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    Viva Villa! (1934)
  3. TheCid

    Democratic Debate

    CNN's version of winners and losers. Chris Cillizza picked - Winners: Buttigieg; Klobuchar, Yang and Sanders. Losers: Warren, Bidden, Harris, Steyer. Warren's problem was that the others attacked her as the front runner and she really could not adequately defend her far left, progressive, unfunded socialist plans. Interestingly, A-O-C's endorsement of Sanders during the debate supposedly helped him.
  4. Det Jim McLeod

    I Just Watched...

    The King Of Comedy (1983) 10/10 DVD It is about Rupert Pupkin, a nerd (Robert DeNiro) who fancies himself a great comedian and wants to be famous like his idol talk show host Jerry Langford (Jerry Lewis). This film is getting a lot more attention these days due to the similarity to the new Joker, which I have also just seen. I had seen this when it was first released and liked it, but I have seen it numerous more times and it has grown to be one of my favorite movies of all time. It has become more timely than ever today, with all the no talent "stars" of reality shows and Youtube who have achieved some fame. DeNiro gives one of his best performances in an atypical role, he had just played tough guy boxer Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull and makes a total 180 as the delusional, pathetic loser Pupkin. Jerry Lewis is great as Langford, a man who has become weary from the fame. He said in interviews that he just played himself, and if you saw him on his telethon or talk shows where his over serious and sometimes arrogant side comes out, you see what he means. There are some funny, cringing moments in it, making this a very unusual movie experience. Martin Scorsese's direction is excellent, blending fantasy and reality.
  5. Your wish has been granted! I just received a Criterion email saying that the flash sale has been extended for two hours, to 2:00pm ET today (Oct. 16, 2019): NEWSLETTER - OCTOBER 16, 2019 Heads up! We’re extending our 24-hour flash sale at—it will end at 2 p.m. ET today. All in-stock Blu-rays and DVDs are 50% off SRP. No promo code needed! Check out our curated categories like Director-Approved Editions, Staff Picks, New York Stories, Documentaries, and more! Themes will be updated hourly to help you choose from our growing library of over 1,000 films. Happy shopping! PS: Please select your desired format (Blu-ray or DVD) when ordering as we can’t change or cancel orders once received. Note that we only ship within the United States and to Canada. For further information on Criterion and our products, please visit our website at If you are not already on our mailing list and would like to be added, please click here to register at To unsubscribe, click here. © 2019 The Criterion Collection.
  6. While I occasionally read non-fiction books, 90% of what I read now is fiction. Mostly mysteries and related. Right now I am working my way through the Matt Helm series.
  7. TopBilled


    Fun answers yesterday! one thousand four hundred ninety-sixth category The Mexican Revolution BANDIDO (1956) A BULLET FOR THE GENERAL (1966) OLD GRINGO (1989)
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    All about FOOD

    RISO AMARO ("Bitter Rice"), 1949
  10. TopBilled

    Long Titles (6 words + up)

  11. TopBilled

    *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    Overman, Lynne
  12. TopBilled

    *A to Z of Movies*

    THE YAKUZA (1974)
  13. TopBilled

    TCM and Other Sources for Classic Film

    Wednesday October 16, 2019 Low budget 40s noir on TCM DILLINGER with Lawrence Tierney DETOUR with Ann Savage
  14. Really? Carole King not in there already? Really, MC5 not inducted already? Shoe ins. While I'm a huge Kraftwerk fan & see their influence in fave electronica genre, I don't think many outside of ravers "get" them. NIN benefitted, more industrial than electronic, and while I personally like their recordings, not a major player in the big scheme of things. I hated Pat Benatar when she was popular, but can see her as a kind of pioneer. Very much dislike Whitney Houston, but she was hugely popular. Don't know anything about Dave Matthews except snippets I've heard were pleasant/unusual. Another very popular it a popularity contest? But T REX. A really important inductee. Hands down that one. Like Chaka Khan, much more to them than a few "hits". Hopefully it's about importance, not popularity. Gah, the Doobie Bros were popular at the time-obviously don't hold up. Check out UK's The MARC BOLAN SHOW on YT. He's amazing. Johnny Depp of the 70's.
  15. Det Jim McLeod

    Great moments in cinema.

