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  2. Slaughterhouse-Five is one of my favorite movies. I find it tremendously moving. The scene with Billy and the dog, with the Andrews Sisters on the soundtrack, leading to Billy and the dog witnessing the star that is moving toward them, as Glenn Gould plays the Largo from J.S. Bach's Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 5 in F minor, gets me every time. The war scenes, like the bombing of Dresden, are of World War II. However, Vonnegut's book (1969) mentions Vietnam specifically in a few chapters. The film (1972), made at the height of the Vietnam War, did not (as I recall) specifically mention Vietnam, but it was very clear that the depiction of the horrors of war were intended to have a very contemporary significance. Has TCM ever shown the film? I have the DVD, but I think it would be a great film for TCM to show on Memorial Day.
  3. The search features are so much poorer than they used to be.
  4. Save those in case someone creates an Indian Memorial Day but that will be likely as a memorial.
  5. Swithin

    The Men Have It

    Fred Clark was in The Solid Gold Cadillac with Hiram Sherman.
  6. hamradio


  7. I think they should all be French and Indian War movies. Oh, wait, there wasn't a United States then. Dang.
  8. jakeem

    Happy Birthday to...

    ...Bob Dylan (born Robert Allen Zimmerman on May 24, 1941), the iconic singer-songwriter who has been performing for more than 50 years. He has won 11 Grammys and a lifetime achievement award as well as a 2008 Pulitzer Prize for his contributions to music and American culture. He and the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) have been the only recipients of both the Nobel Prize for Literature and an Academy Award. He has been nominated for one Academy Award (Oscar win in bold): 2000 -- Best Original Song ("Things Have Changed" from "Wonder Boys.") D.A. Pennebaker's 1967 documentary "Don't Look Back," which focused on Dylan's 1965 British tour, began with a music video-like version of the artist's hit song "Subterranean Homesick Blues." Sam Peckinpah's 1973 Western "Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid" was based on a true story from the New Mexico territory of the 1880s. Garrett (portrayed by James Coburn) was the straight-shooting sheriff of Lincoln County. Kris Kristofferson appeared as The Kid -- real name: William H. Bonney -- a notorious gunslinger responsible for many kills. Dylan co-starred as Alias (pictured below with Kristofferson), a Bonney groupie. The film also starred Richard Jaeckel, Katy Jurado, Chill Willis, Barry Sullivan, Jason Robards, R.G. Armstrong, Jack Elam, L.Q. Jones, Slim Pickens and Harry Dean Stanton. Dylan also provided the music for "Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid," including "Knockin' on Heaven's Door." The song climbed all the way up to No. 12 on Billboard's 1973 Hot 100 chart. In 2011, Rolling Stone magazine asked a special panel to select Dylan's 70 greatest songs on the occasion of his 70th birthday that year. "Knockin' on Heaven's Door," which has been covered by numerous artists (including Eric Clapton and Guns N' Roses), was ranked No. 25. In December 1997, Dylan was among those celebrated at the annual Kennedy Center Honors in Washington, D.C. The other honorees were the actor Charlton Heston, the ballet star and choreographer Edward Villella, the actress Lauren Bacall and the opera diva Jessye Norman. In 2000, Dylan created songs for the soundtrack of Curtis Hanson's movie "Wonder Boys," a drama that starred Michael Douglas, Tobey Maguire, Frances McDormand, Katie Holmes, Rip Torn and Robert Downey, Jr. "Things Have Changed," the Dylan song that opened the movie, received an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song. At the 73rd Academy Awards ceremony held on March 25, 2001, Dylan performed "Things Have Changed" by satellite from Australia. He then awaited the announcement of the winner. Cameron Crowe's 2001 drama "Vanilla Sky" featured a scene in which stars Tom Cruise and Penélope Cruz strolled down a New York street. It was a re-creation of the cover photo for the 1963 album "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan." The photo by Don Hunstein depicted Dylan and his then-girlfriend Suze Rotolo walking through New York's West Village, At a White House ceremony in May 2012, Dylan received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama for his "significant impact on American culture" through the years. In October 2016, Dylan was named the recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature. According to The Swedish Academy, which issues the award in memory of the philanthropist Alfred Nobel (1833-1896), the performer was honored for "having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition." It was the first time the award had been bestowed upon someone primarily known as a musician. Dylan was the first American to win the literature prize since 1993, when it was awarded to author Toni Morrison. He also duplicated the feat of Ireland's Shaw, who won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1925. He then shared (with Ian Dalrymple, Cecil Lewis and W.P. Lipscomb) the 1938 Academy Award for Best Writing, Screenplay for "Pygmalion," which was based on his 1912 stage play. Although Dylan did not attend the formal Nobel ceremony in Oslo, Norway in December 2016, he collected the award four months later at a small gathering in Stockholm, Sweden.
  9. Today
  10. A stupid life after a comet strike movie. On second thought stupid is to kind of a word.
  11. hamradio

    Gasparilla Film Festival

    Pirates on parade. Gasparilla, sounds like something one gets after eating this Argentina gastronomic delight.
  12. Vautrin

    The Dream Donald Trump MOW

    Hard to find a full face frontal photo of young Virginia Woolf though I suppose there are some out there somewhere. This is obviously from middle age, but I doubt AOC will look much like that in fifteen years.
  13. hamradio

    Lincoln’s Doctor’s Dog

    Now anything about John Wilkes Booth's Doctor's Dog? Can't believe I found that photo
  14. Vautrin

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Yeah, five hacks with a sterling reputation for honesty.
  15. SummerStars

    Actor/Movie Association Game

  16. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    By telling the truth?
  17. SummerStars

    *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    Howard, Curly
  18. Smoked a pot a few years ago. (so that's what you meant - not weed) Built a common 5 National Technical Schools radio back in the '70's - best ever designed.
  19. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    S.V. Dáte‏Verified account@svdate S.V. Dáte Retweeted Donald J. Trump I have asked the WH if they are aware they have disseminated a doctored video. Will advise if they respond. This is not the first time, by the way. They propagated an altered video when they pulled @Acosta hard pass, too.
  20. NipkowDisc

    nancy pelosi proving she is a weak politician

    the only ones she is impressing is the liberal msm. it really makes no sense. they can't remove trump without a conviction in the senate which they can't get so what's the point? they claim that trump has been embarrassed so many times and made to look like a buffoon so why all of a sudden does it matter now?... and why is mueller all of a sudden so bashful? I'll tell ya why...because he doan wanna be questioned by republicans under oath, that's why.
  21. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Joe Lockhart‏Verified account@joelockhart Joe Lockhart Retweeted Donald J. Trump I'll repeat that on the day that doctored video of Nancy Pelosi appears on the internet, @realDonaldTrump starts suggesting that somehow she's impaired. Then retweets more edited video of the Speaker. This is the President of the US for god's sake. This is a coordinated campaign
  22. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Tom Nichols‏Verified account@RadioFreeTom Tom Nichols Retweeted Donald J. Trump The President of the United States just sent out a doctored video of the Speaker of the House. With the exception of a lone congressman, not one Republican has, or is going to, lift a finger to stop this madness. There are no patriots left in the leadership of the GOP.
  23. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Charles Johnson‏Verified account@Green_Footballs The official White House account retweeted the doctored video of Nancy Pelosi.
  24. NipkowDisc

    outstanding music thread

    I first saw it on WOR Channel 9's 4 O'clock movie in the afternoon. they were always showing it.
  25. Iwatchmovies

    TCM Backlot Local - Middle Tennessee

    Great! Here's hoping we can get our 5 to start a chapter. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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