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Sunday night's "Good things come in small packages"

short Technicolor

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Posted 12 July 2015 - 11:02 PM

Tonight, we were blessed with a presentation of short subjects. I hope TCM repeats the stunt again, even though many titles were shown before. Profiled a bunch here: http://fan.tcm.com/b...-july-12th-2015


Two titles advertised, the Our Gang short Forgotten Babies (1933) and Stop, Look And Listen (MGM 1967), were not shown. My guess is that there was a time restraint. No matter. The latter title gets shown enough.


For me, the big highlight was a scrumptious Technicolor print of the Oscar winning A Boy and His Dog (1946). I am not sure if TCM showed this previously, but I have only recalled murky black and white TV prints aired in the past... usually during the "31 Days of Oscars" February sweeps. Perhaps the recent July 7th airing of Technicolor features prompted the good folks on TCM to sniff out a good print from the UCLA archives? (For the record, I did... kinda, sorta... fussed enough online on the other forum about TCM repeatedly airing that same B&W copy. I am such a little brat. Ha ha!)


In any case, I hope this is a sign that they will dust off more goodies from the vaults for future airing... and possible DVD release. (*hint hint* A Warner Archive set of Oscar winners and nominees, at least among the MGM and Warner studio shorts, would be mighty nice.)




Oooooh… what the heck! Might as well place some… ha ha!… “requests” for future airing here. Even if I don’t get them, at least I won’t be guilty for not asking!


Since the theme for part of last night (not the first hour though) was Oscar winners…


As of today, the following Oscar winning and nominated Warner Brothers shorties haven’t aired on TCM… yet. (*hint hint* Maybe a future Sunday show? Perty please?!)


1.) Double or Nothing (1936, starring Phil Harris ten months before joining Jack Benny’s radio program, and not to be confused with the 1940 title shown by mistake each February)

2.) Little Isles of Freedom (1942)

3.) Task Force (1943)

4.) Cinderella Horse (1948)

5.) Snow Carnival (1949)

6.) Blaze Busters (1950)

7.) World of Kids (1951)

8.) The Seeing Eye (1951)

9.) Thar She Blows! (1952)

10.) Winter Paradise (1953)

11.) This Mechanical Age (1954)

12.) Time Stood Still (1956)

13.) The John Glenn Story (1962)


Now… the next trio may have been shown at least once or twice in the past (I think) and have made the DVD cut. However, I can not remember if they have been shown in the last DECADE or not. Might be worth dusting off for a spin.


1.) Women at War (1943) (I believe this is an “extra” on AIR FORCE.)

2.) Spills and Chills (1949) (with DORIS DAY COLLECTION: IT’S A GREAT FEELING)

3.) The Grass Is Always Greener (1949) (with MY DREAM IS YOURS)


Once upon a time, way back in the spring of 2010, I did a rundown of all of the Warner Brothers “live-action” short subjects that were Oscar nominated and/or awarded between 1934 and 1962... on the other forum.










Sadly, TCM doesn’t have access to all of RKO’s shorties, although many (certainly not all) of MGM's are taken care of.


Sooo... anybody else with requests here?


Personally, I would... also... like a cluster of Joe McDoakes that have NOT been shown on TCM in ages (if at all). I do like the six or seven that are in active rotation, but my all-time favorites haven't been shown as I recall... like:

So You Want To Be A Detective (complete with a "proto"-Marilyn Monroe knock-off)

So You Want To Throw A Party (games of "post office"... lol!)

So You Want To Hold Your Husband (poor Phyllis Coates as Alice! The guy hugs the dog more than her.)

So You're Going To Have An Operation (surgeons playing tic tac toe on his belly)

So You Want To Be A Paperhanger (note the lump in your wall-paper shaped like  human...)

So You Want To Get It Wholesale (Frank Nelson's trademark "oooooh")

So You Love Your Dog (Could this be THE greatest comedy short of all time?)

So You Want To Be Your Own Boss ("Do you have cockroaches?" Watch the bread in Joe's diner move on its own with tiny feet underneath...)

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