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    Trump vs Turkey & Kurdish allies....

    Russian Media Cheers Trump’s Moves in Syria: ‘Putin Won the Lottery!’ For Russia, Trump’s presidency is a gift that keeps on giving. The Kremlin’s propagandists see no acceptable alternative among any viable presidential candidates in 2020.
  3. mr6666

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Russian Media Cheers Trump’s Moves in Syria: ‘Putin Won the Lottery!’ For Russia, Trump’s presidency is a gift that keeps on giving. The Kremlin’s propagandists see no acceptable alternative among any viable presidential candidates in 2020. ...... .Trump’s mistake in Syria is the unexpected ‘lottery win’ that further strengthened Moscow’s position in the Middle East and undermined America’s prestige as a rational political player and a reliable partner.” .. “All of this benefits the Russian Federation,” Yusin marveled. “You know, I’ve been watching Trump’s behavior lately and get seditious thoughts: maybe he really is a Russian agent? He is laboring so hard to strengthen the international image of Russia in general—and Putin in particular...In this situation, Americans—to their chagrin and our enjoyment—are the only losers in this situation.” ..... “It’s been a long time since America has been humiliated this way,” gloated political analyst Mikhail Sinelnikov-Orishak, “They ran away in shame! I can’t recall such a scenario since Vietnam.” .... has hurt the image and standing of the United States: “America betrayed everyone...Trump also strengthened the anti-American mood in Turkey, when he promised to destroy the Turkish economy.” ...... “I look at Trump and think: ‘May God grant him good health—and another term. This is a great situation for Russia...We can practically sit back and reap the dividends from what others are doing... Meanwhile, Trump is yet to make a single good deal, which is why I wish him good health, may he flourish and get re-elected...Trump is a great candidate. I applaud him... For America, this isn’t a very good president.”
  4. Fedya

    Double Indemnity Query

    I blame the can'd beans:
  5. The trailer court with the Vans down by the river.....
  6. starliteyes

    A to Z of Characters

    Sleepy - Willie Best in The Nitwits
  7. starliteyes

    THREE word titles

  8. mr6666

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Tea Pain @TeaPainUSA · 7h The fact Pelosi is leadin’ a bipartisan group to Jordon signals more cracks formin’ in Trump’s Republican firewall. Sounds like a few of the GOP might actually believe Trump is a dangerous idiot. ======================== Pelosi led a bipartisan delegation to Jordan to talk Middle East peace amid the Syrian crisis "...Pelosi said it is a "critical time for the security and stability of the region," and said the delegation specifically discussed "regional stability, counterterrorism, security cooperation, Middle East peace" and "economic development." The issues of an increased flow of refugees and the "dangerous opening that has been provided to ISIS, Iran, and Russia" were also touched on as nine US officials joined with Jordan's top leaders....." .... The members of the US House delegation were Representatives Adam Schiff, Eliot Engel (Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee), Mac Thornberry, Bennie Thompson, Ron Kind, Susan Davis, Stephen Lynch, and Elaine Luria. The meeting took place in Amman, Jordan's capital, and the delegation also met with US Marines there. .......
  9. starliteyes

    *A to Z of Movies*

    Paid (1930)
  10. starliteyes

    Long Titles (6 words + up)

  11. Peebs

    Actor/Movie Association Game

    Rhonda Fleming
  12. BladeRunner The Final Cut with Director Ridley Scott and Jon Favreau (Episode 222) As part of a special celebration for the grand re-opening of the DGA’s brand new, state-of-the-art theater in Los Angeles, Director Ridley Scott discussed his 1982 sc-fi classic, Blade Runner. Scott’s final cut version of the film was shown with Dolby Vision picture and Dolby Atmos sound. See photos and a summary of this event below:
  13. Jon-Erik Hexum Next: another actor who died young
  14. hamradio

    Trump vs Turkey & Kurdish allies....

    That shouldn't take too long. We need to capture, or better kill this ISIS SOB Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Maybe hiding behind some woman's skirt like Bin Laden. Hopefully the end of the Syrian civil war is within sight if the Syrian government and Kurds can find a way to coexist in the long run along with an establish buffer (aka safe) zone.
  15. starliteyes


    Call it a Day
  16. Joker with Director Todd Phillips and Ivan Reitman (Episode 221) Director Todd Phillips discusses his new film, Joker, with fellow director Ivan Reitman. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, the film examines the slow descent into madness of the man who would become Batman’s arch nemesis. See photos and a summary of this event below:
  17. starliteyes

    Places everyone!

    Fugitive Road
  18. Peebs

    Name a Celebrity - Name a Movie

    Leon Ames was in "On Moonlight Bay" with Mary Wickes
  19. Peebs

    *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    Yulin, Harris
  20. Peebs

    A to Z of Characters

    Robinson, Professor ( Tully Marshall in Ball of Fire)
  21. TopBilled

    *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    Waxman, Al
  22. starliteyes

    People Pictures

    Virtuous Husband
  23. starliteyes

    Movies by Number

    The Forty-Niners
  24. My favorite is Watch TCM, but it has stopped working on all my Tablets, first on Android 4.4.2, now on Android 5.0, 5.0.1. "An error occurred- Retry" on all movie selections. Help!!
  25. starliteyes

    TWO word titles

  26. I'll bet Dargo can't wait. Actually, I use to listen to the FilmStruck podcasts with Alicia Malone and they were good. They may still be available. There were about two dozen before FS expired. Ben's conversation voice differs from his introduction voice. Honest Dargo! Edit: Here is one of the locations for the FilmStruck podcasts:
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