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    Sorry to be so late with the answer, but Linda Keene's real name is Linda Thompson.
  2. grassistant

    ~ The Sand Man ~ (Fred Astaire Favorites)

    Julie, Fred Astaire's estate is controlled by his widow and she is very particular about where her husband's image is used. The restrictions she places on the use of his image and film clips is sometimes too much for a documentary producer to deal with and hence, they leave him out of many things or don't bother using his image at all. I have heard when used, his image can be very $$. Hopefully, he will not be forgotten in the context of his place in entertainment history. I can see he will not be forgotten as long as there are people like those on these boards that continue to praise his work and admire him. R.
  3. grassistant

    ~ The Sand Man ~ (Fred Astaire Favorites)

    Julie, I don't think you are going to see anything on FA in the way of a documentary in the near future, due to restrictions by the Astaire estate. The closest thing you might see is the documentary piece on Ginger and Fred in the new DVD ultimate collection set of their musicals together. Occasionally Fred is discussed within other documentaries or biographies on other people. It's too bad there isn't one on Fred. He deserves a biography piece all his own! R.
  4. grassistant

    ~ The Sand Man ~ (Fred Astaire Favorites)

    Thanks for the reminder. I don't check that as often as I do the boards. Glad you liked the ranch picture and GR on skis. R.
  5. grassistant

    ~ The Sand Man ~ (Fred Astaire Favorites)

    Mifty, Take another look at the scene. When Vernon and Irene meet Lew Fields, she has them on. As they prepare to do the dance, they move to a side table where she removes her hat and gloves to do the dance. An interesting side note to this dance number: many years after this film, Ginger was in the audience in New York to see "No, No Nanette" on Broadway and when a dance number came on, she sat up and took more notice - the choreographer had copied this dance number step for step. When she went back stage to say hello to the principles, the choreographer approached her and asked if she noticed anything about the dance number. She said, "You mean the one Fred and I did from the Story of Vernon and Irene Castle?" He said, "I hope you don't mind. We ran the film over and over and over to get it just right" "You did a good job" was her reply. A couple of years later, Ginger was asked to do "No No Nanette" in Texas. She said she would do it and requested that the dance number be incorporated into the script for her character. So, 33 years later, she did "Waiting for the Robert E Lee" again!
  6. grassistant

    ~ The Sand Man ~ (Fred Astaire Favorites)

    Mifty, Here is a lobby card from the Barkleys pictured at the art gallery from my poster collection. Hope you enjoy it.
  7. grassistant

    ~ The Sand Man ~ (Fred Astaire Favorites)

    Mifty, Thanks for the kind words said about Gene Kelly and Ginger Rogers. Both Gene and Fred contributed greatly to musical films and each has his own place in our entertainment history. As for Ginger, she is #1 in my book and I always strive to give people the correct information when I have it. I hope you enjoy her autobiography. I know it was a labor of love. (PS Fred is #1 in my book, too.)
  8. grassistant

    ~ The Sand Man ~ (Fred Astaire Favorites)

    Mifty, I have to say you are quite wrong in your thoughts that Ginger was being "petty" because she didn't appear at the AFI tribute to Fred. She was unable to attend due to a prior scheduled commitment and she wasn't given enough notice by the AFI to reschedule. She also didn't want to take anything away from his evening and that's why she wrote him the letter. He always knew of her affection and respect for him - it was something that really didn't need to be said in public between two friends. If you saw the first Kennedy Center Honors, you would have seen Miss Rogers right there in the audience as well as at the Lincoln Center Tribute a few years earlier. It is my recollection that Mr. Astaire only appeared at one tribute given to Miss Rogers. As for the dubs of her taps, Hermes Pan did those because he had a stronger "foot tap sound" and as Ayres has rightly stated, Ginger was off making other films. She usually made two films a year when making one musical, so she was unavailable to do the post tapping. Happy reading.
  9. grassistant

    Movie of Ginger Rogers life

    That sounds like a great idea! I haven't heard of any film productions in the works, but I do know of two stage productions: One is in Florida and will open in February. The other one has been around for a few years, playing various places as staged readings. They are still looking for the required $$ to put on a proper Broadway show. No big names in either production. As far as I know, they both deal with Ginger' early years up to about 1940.
  10. grassistant

    ~ The Sand Man ~ (Fred Astaire Favorites)

    Mifty, Glad you like the Barkleys of Broadway. It is one of my favorites and I love seeing them in COLOR. I checked the scene at the train station where you say Ginger had a surprised look on her face when the car passed and Fred looked relaxed and unperturbed. I don't think the car made a noise that was edited out - Dinah was concerned that Ezra Millar was too close to the car - she is the first one to see it pass and pulls him aside. Josh sees this and he motions with his arm for the car to pass. I think Ginger was just being a good actress and concerned for her fellow actors. I don't know much about Fred's parents but his mother lived with him for many years during his Hollywood days and long enough to see her son become very successful. As for his hands, I have heard from several people, that he thought he had rather large hands and in order to minimize this look, he would purposely keep his two middle fingers together (not tied up or anything) to give this impression. Also, the other people in the photo where they are in a large round tube are George Burns and Gracie Allen from Damsel in Distress. Any my two cents: Fred much better than Gene.
  11. grassistant

