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  2. Re: Remember how reliable the polls were in 2016.
  3. ODD MAN OUT, which came a year earlier in Britain, has just as much on-location photography. But is noir determined by whether the story is filmed primarily inside or a studio or outdoors?
  4. jamesjazzguitar

    Elizabeth Warren Pres. Candidacy.....

    I doubt this load bailout would benefit many of her people; Native Americans.
  5. That both are very contagious.
  6. TopBilled

    A to Z of Characters

    Black, Joe -- played by Brad Pitt in MEET JOE BLACK (1998)
  7. jamesjazzguitar

    Brief Encounter Fan Dedication

    I watched the first half last night (I've seen the film many times); just a very well made and overall solid film. Art at it's finest.
  8. yanceycravat

    Wheeler & Woolsey

    Great point. They were two successful entertainers prior to them being paired and had equal skills in that regard. They were not even a team when they were cast in the stage production of Rio Rita.
  9. TopBilled

    Adapt Ability

    FELLINI SATYRICON (1969) Next: Lewis Carroll
  10. jakeem

    Awards season 2018-2019

    Variety‏Verified accou@Variety #AvengersEndgame soars to record-breaking $60 million opening in North America
  11. LawrenceA


    Albert Dekker Sal Mineo Marilyn Monroe Dorothy Stratten Dominique Dunne Bob Crane Ted Healy
  12. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Noah Shachtman‏Verified account@NoahShachtman The prosecutor said that Butina was executing a plan to establish contact between the two governments, for the benefit of Russia. The information was “of extreme importance to the Russian Federation,” he said. “She was not simply a grad student.”
  13. I guess Anita wants Trump to appoint another conservative Supreme Court justice. Stop being so needy Anita.
  14. MovieCollectorOH

    Wheeler & Woolsey

    I'm a big fan and try to get good recordings of anything they did. There is a sort of mismatch between the two of them, yet they play off each other well and quite evenly. It wasn't just a one-man show with a sidekick.
  15. hamradio


    We need to ban GMO crops which has their own built in pesticide! Less bees, thank...
  16. cinemaspeak59

    Adapt Ability

    The Quick and the Dead (1987) Next: Petronius
  17. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Betsy Woodruff‏Verified account@woodruffbets NEW: Maria Butina sentenced to 18 months, 9 of which she's already served. "You have a future ahead of you," the judge said. "I wish you the best luck"
  18. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    ABC News‏Verified account@ABC JUST IN: Maria Butina, the Russian national accused of conspiring to act as an agent of a foreign government, sentenced to 18 months of incarceration and deportation to Russia upon release.
  19. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    He was barely recognizable (to me, anyway). But he gets some mild comedy lines, and gets to hang out with a "hot babe."
  20. Arturo

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Won't make a difference if a Kissing Bug kisses our repulsive president and transmits Chagas Disease. Trump has already lost his mind and is seriously deranged!
  21. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    The Daily Beast‏Verified account@thedailybeast Trump trash-talks Joe Biden at White House exit: “I’m so young! I’m the youngest person. I am a young, vibrant man. I look at Joe [Biden], I don’t know about him"
  22. Dick Cavett was on the last TCM cruise and he was my second favorite interview after Jerry Lewis. He has lead an interesting life.
  23. yanceycravat

    Wheeler & Woolsey

    I have a shooting script for this film. Fascinating to compare the two to say the least.
  24. Measles, a disease that goes back to the Stone Age.
  25. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    John Feinblatt‏Verified account@JohnFeinblatt The headline says it all. In 15 years of working on gun safety, I've never seen the NRA this vulnerable.
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