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  2. Vautrin

    2020 Election

    A dope like Donny who thinks he can repeal impeachment to the Supreme Court, and hundreds of other idiocies, calling someone else stupid. Priceless.
  3. mr6666

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    Seth Abramson‏Verified account @SethAbramson That the Mueller Report vindicated the Steele dossier at approximately the percentage Steele adjudged his own raw pre-processed intel to be accurate—about 70%—isn't something one can have an opinion on. It's fact. Don't know what the hell Greenwald and Woodward are talking about....... Meanwhile, people like Greenwald are citing *their own bad reporting* for what the allegations against Trump ever were, as they have *zero* evidence that any notable percentage of the mainstream media said Trump had an *agreement with the IRA or GRU*. That's a *crazy* allegation. ........... see:
  4. "To drug someone" looks like a verb to me.
  5. Stank and stunk are correct grammar. They are past forms of the verb stink.
  6. Hibi


    Yeah, right. LOL.
  7. Seth Abramson‏Verified account @SethAbramson FOUR IMPEACHMENT FACTS (1) A House impeachment is just an indictment—the Senate tries the case. (2) It *never* leads to conviction. (3) The party that does it doesn't pay any medium- or long-term price. (4) The purpose of it is to set—in the annals of history—an ethical marker. FOUR IMPEACHMENT REVELATIONS (1) You can impeach a president for being a national security threat. (2) Many of the things you can be impeached for aren't statutory crimes. (3) Senators can apply any standard of proof they like. (4) An airing of all the facts would *hurt* Trump.
  8. TomJH


    And that's my speculation - she was thinking about a good hot dog.
  9. I wish TCM was this proactive paying for more film premieres on its REGULAR schedule. Just goes to show, they have the money to pay for it when they want to!
  10. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    The Daily Beast‏Verified account@thedailybeast Biden: I asked Obama not to endorse me for 2020
  11. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    On the Fiddle (1961) - 6/10 Marginal British comedy about a fast-talking conman (Arthur Lynch) and a Gypsy (Sean Connery!) who meet in RAF training during WWII. Instead of focusing on the war effort, they spend their time trying to get out of work, out of battle, and into easy money. Also featuring Stanley Holloway, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Victor Maddern, Harry Locke, John Le Mesurier, Cecil Parker, Barbara Windsor, Kathleen Harrison, and Priscilla Morgan. Only occasionally funny, this is mainly of note due to Connery's presence, shortly before Dr. No. After he became famous as James Bond, AIP released this movie in the US as Operation Snafu in 1965. Source: internet
  12. Hibi


    According to the director, he told her to think of nothing. To let the audience members speculate what was in her mind. It's a great shot.
  13. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    George Conway‏ @gtconway3d George Conway Retweeted HuffPost “It seemed to have stuck, with the hashtag #DerangedDonald trending on Twitter.”
  14. It's a very long road ahead and a lot will happen but Joe Biden struck the right moral tone in his video release announcing his run for the Presidency, and he aimed his guns directly at the man in the White House.
  15. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    HuffPost‏Verified account@HuffPost George Conway Has A Biting New Nickname For Donald Trump He used the mocking #DerangedDonald moniker in a series of scathing tweets about Donald Trump.
  16. You certainly seem to be “fretful and agitated” by the article, which isn’t anything like you’re making it seem. Quite an overreaction.
  17. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Brian Beutler‏Verified account@brianbeutler Brian Beutler Retweeted Kaitlan Collins I’m starting to think that the conservative outrage over Obama returning Iran’s money to Iran wasn’t entirely sincere.
  18. antoniacarlotta

    Fun movie-related gifs

  19. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Helen Kennedy‏Verified account@HelenKennedy Helen Kennedy Retweeted Glenn Kessler We need to know if Trump paid this $2 million ransom while claiming he didn’t.
  20. LawrenceA

    TCM re-launches The Essentials on May 4

    Yes, there are several off-beat choices. Much more interesting than just trotting out the same, overplayed titles yet again.
  21. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Glenn Kessler‏Verified accou@GlennKesslerWP Trump in September: “I got the hostages [in North Korea] back for nothing. Obama paid $1.8 billion. You know I got it back for nothing, right?”
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