    My favorite Hitchcock film, Shadow Of A Doubt. The most striking scene for me was when nice teenage girl Teresa Wright confronts her serial killer uncle Joseph Cotten and threatens him in the shadows. "Go away or I'll kill you myself!"
  16. scsu1975


    From October 16-18, 1919, the Poli featured Lord and Lady Algy, a comedy starring Tom Moore and Naomi Childers as the title couple. The film was released on September 4, 1919, at five-six reels, and is presumed lost. Plot: Lord Algy has a weakness for gambling, causing his wife to leave him. However, they both still love each other, and Lady Algy hopes to help Lord Algy overcome his habit. Lord Algy decides to bet on one more horse race, the Grand Derby. His wife, certain that the horse will lose, gets a tip on another horse from a friend named Jethroe, and bets on it, hoping to save her husband’s fortune. Mrs. Tudway, the wife of Lord Algy’s friend, plans to run away with another man. Lord Algy learns of this, and offers to help them elope, although his real goal is to reunite Tudway and Mrs. Tudway. In short order, Lady Algy is mistakenly linked with Jethroe and Lord Algy with Mrs. Tudway. Lady Algy’s horse wins the race, while Lord Algy’s loses. Tudway discovers his wife in Lord Algy’s room, and accuses him of stealing her affections. Lady Algy enters the scene and clears things up. She tells Algy about her success at the races, and the two are re-united. The film was based upon a play of the same name, written by H. C. Carton. Reviews of the movie were generally positive, though not spectacular. Motion Picture News wrote “the picture just about reaches the high water mark of polite comedy and strikes us as the best thing of its kind ever screened. And while Tom Moore is not the exact type for Lord Algy, still he manages to give an excellent account of himself. … Naomi Childers makes a personable figure as Lady Algy, and, at all times, looks and acts like the English gentlewoman.” The film is reported to have featured an actual horse race. George Willis, a jockey, was seriously injured when he fell off a horse during one of the racing sequences. A few stills leading up to the race are shown below:
  17. starliteyes

    All about FOOD

    Soup for One
  18. starliteyes

    Actor/Movie Association Game

    Reversal of Fortune
  19. starliteyes

    *A to Z of Movies*

    X Marks the Spot
  20. TikiSoo

    Much of this Month's schedule has disappeared!

    This month's schedule: meh. Be gone!
  21. starliteyes

    *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    Napier, Alan
  22. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    You're weird.
  23. cigarjoe

    Archaic Expressions in Films

    She's got a nice pair of pins - Legs a nice pair of legs
  24. starliteyes

    Name a Celebrity - Name a Movie

    Nick Nolte was in Heart Beat with Sissy Spacek.
  25. LornaHansonForbes

    Somewhat Off-Topic: What have you been reading lately?

    INSPECTOR ZELAN (to Paul) You, playwright: do you know your Shakespeare? PAUL (shrugs) I do all right for an American, I s’pose. INSPECTOR ZELAN You know of King Lear? PAUL Not personally or anything. SIR CAROL Watch thyself, he’s like to be a close relation of this chap’s. Zelan raises his MASSIVE BROWS, lifts his HAND like a SYMPHONY CONDUCTOR and states with GREAT DRAMATIC EFFECT: INSPECTOR ZELAN “The Play.” A long dramatic pause goes on for a beat too long... PAUL (nods) Yes, absolutely. The play. The room is again quiet save for the echo of the festive violins and cheers below. SIR CAROL (impatiently) WELL?! What about the bloody PLAY? INSPECTOR ZELAN It is the thing. SIR CAROL (aside to Paul) Is it just me, or is has this chap fallen utterly off his trolley? PAUL No it’s not just you. At last, you have some company. INSPECTOR ZELAN “It is the thing with which we catch the king.” PAUL That’s not how that goes. IRINA And it is not from KING LEAR. INSPECTOR ZELAN (indignant) I beg your pardons!? IRINA It is from Hamlet. INSPECTOR ZELAN (FLASH OF ANGER) BAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! (ANGRILY SWIPES HAND) Don’t be ridiculous! There’s no KING in HAMLET! Irina starts to reply, but Paul takes her hand. PAUL (shaking his head) Honey, don’t.
  26. starliteyes

    A to Z of Characters

    Osborne, E.W. - Douglas Dumbrille in Beyond Our Own
  27. TikiSoo

    Movies That It Sometimes Feels That Only You Alone Like?

    Wow. I think BIRDCAGE is brilliant as well. Along with Nathan Lane & Robin Williams' talented lead performances, it's a winner!
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