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  2. mr6666

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Maggie Haberman @maggieNYT · 4h POTUS on the death of Cokie Roberts, via pool: “I never met her. She never treated me nicely. But I would like to wish her family well. She was a professional and I respect professionals. I respect you guys a lot, you people a lot. She was a real professional."
  3. Oh, I dunno, Tiki. Ya see, I have it on good authority (from some guys who grew up very very close to where I did, in fact) that EACH and every part of our country has some special attribute which the denizens of can boast about, and especially those of the "fairer sex". Take for instance their following observation: "East Coast girls are hip, I really dig those styles they wear." Now, they ALSO go on to comment upon the members of your gender located in the South, the Midwest AND those who reside in the more northern climes of this great country of ours TOO, ya know. And so and with this in mind, I must now ask if you'd care to rethink your thought contained within your previous posting? (...and maybe ALSO because as I recall, one could SURELY walk into the Walmart located along the 154th block of Wilshire Blvd and be SURE to see as many people in the greater L.A. area who were definitely NOT "slicker looking" than those who YOU might find walking the aisles of the Walmart located within the friendly confines of your Syracuse N.Y.)
  4. mr6666

    America's Gun Culture...

    NRA Ramped Up Facebook Advertising Immediately After Mass Shootings in El Paso and Dayton Sam Biddle September 16 2019, '...... At one point in this period, the NRA was spending $29,000 on a day’s worth of Facebook ads, nearly four times as much as before the shootings, ......... “Show that you won’t be intimidated by the toxic anti-gun hatred and threats,” reads one ad, which began running just three days after El Paso. “Punishing law-abiding gun owners is NOT the answer!” read another frequently used ad image. ....
  5. David Rothkopf @djrothkopf · 5h Dear Let's Not Impeach Because We're Afraid Crowd, If you don't aggressively pursue impeachment & reveal Trump's crimes in detail ...he will say that your inaction is proof he did nothing wrong. Do you see? You'll create precisely the situation you fear. Thanks, America
  6. United Artists The year started with a western saga The clown and the Kid was a family quickie The Misfits was both the final film for Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe, and was close to the end for Montgomery Clift and Thelma Ritter as well (they'd all be gone by the end of the decade). The film itself becomes a bit dull toward the end, but one thing is clear, it's Monroe's finest performance. It was time for a Frontier Uprising Dog versus criminals Don Murray brought religion and hope to prison... Flashback to the battle in Burma the Brits served up a little horror saga The minotaur was another sword and sandal saga Ride 'em cowboy to a Gunfight The Western theme continued with Jim Davis Burt Lancaster, Shelley Winters, and Dina Merill entered the world of crime in The Young Savages. John Frankenheimer directed. Robert Mitchum decided to try comedy.... A Matter of Morals is an ironic title for a film which poster makes it clear is about anything but..... When the Clock Strikes was a law vs gangsters saga Gary Cooper made his final screen appearence in the thriller The Naked Edge. Deborah Kerr was a woman in danger. Toshiro Mifune was cast as a native American.... The story of Buddha made for a 70 MM epic. Michelangelo Antonioni made a splash with La Notte with Marcello Mastroianni and Jeanne Moreau Three on a Spree was a British comedy Ingrid Bergman fell for Anthony Perkins in Goodbye Again back to the sword and sandals. Fate of a Man was an esteemed drama from the USSR Lana Turner returned to the screen for another romantic potboiler. Mary Had a Little... was a provocative Brit comedy The Cat Burglar was a little thriller The crime theme continued in You Have to Run Fast Teenage Millionaire was a youth oriented musical Fredric March and Ben Gazzara were at loggerheads in The Young Doctors Paris Blues was a lovely little bittersweet romantic drama with fine roles for Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Sidney Poitier, and Diahann Carroll, plus it had a great Jazz soundtrack