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  2. The winner of the 1996 Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language film was … Kolya (1996) Jan Sverak, Czech Republic
  3. The British Independent Film Awards began in October 1998. This was the winner of the Best Foreign Language Film Award … L’Appartement (1996) Gilles Mimouni, France
  4. Nominated for the 1997 Independent Spirit Best Foreign Film Award… Nenette and Boni (1996) Claire Denis, France
  5. The 1996 BAFTA Foreign Film Award included …. Ridicule (1996) Patrice Leconte, France **** Kolya (1996) Jan Sverak, Czech Republic The 1997 BAFTA Foreign Film Award included …. L’Appartement (1996) Gilles Mimouni, France ****
  6. mr6666

    2020 Election

    Nope. A national security threat isn't something we wait 18 months to resolve.
  7. The 1996 Academy Award Best Foreign Language Film … Kolya (1996) Jan Sverak, Czech Republic **** The Other Side of Sunday (1996) Berit Nesheim, Norway A Chef In Love (1996) Nana Dzhordzhadze, Georgia Prisoner of the Mountains (1996) Sergei Bodrov, Russia Ridicule (1996) Patrice Leconte, France The 1997 Academy Award Best Foreign Language Film included this nominee … Beyond Silence (1996) Corinna Link, Germany
  8. David Guercio

    Sally Field

    Hey. Happy Easter everybody. I hope you all have a really wonderful Easter today. I will. How many seasons did Sally Field co-host with Robert Osbourne? Only one right and then they were going to have another season with her and then the schedule got messed up right and Ben Mainkawitz filled in and still showed the movies on the Essentials schedule and then Robert Osbourne had some health issues and left for a while to take care of himself and spend some time with his friends and family. Then he was going to come back and then he died right? I still really miss him a whole lot. He was a really great man. Wasn’t he?
  9. Monday, April 22/23 5:15 a.m. That Nazty Nuisance (1943). Hitler summons the Axis leaders to a secret meeting caught on film by Hal Roach.
  10. NPR‏Verified account @NPR 41m41 minutes ago At least 129 people were killed and nearly 500 hospitalized from injuries after explosions went off at three churches and three hotels in Sri Lanka. ------------------------------------------------- Al Jazeera English‏Verified account @AJEnglish 2h2 hours ago UPDATE: At least 138 dead and more than 400 wounded in #SriLanka after bombings hit churches and hotels
  11. Walter L.

    " The Green Pastures ", Sunday

    ...More or less s comment. That it might be a disliked/objection registered by many today. Wasn't there an early-days-of-TV live production of it (perhaps no kinescopes) too?
  12. hamradio

    From around the galaxy

    Tried that during WWII but a problem arose when each pilot wanted to go his own way.
  13. hamradio

    From around the galaxy

    It will be BREAKING NEWS when it snaps in half.
  14. hamradio

    Bette Davis' daughter talks about witchcraft

    Just ask Christina if Joan Crawford was a witch... I rest my case.
  15. (Okay, it's running through my head now, and the only I'll get it out is to type it: ) "They were practicing witchcraft! And not just the women, but there were men witches too, male witches!" "'Warlocks'." "--It's true, I tell you! And then they said they had to sacrifice a virgin, and they all started...y'know...looking in my direction." "And what steps did you take?" "Bloomin' LONG ones!" --Benny Hill
  16. skimpole

    LEAST & MOST FAVORITE of the week...

    I saw three movies last week. Hot Millions got an oscar nomination for screenwriting. I'm not sure why, since it's rather sluggish and doesn't make the best use of its costars. Many films have tried to convince viewers with pure Hollywood corn like A Guy Name Joe. Few have been as successful, with Tracy being more successful than in many of his oscar nominated roles and with Dunne genuinely touching as well. Leave no Trace is a competent, intelligent film about a former veteran who deals with his demons living in the wood, along with his teenage daughter. The movie is basically about her realizing they can't keep living like this. I suppose I'm wondering why I didn't find this more successful.
  17. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Jesse Ferguson‏Verified account@JesseFFerguson Jesse Ferguson Retweeted Donald J. Trump Romney won 47.2% of the vote. Trump won 46.1% of the vote.
  18. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account@realDonaldTrump If @MittRomney spent the same energy fighting Barack Obama as he does fighting Donald Trump, he could have won the race (maybe)!
  19. Composer Alfred Newman's score for the 1931 film "Street Scene" would become so memorable and evocative of the goings-on within "big city America", that it would subsequently be used in many later Hollywood films wherein the action takes place in a large American city, and primarily in NYC...
  20. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    POLITICO‏Verified account@politico Trump on Saturday ridiculed Mitt Romney for his 2012 White House loss — one day after the Utah senator said he was “sickened” by the president's actions as detailed in Robert Mueller’s report
  21. LonesomePolecat

    *A to Z of Movies*

  22. Gershwin fan

    Bette Davis' daughter talks about witchcraft

    She definitely seems off her rocker. Her husband must be nuts too to believe in all that "witchcraft" and "cauldrons" stuff.
  23. jakeem

    Awards season 2018-2019

    Hollywood Reporter‏Verified account@THR From the same team behind the #Conjuring franchise, #TheCurseOfLaLlorona is opening ahead of expectations at the box office
  24. LonesomePolecat

    First Movie SONG That Comes to Mind

    "Santa Fe" from NEWSIES next a soft shoe or sand dance (other than the previously mentioned "Kansas City")
  25. Well, ya know what they say, don't ya TB?! "Misery loves company!" Yep, THAT'S right. I think BD is one of those poor people who still seems "miserable" inside, and has been using her religious beliefs to fill something that missing within her. (...sure, this sounds "harsh" I suppose, but THAT'S what I "believe", anyway...and unfortunately, I've seen this sort of thing WAY too damn much in my lifetime)
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