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  2. Princess of Tap

    Actor/Movie Association Game

    Doris Day
  3. LawrenceA

    Recently Watched Horror

    Scary Movie (1991) - 5/10 Not to be confused with the later Wayans brothers comedies, this is a very low-budget regional horror flick from Austin, Texas. It's Halloween night, and frightened wimp Warren (John Hawkes) goes with his friend and two gals to a "haunted house" attraction, the kind of do-it-yourself fright show amusements that used to be ubiquitous around Halloween, often run by civic groups who donated proceeds to charity. Anyway, on this same night a notorious serial killer escapes from custody and makes his way to the spookshow, where he poses as one of the masked participants. Also featuring Butch Patrick as a bully, big Robert Jacks (who would go on to play Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation) as a thug, Suzanne Aldrich as Warren's oddball date, and Ev Lunning as the sheriff. This is very cheap, but it's evocative of the season, and I liked the spookshow attraction setting. I worked in a few in my youth, and even designed and built one with some friends one year. It was a lot of fun. Hawkes, who would later go on to a much bigger career including an Oscar nod for 2011's Winter's Bone, is described on the cover insert as "channeling a mix of Buster Keaton and Crispin Glover." I can see that, with a little Don Knotts thrown in for good measure. The movie is more light in tone than scary, although it's not a straight-up farce, either. The cover insert also states that the film never received distribution, and is only now being widely seen, thanks to the AGFA Blu-ray released just a couple of weeks ago.
  4. speedracer5

    Noir Alley

    Awesome! I am considering possibly San Francisco, Seattle or Hollywood next year. I would probably go with my husband. I'll have to see what hotels and flights would cost. I'd probably drive to Seattle or fly to either of the California locales. I don't see prices posted on the Noir City Film Festival page yet. There's something my husband also wants to do in Seattle next year--it'd be highly convenient if they were at the same time. But I doubt it. So many places I want to go, so much $$ that would have to be saved... Ugh! I also really want to visit San Diego and we're possibly planning Hawaii in a couple of years. EDDIE MULLER: If you're reading this... Portland, OR would be a great place to hold a Noir Festival. ::Wink:: ::Wink::
  5. overeasy

    Noir Alley

    You can do it as a pass for the entire festival, or per movie. I chose the later. Not expensive at all.
  6. Dr. Somnambula

    Bad (old?) link in top menu...

    For reasons unknown, the main menus are not consistent.
  7. slaytonf

    How is the exact length of a film determined?

    There is no standard, or agency that promotes one. There might be as many methods as there are people who care to measure movies. I think most would agree that a movie's time runs from the first logo to when the last credit crawls up off the top of the screen. There are different released versions of many movies, some famously, some from country to country. During the production code era states and even individual projectionists would take it upon themselves to edit out parts of movies they found objectionable, leading to myriad different prints. How many of those remain I'm not sure, but if you are attentive, you can see where bits of dialogue too racy or otherwise have been clipped out.
  8. speedracer5

    Noir Alley

    I hope this isn’t too personal, but how does the noir festival work? Do you buy a pass and see the films? Do you have to pay for each film?? Is the festival expensive?
  9. Today
  10. Brad Pitt films are banned in China because he made a pro-Tibet movie (Seven Years in Tibet).
  11. overeasy

    Noir Alley

    If anyone is in the DC-area at the Noir City festival in Silver Spring, hope you're enjoying it as much as I am! Eddie Mueller did an intro to tonight's showing of The City That Never Sleeps. A genuine thrill to meet him. Much more to go!
  12. ka-ching ... 650 million and climbing ...
  13. Gershwin fan

    Democratic Debate

    Is there a politician today who isn't? Though yes, she should just shut up. This is seriously embarrassing.
  14. TomJH

    I Just Watched...

    Swing Your Lady (1938) Humphrey Bogart in a hillbilly wrestling comedy with musical numbers. How can it miss? One of the prices that Bogie paid as a Warner Bros contract player in his pre-stardom days, in this film he's cast as a fast talking wrestling promoter travelling in the sticks with his wrestler and two assistants looking for a local opponent to take on his wrestling star. Nat Pendleton plays the slow thinkin', slow talkin' wrassler who gets kinda sweet on a big boned female blacksmith, played by Louise Fazenda. Penny Singleton plays Bogart's girl who suddenly shows up in the small town, with Frank McHugh and Allen Jenkins as the two assistants. A very young Ronald Reagan can also be spotted in a couple of scenes as a reporter. Dumb and unsophisticated comedy, to put it mildly. You may find it mildly amusing in an awful sort of way if you're in a proper mood for it. But there were three musical numbers, one a ho down dance done to the title song of "Swing Your Lady," sung by Singleton, that I found pretty difficult to get through. Bogart is nowhere to be seen during any of the musical numbers, probably arguing with his agent to find out if there was still a contract loop hole allowing him out of the picture. TCM shows this film on occasion, which may have the ghost of Bogart shaking his head. The actor, by the way, called Swing Your Lady his worst film. 2 out of 4
  15. Peebs

    Cinema Segue

    I Walk Alone in the Dark
  16. Peebs

    Movies That Make a Statement

    I Walk Alone (1947)
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