to boot. Aliens were after a plane in Flight that Disappeared Gangsters ahoy in the Secret of Deep Harbor Kirk Douglas was facing off against a group of individuals accused of sexual violence in Town without Pity. Seems to me that the basic plot sounds like the much later 1988 film The Accused. UA secured the Best Picture winner two years in a row with West Side Story, an ever-popular musical. The boy Who Caught a Crook was a little family film William Shatner was a teacher in The Explosive Generation, also featuring Patty McCormick. Gun Street was a return to the west.... One Two Three was an utter-delight. A whiz-bang satire from Billy Wilder, it is one of the funniest films I have ever seen. Summer of the seventeenth Doll was a saga of infidelity set in Australia. And another choice title was The Children's hour, with gripping performances from Audrey Hepburn, Shirley MacLaine, and many others. The film had a savage impact. And Judgment at nuremberg also stands as one of the greats. Indeed, this film, I feel is among the 50 best films ever made. Rex Harrison and Rita Hayworth were up to no good.... X-15 was a fictionalization of the NASA program with Charles Bronson. It was the cinematic debut for director Richard Donner and co-star Mary Tyler Moore Carroll Baker went through unspeakable horrors in Something Wild And Bette Davis, Glenn Ford, Hope Lange, Peter Falk, and film-debuting Ann-Margret were featured in Frank Capra's Pocketful of Miracles, a remake of his own Lady for a Day from 1933. American International Pictures The Year opened with Barbara Steele in Black Sunday Followed by the horror of The Hand Konga had Michael Gough on the run from a gorilla Beware of Children was an unusual sight at AIP, a family comedy Vincent Price and Charles Bronson took on Jules Verne.... Alakazam the Great was the company's first animated film Back to horror with Vincent Price and John Kerr in The Pit and the Pendulum The Rough and the Smooth was a saga of infidelity Twist All night was a dance film Space-men was from Europe the Phantom Planet continued the Sci-fi trend Flight of the Lost Balloon was an Adventure film Guns of the Black Witch was a pirate saga Embassy This company technically started a few years earlier, bringing in mostly small scale foreign titles or sword-and sandal films, of which there are a few here. But this was the year they made their first big impact, and for a time at least (as AVCO Embassy) they were a formidable mini-major with several Oscar nominated films. They lasted until 1986. The Sky Above and the Mud Below was an Oscar winning documentary The Hellfire Club was a swashbuckler with Dennis Stanton.... er I mean Keith Michell (too much Murder She Wrote here) Journey beneath the Desert was a saga of Atlantis Two Women was the breakthrough as Sophia Loren won the Oscar for her heartbreaking work in a shocking saga from Vittorio De Sica The Fascist continued a look at the Italian side of WWII Donald O'Connor starred in The Wonders of Aladdin The Miracle of the Wolves was a French swashbuckler Peter Finch was caught between love and politics The Three Musketeers made an appearance Constantine and the Cross was another epic, this one with Cornel Wilde Marcello Mastroianni and Claudia Cardinele were an item in Bell'Antonio Marcello's Divorce Italian Style would win the Oscar the following year for Foreign film Sophia Loren starred in Madame What a Carve Up was a Brit horror comedy Now Claudia was with Belmondo in La Viaccia Fury at Smuggler's Bay was a pirate adventure Sword without a Country was an Italian swashbuckler The Seven Revenges told of Mongols at battle Hercules in the Valley of Woe was another sword-and-sandal saga Triumph of the Son of Hercules was more prehistoric adventure Lex Barker played Robin Hood And Anna Magnani led The Passionate Thief
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  8. mr6666


    The Associated Press @AP BREAKING: Exit polls show Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu short of securing parliamentary majority with his hard-line allies, leaving his political future in doubt.
  9. Dargo


    LOL Ya know Hibi, somehow I KNEW this wasn't gonna tickle your old funny bone here. (...nope, but IF I could've made it sound more like it was comin' from Lorna, I'll bet it would have...HE'S got better "timing", I guess!) LOL
  10. mr6666

