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  2. Dr. Somnambula

    Faust (1926)

    TCM isn't gone, it just costs more. The $9.99 package is the least expensive cost, if you already have Xfinity/Comcast. Streaming TCM will cost at least $15/month: Scroll down and click: Which channels do I get?
  3. Bogie56

    Trump vs Turkey & Kurdish allies....

    Well if you feel that way you must wish to condemn Donald Trump for turning a blind eye to American resident, Jamal Khashoggi's murder for the sake of his arms deal with Saudi Arabia which fuels the genocide in Yemen. If you feel that way you must want America to stop selling billions and billions of dollars of arms around the world. Right?
  4. laffite

    Faust (1926)

    Alas, poor Nip.
  5. "MISS HANNIGAN was a MAJOR INFLUENCE on me as a child who did not much care for the company of other children..." You and I would have gotten along very well as children. We could both sit silently, ignoring each other. "ps- I get the bathtub gin thing now, but before I knew what Prohibition was, I TOTALLY ASSUMED SHE WAS DRINK A FREAK WHO WAS DRINKING HER OWN BATHWATER." You would have to drink your own bathwater to put up with Annie and her "hard knock life."
  6. LornaHansonForbes

    HITS & MISSES: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow on TCM

    instead of ANNIE, you should watch SERIAL MOM, where KATHLEEN TURNER bludgeons a woman to death while watching the opening of ANNIE. (She didn't rewind)
  7. Instead of Annie... I would encourage everyone to watch I Love Lucy as October 15 is the 68th anniversary of the debut of I Love Lucy. If you really want to watch a movie... Any of the William Powell/Myrna Loy movies scheduled are better than Annie.
  8. LornaHansonForbes

    HITS & MISSES: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow on TCM

    I was about four when ANNIE came out and then, of course, came of age with it on HBO and VHS. MISS HANNIGAN was a MAJOR INFLUENCE on me as a child who did not much care for the company of other children... ps- I get the bathtub gin thing now THAT I AM OLDER, but before I knew what Prohibition was, I TOTALLY ASSUMED SHE WAS JUST A FREAK WHO WAS DRINKING HER OWN BATHWATER.
  9. They are the only redeeming parts of Annie. I hate the Annie play so much, Annie is so freaking annoying. I like Miss Hannigan because she's mean to Annie.
  10. If you support Trump and say nothing bout his off spring's international business activities you are in no position to question the activities of Biden's sons without being labelled a double standard partisan hypocrite. By the way, MM, with these frequent posting smears on Biden, you really make it apparent you're afraid of his taking on Trump in the election (just like Trump is).
  11. speedracer5

    Top Five Favorite Judy Garland Movie Songs

    I just saw the Judy movie--loved it. It was fantastic. I never thought I'd see "The Trolley Song" performed with showgirls as back-up. My picks: 1) "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," the quintessential Judy Garland song. 2) "The Trolley Song," it's so catchy, I love it. 3) "Get Happy," such a great song from Summer Stock. 4) "Easter Parade" I love her serenade to Fred Astaire at the end of this film. 5) "I've Got Rhythm" from Girl Crazy. Judy has so many great songs. It was hard to narrow it down to 5. I would also add in "On the Atkinson, Topeka and the Santa Fe" from The Harvey Girls, "The Man That Got Away" from A Star is Born, "Ballin' the Jack" from For Me and My Gal, and "Mack the Black" from The Pirate.
  12. LornaHansonForbes

    I Just Watched...

    The entire way the POLIDORI character was portrayed, written, played and costumed got real GD old real GD fast. I got to wonder why in the HELL anyone would want to spend the weekend...or any length of time with this guy. He was like a more manic, slightly less creepy, overweight TOM CRUISE.
  13. Det Jim McLeod

    Double Feature

    Rising Sun (1993) Next- The Presidio (1988) 2 with Sean Connery
  14. With a little luck she might sneak into a wheel well solving TSA's headache.
  15. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    The Week @TheWeek 10 things you need to know today: 10 things you need to know today: October 14, 2019 Hunter Biden is stepping down from a Chinese firm, Kurds strike a protection deal with Syria as Turkey expands its attacks, and more 8:05 AM · Oct 14, 2019·Sprout Social
  16. Det Jim McLeod

    Ghost of a Chance

    Fanny And Alexander (1983)
  17. Today
  18. Can anybody say: “TRUMP FAMILY!”?!?
  19. Det Jim McLeod

