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  1. "I'd love to see a biopic about..."

    Ventriliquist Shari Lewis. The young girl who won America's Got Talent could play Shari as a young girl.
  2. Thoughts about Claudette Colbert's movies

    I wonder if Stephen Colbert is related to Claudette.
  3. Name just one film you could watch over forever and never tire and one film you've had it with for good. Mine are; Singing In The Rain and My Fair Lady.
  4. Cabaret

    The movie ends like the original stage play, but the recent revival goes a step further.Elements not brought out in the original give more bite. We see the emcee as a concentration camp prisoner wearing a striped pajamas with a pink triangle sewn to his breast Sally, the Frau and the grocer walk all about lost in a fog and we assume all met their fate in death as a result. They should remake Caberet with the revival's changes.
  5. Thanks for enlightening me folks. Now, forward and onward and awaaaay we gooooo.
  6. Having read all the responses that followed my opinion of BBT it shows how this show continues to run as long as it has with such a large loyal fan base. The theme of this topic was actors you couldn't get into and for me James Parsons et al is exactly that for me. Mind you not everyone is watching but I guess there are enough to keep it going fortunately for the creative staff involved and their pockets. I believe the humor one enjoys indicates the type of person one is. I found a lot of put down humor and degrading type of jokes in this show about people's appearances and abilities and tries to come off as sophisticated and witty . I think it's what we become as Americans I guess. Is it funny to hurt someone's feelings? This is my last about this topic. I don't begrudge you from enjoying yourself and continue to do so. We are lucky in America to have such choices. Perhaps I'm the one who should lighten up from being such a sour puss.
  7. Today's topic

    I believe Lillian Gish never married. I always wondered why since she was beautiful woman. In an interview she mentioned career and marriage don't go hand in hand. So maybe that was her thing.
  8. To Dargo and other BBT fans. I never quite got the humor of that show. It doesn't compare to Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfield for example which I liked where the characters/actors are more mature and I identify more. What ever it is after numerous attempts to watch BBT I still can't get it and leaves my face or :/ to those "actors".
  9. Happy Ever After?

    "CAROUSEL" Julie never marries again since Billy was the only man she ever loved. Her daughter goes off to New York after graduation to try a show business career but fails bitterly and returns home. She ends up marrying the eldest son of Enoch and Carrie Snow who becomes a doctor. Enoch and Carrie do become very rich on herring. Aunt Nettie is around to help with the grandchildren etc. until she dies. Jigger finally ends his days in prison. Julie's daughter gives birth to a boy, named Billy and he grows up to be just like his Grandpa.
  10. The whole cast of numbskulls on Big Bang Theory. How America kept them on tv for a decade is a mystery to me.
  11. I'd remake all the flop movie musicals with actors who can "really" sing and note all the negative criticisms and redo them right like Chorus Line, Man of La Mancha, A Little Night Music. Paint Your Wagon, and Mame.
  12. AMC'S Red Dot People

    Before any showing of a feature the trailers are introduced by those stupid red dot people at AMC cinemas. They have been running for two years now and I'm getting sick and tired of them. I liked the real people better. Anyone else?
  13. Lookalikes?

    Not a look alike but a sound alike. Recent Ken Burns documentary on the Roosevelts I could swear that voice is HENRY FONDA's from the grave giving the commentary.
  14. Classic musicals online

    Be careful when you stream some movies. Some sites carry viruses and some trap you into purchasing dvds and soft ware you may not want. Just be careful.

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