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  2. LornaHansonForbes

    LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT, the 1928 film novelization.

    also to add - The female characters in the novelization are quite strong- the Heroine in distress is a portrayed in a particularly sympathetic light; the maid- who is an IRRITATING comic relief figure on MARK OF THE VAMPIRE- is a no-nonsense cockney who is given a name and a brief- but charming romantic subplot with the Butler. Adding delightfully to the mystery is the cockney accented (long before the revelation that all is not as it seems, Which expounds on the mystery and had me laughing out loud throughout) “Bat Girl”- As she is referred to in this version, and not “Luna”, Although she is described exactly like Carol Borland would later appear in MARK OF THE VAMPIRE and even has the remarkable indoor flying scene where the reader is told that she has no arms but giant bats wings SPOILER IN RE THE NOVELS ENDING This does not occur in the screenplay or finished film, But throughout the novel the action cuts back to two inspectors at Scotland yard discussing the Balfour case. They mention their best man is on it along with “Mooney and Looney”, his right hand men, From whom they are awaiting the signal to act. It turns out that “Mooney and Looney” are policewomen who are undercover as the maid and the Bat Girl ( “Looney” being a play on “Luna.”)
  3. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Sam Stein‏Verified accoun @samstein Sam Stein Retweeted Donald J. Trump Trump was called to testify and refused, sending written answers instead. Now he says that Mueller never asked anyone to testify. Up is down.
  4. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account@realDonaldTrump Isn’t it amazing that the people who were closest to me, by far, and knew the Campaign better than anyone, were never even called to testify before Mueller. The reason is that the 18 Angry Democrats knew they would all say ‘NO COLLUSION’ and only very good things! 3:31 PM - 22 Apr 2019
  5. Fedya

    Hey, Canadians...

    I think I've mentioned Karla once before, to the great irritation of all the Canadian posters here.
  6. I want this to be the case I want TCM to be around a long, long time. I would dare say that CEO(s) and other corporate types are not artistically inclined.. And..if by chance they are artistically inclined...if money isn't on the bottom line.. Art goes out the window
  7. jamesjazzguitar

    a new hate target for the left: Kate Smith

    Not new for me; I never felt she was very good.
  8. David Guercio

    Sally Field

    That’s right. I remember when he came back to host the Guest Programmer series a few times before his death. I don’t think he did his normal time slot though. Only his normal time slot when he did the Guest Programmer series. He was a really wonderful man. Wasn’t he? I actually cried when he passed away and when I herd that he’d passed away and I still really miss him so much. We all do. Don’t we and he is still with us everyday and he will always be with us everyday. Forever. I think about him everyday when and as I watch TCM. We all think about him everyday when and as we watch TCM. Don’t we and we all really loved and really love him a whole lot didn’t we and don’t we?
  9. NipkowDisc

    a new hate target for the left: Kate Smith

    this is even worse than song of the south... big juicy watermelons!
  10. TopBilled

    *A to Z of Movies*

  11. The old AMC went away. TCM is not going away.
  12. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    CNN Politics‏Verified account@CNNPolitics Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vows to be “Grim Reaper” for socialist legislation
  13. And, if TCM were to go away.. It was a good run.. I met stars that I had never heard of prior to TCM...
  14. brought to you by those who profess to be against hatred and bigotry... the skunks!
  15. Fedya

    I Just Watched...

  16. bluebirdsfly

    *A to Z of Movies*

    Gun Crazy (1950)
  17. TopBilled

    *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    Xavier, Michael
  18. bluebirdsfly

    *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    Skipping V Wong, Anna May
  19. Bogie56

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Let us not forget that Michael Cohen is going to prison on New York charges and unindicted co-conspirator Individual One would be following suit if he wasn't the bleeding' president of the united states. He breaks the laws and ruins people's lives to protect himself from prosecution. He is supposed to uphold the laws. He is a security risk because he accepted help from Russia to win the election. In Helsinki he did not stand by his own country but apologized to Putin for embarrassing him.
  20. scsu1975


    Thanks, and thanks for stopping by.
  21. David Guercio

    This Is Spinal Tap

    Was This Is Spinal Tap a special late night edition of The Essentials when it originally aired or was it at 8pm est 5pm pac? Remember when Robert Osbourne would have special late night editions of The Essentials with his co-hosts?
  22. misswonderly3

    Hey, Canadians...

    Earlier on this thread, I said: "I still maintain that there are so many really good actual Canadian films that TCM could easily fill an entire day of programming with them alone." To which cigarjoe responded, quite reasonably, " List them...." so I did: Sure. I'll keep it down to ten, at least for this post. Some have already been cited on this thread. I won't list any that I haven't seen myself. Goin' Down the Road Dir. Don Shebib, 1970 Mon Oncle Antoine Dir.Claude Jutra, 1971 Videodrome Dir. David Cronenberg, 1983 many others almost too numerous to mention. Strange Brew Dir. Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas, 1983 (unabashedly silly and deliberately full of cliches about Canada, but genuinely funny) The Decline of the American Empire Dir. Denys Arcand, 1986 also by Denys Arcand: Jesus of Montreal (which you, cigarjoe, also listed) and The Barbarian Invasions. Many others as well. Exotica Dir. Atom Egoyan, 1994 also The Sweet Hereafter, many others as well Hard Core Logo Dir. Bruce McDonald, 1996 also Highway 61, many others The Saddest Music in the World, Dir. Guy Maddin, 2003 (you mentioned this one, too, joe.) also My Winnipeg C.R.A.Z.Y. Dir. Jean-Marc Vallee, 2005 Away from Her Dir. Sarah Polley, 2007 also Take This Waltz Barney's Version Dir. Richard J. Lewis, 2010 There are loads of others, this is definitely not an exhaustive list. But the above are some of the best, and some of my favourites. I do concede, none of these are from the "classic" or "golden" age of movies. The Canadian film industry did not really get going until well into the 1970s.
  23. Today
  24. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    The Explosive Generation (1961) - 6/10 B-movie drama featuring William Shatner as a new high school teacher who dares to discuss the subject of sex education, causing an upheaval throughout the community. With Lee Kinsolving, Patty McCormack, Virginia Field, Stephen Dunne, Phillip Terry, Arch Johnson, Edward Platt, Suzi Carnell, Jan Norris, Billy Gray, Vito Scotti, Jocelyn Brando, and Beau Bridges. This was racy stuff for the time, although it's nothing that you couldn't play unedited on network TV now. There's a lot of "frank talk" with the kids, including some boys questioning military service, an early tremblor of the anti-war earthquake later in the decade. Source: internet
  25. Michael Rennie

    Hey, Canadians...

    Full disclosure. I cheated. Asking my search engine for Canadian movies, came this interesting title:
  26. TopBilled

    A to Z of Characters

    Villa, Pancho -- played by Yul Brynner in VILLA RIDES (1968)
  27. TopBilled

    Actor/Movie Association Game

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