    Name 10 Facts About This Actor

    2. He had prematurely grey hair.
  20. Joe Biden’s Family Has Been Cashing in on His Career for Decades. In 2006, Beau Biden, who died of cancer in 2015, was roped into an investment meeting led by James and Hunter Biden, at the firm Paradigm Global Advisors. The family was considering acquiring the firm, and James Biden told executives there he’d have no problem bringing in people looking for an in with Joe Biden, who was a U.S. senator at the time. “We’ve got people all around the world who want to invest in Joe Biden,” James Biden told officials with the firm, according to a Politico Magazine investigation. Beau Biden turned red in the face, telling his uncle, “This can never leave this room, and if you ever say it again, I will have nothing to do with this.” Hunter and James Biden denied the account to Politico, but the magazine stood by it, citing multiple sources with similar recollections. “We’ve got investors lined up in a line of 747s filled with cash ready to invest in this company,” a Paradigm executive recalls James Biden saying. In 2014, the stepson of former Secretary of State John Kerry, Chris Heinz, gave Hunter a similar warning. The pair were partners in an investment firm, Rosemont Seneca, when Hunter Biden and a third partner, Devon Archer, were invited to join the board of the Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings. Heinz, through a spokesperson, told the Washington Post that he strongly objected to Hunter Biden and Archer taking the board seats. “Mr. Heinz strongly warned Mr. Archer that working with Burisma was unacceptable. Mr. Archer stated that he and Hunter Biden intended to pursue the opportunity as individuals, not as part of the firm,” the Post reported. “The lack of judgment in this matter was a major catalyst for Mr. Heinz ending his business relationships with Mr. Archer and Mr. Biden.” Obama administration officials, too, were concerned. Amos Hochstein, the special envoy for energy policy, raised the question with Biden, the New Yorker reported. In April 2014, Hunter went ahead and accepted the invitation to join the board, along with a fee of at least $50,000 per month. Beau Biden and Chris Heinz both recognized what was plainly before their eyes: Cashing in on the Biden family name was wrong. Now, Democratic voters are faced with the same quandary. They can see the corruption in front of their eyes, and they have to decide whether that’s the argument they want to have with Trump in 2020 — or whether they want to nominate someone else who will allow the party to make the corruption argument cleanly. Hunter told the New Yorker he and his dad had a tacit understanding that they would never talk business. The Biden campaign claimed to the magazine that the two never spoke about his work in Ukraine, though Hunter says they did talk about it. “Dad said, ‘I hope you know what you are doing,’ and I said, ‘I do,’” Hunter told the New Yorker. (The Biden campaign declined to comment for this story.) In trading on his father’s name and power to advance his career, Hunter Biden was following in the footsteps of James Biden, Joe’s younger brother. It began small. In 1973, one year after Joe Biden was elected to the Senate at age 29, James Biden opened the nightclub Seasons Change with what Politico, referencing contemporaneous local reporting in Delaware, called “unusually generous bank loans.” When James ran into trouble, Joe, as a senator, later complained that the bank shouldn’t have loaned James the money. “What I’d like to know,” Biden told the News Journal in 1977, “is how the guy in charge of loans let it get this far.” The paper investigated, and sources at the bank said that the loan was made because James was Joe’s brother. James, in the ’90s, founded Lion Hall Group, which lobbied for Mississippi trial lawyers involved in tobacco litigation. According to Curtis Wilkie’s book “The Fall of the House of Zeus,” the trial lawyers wanted James Biden’s help pushing Joe Biden on tobacco legislation. That Joe Biden saw Hunter’s work as politically damaging enough to him in 2005 demonstrates that he was entirely aware of the appearance it gave of corruption. His solution was to help Hunter and James into their positions at Paradigm Global Advisors. It was there that James told company officials that clients looking to “invest in Joe Biden” would come knocking, as Politico Magazine reported. And then there’s Ukraine. In February 2014, Hunter Biden, less than a year after enlisting in the Navy, was discharged for testing positive for cocaine. But a new opportunity was about to present itself: That same month, protesters in Maidan Square overthrew the government of Viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine, sparked by the government’s unwillingness to sign an association agreement with the European Union. The new government leaned heavily toward the West and away from Russia, and a jockeying for wealth and power shook the ruling class. Remnants of the old regime became targets, and one of those was Burisma Holdings, owned by Mykola Zlochevsky, an oligarch and former government official tied to Yanukovych. Regulators in London had seized more than $20 million in cash from the firm amid claims by rivals that it had compiled its assets illegally. Zlochevsky needed Western bona fides, and he needed them fast, so Hunter Biden was brought on board. *********************************************** Like papa, like son.
  21. hamradio


    A studio is named after one of the animation toys founded by Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas.
  22. Det Jim McLeod

    I Just Watched...

    I agree, the most memorable (and shocking ) scene was Polidori (Timothy Spall) drinking down a glass full of leeches!
  23. 'Serial Stowaway' arrested again at Chicago airport trying to sneak past security A woman known to police for trying to evade capture by airport security was arrested again at Chicago O'Hare airport, police said. Marilyn Hartman, known to authorities as the "Serial Stowaway," was charged Saturday with a felony count of criminal trespass to a registered area at an airport, a spokesman for Chicago police told ABC News. Hartman had not yet made it through security when she was arrested, but allegedly she was trying to move TSA lane dividers to sneak by. She had been on probation for a 2018 incident in which she sneaked onto a London-bound flight from O'Hare, according to ABC Chicago station WLS. Online records show she was sentenced to a minimum of 18 months in that case, but it's unclear how long she actually served. (MORE: Rushed passengers left nearly $1 million in loose change at US airports in 2018) When she was released, a Cook County judge warned her three times to stay away from airports, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. A police spokesman told ABC News that Hartman is infamous among police for trying to sneak through airport security. *************************************** She should be claiming this is to protest global warming, then she would be a cause celebre. The media would be fawning over her, and begging for interviews. Instead, she is just a standard nutcase.
  24. hamradio


    Re: Youtube narrator.....Witchcraft.
  25. I have TCM through my SLING TV subscription but I don't see SLING TV as a source when I try to set up the WATCH TCM app on my android phone or ROKU. Any help with this?
  26. Sepiatone

    R.I.P. Anna Quayle

    Always wondered who the lady in that scene with Lennon was. Looked a bit familiar, but couldn't be sure. Rest In Peace, Anna. Sepiatone
  27. shutoo

    *A to Z of Movies*

    Fixer Dugan
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