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  1. Jozee

    Hitchcock - Suspicion

    In the original ending he was supposed to kill his wife. Something about her writing a letter to a family member saying that if something happens to her, her husband would be the murderer, and after he kills her, he mails the letter not knowing that it names him as her killer. I think that would have been a better ending, but supposedly the public wouldn't accept Cary Grant as a murderer, so they changed the ending. At least thats what I had read. Does anyone know for sure?
  2. Jozee

    "You look a little like..."

    My brother-in-law looks like Steve McQueen.
  3. Jozee


    I used to watch the Three Stooges with my brothers after school. There are alot of Stooge memories. How about when someone would say "Gentlemen" and the stooges would say "Who came in?" or when they were making beer and "We all put the yeast in" . How about when they were looking for King Rootin-Tootins tomb and they took a cab to Egypt! and who can forget "Dr Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard" I have alot of happy memories of the Stooges. Does anyone else have any more to add? I will probably add more too.LOL.
  4. Jozee


    I love the Three Stooges!! I know alot of people think that women don't like them, but I am the exception. There is a show on every Saturday where I live called Stoogapalooza and I try to watch them every week. I agree that I appreciate them more now then when I was younger. It doesn't matter if it is Curly or Shemp, I like them both.
  5. Jozee

    Who Makes Ya Laff?

    So many..Let me see. Laurel & Hardy, Abbott & Costello, Martin & Lewis, Bob Hope, Danny Kaye, The Three Stooges and The Marx Brothers.
  6. Jozee

    I Swoon For...

    I swoon for Cary Grant.
  7. Jozee

    Guilty Pleasures!!!

    I know I am a little late in responding to your post (5 months) but I just read it and the movie you are talking about is called "Just Imagine". I have never seen it but my sister remembered it and then she thought she knew the name of the movie but she wasn't sure so I put the title in the TCM database and sure enough she was right. It sounds really funny.
  8. Jozee

    Your Favorite Movie Lines

    When Audrey Hepburn says to Cary Grant in Charade "Do you know whats wrong with you?....nothing". She is so right. I love Cary Grant!!
  9. Jozee

    What movie can NEVER be re-made?

    Comparing Ben Afflecks acting to a hand puppet seems about right, but I have to admit I didn't know who Senor Wences was, so I googled his name and now I would like to see one of his performances. It said you could not see his lips move and that his hand puppet would actually smoke!
  10. Jozee

    best three stooges short

    I love the three stooges. One of my favorites is the one where they play golf. The way they ruin that golf course and curly washes his clothes in the golfball cleaning machine..funny stuff, but I love all of the shorts too. In my area they have a weekly show on called Stoogapalooza and I try to watch it every week.
  11. Jozee

    What movie can NEVER be re-made?

    LOL..That comment was hysterical..You really did have me laughing out loud..I guess I just have a soft spot for that movie because it is one of my sisters favorite movies (along with The Sting).She really had a thing for Robert Redford back in the 70s.
  12. Jozee

    What movie can NEVER be re-made?

    I read that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were toying with the idea of remaking Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid with themselves in the lead roles. Big Mistake!! I hope this is just a rumor.
  13. Jozee

    favorite westerns

    The only two westerns I own are The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and Rio Bravo Whenever I see either of these movies on I have to watch them.
  14. Jozee

    Your Favorite Movie Lines

    "Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death" Auntie Mame
  15. Jozee

    Favorite James Stewart roles

    I really like the movie The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. His political career was launched on the fact that he shot Liberty Valance and he finally tells the reporters the truth, which they wisely decide not to print. Then at the end when the conductor says" Nothing is to good for the man who shot Liberty Valance" ..I don't know that ending just gets me everytime.

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