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  1. chinaseas

    favorite pre-code film

    My is Red Headed Woman with Jean Harlow. It is sexy and funny all in one. Its one of the great pre-code films.
  2. chinaseas

    July Schedule is Up! SOTM Glenn Ford

    I see you are not giving Olivia de Havilland a birthday showcase on her 103rd birthday on July 3. It seems a shame to not honor her when there are not many stars of that era around.
  3. chinaseas

    Upcoming Releases

    Has anyone heard if they plan to release the Jean Harlow movie Red Headed Woman on DVD or any of her films on Blu-Ray?
  4. chinaseas

    Your three favorite male actors of all time

    Errol Flynn Robert Mitchum Clark Gable
  5. chinaseas

    YES! AT LAST! September 2015's Star of the Month is...

    Would love to see Tap Roots with Susan Hayward , Van Heflin and Boris Karloff. It has been years since I seen it on TBS.
  6. chinaseas

    Any movie memorabilia collectors?

    I collect items on actress Jean Harlow. I have photos, movie magazines, lobby cards and window cards. I started it back in 1982. Most came from movie shops , shows. Now I purchase on ebay.
  7. chinaseas

    Jean Harlow- The Original Blond Bombshell

    I have been collecting on Jean Harlow for over twenty years. I love her looks and the way she acts. The platinum blonde years are my favorite when I think she was sexy her brownette years she was more mature and ladylike. Too bad she did not live longer to see what her career held in story for her and what her life with William Powell would have been like.....
  8. chinaseas

    Barbara Stanwyck Bio by Victoria Wilson

    I got this book for less than 20.00 . I enjoyed the book very much I learned a lot about Barbara that I didn't know . To me the book is a great read for any Stanwyck fan. So far Victoria is one third of the way into the next half of Stanwyck's life story.
  9. chinaseas

    Warner Archives Discussion

    I would like to see a box set for actress Kay Francis. She deserves a box set. She made a lot of great Pre-Code films. Some of them are out but it would be nice to see them in a box set to honor a great performer from the Pre-Code era.
  10. chinaseas

    Jean Harlow

    Has anyone heard anything on the box set for Jean ?
  11. chinaseas

    A tribute to Vivien Leigh

    Happy Birthday to Vivien. Sadly missed.
  12. chinaseas

    Jean Harlow was a fine actress

    Her best films : Red-Headed Woman , Red Dust , Bombshell , Dinner At Eight and Hold Your Man.
  13. chinaseas

    Jean Harlow

    Love the gowns she wears in Dinner At Eight. So tight it's a wonder she can breath.
  14. chinaseas

    Kay Francis pre-codes

    I think Kay Francis deserves some of her pre-codes released to DVD. In the last year or two she has had three books about her life and career which has put her back in the spotlight. So lets honor her with the release of some of her films like Mandaly, One Way Passage, Jewel Robbery, Street of Women , etc. So come on Francis fans lets band together to one of the most popular and highest paid actresses of the early thirties honored with some of her films to DVD.
  15. chinaseas

    Pre-Code Gallery

    Love the photo of Kay Francis from Mandalay.

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