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    *A to Z of Filmmakers*

    Thorpe, Richard -- director of IVANHOE
  3. LonesomePolecat


    Three O'Clock in the Morning (1923)
  4. LonesomePolecat

    Movies by Number

    Three O'Clock in the Morning (1923)
  5. LonesomePolecat

    *A to Z of Movies*

    Three O'Clock in the Morning (1923)
  6. LonesomePolecat

    ONE word titles

    MANHATTAN (1924)
  7. LonesomePolecat

    The First Film That Comes to Mind...

  8. LonesomePolecat


    Dame May Whitty as Miss Thwaites in GASLIGHT Chaerles Halton as Mr Meng in STRANGER ON THE THIRD FLOOR Laura Hope Crews as Aunt Pitty in GONE WITH THE WIND Shirley Booth as the title character in "HAZEL" Gwyneth Paltrow as the title character in EMMA Constance Collier as Professor Wimmer in GIRLS' DORMITORY Edna May Oliver's recurring character Hildegarde Withers, which began in THE PENGUIN POOL MURDER Laurel and Hardy made a whole film called BUSY BODIES And Barney the Bear was in a cartoon called "BUSYBODY BEAR"
  9. NickAndNora34

    I Just Watched...

    DESTROYER (2018) *Score: Bad* Starring: Nicole Kidman, Sebastian Stan, Tatiana Maslany, Bradley Whitford, Toby Kebbell, Scoot McNairy, Toby Huss, James Jordan. Kidman stars as a washed-up cop who, due to a tragic accident during an undercover assignment, is now on the hunt for vengeance. I wish I could say this was a good movie, but it was not. I didn't even know Kidman's character's name until about halfway through the movie. Her character was so bland, but it seemed like they were trying to make her so hardboiled in a lousy attempt to trick the audience into thinking she was a character of substance. There is some drama between her and her 16 year old wayward daughter; they never address what the cause of their problems is, so I guess it's up to the viewer to decide just what went wrong? They probably figured that another in their long, seemingly unending line of flashbacks would be overkill, but honestly, that ship had already sailed and sunk by the halfway point of the film. Between Kidman's very obviously bad wig, and the fact that she was on Level 10 (drama-wise) and everyone else was on Level 5/6, it was difficult to get through it. I kept hoping it would get better, but it did not. I don't want to say it was satisfying watching Kidman's character get kicked in the ribs a couple times, but it certainly re-captured my attention. At least something was happening.
  10. jakeem

    " The Green Pastures ", Sunday

    I'll bet Kate Smith believed this, too.
  11. spence

    I Just Watched...

    UOne of the netwirks had THE BIG LEBOW#SKI (l998) ($17m.() on again yesterday Not a big hit when released, obviously has a massive cult following & I'm sure many have seen that beer commercial with Jeff Bridges as "THE DUDE" & Sarah Jessica Parker It was vioted by fans online as #1 best SB commercial by the way He had to stop working out-(now 70) to portray "THE DUDE" to look like he was out of shape Did the same for a terrific semi Western crime-drama for which he snagged his 7th nomination-(damn it 4 get it's name right now, tired) & also quit working out for his only Oscar winning role td 2009's CRAZY HEART. Knew a taxi driver who got to live his dream, his favorite movie is BIG LEBOWSKI, FAVORITE ACTOR J. BRIDGES & HE VENTURED OUT TO HOLLYWOOD & TO BE SPECIFIC VENICE BEACH=-(I got to stay there 5hrs when they leave you off at a specific place during a tour) WHERE IT WAS SHOT MOSTLY. THIS GUY GOT TO MEET JEFF, BUT GOT HIS AUTOGRAPH & PICTURES TAKEN WITH THE GUY! COOL STORY HUH
  12. spence

    I Just Watched...

    Think I caught it very late yrs ago on cable
  13. LonesomePolecat


    Also, her character in KEEPING UP APPEARANCES
  14. What I mean is where it says to hit the button to notify me of replies NADA reaches me anymore & it';s been at least 2 years. I've comoplained to them, to no avail again though. I;m certain likes of Jakeem, Top Billed, LawrenceA or anyone have an answer, hope so PLUS, can you folks believe after all these years-(started originally on here in 2000) I still cannot submit a simple AVATAR from anywhere on my profile, handle the works??? THANX
  15. LonesomePolecat

    First Movie SONG That Comes to Mind

    Going with the beautiful Norwegian lullaby sung by Irene Dunne in the hospital in I REMEMBER MAMA (I looked it up and it's called "Sovnen") next another song sung by Irene Dunne
  16. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Axios‏Verified account@axios Sri Lanka enacted an emergency law Tuesday, giving police and the military special powers to counter militant strikes, as the death toll from the Easter Sunday bombings rose to 310
  17. spence

    CLEOPATRA (1963) - why the hate?

