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  1. alliecat1

    Movies Not On DVD Wishlist

    yes! i love penelope...i really really hope that is released on dvd
  2. alliecat1

    favorite film deaths

  3. alliecat1

    Favorite Dancer(s)

    ann miller
  4. alliecat1

    Your Dream Date

    james dean
  5. alliecat1

    Memorable Moments on Film

    so many scenes from gilda are burnt into my memory...rita hayworth was so amazing in that film -when she flips her hair back and says "who me?" --the put the blame on mame scene -before gilda and johnny kiss she says something like "i hate you so much....i think i'm going to die from it"
  6. alliecat1

    Favorite Couples or Teams

    mickey and judy
  7. alliecat1

    Best Smile

    gene kelly!!!! one of those glowing, radiant smiles....sigh
  8. alliecat1

    my favorite musical

    easter just isn't easter without easter parade!!!!!
  9. alliecat1


    what a great soundtrack this film has!
  10. alliecat1

    Your favorite brunette actress?

    natalie wood audrey hepburn ann miller claudia cardinale
  11. men james dean laurence olivier gregory peck james stewert women natalie wood audrey hepburn rita hayworth june allyson (just because she is too darn cute) judy garland
  12. alliecat1

    favorite film deaths

    gene tierney in the ghost and mrs muir
  13. alliecat1

    Most tearful film endings

    -roman holiday...that final scene kills me when he's walking away -west side story...when they are carrying tony's body away and both the gangs do it -the ghost and mrs muir -breakfast at tiffany's...moon river just tears me up -love story -doctor zhivago -the way we were -till the clouds roll by...sinatra singing ol' man river Message was edited by: alliecat1
  14. alliecat1

    Penelope 1966

    this is my fave natalie wood film - she is just so adorable in it i'm hoping it will be released on dvd
  15. a natalie wood box set - i'm thrilled! i wish i knew what will be in it

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