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    It's A Wonderful Town

    West Side Story
  3. cigarjoe

    Noir Alley

    Well went and retrieved my old first review of This Gun For Hire and here was my initial impression: This Gun For Hire (1942) Directed by Frank Tuttle, with Veronica Lake, Robert Preston, Laird Cregar, and Alan Ladd. This one was hit & miss, the two opening sequences with hit man Alan Ladd (in his debut) are excellent the boarding house intro & his first hit (you won't recognize him at first), and over the top heavy Laird Cregar as sleazy chemical plant owner by day Neptune Night Club owner by night is very entertaining. Robert Preston seems to be phoning it in and the patriotic anti **** War theme comes off very dated & heavy handed nowadays. 6.5/10 TCM and Eddie Muller's Film Noir Foundation provided a beautiful restored print for Noir Alley of This Gun For Hire last evening a lot of picture details that the old avi file I had of the film lacked were interesting to see. I will up my rating to 7/10. Note Eddie in his intro tells us that Ladd was one of the very first anti-heroes to come out of Hollywood. PS. Anybody perchance recognize that sequence with the long pedestrian walkway over the rail yards where Ladd is running from the cops, was used again in a similar sequence in Neo Noir To Live And Die in L.A. (1985). Anybody from Los Angeles know whether or not it's still there?
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    TCM schedules

    Tomorrow on TCM:
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    TCM and Other Sources for Classic Film

    Sunday October 20, 2019 Ozzie & Harriet on TCM HERE COME THE NELSONS with David & Ricky SWEETHEARTS OF THE CAMPUS with Ruby Keeler
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    ONE word titles

    From 2019
  8. KarmaGirl


    Let The River Run by Carly Simon had scenes from "Working Girl"
  9. TopBilled

    Films in 2019

    Opening this weekend: MALEFICENT: MISTRESS OF EVIL (fantasy adventure) ZOMBIELAND: DOUBLE TAP (comedy horror) JOJO RABBIT (comedy drama) THE LIGHTHOUSE (thriller horror) WOUNDS (thriller horror) on Hulu and Netflix
  10. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    David Frum @davidfrum Trump last night defended Jill Stein and Tulsi Gabbard against charges of Russian influence. He wasn't supposed to do that, he was supposed to pretend they were not all on the same team. 7:18 AM · Oct 20, 2019·TweetDeck
  11. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump So now Crooked Hillary is at it again! She is calling Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard “a Russian favorite,” and Jill Stein “a Russian asset.” As you may have heard, I was called a big Russia lover also (actually, I do like Russian people. I like all people!). Hillary’s gone Crazy! 10:41 PM · Oct 19, 2019·Twitter for iPhone
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    one thousand five hundredth category Scenes from an 80s or 90s movie used in a music video Tom Cruise and his costars appear in Kenny Loggins’ video for “Danger Zone,” which was part of the TOP GUN (1986) soundtrack. Footage from MANNEQUIN (1987) is included in Starship’s video for “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” Scenes from A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN (1992) are used in the video for Madonna’s “This Used To Be My Playground.”
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    Movies by Number

    SEVENTEEN (1940)
  14. TopBilled

    Actor/Movie Association Game

    BATTLY HYMN (1957)
  15. TopBilled

    Places everyone!

    SHADOWLANDS (1993)
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  17. TopBilled

    *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    White, Betty
  18. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Salon @Salon Extorting Ukraine is bad enough, but Trump has done much worse Extorting Ukraine is bad enough, but Trump has done much worse Trump is a threat not just to the American people, or to the rule of law, but to the whole human species 7:10 AM · Oct 20, 2019·IFTTT
  19. TopBilled

    *A to Z of Movies*

    KNOCK ON ANY DOOR (1949)
  20. UMO1982

    Bill Macy has passed

    Watched The Late Show (1977) last night in which Bill Macy had one of his best film roles as the not-so-trustworthy friend who brings loopy Lily Tomlin to private eye Art Carney to find her cat. Instead they get involved in a cat-and-mouse game of adultery and murder. Wonderful film, an homage to all those film noir private eyes and their dames.
  21. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    ABC News Politics @ABCPolitics Trump listed Camp David as a possible replacement and said that the search for a new site was beginning "immediately" G-7 summit won't be at Trump National Doral Miami resort: Trump The president wrote on Twitter late Saturday that the 2020 G-7 summit won't be at his Miami resort. 6:32 AM · Oct 20, 2019·TweetDeck
  22. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    CNN Politics @CNNPolitics Why Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorsed Bernie Sanders 5:32 AM · Oct 20, 2019·SocialFlow
  23. JonasEB

    Faust (1926)

    Apparently classic film fans just can’t see the forest for the trees. A few Chantal Akerman films, out of 300 some films a month, is really a huge problem? If you can avoid them on Imports how do you struggle to do so on The Essentials? So TCM is making Silent Sunday “woke” by...showing exactly the same films that they always do? That’s exactly what the schedules for the next three months show. I fail to see how showing those mediocre William Haines films again qualifies as forcing wokeness on anyone. Someone there really likes Oscar Micheaux (an interesting figure but his films aren’t that great) enough to keep showing Symbol of the Unconquered perhaps more than it needs to be but otherwise it’s the same stuff TCM has always shown. If it’s the intros, wow, it’s pretty easy to skip over them (you have a remote control for a reason, you’re not watching TCM on an old dial TV.) If it’s not “fun” anymore, sorry, that’s you making a problem for yourself.
  24. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Newsweek @Newsweek New Trump video calls Mitt Romney a 'Democrat secret asset' New Trump video calls Mitt Romney a 'Democrat secret asset' The minute long video opens by calling Romney, "Slick, slippery, stealthy--Mitt Romney had us fooled." The video also claims that Romney was "posing as a Republican," during Romney's 2016 bid for... 5:30 AM · Oct 20, 2019·SocialFlow
  25. Monday, October 21 2 a..m. Juarez (1939). The cast is the show in this film. Bette Davis, Paul Muni, Claude Rains, Brian Aherne, John Garfield, Gale Sondergaard, Donald Crisp, Gilbert Roland and Louis Calhern.
  26. Bogie56

    Trump vs Turkey & Kurdish allies....

    I don't believe that you just send the UN into hot war zones. Usually there is some sort of brokered truce before they go in. And besides this, Turkey wants the Kurds out of their own territory. Turkey would have to withdraw which the Donald has not even proposed. He has declared victory already. Russia would be likely to veto this move anyway. Probably the U.S. too.
  27. starliteyes

    THREE word titles

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