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  2. Vautrin

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Not to split hairs, but it's the Communist Party of the United States of America, CPUSA! USA! USA!
  3. jinsinna13

    Hottest Teen Idols

    TopBilled, great choices. I'm a fan of both, and I preferred Troy Donahue over Tab Hunter. (Tab Hunter I know from his real life role as Anthony Perkins ex, but that's a conversation better suited for a different day.)
  4. Bogie56

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    We've gone from Total Exoneration to Total Bull**** in Trump's view of the report within 24 hours. My BIG takeaway on the collusion is that Mueller said that they were not able to ESTABLISH a criminal conspiracy. That is a heck of a lot different than total exoneration. As Robbie Mook just said on CNN he doesn't understand how Trump's "collusion" with Russians is not illegal. The Democrats should push ahead with the investigation saying that laws need to be changed. You can't let this sort of behaviour become the new norm.
  5. TalkTalk123

    Bernie Sanders!

  6. mr6666

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    Ari Melber‏Verified account @AriMelber 18h18 hours ago Strangest player in all this may be Rod Rosenstein, who: Wrote the misleading memo backing Comey’s firing Responded to outrage over *that very firing* by appointing Mueller Clashed w Trump/GOP while overseeing Mueller Only to acquiesce to Barr’s misleading letter & presser.
  7. pluton

    TCM and aspect ratio

    It is a pity that, at least at the Cinerama Dome in L.A., the slatted screen was abandoned in the early 1970's. The standard perforated material that replaced it is utterly inferior, as it allows bright image elements on one side of the screen to bounce onto the other side and fog the picture with light pollution. It is even more of a pity that, when the Dome was rehabbed in the early 2000's, including the installation of 2 additional projection booths and the capability to show 3-strip Cinerama, the engineer in charge AGAIN chose the solid, self-fogging screen material. Every film you see there is defectively projected as long as the original slatted screen is not present.
  8. mr6666

    Julian Assange Arrested in London

    Mueller Report: Assange Smeared Seth Rich to Cover for Russians Julian Assange repeatedly blamed Seth Rich, the murdered DNC staffer, for Russia’s leaks. The Mueller report shows that Assange was lying from the start. " Julian Assange not only knew that a murdered Democratic National Committee staffer wasn’t his source for thousands of hacked party emails, he was in active contact with his real sources in Russia’s GRU months after Seth Rich’s death. At the same time he was publicly working to shift blame onto the slain staffer “to obscure the source of the materials he was releasing,” ..... With Assange behind it, the Seth Rich hoax moved into the almost-mainstream, spawning a quickly-retracted report on Fox News, and a series of “investigations” by Assange ally Sean Hannity. It also wreaked havoc in the lives of Rich’s surviving family, .... Even as he was ruthlessly framing Rich to protect himself, the GRU, or both, Assange was privately communicating with his real sources to arrange the transfer of the second election leak, material the GRU stole from John Podesta’s Gmail account. ...... Rich had been dead four days when Assange received the DNC files. .....
  9. Ray Faiola

    Hotties From Early TV

    Barbara Nichols did co-star in an early series, LOVE THAT JILL. But she was also an always-welcome guest star.
  10. Vautrin

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    I didn't watch Barr's press conference, but in every clip I've seen Rosenstein looks like he's in a hypnotic trance.
  11. HelenBaby2

    Theme Songs That Fit A Movie or TV Show Perfectly

    The Addams Family
  12. Vautrin

    Question About Fan Introductions

    Dumb old me. I thought the 25 people who put the most dead presidents into the Mankman's hand got to introduce their favorite flicks.
  13. Vautrin

    Hotties From Early TV

    Susan Strasberg. Likely better known as a movie star, but she did a fair amount of TV too.
  14. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Jonathan Allen‏Verified account@jonallendc The victory for Trump isn’t in the Mueller report, the belief of the attorney general that the president can’t be prosecuted for anything or in the repetition of the “no collusion” message. It’s in the fact that his rival party is dividing itself over whether to impeach him.
  15. noah80

