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    Groucho gets fired in A NIGHT AT THE OPERA and gets kicked down the stairs In both THE MATCHMAKER and HELLO DOLLY, Vandergelder fired Cornelius and Barnaby Sydney Greenstreet fired Barbara Stanwyck in CHRISTMAS IN CONNECTICUT MONEYBALL, MIRACLE, and many other sports movies show athletes being fired throughout the films as the team gets finalized James Caan gets fired in ELF Walter Catlett fires James Cagney in YANKEE DOODLE DANDY ("You and your whole family!") Sandy Duncan gets fired in STAR SPANGLED GIRL when Norman brings a duck into the YWCA pool ("I've been fired! Fired! They didn't even give me time to dry off!")
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    If anybody here knows their movies, it's lavenderblue. This is a sharp-witted lady who would certainly not have mixed up the two titles. Let's give some of the smartest posters here some credit.
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    MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING next the English countryside
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    I've noticed that the few threads this OP has started on the bds. there are never follow up posts by this OP! It's hit and run LOL
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    Which makes it ironic Oscar was completely willing to go with Eddie Murphy a few years ago. Murphy bowed out because his producer of choice was fired over sex scandals, but apparently no one at the Academy had any problem with Murphy himself, probably because being such a recluse these days, his appearance might have given them their best ratings in years. But go back and watch one of his comedy specials from the '80s or early '90s or listen to one of his albums! He certainly didn't have enlightened views about homosexuals, to put it kindly.
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    Good try. Now Susan just has to convince her constituents that she's not a jerk.
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    Mia Farrow‏Verified account@MiaFarrow 16 Trump associates with Russia connections. Number expected to rise #smockingGun
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    David Hogg‏Verified account@davidhogg111 David Hogg Retweeted The Hill Thoughts and prayers to @NRATV
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    It has to do with the National Film Registry. TCM will be showing some of the newly inducted films, but the announcement of said films hasn't been made public yet, so the schedule remains TBA.
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    If you listen to the lyrics of that song I think you'll find that it's definitely meant to be complimentary to Miss Davis. The girl the singer's singing about is supposed to be irresistibly attractive. Come on Sepia, haven't you ever really listened to the song? ps: There's at least one other song that mentions Bette Davis, although it does not allude to her appearance in any way. It's Bob Dylan's "Desolation Row". I've always liked this line: "...she puts her hands in her back pockets / Bette Davis style"
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    Woolsey, Lindsay - played by Patrick Knowles in AUNTIE MAME (1958)
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    Vance, Carlotta -- played by Marie Dressler in DINNER AT EIGHT (1933)
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    Could it be Vince Edwards? He became famous as TV's "Ben Casey" He had previously starred in a movie called "Murder By Contract". He had actually been a singer before he became an actor and the TV fame helped revive his singing career. Here is one of his recordings: He also made an appearance on "The Mike Douglas Show". Another TV doctor at that time was Richard Chamberlain, who was Dr. Kildare on NBC while Ben Casey was on ABC. Chamberlain also had a recording career for a while.
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    Barbara Stanwyck Clever last clue, Polecat. I found the passage: Dickon curved his wide smiling mouth. "It's as wick as you or me," he said; and Mary remembered that Martha had told her that "wick" meant "alive" or "lively." "I'm glad it's wick!" she cried out in her whisper. "I want them all to be wick. Let us go round the garden and count how many wick ones there are." Next: Theme Music From "Modern Times" + TV's Matt Houston + He Fought A Duel With Alexander Hamilton + Alan Ladd Film "The Man In The _______"
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    Timberlane, Cass -- played by Spencer Tracy in 1948 film of the same name
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    Kay Francis wasn't a conventional beauty but I think she was beautiful. She had an intelligent face and eyes, that's what comes across on the screen, at least for me. There's more to a conventionally beautiful face to make an actress beautiful. Bette and Angela were beautiful, So far I haven't seen one post that would agree with the OP's opinion.
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    Amee Vanderpool‏ @girlsreallyrule Blackmail likely brought Trump the Christian Right. There's now a connection between a Jerry Falwell Jr. lawsuit involving him staking a Miami pool boy w/millions & Cohen's assuredness that Falwell would endorse Trump no matter what, well ahead of 2016. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/aramroston/jerry-falwell-jr-michael-cohen-pool-attendant-lawsuit ============================================= John Aravosis 🇺🇸‏Verified account @aravosis 15h15 hours ago Jerry Falwell Jr befriended a 21 y.o pool boy named “Giancarlo,” to the point where he was flying Giancarlo around in his private jet & then entered a business venture with the pool boy because Falwell wanted to help him “establish a new career.” I’ll just leave this there.
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    According to TCM's schedule page, it looks like it should be Smash Your Baggage.
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    The Programmers really do deserve a commendation for NOT showing FROM HERE TO ETERNITY.
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    Never realized how much Dana Andrews looked like John Wayne!

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