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  1. cagney69

    Fatal (or Not!) Attraction

    She mistakes him for a detective. His first impression of her is that she is crazy.
  2. cagney69

    Fatal (or Not!) Attraction

    is it The Roaring Twenties
  3. cagney69

    Fatal (or Not!) Attraction

    Arsenic and Old Lace
  4. cagney69

    Songs That Mention Movie Stars

    I think you can add Marilyn Monroe to that one
  5. The Amazing Doctor Clitterhouse
  6. that is the movie Flash
  7. two characters from movie Joey Cookie
  8. cagney69

    Name the pre-1970 film

    is it shane
  9. not what I was looking for this is a famous movie from the fifties
  10. cagney69

    New thread: movies climb upwards

    that was better than the one I thought of Summer of 42
  11. to get this going again a prisoner named cookie just need what famous movie this character is from
  12. cagney69

    Fatal (or Not!) Attraction

    sounds like Breakfast at Tiffanys
  13. cagney69


    get well quick Metz
  14. cagney69


    the top one is definitely Donald Meek but I can't get the other one

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