    Deanna Durbin

    Let's hope that Deanna Durbin left Hollywood because she was not happy with Universal and not because she was afraid of a potential scandal about her private life. (look what happened to Ingrid Bergman in 1950) Joseph Cotten & Deanna Durbin – lovers or not? Deanna’s first marriage, when she was 19, was to an assistant director named Vaughn Paul. It lasted just two years, from 1941 to 1943. The supposed affair with Joseph Cotten began on the set of Hers to Hold, in the same year her divorce came through. In June 1945, she married again, this time to 43 year-old producer – writer – director Felix Jackson, a reserved, quiet man she had been friends with for years. On 7 February, just seven and a half months after the wedding, Deanna gave birth to a daughter. Jackson stuck around for another six months before walking out on her and the baby. Deanna told the press that the separation happened out of ‘utter boredom’. Jackson never at any time showed an interest in the child, made no effort to contest custody, and filed for divorce in 1949. It has been suggested that Deanna married him purely to give her baby a name, that the father was, in fact, her lover of at least two years, Joseph Cotten. Deanna’s divorce became final in October 1949. In December of 1950 she married for the third time, to 44 year-old French director Charles David. Their son was born seven months later, on 21 June 1951. These details provide nothing substantial to confirm or deny the alleged affair with Joe Cotten, but two pregnancies outside of wedlock do suggest that she was not quite as innocent as the image projected by her studio, Universal, but then who could be? If we discard the stories from Miss Hudson and her nursing friend as mere unsubstantiated hearsay, we are left with four viewpoints to choose from, if we wish to arrive at the truth. First, we have Hedda Hopper’s column. In fairness to this much-maligned (and rightly so) woman, she employed an army of informants and, much like Walter Winchell, her opposite number in New York, she usually made damn sure of her facts before she published anything. Even when Cotten threatened her, she did not back down, hence the boot in the backside. Second, we have Cotten’s own story, one that is at complete odds with hers. There was no funny business that night nor, presumably, at any other time, if we are to believe him. Third, there is his friend Orson Welles. He was quite matter of fact about the whole thing. He had no known axe to grind and seemed totally unperturbed about any kind of adverse response from Cotten. And finally, we have Deanna. She flatly refused to say anything, write anything, confirm or deny anything. Not then. Not ever. How significant her quite sudden retirement to France was is open to debate.
  16. The death of the actress Nancy Gates was announced this week. She died at her Los Angeles-area home on March 24, 2019 at the age of 93. She appeared in two noteworthy films with Frank Sinatra. In "Suddenly" (1954), she played a widow whose California home was taken over by conspirators (including Sinatra's character) planning to assassinate the U.S. president during his nearby fishing vacation. The movie, which also starred Sterling Hayden and James Gleason, took its title from the name of the California town. In Vincente Minnelli's 1958 drama "Some Came Running" -- based on the 1957 novel by James Jones -- Sinatra played a World War II veteran whose return to his Indiana hometown after 16 years caused a bit of an impact locally. Arthur Kennedy (a Best Supporting Actor nominee for the film) co-starred as Sinatra's brother, a successful jeweler. Gates (pictured below with Kennedy) played the jeweler's secretary, who had a longtime crush on her boss. The film also starred Dean Martin, Shirley MacLaine (a Best Actress Oscar nominee) and Martha Hyer (nominated for Best Supporting Actress). Gates, a Dallas-area native whose career began at RKO at the age of 15, also appeared with Rod Taylor in the 1956 sci-fi tale "World Without End." She co-starred with Randolph Scott in the 1960 Western "Comanche Station." Among her other film credits: "The Magnificent Ambersons" (in an uncredited role) "The Great Gildersleeve" (1942), "Hitler's Children" (1943), "The Spanish Main" (1945), "The Greatest Show on Earth" (1952, uncredited), "The Member of the Wedding" (1952, which starred Ethel Waters, Julie Harris and Brandon de Wilde) and "Torch Song" (1953, headlined by Joan Crawford, Michael Wilding and Gig Young). She also appeared in numerous television series before her retirement in 1969 to devote more time to her family.
  17. Eric Holder‏Verified account @EricHolder 5h5 hours ago ANY competent public corruption prosecutor would bring obstruction charges against Trump/and win. Only reason Mueller did not was because of the flawed DOJ restriction against indicting a sitting President. He said so (below). Congress now has a constitutional responsibility.
  18. TopBilled

    TCM schedules

    Michael, You need to check the Month Highlights page. The Temple birthday tribute and the Noir Alley stuff is mentioned there, among other things:
  19. “The Power of Christ compels you!” 💋
  20. Today
  21. pluton

    Secret Agent/Spy Films

    Here's one I'd like to see again: The Naked Runner, approx. 1967, d. Sidney J. Furie, w/ Frank Sinatra. Saw it upon original release, and previous TV versions seemed to be bad transfers , pan/scan, etc. East Berlin, gloomy overcast, lots of zoom shots, Techniscope. Atmosphere alternately tense and somber, somewhat reminiscent of The Quiller Memorandum.
  22. My bad, apparently TCM wasn’t seeking to attract but rather chase viewers with the Querelle/Maitresse airings…😮 “Absolute trash. Meaningless self indulgent shlock. A travesty this was on TCM. I am angry they showed This garbage where they show a live Horse being slaughtered. Utterly disgusting and they should be ashamed. I wont be watching TCM anytime in the future. All the people associated with this "film" I hope burn in eternal hell for this.” “You know that saying about bad movies being train wrecks? Well, this isn't just a train wreck...this is the Godzilla sequel to the mother of all train wrecks. Ohhhhhh, this film plays like an improv sketch of an art-house film written by lobotomised baboons. Or an unfunny gay-porn version of Barbarella written by homophobes. Unwatchable. Really. And orange. With half-naked oiled-up sailors and enormous phallic mooring posts. What on earth Franco Nero and Jeanne Moreau thought they were doing agreeing to take part in this septic tank of a film is quite beyond me. Truly, the worst movie I have ever tried to watch. I suspect I won't try the book either!” …reference IMDb.💋
  23. jamesjazzguitar

    TCM schedules

    There is the on-line schedule; does it mention this as a 'theme'? Anyhow, how much theme-programming TCM should do has been discussed often at this forum. I.e. some want more and some believe there is too much.
  24. Hi! I just joined, got my t-shirt yesterday 😀. Would also like to know if the DC/MD/VA chapter is active, haven't heard back from the contact listed as the president. If not, anyone interested in a new DC chapter?
  25. Michael Rennie

    TCM schedules

    It was only mentioned here, in the Noir Alley thread. I suppose TCM does not spotlight their daytime events. Since themes seem to be such a big deal, why do something special and not say so? There is mention of the Shirley Temple birthday event on 4/23.
  26. Im4movies2

    Deanna Durbin

    My hope is that Deanna did not forget to use her talents completely when she "retired". Did she continue to sing for her local church on holidays and weddings? Did she help and instruct young singers with vocal lessons in her little town where she lived? If anyone knows if she did I'd like to know. It would have been a great waste if she hadn't. In my mind I think she did continue to share her gifts in what ever small way she could. May she rest in peace.
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