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  2. speedracer5

    Double Indemnity Query

    Interesting. I think The Blue Dahlia is the only Ladd/Lake film I haven't seen. It doesn't seem to air as often on TCM as their other films. I'll assume that money was probably his main motivation to work in Hollywood.
  3. A Direct Threat to the U.S. Military: China's New Hypersonic Weapons China celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China on Oct. 1 in typical fashion – with a military parade. Some of the new weapons on display that day provide cause for serious concern among U.S. policymakers. China showcased its new stealthy bat-winged unmanned aerial vehicle—the Gongji-11. But more significantly, it displayed the new road-mobile DF-41 intercontinental ballistic missile and its submarine-launched ballistic missile, the JL-2. The DF-41 ICBMs are capable of striking the United States while carrying multiple nuclear warheads. The U.S., meanwhile, depends on nuclear delivery platforms that are in some cases 30-40 years old. China is nearly done with an across-the-board modernization of all its platforms. The U.S. does not even have a mobile intercontinental ballistic missile. But that’s not the worst of it. The starkest example of China’s new capabilities was its unveiling of its DF-17 hypersonic glide vehicle. These vehicles are capable of traveling at least five times the speed of sound (greater than Mach 5). They use a standard ballistic missile booster at the outset but become a low-flying projectile for their second stage. They can be used to hit a target after the first stage’s ballistic re-entry. Hypersonic glide vehicles are especially problematic because they are difficult to detect and defend against. Despite aspirations, the United States has yet to successfully test a hypersonic glide vehicle. Much of this has to do with the fact that the U.S. industrial base is not yet ready to begin producing these weapons. Conversely, the Chinese have thrown mass amounts of research and development money into hypersonics and prioritized their production. Experts have seen this showcase not only as a display of their rapidly growing military capabilities but also a sign of their intent to be a major military power. This could all be chalked up to military gamesmanship, but it presents a vivid reminder to the U.S. military and policymakers that our military capabilities are currently outmatched in this area. ********************************************** Both Biden and Obama said China was our friend, and this is what they did all those years to prepare for global power.
  4. Princess of Tap

    The first actor/actress that comes to mind..

    Judy Garland Next: Married a dancer /choreographer
  5. Should you find three hours with nothing to do:
  6. Marianne


    Life of Pi (2012) In the Heart of the Sea (2015)
  7. TomJH

    Double Indemnity Query

    Chandler worked on the screenplay for The Blue Dahlia, suffered a writer's block while doing so and had to get drunk (he was an alcoholic) to come up with an ending. A gifted but tormented man. Chandler hated working in Hollywood.
  8. I would love to see some comedies like Arsenic and Old Lace or The Thin Man. I've seen both several times, but sometimes seeing them on the big screen just hits differently.
  9. California utility sees decade of power cuts to avoid wildfires Northern Californians can expect widespread power cuts aimed at preventing wildfires for a decade while Pacific Gas & Electric upgrades wires systems, cuts back trees and takes other safety measures, the utility’s chief executive said on Friday. Bill Johnson, who became CEO of bankrupt PG&E Corp earlier this year, told an emergency meeting with the California Public Utilities Commission (****) that recent power outages included lack of information and hardships that cannot be repeated. But the day when preemptive power outages would no longer be necessary is still years away, he said. “Eventually the technology will get us to a point where we don’t need to be doing it,” he said. “This is probably a 10-year timeline to get to a point where it’s really ratcheted down significantly.” The state utilities regulator called the emergency meeting with senior PG&E executives after ordering the utility to take corrective actions related to its handling of the power outages, which have been criticized for being conducted on too large a scale with insufficient communication with customers. “This is not hard,” **** President Marybel Batjer said during the meeting to the panel of PG&E executives assembled. “You guys failed on so many levels on pretty simple stuff.” PG&E cut off electricity to more than 730,000 homes and workplaces in northern California last week in a bid to reduce wildfire risks posed by extremely windy and dry weather. The shutdown was unprecedented in its scope, and PG&E’s website and call center were overwhelmed by customer traffic. “I apologize for the hardship and the lack of information. This cannot happen again,” Johnson said. He said he expected the precautionary outages would decrease in size and scope each year. ************************************** California should not be complaining about this, since it will save trees and the environment from fires and global warming. They should also turn off all wind power machines and stop killing birds. Go back to pre-industrial revolution times, and live by candlelight.
  10. Princess of Tap

    First Movie SONG That Comes to Mind

    "A Spoonful of Sugar"-- Mary Poppins( Julie Andrews) Next: A song by a French performer
  11. Princess of Tap

    Three in One

    The Mummy Next: William Devane, Martin Sheen, Cliff Robertson
  12. Sepiatone

    The Exorcist Conventional?

