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  1. Terrence

    "My Name Is Nobody"

    I had always wanted to see "My Name Is Nobody" and I finally got the chance recently. I was so bored with this movie! And I like Henry Fonda and love Westerns. I turned it off after the first hour (something I almost never do). Can someone tell me why this film is so highly regarded? Obviously there's something there that I didn't see. Terrence.
  2. Terrence

    Musicals and the Oscars

    For some reason, it seems to be very difficult for an actor to be nominated for an Oscar for a musical. Of course, there have been exceptions, such as Topol, Debbie Reynolds, Ron Moody, Jean Hagen, and James Cagney. But there are so many others that I feel should have been nominated. Two that come to mind are Audrey Hepburn for "My Fair Lady" and Ava Gardner for "Show Boat." Who are some of your favorites that you feel should have received a nomination? Terrence.
  3. Well, Cinemalover, here's another thing we have in common. I was so thrilled when the Westerns Channel started showing The Big Valley about a year ago. I even talked a friend of mine into watching those episodes, and now he's hooked on it. They had such great writers on that show and some big-name guest stars. And those Barkley boys---mighty easy on the eyes! I'm glad you have discovered it. Terrence.
  4. Cinemalover, you were so right in including Barbara Stanwyck in "Forty Guns". She made many Westerns, and this is one of her best. I also liked her in "The Violent Men", even though she played such an evil woman. I had never thought about it before, but "Forty Guns" definitely prepared her for The Big Valley. Can you possibly imagine anyone other than her playing Victoria Barkley? That role was made for her. Terrence.
  5. Terrence

    Favorite "Guilty Pleasure" Western

    Well, Cinemalover, I hope you get an opportunity to see "Take Me to Town" sometime. It's really very entertaining. I taped it from AMC several years ago, but it's not shown very often. For some reason, TCM does not show many of Universal's Westerns. And that's too bad, because they made so many during the 1940's and 1950's. Movies with Rock Hudson, Jeff Chandler, Rory Calhoun, George Nader, and Audie Murphy. Oh well, one can only hope. Terrence.
  6. Terrence

    Steve Cochran

    What a great idea to have something like that for Steve Cochran. He's an overlooked actor who contributed so much to his movies. He was always so believable. I remember as a child seeing him in a movie with Ruth Roman. I think it was called "Tomorrow Is Another Day." This movie has stayed with me all these years. I don't think it's been shown on TV for many years, but I'd love to see it again. A very good mystery. Terrence.
  7. Terrence

    The Command

    I agree with you about "The Command." Definitely a better-than-average Western. I never pass up an opportunity to see Guy Madison and this is one of his best. Terrence.
  8. Terrence

    Favorite "Guilty Pleasure" Western

    Well, since I love Westerns with a passion, there are several that I consider guilty pleasures. These are movies I can watch over and over again without ever getting tired of them. One is a little-known Western called "Take Me to Town" with Ann Sheridan and Sterling Hayden. It's really a fun little picture and Ms. Sheridan even gets to sing a couple of numbers. Another is "The Guns of Fort Petticoat", which is shown often on the Westerns Channel. It's fun to see a Western with so many roles for women, which is unusual for that genre. And a third Guilty Pleasure would be "Lady of the Town" with the wonderful Claire Trevor. She makes every movie she is in seem even better, just because she is there. Terrence.
  9. Terrence

    Name this Barbara Stanwyck comedy?

    Mary, check TCM's monthly magazine. They seem to show this movie quite frequently. When you find it being played, all you need is a DVD or a videotape, and your mother can enjoy this wonderful movie time and time again. Terrence.
  10. Terrence

    Name this Barbara Stanwyck comedy?

    I'm certain that "The Mad Miss Manton" is the movie being described. Although Barbara Stanwyck made a couple of other mystery-comedies, this is the only one where she played a socialite. It's really a very entertaining movie. And Hattie MacDaniel has some great lines in it. Terrence.
  11. Terrence

    Amovie that had that gave you goose bumps

    I love being scared by a good horror movie, and the two that you mentioned certainly fit the bill. I have seen "When a Stranger Calls" and "Visiting Hours" several times each and I'm always thoroughly entertained by them. I think the reason I relate so much to these two movies is that they deal with commonplace situations (babysitting and hospitals). Carol Kane was so great in that one. I really believe she should have been nominated for an Oscar for it. By the way, the Gary Merill movie you talked about has a similar title, but it's called "Phone Call from a Stranger". Terrence.
  12. Terrence

    Most Overrated?

