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  1. TheQuietMan

    Saturday, Nov. 11

    That was one of the first films I watched on Saturday; I bought it on DVD around the summer of this year, so I'll know what to start off with every Vets Day!
  2. TheQuietMan


    Hi Angel X! There still is a movie tiltled "KRONOS" and I have it on VHS. It was about a robot that was sent from another planet, to drain the Earth of all its energy(the inhabitants of that planet had depleted all their energy.)
  3. TheQuietMan

    Trying To Remeber

    That sounds like "Hans Christian Anderson"...
  4. TheQuietMan

    The BLOB

    Hi Charlie T, I checked out the description of what you posted on the "IMDb" website; the title I found was "THE QUARTERMASS EXPERIMENT" (circa 1955). Jack Warner is in it, the plot summary describes exactly what you said about the film.
  5. TheQuietMan

    Please play this Movie!!

    Likewise about the DVD; I bought mine last year from a "Suncoast" movie store.
  6. TheQuietMan

    Rodgers & Hammerstein

    I watched "THE KING AND I" Sunday evening, and it was a pleasure! Yul Brenner was great, Deborah Kerr was gracious, but steadfast in her role. The Siam version of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" was marvelous. This film is a must for anyone's collection!
  7. TheQuietMan

    Captain Blood and other great Pirate films?

    I finally bought the "CAPTAIN BLOOD" film on DVD, and I've had "THE SEA HAWK" on VHS for quite sometime.
  8. TheQuietMan

    Need help with a caper film title!!!

    Could it possibly be "THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR?"
  9. TheQuietMan

    Rodgers & Hammerstein

    Hello! You might say I was nearly raised with R&H films; last year, I acquired "The Sound Of Music" and "My Fair Lady". It was my first ever viewing those movies, and I was kicking myself for not watching the first releases. In my early grade school years, we would practice singing the songs from those films; numbers such as "Getting To Know You"; "Oklahoma"; Oh, What a Beautiful Morning"; "Bali Hai", and a few others.
  10. TheQuietMan

    Name Of War Film

    I've seen "Sergeant York" a few times, and I'm looking for it on DVD.
  11. TheQuietMan

    Best SciFi Film of the 1950's ???

    Hello, I just joined TCM Message Boards today; my first viewing of "THEM" was around 1959-1961. I totally agree with you about the "fright" factor; as a child of 5 to 6 years old at that time, how was I to know that the huge ants were mechanical? During that era, I grew up watching most of the classic sci-fi flicks(mostly in reruns). I was trying to remember the name of this film; it was about these aliens who landed on Earth, and had a ray gun, when fired at someone, it would leave the skeletal remains. I found it, and the title is "TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE". The weapon in question is described by one of the aliens as a "focusing-distinegrating ray". Message was edited by: TheQuietMan
  12. TheQuietMan

    what is this movie?

    When I read the post, "BARBARELLA" was the first movie that came to mind...
  13. TheQuietMan

    Ever seen this Western?

    Hello, I'm new to the "TCM Message Boards"; last year, I began collecting classic films on DVD(VHS, if I could find them), and I found the special edition. As it was described on the DVD case, this was one of Henry Fonda's "darkest" roles.

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