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Scott Dworkin @funder · Sep 16 BREAKING: Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao is now under investigation by Congress, regarding whether she is using the office to benefit her and her family. Chao's husband is Moscow Mitch McConnell. So, obviously she's using the office to benefit her and her family. Obviously.
  11. Dargo

    Teachers In Movies

    Yeah, gotta admit THAT might be more a role of Anne's which Det. Jim is lookin' for here with his thread, huh GF.
  12. mr6666

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    ABC News @ABC Asked by @jonkarl if he thinks Saudis are responsible for defending themselves, Pres. Trump says, "The Saudis are going to have a lot of involvement in this if we decide to do something. ..and that includes payment and they understand that fully." ================================= Red T Raccoon @RedTRaccoon · 5h The United States Armed Services are not mercenaries. We are not a for hire military force.
  13. The Keeper/The Sandman

    Teachers In Movies

    She teaches tomorrow (daytime) on TCM: The Miracle Worker.
  14. Heh, rediscovering this thread- reading your post my mind's voice said, Uh no, people in California, especially LA have a slicker "look"than most of the rest of the US. People dress pretty colorfully, have coiffed hair, etc. In contrast, NYC people are drab, wear blue, black & gray as if they don't want to be noticed, in LA people want to be noticed! And Syracuse people are the worst. A sea of orange SU & various sport jerseys, baggy jeans, dirty sneakers. Men sport shaved heads/tattoos and gals from 12 to 80 have severely pulled back ponytails and never wear make up.
  15. Dargo

    Teachers In Movies

    Okay, I've got one. The Graduate (...well, Mrs. Robinson IS a "teacher" of sorts to young Benjamin is this flick, now isn't SHE?!)
  16. The Keeper/The Sandman

    Who is the Best Director of All-Time?

    How about Vincente Minnelli?
  17. mr6666

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    @politico · 1h Corey Lewandowski offered a full-throated defense of Donald Trump during his House Judiciary hearing. And the president himself praised his loyalty via Twitter, calling his former campaign manager's opening statement "beautiful" ================================= Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon @RepMGS · 25m When I asked Mr. Lewandowski if he recalled the president indicating that he would support his Senate campaign, he said he wasn't sure. When Mr. Lewandowski asked for recess during this hearing, he launched his campaign website via Twitter. #CultureOfCorruption
  18. mr6666

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Jim Sciutto @jimsciutto · 1h Ignore the manufactured drama in the #Lewandowski hearing and focus on him confirming, as the Mueller report established, that President Trump asked him to tell the Attorney General to rein in the Russia probe.
  19. mr6666

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Laurence Tribe @tribelaw · 9h . @RepAdamSchiff rightly said on @Morning_Joe that the president’s ongoing obstruction of all Congress’s efforts to investigate his misconduct is itself an impeachable offense. Exactly.
  20. Hibi


    Gee, thanks.
  21. mr6666

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Jill Wine-Banks @JillWineBanks · 3h Watching Lewandowski now before HJC is worse than having a tooth extracted. His hostility and bias and the total refusal to abide by the rule of law is disgusting. FOX and 45 love it. No citizen should tolerate this game playing and Republican obstruction.
  22. Terrence1

    The Seven Degrees of Paul Newman

    Yvette Mimieux was in "Toys in the Attic" with Geraldine Page, who was in "Sweet Bird of Youth" with Newman. Next: Anita Louise
  23. Terrence1

    A to Z of Characters

    Frank, Anne, played by Millie Perkins in "Diary of Anne Frank"
  24. Terrence1

    *A to Z of Movies*

    The Right Stuff
  25. Terrence1

    Name a Celebrity - Name a Movie

    Janet Leigh was in "Confidentially Connie" with Van Johnson.
  26. Terrence1

    *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    Denning, Richard
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