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    So that we dont have to go back and forth from this page to the one before here are the photos Peebs posted. 2. Remember the Night- Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray 5. The Lemon Drop Kid - Bob Hope and Marilyn Maxwell 6. The 3 Godfathers - chester Morris, Walter Brennan, Lewis Stone 7. The Bishop's Wife - Gladys Cooper and Cary Grant 8. Miracle on 34th Street - Natalie Wood 9. White Christmas - Bing Crosby and Marjorie Reynolds 10. The Bells of St. Mary's - Ingrid Bergman
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    2001 10. Sleepless (2001) Dario Argento, Italy Another decent Argento serial killer film. The gore is quite well done too.
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    Furiously Fast 12, where they drive cars on the moon and drift in craters with The Rock flipping cars in zero G, sending them into space and something about the space station eventually falling to earth and they have to drive on the falling pieces of it. It'll make $2.5 billion in the box office worldwide.
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    Set Them Free – It’s National No Bra Day! reasons why you should celebrate http://livefmghana.com/2016/10/13/set-free-national-no-bra-day-reasons-celebrate/ Cancer will be the last thing on any guy's mind.
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    "And this is a photo of feminists burning their bras; you'll notice it's a very small fire..." - Woody Allen, Sleeper 😁
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    Q (Ben Whishaw in Spectre)
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    MODESTY BLAISE (1966) Next: another spy comedy
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    The Tell Tale Heart (1941) The Pit and the Pendulum (1961)
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    Torn Curtain (1966)
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    NOW I'LL TELL (1934)
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    Funny but the TCM 'genre' for this film is 'romance'. Despite the solid cast, the film falls flat for me. But I'm interested in Eddie's take on the film.
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    AMOUR 2012 Jean Louis Trintignant Emmanuelle Riva Isabelle Huppert.Film won Palme d'Or at Cannes.Moving film about an octogenarian couple,Trintignant and Riva were both in their 80's then.Huppert is the daughter.Wife had a stroke,we see the husband taking care of her.en excellent film 8/10
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    This is an interesting topic. I wrote a piece about this a few years ago, and I just found it on one of my blogs. *** I am sure not all movie stars in studio era Hollywood were making the really big bucks. But those that did often parlayed their financial success into other businesses. These businesses tended to be for the most part outside the motion picture industry. Maybe it was a chance to repay a favor to a friend who had helped them on the way up. Maybe it was a way to go into business with a relative who could benefit from the start-up capital given them. Or maybe it was the idea that if movie offers suddenly dried up, there was something to fall back on. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of examples how stars invested their extra money. Take a look (some of them may just surprise you): In the 1940s, Judy Garland decided to take some of her MGM earnings and buy a flower shop. Fellow studio contract player Lucille Ball also invested in a flower shop. Long-time Warner Brothers star Pat O'Brien bought his wife a dress and hat shop. Eddie Cantor owned an antiques shop. Can you imagine going inside to buy a grandfather clock or an old oak table, and Eddie Cantor is on the other side of the cash register? Meanwhile, Irene Dunne had a substantial investment in the Beverly Hills Hotel. Victor Mature owned a furniture store. The next one surprises me. Are you ready? George Brent invested in a supermarket. Yes, a supermarket. Attention customers, that spill on aisle 8 will be cleaned up by the star of DARK VICTORY. Edward Arnold owned and supervised a large orange grove. And Walter Brennan owned a 12,000 acre ranch in Oregon. Not far from the Brennan place, Ginger Rogers owned a thousand-acre dairy farm. Billie Burke was the owner of a salad dressing company; while ZaSu Pitts had a ranch where she grew lettuce and tomatoes. Imagine if you were invited over to the ZaSu Pitt's home for a fresh garden salad, topped with Billie Burke’s vinaigrette. Gary Cooper owned dude ranches in Idaho and Montana (he was originally from Montana). John Payne also had a lot of property in Montana-- Billings to be exact. And did you know Cary Grant owned 1,200 acres in Brazil? I didn’t know, either. And don’t forget Alan Ladd. He was the proud owner of a chicken ranch in southern California. Ann Sothern owned a sewing center in Sun Valley, Idaho. Scandinavian-born skating star Sonja Henie appeared in several hit movies for 20th Century Fox. On her off time, she decided to parlay some of her money into apartment houses in Chicago. One that doesn’t surprise me: James Stewart was co-owner of a charter airline service. Jimmy flew in the war, and he made several motion pictures with aviation themes. Some stars liked to invest in sports. For example, Gene Autry owned the California Angels baseball team (as well as several radio stations); and Bob Hope was part owner of the Cleveland Indians, while pal Bing Crosby owned the Pittsburgh Pirates. Getting back to the ladies-- Constance Bennett designed clothes and owned a cosmetics company. And Loretta Young owned a charm school in Los Angeles. Doesn’t that just seem like something Loretta would do? I think so. There was something about horses the stars liked. Barbara Stanwyck went into business with Zeppo Marx, breeding racehorses. Louis B. Mayer was also a breeder of racehorses. And Robert Young owned a riding academy and stable. This one conjures up an interesting image: Jack Benny owned a bowling alley with Walt Disney. And then there’s this image of Merle Oberon, who apparently was an avid collector of emeralds. Her gems were second in value to Queen Elizabeth's.
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    Yeah, I tuned in for that too and instead I saw Comcast, the Three-headed Monster (TV, Internet, & Voice) on my screen telling me to subscribe.
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    I'm too lazy to find a pic, but Gene Autry used to own the then-California Angels. And Bing Crosby had a stake in the Pittsburgh Pirates.
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    Harry Lewis ( Edward 'Toots' Bass in Key Largo) - When Harry, an aspiring actor at the time, met future wife Marilyn Lewis, he confessed to her that he had two goals: to play Hamlet and to start a restaurant called Hamburger Hamlet as a hangout for the stars. They spent their first date looking for a location. A few days later she found the perfect spot for the original Hamlet on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. Neither could cook, but they opened their first Hamburger Hamlet in October of 1950 with their savings of $3500. By the mid-'80s, there were more than a dozen Hamlets, one in nearly every part of Los Angeles. They sold the chain in 1997 for $33 million.
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    Presumably all the men featured tomorrow would fit with the theme. looking at the schedule: “Footlight Parade,” Safe to assume there wont be a lot of bra wearing there. “Splendor in the Grass,” I’m pretty sure Natalie Wood takes hers off. I’m going out tomorrow and seeing my parents. I probably won’t be participating in this. Lol.
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    I just wanted to say that this is the best caricature I have ever seen of Lugosi and Karloff! High praise to whomever did it.
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    My Dinner With Andre (1981)
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