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    Even Gene Tierney who was often cast in roles because of her beauty, had an overbite. There are actresses who are not conventionally attractive, like Bette Davis, or Barbara Stanwyck that I think are very pretty. I've even thought Agnes Moorehead was pretty on occasion. Part of what makes them attractive to me is the personality they bring to the screen. Just like now, so many of the blonde starlets are so interchangeable. They don't bring anything to the screen except being pretty.
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    Kay Francis wasn't a conventional beauty but I think she was beautiful. She had an intelligent face and eyes, that's what comes across on the screen, at least for me. There's more to a conventionally beautiful face to make an actress beautiful. Bette and Angela were beautiful, So far I haven't seen one post that would agree with the OP's opinion.
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    Bette Davis was beautiful. Angela Lansbury is beautiful. Not everyone has to be a blue eyed, buxom blonde to be considered attractive.
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    In France, Too Late for Tears is called La Tigresse, which I think is the best title of all for this film.
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    "Walkabout" - Nicholas Roeg - 1971 - starring Jenny Agutter, Lucien John and David Gumpilil - uniquely crafted story about two children who are stranded in the Austrailian outback and the aborigine boy they encounter who is on a "walkabout" - the visual design of this film is thrilling - it's alive with every kind of creature - it's about survivial, I think - under the most horrific circumstances - who will live and who will die? - a truly haunting experience - (Lucien John is actually Nicholas Roeg's son, Luc Roeg.)
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    1978 1. El Lugar sin Límites/Hell Without Limits. Arturo Ripstein. Mexico. With Roberto Cobo, Gonzalo Vega, Ana Martín, Lucha Villa. 1. Höstsonaten/Autumn Sonata. Ingmar Bergman. Sweden. With Ingrid Bergman, Liv Ullmann. 3. La Escopeta Nacional/National Shotgun. Luis García Berlanga. Spain. With José Sazatornil, Antonio Ferrandis, Amparo Soler Leal. 4. Los Restos del Naufragio/The Remains from the Shipwreck. Ricardo Franco. Spain. With Fernando Fernán Gómez, Àngela Molina, Ricardo Franco. 5. La Cage Aux Folles. Edouard Molinaro. France, Italy. With Ugo Tognazzi, Michel Serrault. 6. Las Truchas/Trouts. José Luis García Sánchez. Spain. With Héctor Alterio, Luis Ciges, Verónica Forqué. 7. Los Ojos Vendados/Blindfolded. Carlos Saura. Spain. With Geraldine Chaplin, José Luis Gómez, Xabier Elorriaga. 8. L'Albero degli Zoccoli/The Tree of Wooden Clogs. Ermanno Olmi. Italy. With Luigi Ornaghi, Francesca Moriggi, Omar Brignoli. 9. Naufragio/Shipwreck. Jaime Humberto Hermosillo. Mexico. With María Rojo, Ana Ofelia Murguía, José Alonso. 10. Los Pequeños Privilegios. Small Privileges. Julián Pastor. Mexico. With Pedro Armendáriz, Jr., Cristina Moreno, Yara Patricia. 11. Sonámbulos/Sleepwalkers. Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón. Spain. With Ana Belén, Norman Briski, Ana María Delgado. 12. Al Servicio de la Mujer Española/At the Service of the Spanish Woman. Jaime de Armiñán. Spain. With Marilina Ross, Adolfo Marsillach, Amparo Baró.
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    Scott Dworkin‏Verified account@funder BREAKING: GOP consultant tells me Trump is “absolutely enraged” by the news coverage of his meeting with Pelosi and Schumer today. Trump apparently blames Pence for not speaking up. He thinks Pence “lost it for him.” And he wishes he never held the meeting, calling it a “set up.”
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    Blake Hounshell‏Verified account@blakehounshell Sarah Sanders says she hopes her legacy will be that she has tried to be "transparent and honest" every day. #WomenRuleSummit
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    Sounds like the perfect fit for Trump lol.
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    I've noticed that the few threads this OP has started on the bds. there are never follow up posts by this OP! It's hit and run LOL
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    If anybody here knows their movies, it's lavenderblue. This is a sharp-witted lady who would certainly not have mixed up the two titles. Let's give some of the smartest posters here some credit.
