear facing word that rhymes with pump went to the 4 winds, as that one apparently is considered wicked & ungentlemanly...
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    I directed an interview in 1974/75 with William "Wild Bill" Wellman. He talked about Brian Donlevy and making "Beau Geste". He told the story of Donlevy making Ray Milland's life miserable during the shoot. Always riding him and being an **** in general. Well, it seemed Milland found out that dear old Brian was deathly afraid of blood. Also Milland was a expert swordsman. When it came to shoot the scene where Milland stabs Donlevy with a bayonet, Donlevy was wearing a chest protector, but Ray knew where the protector ended and the skin was open. So Milland pricks Donlevy in his rib cage and the blood starts flowing and Donlevy faints dead away and he never bothered Milland again. Wellmans story, not mine...It was Donlevy that described his morning ritual before going on the movie set..1- Insert dentures....2-put on hair piece....3-Strap on corset...4- ...Lace up "elevator" shoes. He did get nominated as Best Supporting Actor for "Beau Geste", bur lost to Thomas Mitchell for "Stagecoach"... I was a fan of Donlevy's and enjoyed his films...
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    Nip, and with the added income from said commercial, you can upgrade to white meat tuna.
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    Laurence Tribe‏Verified account @tribelaw 7h7 hours ago There are more ways than one for us to hold the Trump campaign, Russia, and Wikileaks accountable for the massive damages inflicted by their treacherous conspiracy. And this is one avenue Trump can’t do anything to obstruct:
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    Exactly Princess, glad you agree with me
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    Ted Cruz Mocked For His Fawning Time Magazine Tribute To Donald Trump “One of the most humiliating things ever written.” Trump has bestowed on Cruz the insulting “Lyin’ Ted” nickname, denigrated Cruz’s wife and insinuated his father helped to assassinate former President John F. Kennedy. In return, Cruz described Trump as “a sniveling coward, “a bully” and “a pathological liar.” https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/ted-cruz-donald-trump-time-fawning-praise_us_5ad9892de4b03c426dacef2f
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    Donny has always been sensitive about the topic of his real wealth. In the past he has threatened to sue reporters who he feels are underestimating it, though I don't think he has ever gone through with those threats. Donny and Rudy, they're just members of the adulterers club, not officers. These two sleazebags deserve one another for sure.
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    Discovery under oath is the objective here. They are taking a page out of the Stormy Daniels notebook.
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    Evan Rosenfeld‏Verified account @Evan_Rosenfeld “The lawsuit says Trump and his associates had relationships with Russia that enabled creation of a Trump-Russia conspiracy. The DNC says Russia "mounted a brazen attack on American democracy" beginning with a cyberattack on its computers.”
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    Katie Watson‏Verified account @kathrynw5 It's more like, who isn't a defendant in the DNC lawsuit and what laws weren't allegedly violated?
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    Yeah, but tax cuts and jobs jobs jobs. Plus, Trump made it okay to say "Merry Christmas" again. That has to be worth pandering to a hostile foreign power, right? Like the evangelicals keep saying, "Nobody's perfect."
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    Why are we constantly subjected to this guy?? (DERSH) He seems to be on some show EVERY NIGHT! Does he need the money that badly???? What a pompous know it all..........
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    Josh Schwerin‏ @JoshSchwerin Josh Schwerin Retweeted Zeke Miller And one Pennsylvania woman saved $1.50. Thanks @SpeakerRyan!
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    Zeke Miller‏Verified account @ZekeJMiller NEW YORK (AP) — An analysis by The Associated Press shows the nation's six big Wall Street banks saved at least $3.59 billion in taxes last quarter, thanks to the recently enacted Trump tax law.
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    Slate‏Verified account @Slate Why were Republicans so desperate to release the embarrassing Comey Memos? Here’s one explanation. https://slate.me/2F3KeN8
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    Jordan Weissmann‏Verified account @JHWeissmann This is the most deft explanation I've read of why Republicans thought it was a good idea to release the Comey memos. Short version: They made the mistake of believing some Fox News reporting.
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    The Hill‏Verified account@thehill Ex-Forbes reporter: Trump lied to me about his net worth to land on list of wealthiest people http://hill.cm/oTcGpg2
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    Alan Rappeport‏Verified account @arappeport Mnuchin still sticking to tax cuts paying for themselves: “I do, the CBO numbers use lower growth numbers. Again that’s over the 10-year window this will pay for itself."
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    Matthew Gertz‏Verified account @MattGertz First segment was all Comey and McCabe, Trump's tweet may be in reaction to Ainsley Earhardt complaining about "the prior head of the FBI is writing a book about this and going on every network to talk about what's happening." Fox & Friends, 6:08 am Trump, 6:34 am
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    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account@realDonaldTrump Nancy Pelosi is going absolutely crazy about the big Tax Cuts given to the American People by the Republicans...got not one Democrat Vote! Here’s a choice. They want to end them and raise your taxes substantially. Republicans are working on making them permanent and more cuts! 6:50 AM - 20 Apr 2018
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    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account@realDonaldTrump So General Michael Flynn’s life can be totally destroyed while Shadey James Comey can Leak and Lie and make lots of money from a third rate book (that should never have been written). Is that really the way life in America is supposed to work? I don’t think so! 6:34 AM - 20 Apr 2018
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    POLITICO‏Verified account @politico The world learns to ignore Trump https://politi.co/2vtWJCb
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    Ted Lieu‏Verified account @tedlieu 3h3 hours ago I already thanked House Republicans, but I'm going to do it again. There is so much in the #Comeymemos that @realDonaldTrump would not want released, but you did it anyway! I don't know why you did it, but much thanks. -------------------------------------------------- Here are the 8 most shocking revelations from the release of the Comey memos https://www.rawstory.com/2018/04/8-shocking-revelations-release-comey-memos/#.WtlQra8ZpP0.twitter
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    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump James Comey Memos just out and show clearly that there was NO COLLUSION and NO OBSTRUCTION. Also, he leaked classified information. WOW! Will the Witch Hunt continue? 11:37 PM - 19 Apr 2018
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    Asha Rangappa‏Verified account@AshaRangappa_ Asha Rangappa Retweeted Adam Goldman So basically, Comey's story hasn't changed (and Trump's has), the dossier was corroborated as early as Jan 2017, and POTUS knew that Flynn was sketchy but asked Comey to lay off investigating him anyway. Can someone remind me again why R's wanted these released??
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    Rogue WH Snr Advisor‏ @RogueSNRadvisor 27m27 minutes ago Trump coulda just stayed a rich, C-list celebrity with a pretty sweet life, & continued to do all of the corrupt, douchey BS he wanted, free and clear. But he just had to tempt fate & run for President, and now it's going to bite him in the ****.
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    I don't know if I would use the word " distracted", I think the word "distraught " would be a better choice here. The FBI has just given drumpf's lawyer going over that may have even outdistanced the one that John Gotti's lawyer got. In the final analysis, politics may not have very much to do with the inevitable that's going down.
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    This is what Hillary Clinton meant when she said that trump didn't have the character or demeanor to be President of the United States of America.

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