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  2. LonesomePolecat

    Three in One

    JFK next Martha Scott on Broadway & film, Penelope Ann Miller & Glynnis O'Connor on TV
  3. LawrenceA

    Recently Watched Horror

    Mayhem (2017) - 6/10 The people inside of the high-rise offices of a mega legal firm become infected with a virus that causes emotional instability and violent outbursts, resulting in the building being quarantined with everyone inside. Mid-level associate Derek (Steven Yeun from The Walking Dead), who has just been fired due to inter-office backstabbing, and disgruntled former client Melanie (Samara Weaving), team-up to seek revenge on the upper-level management. With Caroline Chikezie, Steven Brand, Dallas Roberts, and Kerry Fox. This is played as a black comedy, and it's only marginally successful, mainly due to the appeal of Yeun and Weaving.
  4. lavenderblue19

    It's A Wonderful Town

    East Side, West Side Gracie Square ( upper East Side) and Grammacy Park
  5. Vautrin

    Get Your Kicks, Etc. On Route 66

    Tod and Linc are now in a played out Colorado mining town. Tod is helping backstage at performances of Mozart's Don Giovanni while Linc is helping an old military buddy who is trying to revive an old mine. Linc's buddy, played by Lee Phillips one-shot Peyton Place wonder, is quite a ladies' man. He meets up with a spinster, played by Jo Van Fleet, who is tagging along on her brother's honeymoon. Cringe. Anyhoo, he takes her down in his elevator to show her part of the mine. And wouldn't you know it, there is a huge rock slide that disables the elevator. Oh, the old trapped in a mine plot. Above ground there is some kind of parallel with Don Giovanni. Not knowing that much about the subject, it didn't interest me very much. Meanwhile, back at the mine they start talking to one another and discover they are two pretty boring people, though in different ways. The town is alerted to the folks trapped in the mine and go and try to help. Sadly, it is too late and Phillips and Van Fleet die. That was a surprise. Usually TV people make it out of the mine. Average episode. At least there's no father son titanic manhood battles in sight.
  6. Arturo

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Donald Trump continues to bring dishonor to the presidency and to the country, the latest for his murderous disregard for our allies.
  7. And doesn't Olivia curse in some of them? Weren't they used against her in the FEUD lawsuit? (i.e. we didn't make it up, Ms. de Havilland is capable of being foul mouthed .)
  8. LonesomePolecat

    TWO word titles

    SLEEPERS WEST (1941)
  9. LonesomePolecat

    ONE word titles

    Jitterbugs (1943)
  10. LonesomePolecat

    *A to Z of Movies*

    Down on the Farm (1938)
  11. 12. Scream 25. The Fog
  12. antoniacarlotta

    NBCUniversal Launching Its Own Streaming Service

    I understand why they're doing this, but I'm so frustrated with every company creating their own streaming service. It's pretty short-sighted, and is only going to lead to the rise of pirating/torrenting again (which I do believe has already begun to increase.) I have a few of the big services, but overall I think my plan is to wait it out until a new bundled service comes along...
  13. Vautrin

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Dumb is a minefield?
  14. LonesomePolecat

    *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    Syd Saylor
  15. Desilufan


    20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
  16. There has been a trend on Internet sources and by the Academy itself to start referring to a picture by the year of the ceremony and not the year of release, which drives me insane. Hence, anyone representing the Academy will now call The Sound of Music the Best Picture winner of 1966, when for 95% of my time on the planet, it would have been referred to as the Best Picture Winner of 1965. I don't really understand the need for this paradigm shift, but it's happened and probably won't be reversed. But thanks for the info. Thanks to The Godfather's probably rather extraordinary one-time airing on TCM, it appears Sound of Music is the only pre-1985 Best Picture winner to have never aired on TCM.
  17. lavenderblue19

    describe the scene game

    He introduces her to his best friend, she can't stand his best friend
  18. LonesomePolecat

    THREE word titles

    SILK HAT KID (1935)
  19. LonesomePolecat

    Movies by Number

    TWO FISTED (1935)
  20. Okay, Marty, you officially lost me at "Wes Anderson directs 'real' films". 😓 (And I was even willing to give some benefit of the doubt after "Noah Baumbach".)
  21. Vautrin

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Fortunately, AG Scumbag is an honest broker with no political bias.
  22. I did a quick query of Best Picture Winners against Movie Collector OH's Database and came up with this list that has NOT been on TCM: 1966 The Sound of Music 1987 Platoon 1994 Schindler’s List 2006 Crash 2007 The Departed 2009 Slumdog Millionaire 2013 Argo 2014 12 Years a Slave 2015 Birdman 2016 Spotlight 2017 Moonlight 2018 The Shape of Water 2019 Green Book BTW the date is the year of the awards show and not necessarily the movie release date. Also, its possible I missed a few if TCM showed a movie with the same name as an award winner (I eyeballed the results but I could have missed some). Also, I thought TCM had shown Schindler's List and The Departed but I double checked and didn't see them on the database....
  23. Today
  24. LonesomePolecat

    Ghost of a Chance

    My fav Disney animated short film ever: LONESOME GHOSTS
  25. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Newsweek @Newsweek Trump says he's never had an empty seat at a rally, despite pictures showing empty seats at rallies Trump says he's never had an empty seat at a rally, despite pictures showing empty seats at rallies "I go into these massive basketball arenas, like in Dallas where the Mavericks play, and fill it up and set a record." 4:00 PM · Oct 21, 2019·SocialFlow
  26. thomasterryjr

    Archaic Expressions in Films

    I was watching a cult classic from 1945, "Detour", recently. There's a scene where Charles Haskell does a favor for Al Roberts. Al replies, "Gee Mr. Haskell that's mighty white of you to do this." "White" was a term from the 1940s which meant good, nice, or great. The slang terminology for "white" has undergone a great change. Today "white" means cocaine.
  27. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    CNBC @CNBC Trump is 'fully prepared' to take military action against Turkey if needed, Mike Pompeo says Trump is 'fully prepared' to take military action against Turkey if needed, Mike Pompeo says "We prefer peace to war," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tells CNBC's Wilfred Frost. 3:20 PM · Oct 21, 2019·SocialFlow
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