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  2. Sepiatone

    FORGOTTEN Oldies

    How many remember this one?( or IS it "forgotten"?) Sepiatone
  3. TomJH

    I Just Watched...

    The Scarface Mob (1959) An amalgamation of a two part Desilu Westinghouse TV presentation that was turned into a feature film. Introduced by producer Desi Arnaz, it was the basis for the popular TV series The Untouchables and has voice over narration throughout by legendary columnist/radio commenter Walter Winchell. At a time when the battle between crime bosses and federal agents was presented in simple black and white, good versus evil terms, this film, directed by Phil Karlson, still works. It's still an exciting portrait of depression era Chicago when that city seemed to be owned by Al Capone (there is only a fleeting reference made to Capone gangland competitor, Bugs Moran) and his bootlegging operations, and the crack team of seven incorruptible law officers, organized by the F.B.I.'s Elliott Ness, determined to bring them down. For a late '50s film it is quite violent, at times, with armour plated federal trucks smashing through steel doors where Capone's breweries are located and the shootups that follow. Robert Stack is deadpan solid in the role that finally made him a star, on least in television, as Ness, and while Neville Brand, as Capone, is a little broad in his performance, at times, well, a lot of the time, he's still fun to watch as the volatile, cigar chomping gangland boss. Barbara Nichols also scores well as a nightclub stripper working in one of Capone's joints. There is a scene in which Capone, freshly released after a ten month stint in prison, sits at a board meeting with the six heads of his crime organization, including top man Frank Nitti (played by granite jawed Bruce Gordon). Capone, not happy with the financial losses his empire has endured during his absence, screams at the men and they all uniformly cringe, even Nitti. But a moment later Capone starts to laugh and they all start to smile and laugh with him. Capone then screams at them again and, once again, all the goons quiet down in their chairs. Finally the manic Capone, having clearly established his dominance through fear in the room, starts to laugh hard once again, and the goons all relax and join in with him in the laughter. It's a difficult scene to take too seriously, and, apparently, Bob Hope did a parody of it on one of his TV specials. A scene with a boss so instilling fear in all his underlings that he can sit in a meeting with them, have them quaking with fear then laughing then shaking again, followed by laughing with him once again. Who could take this seriously as something that could actually happen, I thought. Then I remembered Donald Trump. 3 out of 4
  4. Really? ARE wine sales that good? DO they sell that many books and DVDs? Enough to bring in enough revenue to finance their entire operation? I don't think so. But likely it helps enough. But, what's done BETWEEN movies ISN'T why people would likely tune in. I don't think anyone, for example, ever says, ..."Let's see what's on the MOVIES! channel. I LOVE what they show between the movies!" Sepiatone
  5. Interesting you should bring that one up TopBilled. That was the first movie to cross my mind when someone said "Madonna". I remember critics saying it would drive a stake through the heart of Madonna's acting career once and for all.
  6. The 1997 National Society of Film Critics Foreign Film Award … La Promesse (1996) Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, Belgium **** Gabbeh (1996) Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Iran
  7. It was the first concert for both, one being 13 and the other 10 at the time. AND of course they were overjoyed. Probably would have been REGARDLESS of who it was. BTW: The tickets, if we paid for 'em, would have only been &25 a piece. Sepiatone
  8. TheCid

    Secret Agent/Spy Films

    If anyone is interested, the Matt Helm books are still being printed. Hamilton Booksellers carries most of them for about $4.00. I'm reading one and it is pretty good. Of course you have to cleanse your mind of Dean Martin and the parodies he made.
  9. The 1996 National Board of Review Best Foreign Language Film was … Ridicule (1996) Patrice Leconte, France The 1997 National Board of Review Best Foreign Language Film was … Shall We Dance? (1996) Masayuki Suo, Japan
  10. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    And I was very moved by this film! I read all sorts of conflicted emotions in the quiet "Queen Christina" closing shot of Ingrid Bergman. The stellar performances elevated what could have been a silly or stereotypical story. I love Anthony Perkins' acting and welcome ANY good role that showcases his talent for all the unimaginative who only care about his Bates character. I tried watching Shallow Grave but was turned off by the charactors in the beginning. Time to give it another try.
  11. TheCid

    2020 Election

    I watched parts of Warren's town hall. Not impressed and her ideas will still turn off the majority of voters who will actually show up to vote in November.
  12. Nominated for the 1996 Boston Society of Film Critics Best Foreign Film Award … Ridicule (1996) Patrice Leconte, France Nominated for the 1997 Boston Society of Film Critics Best Foreign Film Award … Shall We Dance? (1996) Masayuki Suo, Japan Irma Vep (1996) Olivier Assayas, France
  13. Sepiatone