    ~ The Sand Man ~ (Fred Astaire Favorites)

    Mifty, here is a special photograph from my collection: Fred with his family taken in 1942 with Phyllis, Peter, Fred Jr. and baby Ava. Enjoy!
  12. grassistant

    ~ The Sand Man ~ (Fred Astaire Favorites)

    Bobhopefan1940: if you can afford it, Costco has the Astaire Rogers 10 film set with the extra CD and documentary on sale for around $62. That is less expensive than Amazon (and you don't have to pay shipping!). The quality of the remastered DVD's of each film is really terrific. I can highly recommend it. Then, you can watch Fred kiss Ginger in all its digital glory!
  13. grassistant

    [i]Life[/i], Feb. 21st 1944

    A very big YES to that!
  14. grassistant

    [i]Life[/i], Feb. 21st 1944

    Sorry about the "http" location for looking at the LIFE covers. Guess I don't know how to get them to show up on the board! I'm still learning.
  15. grassistant

    [i]Life[/i], Feb. 21st 1944

    Hope you don't mind if I jump in here. I have many of Ginger Rogers' magazine covers. Here are the other three LIFE magazines. I was fortunate enough to have her autograph them for me! What a treat.
  16. grassistant

    Storm Warning

    MaggieAbbate: I purchased a studio release DVD of this film that was released as part of the Ronald Reagan Collection recently. As much as I admire Mr. Reagan, I didn't want some of the other films in that collection. I went onto and found it for sale as a single. (I just checked before posting and it is still available from additional sellers.) I have taped it off television myself, but always got the version that was cut. You can see the severe edits when Steve Cochran approaches Ginger Rogers in a menacing way at the end of the film. Seeing this film with its original theatrical release scenes in the film, makes it all the more powerful. It is a stunning scene and I remember reading that Ginger said it was severely cut for TV viewing. I wonder now that I have seen it whole, if it was for time constraints or for the violence portrayed. It really shocked me. Good film and great performances by all.
  17. grassistant

    Favorite Female performers

    Pintorini, I couldn't agree with you more! As you might guess from my handle, I just love the lady! Of course, I like many others, but Ginger could do it all and do it well!
  18. grassistant


    I didn't watch the whole interview but did hear Robert Osborne say that she lives in the Palm Springs area. I haven't seen her around here at any of the social or movie functions we have during the seasonal months. It would be nice to know she is doing well. As for upstaging Howard Keel in Annie Get Your Gun, I have seen this show many times on stage and in order for the character to be believed, she has to be a forceful presence in the cast. If the film's director thought she was doing a bad job on the set, he could have put a stop to it. Obviously, the powers that be thought her performance was just fine.
  19. grassistant

    Ginger Rogers

    I, too am a huge fan of Ginger Rogers and can recommend just about any film she made. Although many of the later 1930's and early 1940's are my favorites (with a few in the 50's), I also like the early ones when she is learning her craft (Carnival Boat, The Tip Off, Chance at Heaven, Don't Bet on Love, Professional Sweetheart, etc). I am especially pleased to hear that Rafter Romance is going to be restored. I have seen this film and it is a real cutie. She and Norman Foster have such a good time together and it contains great scenes with Robert Benchley. How great that TCM is going to provide us all with these 6 RKO gems. THANKS!
  20. grassistant

    Classic "DONT GO" Scenes

    One film that comes to mind is "Tender Comrade" with Ginger Rogers and Robert Ryan. Their scene is in a train depot with a last embrace and then Ginger watches the train pull out, turning her head, looking at each window hoping to get a glimpse of her husband.. but he's gone. Another woman who has said good-bye to her husband is in the depot at the same time and offers comfort to Ginger as she cries on her shoulder (marvelous character actress, Jane Darwell). Great scene.
  21. grassistant

    Plane Crash Movie - what's the name?

    I looked up some info on this in IMDB - found a couple - "Five Came Back" (1939) with Lucille Ball and Chester Morris, and its remake "Back from Eternity" (1956) with Robert Ryan, Anita Ekberg, Gene Barry. Hope this helps.
  22. grassistant

    Ginger Rogers Movie - Name Please

    I know that Ginger always loved this film. She thought her character, Mary Marshall, was the closest portrait to her real life as her characters got. (Not the prison part of course!). Nice movie.
  23. grassistant

    Jane Wyman

    She used to live at the Rancho Mirage Country Club in the Palm Springs area. Nothing in our local papers. Had the opportunity to meet here once - very nice lady.
  24. grassistant

    A Lyrical Game

    Good morning, good morning to you! Singin' in the Rain. OK, think back a few more years... "In the shadows let me come and sing to you ,
  25. grassistant

    A Lyrical Game

    Just arrived on boards. This is Josh to Dinah from "The Barkleys of Broadway". Fred and Ginger in color!

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