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  2. Nightbird311

    *A to Z of Movies*

    Loretta Young
  3. Nightbird311

    Actor/Movie Association Game

    “Alice Adams” (1935)
  4. Nightbird311

    Three in One

    Eleanor Roosevelt Next: Ronald Colman, Stewart Granger, Peter Sellers
  5. Those dinosaurs needed a carbon tax to stop that global warming.
  6. starliteyes

    *A to Z of Movies*

    Key to the City
  7. starliteyes

    TWO word titles

  8. hamradio

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Old Pooh.
  9. Some scientist thinks the dinosaurs were already on the way out due to massive volcanic eruptions, one in India called the Deccan Traps. The asteroid may have been the last nail in the coffin.
  10. You can't believe it because you can't believe that California (read: Liberals) can take a second look and change course. Yes, they are kinder to the homeless than the other side but they can take a hard line when it is necessary. Conservatives can't do that. If contrary evidence threatens a valued held position, they admit nothing because they have no guts. No wonder you're surprised.
  11. JakeHolman


  12. JakeHolman


  13. DJBeacon

    Ghost of a Chance

    "House on Haunted Hill" (1959)
  14. noah80

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    'Grandma Winnie' trends on Twitter after video shows woman call for Trump's impeachment for her birthday "Hi. I'm Grandma Winnie. I'm 100 years old. And all I want for my birthday is for someone to impeach this....sucker."
  15. DJBeacon

    A to Z of Characters

    Village Idiot = Ron Lacey in "The Fearless Vampire Killers"
  16. DJBeacon

    Name a Celebrity - Name a Movie

    Melvyn Douglas was in "Hud" with Whit Bissell
  17. Gregg Henry Next: rubenesque
  18. DJBeacon

    Actor/Movie Association Game

    Hattie McDaniel
  19. I can imagine you would be a bit picky about that one. I didn't mind, its the stories I care about. At least the voices let me know who is supposed to be talking. I don't ask much from podcasts since there's not too much money in them.
  20. Vautrin

    Trump vs Turkey & Kurdish allies....

    Pat's Apocalyptic Countdown. If we can't raise $1 Million dollars in the next 24 hours there is a good chance that the Apocalypse will be set into mention. Please give as much as you can. This is literally a matter of life and death. Tote Board---$2,706.66 raised Countdown---23 hrs, 34 mins, 41 secs left.
  21. I’ve listened to half of the Manson series. I’m glad she stopped with the impressions of celebrities. That really took something away from the podcast. The only impression I liked was the John Huston one. The Errol Flynn one was terrible.
  22. cgreen2001

    Union County, NJ

    Where are you in Union County? I live in Plainfield.
  23. If Conservatives ever take the time to think, let no one ever again pronounce the word Incredible. What Elizabeth Warren did was waffle, something members of both parties have done consistently then, now, and forever. Not true. They behave like it is according to what we know now, subject to change. Of course it's constantly changing. Liberals are not afraid to change their mind when new evidence presents itself. They have the intellectual honesty to do that. Conservatives do not. They stick to their dogmas and their lies. To them, truth is disgusting. That's why they love Trump.
  24. Arturo

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    One word, two words, hyphenated words, they are still free with the room, like mints.
  25. Peebs

    *A to Z of Movies*

    Journey Into Fear (1943)
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