    "The Night of the Hunter" is a horror film? That's a new one for me. This is one of my all-time favorite movies, but I'd never classify it as a horror film. True, it's a real thriller (the crazed man chasing a couple of innocent children) and I believe it's Robert Mitchum's greatest performance. And the photography is exceptional. But it definitely is not a horror film. Terrence.
  13. Terrence

    "Premature Burial"

    I have seen "Premature Burial" several times and you're right---it truly is frightening. It was made by American International and starred Ray Milland. I believe the story was originally written by Poe. It shows up on a cable channel from time to time, so I hope you get to see it again soon. Terrence.
  14. Terrence

    Cyd Charisse

    I've never really been able to get into "It's Always Fair Weather" and I've seen it several times. Perhaps it's because the tone is much darker than the average musical. And Cyd Charisse has only one number in this movie. I always feel cheated that she didn't have more. And as far as male partners, I'd have to go with Gene Kelly. The two of them really clicked. In "Brigadoon" they really made us believe that they were in love. I wonder if Tony Martin was ever jealous of the two of them. Anyway, here's another vote for the greatest movie dancer of all time. Terrence.
  15. Terrence

    On Moonlight Bay and By the Light of the Silvery Moon

    These are two very entertaining musicals. I love them both. And Doris Day really seemed to be enjoying herself in these. By the way, there is a CD available of Doris singing all the songs from these two musicals. It's great fun to listen to. Terrence.
  16. Terrence

    Favorite Gene Kelly Movies

    Bellanosey, you made some very good points in your comments about Gene Kelly and his movies. But let's not be too harsh when it comes to Vera-Ellen (or Very Ellen, as you called her). True, she was never nominated for an Oscar, but when people went to her movies, they expected to see a beautiful woman in some great dance numbers. And that's exactly what they got--whether it was with Danny Kaye, Fred Astaire, or Mr. Kelly as her partner. And I've always felt that her 'Slaughter on Tenth Avenue" from "Words and Music" is one of the greatest ballets on film. So, if we want to see some spectacular acting, let's watch Ingrid Bergman or Meryl Streep. If it's an entertaining musical, Vera-Ellen will never let us down. Terrence.
  17. Terrence

    Nightmare Alley as the Greatest Noir

    "Nightmare Alley" really is quite good. It was one of Tyrone Power's favorites and gave him a rare opportunity to show the public that he really could act. Unfortunately, it didn't do the business that the studio had hoped. I don't think that Americans wanted to see him in anything where he didn't play the good guy. And I love Coleen Gray in this one. Another much overlooked actress. Terrence.
  18. Terrence

    Oscars for Best Score

    I hope someone can help me with this question. Being a musician, this is of special interest to me. We all know that one of the Oscar categories is Best Musical Score. However, in 1996 and continuing for three years, there were two separate Oscar categories: Best Score for a Drama, and Best Score for a Musical or Comedy. For some reason, after 1999 they went back to just one category for Best Score. Does anyone know anything at all about this? Where is Robert Osborne when I need him! Terrence.
  19. Terrence


    Hi, Angel. I've been trying to respond to your message for several days, but I've been having some computer problems. I'm glad there's someone else who remembers "Kronos." It wasn't a huge hit like some of the sci-fi films that Universal released. It was one of the last films of Barbara Lawrence. Although she didn't make a great number of movies, she was quite versatile, making comedies, dramas, musicals, Westerns, and mysteries. I understand that she is now involved in real estate in the San Fernando Valley. I miss her. Terrence.
  20. Terrence

    Parody Noir

    Another fun parody is Neil Simon's "Murder By Death." It has a tremendous case, with each star playing a parody of a famous sleuth, such as Miss Marbles, Sam Diamond, and Dick and Dora Charleston. It's great fun. Terrence.
  21. Terrence

    Sorry, Wrong Number

    This is one of my all-time favorite mysteries. That's an interesting comparison you made. I had never thought about the similarities between this and "The Killers". You're right---in both cases they have taken a short story and expanded the story line by using flashbacks. Stanwyck is so great in this, especially in her final scene. Who could ever forget her trying to get someone on the phone line while the killer is coming up the stairs to murder her! And the use of shadows in this movie is a big plus. I also was aware that Agnes Moorehead had done the radio play several times. Here's a bit of trivia for you: in the 1950's, there was a one-hour television play of this story with Shelley Winters. Just thought someone might like to know. Terrence.
  22. Speaking of Glenn Ford Westerns, let's not forget "The Violent Men". This has a terrific cast and a well-written story. And Barbara Stanwyck is at her evil best in this one. She actually tries to burn her crippled husband to death! Terrence.
  23. You are right, Ken. Even though hers was a small part, Coleen Gray was so good in that movie. In fact, she made a number of Westerns and she always played her roles so well. And many times she was the best thing about a movie. Also, let's not forget Claire Trevor, another actress who was always great, even in not-so-great movies. Terrence.
  24. I really feel that this is a very good Western. I can't help but wonder why they didn't film it in color. The stars certainly were major enough to warrant this. And I thought Glenn Ford and Jeanne Crain made a very believable couple. Boy, Ford surely did make some wonderful Westerns! Terrence.
  25. Terrence


    Anne, you make a very good point about using Peppard in both the father and son roles. That certainly would have worked. But I'm wondering if the motivation for using Stewart was that the movie was considered such an important event, that they rounded up the very best talent in Hollywood at the time. Just a thought. And while we're on the subject, I always thought Gregory Peck was much too old for Debbie Reynolds. Terrence.

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