    Guinness usually doesn't get into the opinionating thing, they mostly record levels of accomplishment. Like, "most hot dogs eaten in ...." or "fastest", "highest" and the like. What source and criteria would a record book use to MAKE such a determination? I don't think being "most beautiful" or "ugliest", is that kind of accomplishment, since being so subjective DOES exclude it from that sort of thing. I mean, NObody can say someone belongs in the book because they THINK this guy or that ate the most hot dogs in a given span of time, People witnessed and RECORDED it. Sepiatone
  14. The 1997 Los Angeles Film Critics Best Foreign Film … La Promesse (1996) Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, Belgium **** Shall We Dance? (1996) Masayuki Suo, Japan
  15. The 1997 New York Film Critics Best Foreign Film Award … Ponette (1996) Jacques Doilon, France **** Shall We Dance? (1996) Masayuki Suo, Japan
  16. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    I think the poster is subliminally illustrating the big "O" is the "explosion".
  17. Wednesday, April 24 “Children’s ice cream Mandrake” 11:45 a.m. Dr. Strangelove (1964). Okay, already. This is the third time this month.
  18. Today
  19. This whole issue begs the question, does anybody actually remember what played between the movies in 1994 when TCM first aired? I watched from day one but I don't remember much about what played BETWEEN movies. Was there a TCM shop? Did they hawk tee shirts, mugs, bobbleheads, books, and VHS tapes? I don't think TCM did "events" until they started having the film festivals and cruises around 2010. There was no internet to speak of, so if you did buy, you would have had to order by phone. I do remember them having some trailers for some of the movies they played, like a rather long trailer for "Red Headed Woman". There was also a little piece on "Lights of New York" and the dead guy in the barber chair bit where a towel was put on his face to make him look like a live customer. One thing they've changed I really do miss and that is the on air announcer for the next block of films. Sometimes the TCM announcer would say something cute about the line-up. Now it's just a mute listing of what is coming up. I think they made that change i just the last few years.
  20. sagebrush

    Star centennial birthdays

    Happy centennial birthday to Anne Buydens, who is 100 on this day, April 23, 1919. This also makes her and husband Kirk Douglas a centenarian couple!
  21. Gershwin fan

    Hal Roach shorts on TCM

    Three Hal Roach shorts coming up on Wednesday- April 24th. Dirty Work (1933) - 6 AM Synopsis: Laurel and Hardy are summoned to the house of a slightly mad professor in this comedic short. Another Wild Idea (1934) - 6:30 AM Synopsis: In this comedic short film, Charley Chase invents a ray machine to fulfill all of his wishes and tries to use it to get rid of his daughter's boyfriend. Tin Man, The (1935) - 7 AM Synopsis: In this comedic short, Thelma Todd and Patsy Kelly find themselves at a house owned by a mad scientist with a robot.
  22. Gershwin fan

    yes, climate change is a fact Stoicism and the Environment Can Stoic ethical ideas help us respond more effectively to the current environmental crisis, especially global warming, which seems to be largely a product of human action? This suggestion might seem implausible at first sight. The ancient Stoics had no experience of a crisis of this kind; so we cannot refer to their own discussions in the way we can on other topics. However, there are several Stoic ideas we can draw on to inform and deepen our own response to this crisis. My focus is on the ethical framework we should use for this purpose, rather than on the specific practical measures we can take, and on our response as individuals, rather than on government action. But I assume that the ethical framework we apply can help us to determine the specific measures we should take and that our response as individuals underlies what we urge governments to do on our behalf. Of special value for this purpose is the Stoic ideal of the brotherhood of humankind, and the Stoic beliefs that human beings form an integral part of nature as a whole and that human ethical life should consist in part in bringing our life into harmony with nature. However, to show how these ideas can be useful for this purpose, we need to put them in their context in Stoic ethics. Also, there are some more general features of Stoic ethics that are potentially valuable in this connection. Thinking about environmentalism in terms of virtue and happiness The Stoic ethical framework, as in most other ancient philosophical theories, and some modern ones, is couched in terms of virtue and happiness (or ‘flourishing’, eudaimonia); it also gives a central place to development, conceived as a life-long process. The contemporary moral dilemmas generated by the environmental crisis are often formulated in terms of the question where our duty lies or whom (or what) we should benefit above all. Does our duty lie above all in doing what is best for our present way of life (our comfort and convenience and that of our families and businesses, as these currently function)? Or should our overriding duty be to the environment, or the planet, or future generations – actually not much in the future now that the signs of global warming are already obvious? Alternatively, should we benefit ourselves, our families and our businesses by continuing to act in our habitual way or should we modify our lifestyles in ways that will benefit humanity more generally, as well as other animals (now and in the future), by helping to reduce damage to the environment we all share?
  23. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Bill Carter‏ @wjcarter Bill Carter Retweeted Molly Jong-Fast A noun a verb and Hillary’s server. Nothing else to see here (and ppl watch this every night)
  24. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Molly Jong-Fast‏Verified account@MollyJongFast Molly Jong-Fast Retweeted John Whitehouse Oh you have to be **** kidding me.
  25. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    John Whitehouse‏ @existentialfish Sean Hannity, April 22, 2019: "Hillary Clinton's email server is a real threat to our safety and security"
  26. jakeem

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    MSNBC‏Verified account@MSNBC Pete Buttigieg was on nobody's radar as a serious presidential contender until a few weeks ago. Now his competitors are scrambling to find vulnerabilities.
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