    Truly ERIC: I liked SORCERER. Wasn't expecting anything in particular though. Just like I never went crazy over Jimi Hendrix playing guitar with his teeth and never expected to see him do that every time I saw him in concert. Sepiatone
  13. speedracer5

    Double Indemnity Query

    I knew Chandler appeared in the film, but I didn't know what he looked like, so I was never able to find him. Thanks for the screenshot! I'll need to look for a collection of Raymond Chandler stories. I really liked the writing in the excerpt that you posted. I know that Chandler's experience working with Billy Wilder was not a happy one. Did Chandler write any more screenplays? Or was he "one and done" with Double Indemnity?
  14. speedracer5

    Double Indemnity Query

    That is hilarious. I will go along with that as I feel that that Yiddish saying pretty much sums up most male characters' actions in the world of noir.
  15. TomJH

    Double Indemnity Query

    That passage is from Red Wind, a Chandler short story. Speaking of which here's Chandler's cameo appearance in Double Indemnity as Fred passes him. Chandler, of course, worked on the film's screenplay. A few years ago, by the way, I managed to snag a copy of the poster below, with Stanwyck's autograph on it.
  16. LawrenceA

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    The author mentioned above, Dan Bongino, was the guest of honor at a local Republican party shindig/fundraiser that was mentioned on the local news last week. The news clip showed Bongino for a second, and interviewed the local party boss (who wore a cowboy hat, because I guess he likes dress-up). Anyway, one of the activities that the giddy Republicans in attendance got to engage in was having their photo taken with a cardboard cut-out of Joe Biden that had his arms arranged to look like he was groping the person posing for the picture. There was a 30-something blonde lady giggling away as she had her pic taken with the faux-Biden fondling her chest.
  17. Just more PC garbage. Will the phrase "The Dawn of Man" be changed to "The Dawn of People"?
  18. Sepiatone

    Double Indemnity Query

    Old Yiddish maxim: "Vinder putz ist turgenen, der noggin meshugge" (when the d!ck gets hard, the brain gets soft) Remember, when Neff first sets eyes on Phyllis, she's standing on the balcony with Neff looking up that towel she's wrapped in. Sepiatone
  19. lefty21

    Watch TCM not working with Android

    Also does not work with ROKU, and does not work with Android Tablets. Only thing it does work with now is Windows PC
  20. lefty21

    WATCH TCM app on ROKU TV

    Same here, does not work with ROKU, but also does not work with Android Tablets. Only thing it does work with now is Windows PC
  21. jamesjazzguitar

    Democratic Debate

    I watch a lot of Russian news when I'm in the EU (a month or so a year, since Russia-Today and other programs are in English), and I find their news reporting on the Middle East to be more balanced than what I can find here in the USA (except PBS). I didn't find any of this reporting to be meddling in America politics but instead just pointing out the differences between the stuck-in-the-mud Middle East politics of 99% of American politicians catering to all things Israel and US pols like Gabbard. There is as much truth that Gabbard is a Russian asset as there is that Hillary attacked Gabbard because she is an Israeli asset.
  22. Princess of Tap

    Democratic Debate

    The Russians love her anyway because she spends most of her time building up Assad and his criminal regime. And if the Russians are paying her, they ought to be.
  23. speedracer5

    Double Indemnity Query

    Ooh I love that description. I love good writing that refrains from being flowery. I know that James M Cain loved Billy Wilder's ending to Double Indemnity better than his. So it'd be interesting to read the original ending. I bought this James M Cain trilogy that contains Mildred Pierce, The Postman Always Rings Twice, and Double Indemnity. I read Mildred Pierce. I'm looking forward to the other two. Speaking of noir... I haven't finished Nightmare Alley, I purchased my own copy. My husband and I are in a two-person Nightmare Alley book club, so that we can read it before Guillermo Del Toro's movie comes out.
  24. Hibi

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    ROFL! Chosen for the DUMPster.........
  25. TomJH

    Canadian Election Update

    Conservative leader Andrew Scheer. And he might be crying himself if the Liberals form a coalition government with the NDP. "Missed it by that much."
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