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  2. hamradio


    Israel's Beresheet Spacecraft Crashes Into Moon During Landing Attempt First findings issued on Beresheet's crash landing The fact the small nation of Israel has achieved this much on their first attempt is a miracle within itself.
  3. midwestan

    Deanna Durbin

    Thanks for mentioning this, Hibi. "Christmas Holiday" was on the TCM December schedule, but mysteriously disappeared. You know, it would be impossible to figure it out, but it would be interesting to see a list of SBUY films on TCM. Oh yeah...the initials stand for "Scheduled But Ultimately Yanked". 😭 I wonder how much programming time you could fill with movies that fall into this category...a week? two weeks? a month?
  4. Dargo

    Hotties From Early TV

    As a younger kid, I always looked forward to seeing Edie Adams here hawking Muriel Cigars on our family's Zenith TV set...
  5. Alex North's score for SPARTACUS has to be ranked as a classic. In combination with Saul Bass's title design, it creates a memorable effect under the film's opening titles. Is there anyone who doesn't feel a chill run up the back as North's music eerily underscores the fall of the Roman Empire as symbolized by the face of the Roman statue that starts to break before your eyes?
  6. And, ever since I was a kid, I've also loved Miklos Rozsa's score for the 1952 film, Ivanhoe...
  7. Today
  8. Gorgeous orchestration for another marvelous musical score few know: Riz Ortolani's music for The 7th Dawn. This is a gem, and enjoy the beautiful photography, too, shown in the film's title design:
  9. Dargo

    Hotties From Early TV

    This young lady who starred in the short-lived mid-'60s spin-off series titled: The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. (...if I recall correctly, I believe her name is Stefanie Powers)
  10. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    CNN Business‏Verified account@CNNBusiness Sarah Sanders admitted she lied to the White House press. Does she have any credibility left?
  11. I certainly agree with those who are admirers of Jerome Moross's great musical score for The Big Country. But here's another Moross score for a western done at the same time that I also think is highly effective, even if it falls short of the classic status of the other score. It's a neglected score, just as it is also a neglected movie, THE PROUD REBEL:
  12. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Denizcan James‏ @MrFilmkritik Sarah Sanders told investigators she lied to the press after the firing of James Comey. Remember when Michelle Wolf said Sarah Sanders uses lies to make a smokey eye and the media defended her? You all owe Wolf an apology. #MuellerReport
  13. midwestan

    I Just Watched...

    Oh man, does this bring back memories! I can't remember if it aired in the spring or fall of '73, but I do recall practically everyone at my high school did nothing but talk about this show the day after it played. Another song I recall from it was "Mr. Fantasy" by Traffic (lead vocalist was Steve Winwood). And you're so right about that jolting end. Most of the time, those ABC Movies of the Week were very well done; interesting casts, great stories, and it was all presented in 90 minutes, commercials included! Some others I still remember included: "Tribes" with Darren McGavin and Jan Michael Vincent (whom all the girls went ga-ga over), "Duel" with Dennis Weaver, "The Girl Who Came Gift-Wrapped" with Karen Valentine and Richard Long, "Satan's School For Girls" with Pamela Franklin, and "Home for the Holidays" with Walter Brennan, Eleanor Parker, and Sally Field. There was also an interesting-looking show that I never got to see, but I think it involved a plane crash which caused a delay in mail service, and the movie featured 3 or 4 vignettes about how failing to receive letters in a timely fashion impacted the lives of the people who eventually received them. Another TV movie from the '70's I vaguely remember my schoolmates watching en-masse was "The Voyage of the Yes" (I think Desi Arnaz, Jr. starred in that one). "Rich Man, Poor Man" also generated a lot of teenage buzz, which sort of kicked off the spate of mini-series that were prevalent from the mid-70's to mid-80's.
  14. NickAndNora34

    I Just Watched...

    HANNIE CAULDER (1971) *Score: 4/10* *Warning: This movie contains some potentially triggering scenes dealing with assault, so if you are sensitive to that, you might want to stay away.* Starring: Raquel Welch, Robert Culp, Ernest Borgnine, Jack Elam, Strother Martin, Christopher Lee, Diana Dors, Stephen Boyd (for approx .2 seconds). Hannie Caulder finds herself widowed and assaulted all within the span of approximately 30 minutes to an hour, and she enlists the help of Tom Price, a bounty hunter, to teach her to shoot a gun so she can exact her revenge on the 3 brothers who committed these crimes upon her and her husband. The assault scene was actually more upsetting than I thought it was going to be. The camera-angles made so much more of an impact, I thought. This managed to keep my attention for its entirety, but it isn't what I would call a "great" film. I had never seen anything of Welch's before this, and I was pleasantly surprised with her. She was very likable and mostly believable... I'm not going to add this to my personal collection, but I was entertained. I also initially thought I recognized Christopher Lee in this, but then brushed it aside, assuming I was wrong... I was not wrong. I need to have more confidence in my ability to recognize names/faces. I thought Robert Culp looked like Josh Groban when he starred in "Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812" on Broadway. See for yourselves:
  15. John467


    Hedy Lamarr Next: Jo Raquel Tejada
  16. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Amee Vanderpool‏ @girlsreallyrule When Hannity asks Sarah Sanders about the lie that Mueller caught her in she lied again saying, it was "a slip of the tongue" when she used the word countless and that "it's not untrue." Sarah Sanders will not tell the truth unless she can be charged with a crime for lying.
  17. This, and Elmer Bernstein's theme for The Magnificent Seven are to me THE two best theme scores for any westerns ever. And speaking of Jerome Moross' The Big Country...A few months back I wanted to listen to it again, and so while searching for it on YouTube, I found this live rendition performed in 2013 by the Inner City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles, and which I thought these kids did a GREAT job with...
  18. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Molly Jong-Fast‏Verified accoun@MollyJongFast Also Jesse Watters is suffering from early stage Lou Dobbs.
  19. Princess of Tap

    Trump vs. the Press/Media

    Was that just a fancy way of saying that she's a liar?
  20. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    The Daily Beast‏Verified account@thedailybeast Lou Dobbs claims Mueller report was a “conspiracy” to overthrow Trump
  21. Princess of Tap

    Who was in all 5 films?

    Yes and she's another great female character actress. Your turn.
  22. Hehe, yes I would say one can take the whole "rebel" idea too literally and just end up being a... a what? A contrarian? Someone who does the opposite of everything his hip friends do? Gotta say that would be pretty ambitious if not downright dangerous. No need to find the full episode, that is one that seems to be on TV all the time. How do you misunderstand that tho? Does it look like a happy ending just because she looks so pleased about it? My own question about that ending, is the brainwashing part of that 'process' or just supposed to be a side-effect?.. (Yeesh, don't tell me this is really her true self and all that time she was just being contrary.) Always did like the touch that every male character on that episode was played by the same guy, (now I know who he is, too. Richard Long, the one-too-many detective on 77 SUNSET STRIP.)
  23. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    George Conway‏ @gtconway3d George Conway Retweeted Josh Dawsey 90% chance of tweetstorms
  24. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Josh Dawsey‏Verified account@jdawsey1 White House aide notes it's supposed to rain in Palm Beach all day tomorrow.
  25. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    The Week‏Verified ac@TheWeek House majority leader dismisses impeachment talk after Mueller report:
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