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    Ironic this comes from the man who unwittingly helped Trump get elected: Comey calls on Americans to 'use every breath we have' to oust Trump in 2020 Former FBI Director James Comey asked American voters Sunday night to end Donald Trump's presidency with a "landslide" victory for his opponent in 2020. "All of us should use every breath we have to make sure the lies stop on January 20, 2021," Comey told an audience at the 92nd Street Y on New York City's Upper East Side. He all but begged Democrats to set aside their ideological differences and nominate the person best suited to defeating Trump in an election. "I understand the Democrats have important debates now over who their candidate should be," Comey told MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace, "but they have to win. They have to win." https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/newspolitics/comey-calls-on-americans-to-use-every-breath-we-have-to-oust-trump-in-2020/ar-BBQJTvX?li=AAggFp5&ocid=mailsignout
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    All those Power films you have recorded are worth viewing, Speedy. But since you're a Flynn fan you might be particularly interested in The Mark of Zorro to compare Power as a swashbuckler to Flynn. Not only does the film have a magnificent, fast paced duel with Basil Rathbone, but Ty is extraordinarily effective playing Don Diego, fop by day, and Zorro, masked avenger of the common folk by night. As you're watching you might also speculate how Errol would have fared in the same role. Could he have pulled off the fop scenes? We'll never know but Power certainly does, and he does so with a subtle humour that is most delightful.
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    TOO LATE FOR TEARS (1949) WOW!!!!! I wasn't loving this movie first while, but then it really took off. Definitely has my new favorite Dan Duryea scene of all time. It was amazing. And definitely my new favorite Lizabeth Scott movie ever, not that ever really had one before. What a shame Scott didn't like the movie. I thought she was magnificent. She really seemed to be the Femme Fatale who genuinely could not help herself. Her struggle was great. Sometimes there was remorse and sometimes there wasn't. It was outstanding. I think my least favorite part was the end. I don't think it was bad. It just didn't quite give me the level of satisfaction I was looking for.
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    Barry Osborne‏Verified account@barry_osborne This is one hell of a Star Wars opening crawl. By @costareports and @PhilipRucker for @washingtonpost
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    I think it's safe to say that lavenderblue knows the difference between Edward G. Robinson and Tyrone Power.
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    1. Unsung Heroes: Behind Enemy Lines Again, Ko Hak-lim, Ryu Ho-son, North Korea 2. Unsung Heroes: Behind Enemy Lines, Ko Hak-lim, Ryu Ho-son, North Korea 3. The Tree of Wooden Clogs, Ermano Olmi, Italy 4. La Cage Aux Folles, Edouard Molinaro, France 5. Autumn Sonata, Ingmar Bergman, Sweden 6. The Prophet, the Gold and the Transylvanians, Dan Pita, Mircea Veroiu, Romania 7. Kung Fu Arts, Kuang Hui & Hsi-Chieh Lai & Ju-Shou Li, Taiwan 8. Helga, She Wolf of Spilberg, Alain Payet, France 9. Five Deadly Venoms, Chang Cheh, Hong Kong 10. Crippled Avengers, Chang Cheh, Hong Kong 11. the woman who sings, aleksnadr orlov, Russia 12. heroes of the east, chia-liang lu, Hong Kong 13 Killer of Snake, Fox of Shaolin, Wah Man, Taiwan/ Hong Kong Sorry for being late. My computer is broken and can't immediately be fixed so I had to do this at the public library near some very noisy ladies!
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    John Oberlin‏ @OMGno2trump If Mueller can tie Trump to Manafort as a co-conspirator then a pardon won't save him. Any pardon for a co-conspirator would almost certainly be invalidated by a court. And Trump trying it could be evidence of obstruction of justice.
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    Autumn Sonata, Ingmar Bergman, Sweden Les Rendez-vous d'Anna, Chantal Akerman, Belgium The Green Room, François Truffaut, France Pastorale 1943, Wim Verstappen, Netherlands Paradise Lost, Harry Kümel, Belgium Beauty and the Beast, Juraj Herz, Czechoslovakia The Tree of Wooden Clogs, Ermanno Olmi, Italy Get Out Your Handkerchiefs, Bertrand Blier, France Violette Noziere, Claude Chabrol, France In a Year With 13 Moons, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Germany
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    Keith Boykin‏Verified account@keithboykin “We have many people lined up for every single position. Any position. Everybody wants to work in this White House. We are a hot country. This is a hot White House. We are a White House that people want to work with.” - Donald Trump last month
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    "Gee, you just hit me with everything but the kitchen sink!" -"Well, don't wannna disappoint ya chum!" BAM! The preceding was was brought to you by the comic genius of Tex Avery, and courtesy one his now seemingly little remembered created characters Screwball "Screwy" Squirrel... (...always thought this little guy's antics were pretty funny, although I understand many never cared much for him...perhaps this led to his rather limited filmography)
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    Helen Kennedy‏Verified account@HelenKennedy Replying to @realDonaldTrump How long before you call him “dumb as a rock?” Or “****?” Or “a very weak person?”
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    The Hill‏Verified account @thehill Mueller filing shows Russia was in contact with Trump campaign as early as 2015 http://hill.cm/NfA8TJi

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