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Kyle Kersten was a true friend of TCM. One of the first and most active participants of the Message Boards, “Kyle in Hollywood” (aka, hlywdkjk) demonstrated a depth of knowledge and largesse of spirit that made him one of the most popular and respected voices in these forums. This thread is a living memorial to his life and love of movies, which remain with us still.


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#161 MyMoll


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Posted 26 June 2015 - 08:49 AM

I'm glad they showed They Won't Believe Me. I love it just the way it is and the goofy ending. 

What makes it better is  all these women gaa gaa over Robert Young. I don't believe it. haa haa

underated noir.

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I'm NOT blogging #NoirSummer because it's over,
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#162 goingtopluto


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Posted 26 June 2015 - 07:25 AM

The Postman Always Rings Twice" is one of my favorites. Garfield and Turner are great. It is the quintessential fatalism plot. In fact so much so it's almost like a Greek tragedy. Frank and Cora have so many chances to change their fortune but they always choose the wrong path.Cora tries to resist but can't. They fall in love and decide to elope but Cora can't live without the financial security the diner provides so they return to plot a murder. When the attempt is unsuccessful they seem almost grateful they failed making Frank decide to leave. He returns and when the chance comes again to kill Nick they seize it. The wrong choices just keep going on and on.

The cinematography reflects these moral highs and lows. The highs have lighter mood, photography and tone like swimming at the beach. In fact the beach often times seems to act as a metaphorical rebirth - a change from one attitude to another. The lows have dark shadows with low key lighting, and night scenes (both murders looked like part of it could have been night on night other parts looked to light ).

It seems that despite periods of letting their better selves take over Frank and Cora continued to race towards their inevitable doom. It's not just the postman ringing twice as Frank points out from his jail cell it's the fates weaving an unhappy outcome they are unable to avoid often because of their baser natures. ( of course in Greek tragedy there was zero chance of control)

I think it's the up and down of the plot matching the lights and darks of the film that pulls me in. In some ways it has the rhythm of the ocean where the story takes place. It always amazes me that this story can make me care about two people that are essentially murderers.
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#163 Dr. Rich Edwards

Dr. Rich Edwards

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Posted 26 June 2015 - 06:34 AM

Here is the official discussion thread for the June 26th films, beginning with The Postman Always Rings Twice and ending with Blue Velvet. Let the discussion begin!

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Richard Edwards, PhD

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