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  2. rayban

    I Just Watched...

    Carroll Baker was very desperate to get rid of her "Baby Doll" image. And she certainly reached that goal with this film.
  3. Gershwin fan


  4. laffite

    Theme Songs That Fit A Movie or TV Show Perfectly

    The mention of Morricone made me think of this (although there are other Morricone gems that might come to mind first). This music was also used in an 80s movie entitled Allonsafan (a corruption of Allons, Mes Enfants) a story about a hopeless ragtag revolutionary group who won't give up in the Napoleonic era starring Mastrianni (not out on DVD which is a continuing disappointment). /This may be one of the few themes that was used in two unrelated movies. Morricone is of course credited in both movies.
  5. NickAndNora34

    Fun movie-related gifs

    Garbo and Melvyn Douglas in "Ninotchka"
  6. SummerStars

    Paulette Goddard-why not a bigger star?

    I wonder if Paulette was ever a mystery guest on "What's My Line?". It sure would be interesting to hear her try to disguise that raspy, sassy, saucy voice of hers. Look at those pictures above, and try to imagine that woman speak with any other voice than her own. She just looks the way she sounds.
  7. hamradio

    Fun movie-related gifs

    Like to post the "Scanners" exploding head gif but the mods will remove it.
  8. cigarjoe

    2020 Election

    Go for it!!!!!
  9. laffite


    With 2 more home runs today Yelich now has 13 in 22 games. This is not a believable major league stat. It should not be this easy to hit a home run in the major leagues. There are at least four or five others with similar numbers. These are statistics of SEISMIC proportions and I smell a FAULT. And it's not in hard swings or bad flings. It's the ball, stupid. To coin a phrase with a little twist. Sooner or later someone is going to write an article about the plethora of home runs this season. I'm thinking this season is on a par right now for having the most homers ever.
  10. SummerStars

    *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    Ferguson, Craig (Mr. Wick on "The Drew Carey Show")
  11. Princess of Tap

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    He doesn't owe anything to the majority of American voters because they didn't vote for him anyway. I'm not just saying that, that's just the way he sees it.
  12. Big, booming, larger-than-life, Dimitri Tiomkin's musical score for Selznick's DUEL IN THE SUN is completely appropriate for this western about lust in the dust.
  13. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    Bridge to the Sun (1961) - 6/10 Wartime drama starring Carroll Baker as a Tennessee girl who marries Japanese diplomat James Shigeta sometime before the outbreak of WWII. Shigeta is against the aggressive posture of his government, but he and his wife and young daughter are sent to Japan soon after the attack on Pearl Harbor. They struggle to survive in a hostile environment as the war rages on. Also with Tetsuro Tamba, James Yagi, Yoko Takahashi, Hiroshi Tomono, Yoshiko Hiromura, Sean Garrison, and Ruth Masters. Baker attempts to establish her dramatic cred with this true-story romantic drama that only partially works. I thought she was good in some scenes, dreadful in others, and the script is a bit too glib. However, it's an interesting story, and the interracial romance angle had to have been risky film material at the time. Source: TCM
  14. cigarjoe

    Bette Davis' daughter talks about witchcraft

    So she's talking about Donald Twump invoking witchcraft when he bewitch's the fear of caravans at 1:55.
  15. MovieMadness

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    As usual you don't know what you're talking about. Let's see in a year where the investigation goes,I bet it leads back to what I posted dummy.
  16. If it hasn't been mentioned already I'll do so now, David Raksin's wondrous title theme for LAURA. The romance and sophistication of the music and its orchestration perfectly matches the contents of the film. Can anyone think of the sublimely beautiful Gene Tierney and that portrait of her in this film without thinking of the Raksin music?
  17. cigarjoe

    Theme Songs That Fit A Movie or TV Show Perfectly

    The Italian Western Keoma sort of homaged McCabe & Mrs. Miller (note the correct title reflects their business relationship) and Leonard Cohen. It's performed by Music by **** De Angelis Maurizio De Angelis Keoma is sort of a supernatural Western, it begins with a screen door flapping in the wind. Fate represented as an old woman, a witch perhaps, rummaging through the detritus of a battlefield collecting useful things. Keoma rides up and she questions why he came back. He's back perhaps from the dead. Here is the sung version after the above intro if you want to skip right to the title song jump to 3:30 : Below the title sung by Sybil & Guy
  18. Today
  19. Bogie56

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Something that you can glean from the placement of the redactions is that Trump knew all about the Russian wikileaks efforts to help him. As Steve Bannon said, there was no way that Trump was not informed about the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians. And of course, Trump has lied about this knowledge to the public. Too bad he was afraid to go under oath. He owed that to the American people.
  20. Bogie56

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    A look at who is running the great country of America. What a joke!
  21. Princess of Tap

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Take a look, take a good look: These are the idiots who didn't have enough sense to leave. As the great songwriter lyricist Hal David once said: " Knowing when to leave may be the smartest thing anyone can learn--Go!....."
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