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    I Just Watched...

    Harper (1966) 8/10 Paul Newman plays the title role of a private eye searching for a rich woman's (Lauren Bacall) husband. The story is not the big draw in this film, it is the incredible supporting cast. Bacall makes the most her small role as the wife who is not very upset about her husband's disappearance. Robert Wagner is a jet setter who seems giddy about helping out this private eye. Julie Harris is a junkie jazz singer. Shelley Winters is hilarious as a blowsy, drunken former starlet. Strother Martin shows up as weird guru, just one year before he roughs up Newman in "Cool Hand Luke". Janet Leigh is Newman's estranged wife. The film also takes advantage of the new permissiveness in film in regard to language and violence. It came out the same year as "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?". Ironically Arthur Hill, who appears here as Newman's lawyer pal, played the part of George in the original Broadway play of "Virginia Woolf." Some of the violence is still pretty disturbing today.
  3. TopBilled

    July 2019 Spotlight: 1939

    They never used to "get lost." If DRUMS ALONG THE MOHAWK, JESSE JAMES, MIDNIGHT and DESTRY RIDES AGAIN were MGM films in the Turner library, TCM would be playing the heck out of them. The programmers know these are good classic films from 1939. I still think they could remove JAMAICA INN from this lineup and substitute it with something better.
  4. TopBilled

    TCM and Other Sources for Classic Film

    Saturday May 25, 2019 Be Brave on Starz THE BRAVADOS with Gregory Peck LONELY ARE THE BRAVE with Kirk Douglas THE BRAVOS with George Peppard
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    one thousand three hundred fifty-first category At the White House PRINCESS O'ROURKE (1943) KISSES FOR MY PRESIDENT (1964) THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT (1995)
  6. TopBilled

    Movies That Make a Statement

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  8. TopBilled

    Actor/Movie Association Game

    Mayo Methot
  9. I didn't see those titles on Amazon Prime when I went through the offerings yesterday. There are a few MGM and Warner Brothers items, but that's because they're in the public domain (like MR. IMPERIUM and GO FOR BROKE!). The ones you mentioned are no longer offered, however that doesn't mean they won't be re-added later. As I discussed with another poster, there are a lot of Columbia classics on Amazon Prime now. And there are still a fair number of Paramount classics too.
  10. midwestan

    August 2019 Schedule is up - SUTS

    Good catch sewhite2000...that's exactly where I was going with my comment. 😎
  11. Det Jim McLeod

    I Just Watched...

    Lugosi was originally supposed play the part of the doctor and Karloff was going to play the professor later played by Stanley Ridges. Karloff did not want to tackle the dual role so he was given the the doctor role, Lugosi was not suitable for the professor part so he was stuck with this minor role of a gangster. The publicity department thought up a scheme where Lugosi would be hypnotized for his death scene, supposedly making him feel like he is really suffocating. He screams and cries a bit in the scene but I'm pretty sure it was all a set up.
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  13. jinsinna13

    Handsome men who did not become movie stars

    Brian Austin Green shows off his best moves
  14. Det Jim McLeod

    The Post an Interesting Pic thread

    Alfred Hitchcock telling Paul Newman how he wants him to play a scene in "Torn Curtain". Newman telling Hitchcock how he will play the scene.
  15. Swithin

    on svengoolie tonite

    Tonight on Svengoolie:
  16. I actually enjoyed it. It wasn't great, but interesting.
  17. JakeHolman


  18. sagebrush

    July 2019 Spotlight: 1939

    Yes! Sadly, these are all very good films that get lost in 1939 discussions most of the times.
  19. scsu1975


    From May 25-28, 1919, the Poli featured Hearts of Men, starring George Beban, who also produced the film. Released on April 27, 1919, the film was five and one-half reels and is presumed lost. Plot: Nicolo Rosetti, a widower, runs a small flower stand, and earns barely enough to support his mother and Beppo, his son. When his mother’s health declines, a doctor advises Rosetti to take her to a climate in a higher altitude. He buys some land in Arizona, but when he arrives there, he discovers he has been cheated and the land is worthless. Some kind laborers hear of his trouble, clear the land, and build a shack for his family. But Rosetti’s mother dies and now he must look after his son. His friends advise Rosetti to get married, so he sends a letter to his cousin in Italy asking him to find him a wife. A woman named Tina Ferronni agrees to come to America, but when she reaches Arizona, she is disappointed in the condition of Rosetti’s home, and also in Rosetti’s appearance. Despite this, she marries him. But immediately after the wedding, she starts flirting with a grocery clerk. Rosetti receives a letter from his mother-in-law, asking him to send Beppo to Italy so she can see him before she dies. Money for the trip is enclosed in the letter. Tina convinces Rosetti to send her with the boy. What Rosetti does not know is that his wife is going to run off with the grocery clerk. When Tina arrives in Italy, she writes a letter to Rosetti, telling him that Beppo is dead. Rosetti’s friends suspect a scheme, so they begin an investigation through the American Consul. The Consul informs them that Beppo is alive, and that Tina had lied in order to inherit the fortune that Beppo’s grandmother had left him. The Consul declares that he is returning Beppo to America, in the case of a trusted woman. Rosetti’s friends hold the news from him, hoping to surprise him. Meanwhile, Rosetti finds oil on his land, and offers to share his good fortune with his friends who have helped him so much. Beppo arrives and Rosetti’s friends take him to meet his father, who is overcome with joy at the sight of seeing his son. In addition to using his son in the film, Beban also cast his wife in a bit part. As one critic wrote, “observe the stunning woman who makes a momentary appearance in the flower shop of the first reel – Mrs. Beban.” On playing his roles, Beban said “I choose the character of a poor Italian or Frenchman or American, because the masses can understand his suffering – they can understand the tremendous struggle for daily bread for a loved one – and as for the classes, their sympathy will hold them interested in everyday lives.” Contemporaneous reviews were positive, and the film did well at the box office. Unfortunately, Beban is probably little-known today. However, his first film, The Italian (1915), is available on YouTube. I watched in several years back and found it quite moving.
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  21. Arteesto

    The Post an Interesting Pic thread

    I will use this again... sitting down is not an option
  22. TikiSoo

    Archaic Expressions in Films

    How about a "rotten" egg as in "last one in the pool is a rotten egg"? (I bookmarked that phrase origin page-thanks!) My favorite phrase was uttered by Betty Hutton in some movie, "He's got more nerve than a bad tooth!"
  23. sewhite2000 schedules not loading

    Hey, it worked, finally! Okay, I don't know what was going on there.
  24. sewhite2000 schedules not loading

    Yeah, not happening for me still, an hour later. All attempts time out.
  25. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    Rim of the World (2019) - 3/10 The latest Processed Movie Product from Netflix. (snipped) you're in Bad Film-School Screenwriter territory. It's like every bad modern movie cliche baked into one ugly loaf. HILARIOUS! Now even art (Movies/music/books) has become homogenized along with our food. Nice comparison.
  26. Fedya

    I Just Watched...

    I enjoyed it, largely because I went into it not expecting to take it seriously.
  27. I saw the first few minutes a while back with the kids from around the world singing and thought it would be good to see this film high. But now that pot is finally legal where I am I don't smoke it any longer.
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