    I never hated it, it';s not great, but I understand why all jumped on the bandwagon ever since before t was released. too numerous to go into right now, but I posted something about it on here yrs ago a rumor for 2 stars at the time it was becoming a reality MADONNA-(no foolin;) THEY WERE CONSIDERING FIOR FOR A MASSIVE REMAKE MUSTA' BEEN ABOUT 8yrs BACK & THEN *JOLIE WAS THE NEXT CHOICE, THEN IT JUST DIED DOWN? Man,. man, o, man people on here were up in arms when news broke about Louise-(MADONNA) possibly gonna' star in that remake!!! At the time LIZ TAYLOR'S $1m. SALARY WAS THE LARGEST EVER GIVEN TO AN ACTRESS-(this infuriated Marilyn Monroe at the time, also at Fox) That's where you see those now classic photos of MM at the swimming pool, for her & in her mind, she was trying to steal some of Taylor's thunder. It did take home 4 Academy Award=(all technical) & despite it's then mammoth budget was the highest grossing picture of the year! Liz failed to snag another nomination, only rex Harrison did & this is the head scratcher It was actually up for Best picture for 1963??? I give it (**1/2-out of 4) but the likes of THE GREAT ESCAPE & HUD were not up for the BIGGIE??? Burton was blitzed throughout most of the prod. As was his usual state, brilliant actor, but only made it to age 58 in 1984 I believe. C,. Hemmorage Certainly worth a look the film,. but no VIRGINIA WOOLF? Speaking of which of course she won her 2nd Best actress-(richly deserved) Oscar as Martha ion it, but threw a massive backstage tantrum when Burton lost for it! Hollywood went with Paul Scofield in BP sweeper A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS=(swept 6) instead over him.
  18. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    The Week‏Verified accou@TheWeek .@matthewwalther wants to know: Will every living Democrat run for president?
  19. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    The Week‏Verified account@TheWeek The president must be held accountable, says @joelmmathis, and censure might be the best option next to impeachment:
  20. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    CNN Politics‏Verified accou@CNNPolitics Vermont and Maine both passed bills last week that would change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day. The bills are awaiting the governors' signatures
  21. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    David Fahrenthold‏Verified account@Fahrenthold David Fahrenthold Retweeted Matea Gold .@realDonaldTrump says Congress can't investigate him, citing a Supreme Court decision from 1880. Problem: that decision was overruled in 1927.
  22. Wayne

    " The Green Pastures ", Sunday

    Sounds like you're reading that straight out of an NAACP pamphlet. I prefer to think for myself and reject such inflexible and inalterable language which allows no room for interpretation. I too am occasionally offended by racist themes and portrayals in older Hollywood films, but I can find nothing hateful about the musical comedy number Abraham in Holiday Inn.
  23. In the words of both legendary icons *Cooper & *Clint, I RECKON' NOBODY SAW OR WANTS TO SEE THIS LETDOWN BY DISNEY & TIM BURTON ON THE PLUS SIDE THE RECENT MARY POPPINS: RETURNS (***-out of 4 stars) (made $170m.) WAS NICE! (A TIP: There are 2 current books in most places, even pharmacies like CVS & Walgreens-(I just picked one up on THE GIODFATHER) & got another on the history of 1964's MARY POPPINS-(my first movie!) & Includes coverage of last yrs version. You know they aren't regular books, but those superb books/mags by LIFE,etc That are everywhere thesdays, but not cheap$ all are usually $13.00 I also-(months back) got one of FRANKENSTEIN & another I can't recall at present & was so happy to get one last year or earlier on the history of SNL-((especially it's glorious first 5yrs) but lost the darn thing somewhere in my house like a big Irish dummy!? Its gotta' be somewhere ion here, small apt & have approx. 135 to 150 movie books stared collecting them in ';79 at only age 15. o yeah, the other tip & I still hope to get this one again by LIFE The history of WALT DISNEY himself! ^ an aside, though on same topic somewhat Rolling Stone has them topo & I got 2 of M.A.D.O.N.N.A. & on that topic RS constantly has fans & editors polls of music & not only them but about 3 others keep voting Freddy "Queen"/"Bohemian Rhapsody" Mercury as the A #1 all-time greatest singer. Now it's producers & it's studio hope to cash in on that 4time Oscar winner $ B.O.$ smash ($235m.) "BR" with a biopic end of May on Elton John titled ROCKETMAN & many already know of the highly publized alled fight between MADONNA & LADY GA GA, it was just that BS They are pals in reality. MADONNA does this nowadays a lot, kinda passes the torch onto younger singers,etc Stunningly she's almost 39yrs older then GA GA! But, she & Elton John are the real deal, he HATES HER BIG-TIME! Started at the G. globes when she won Best song for a Bond flick DIE ANOTHER DAY over his song & he never forgave her. I hear he can be a real jerk but has some amazing music. THANK YOU BY THE WAY DUMBO IS NOT A TOTAL $B.O.$ FLOP, It'S GROSSED ABOUT $90m. to date.
  24. Today
  25. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    Psychic Killer (1975) - 6/10 Clunky but amusing horror tale with darkly comic touches. Jim Hutton is a former mental patient who uses his newfound psychic projection powers to seek ghastly revenge against those that he feels wronged him and his dead mother. Cop Paul Burke and psychiatrist Julie Adams try to stop him. The great B-movie cast includes Aldo Ray, Nehemiah Persoff, Stack Pierce, Rod Cameron, Whit Bissell, Judy Brown, Mary Wilcox, Della Reese, and Neville Brand. The film's tone lurches around from serious horror-thriller to silly grand guignol send-up, but the top-notch cast helps keep it mostly afloat. Directed by Ray Danton. This was the last theatrical feature for both Hutton and Burke. Source: YouTube
  26. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    Encounter with the Unknown (1972) - 4/10 Very low-budget, PG-rated supernatural anthology film with narration by Rod Serling. The trio of tales, loosely connected by some blather about people who encounter supernatural phenomena often ending up buried in the same cemetery, includes one about three college students who are cursed by a grieving woman, a small town faced with some sort of...thing at the bottom of a sink hole, and a ghostly figure that is frequently spotted on a bridge. The cast includes Gary Brockette, John Leslie, Tom Haywood, Fran Franklin, Robert Ginnaven, John Cissne, Rosie Holotik, and Bill Thurman. This was shot in Arkansas by locals, and it's anyone's guess how they wrangled Serling for the badly-written voiceover work. All three tales are overlong, as they could have told the same stories in 10 minutes or less. Source: YouTube
  27. spence

    I Just Watched...

    Pretty good shot of him! People are stunned when I tell them Shatner (Capt. Kirk) is 88!
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