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  1. I tried FIVE times and NEVER got it yet! So fuget about it!
  2. Im4movies2

    Original Ten Commandments Second Half

    DARGO! I always hear the voice of Groucho in my head when you post! Do you look/sound like him in real life?
  3. The original silent version of The Ten Commandments (1927) had a second part that was dropped from the later remake. It was a modern story, for the time, about two brothers on the opposite ends of morality with their very religous mother infusing the ten commandments to guide their way. The story isn't bad and I think if someone would up date it to today's world it just might be popular. Here's how I'd do it. The family would be Afro-American with a very devoute mother attending a Gospel church. The one brother, a crooked architect builds a new church by cutting corners to save money. The day his mother enters the new church it collapses killing the mother. The bad brother distraught commits suicide, but the good brother forages on holding dear the ten commandments. It's pretty close to how the second part of the original went, but I think it also should get a modern remake.
  4. Im4movies2

    George Sanders

    For some reason George C, Scott reminded me very much of George Sanders,
  5. Im4movies2

    Movie Magazine Memories

    Remember the old movie magazines from the 40s, 50s, and 60s? You know, the ones your mom, aunt, or grandma used to buy and collect and you'd find yourself enthralled with them? As young as I was I caught up in the drama of the love triangle of Debbie Reynolds, Eddie Fisher and Liz Taylor. The anguished heart break of Doris Day. The illnesses of Liz Taylor. The lavished home life of Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh all in splendid splashy colorful pages. I don't know if the 70s,80s,and 90s were as fascinating to you younger folk who had People as your magazine of choice but Silver Screen and Photoplay opened up to our fantasies of Hollywood!
  6. Im4movies2

    Movies I watch again and again.

    I'll always stop to watch until the end of; Singing In The Rain, The Sound of Music, Citizen Kane, and Wizard of Oz.
  7. Back in the 60's and 70's there were two out standing documentaries on the history of Hollywood on commercial tv. One was Hollywood and the Stars with theme music by Elmer Bernstein and another whose name I forget but it too had theme music by Carl Davis called Up In Lights. Can TCM acquire these and show them? I think they were narrated by Joseph Cottton, Henry Fonda and Orson Welles.
  8. Im4movies2

    Mary Pickford Biopic

    Bernadette Peters and Robert Preston appeared in the failed musical about Mack Sennet and Mable Norman back in the 70's called Mack and Mable.
  9. Im4movies2

    Mary Pickford Biopic

    Thanks for your kind and very informative reply Merry. I guess the right actress to portray her hasn't come on the scene yet. Yes, I'm hoping such a production arrives eventually.
  10. Im4movies2

    Mary Pickford Biopic

    I am surprised that no one has attempted to make a biographic film of Mary Pickford besides the number of documentary films that have been made. What young actress today would bring to life that pioneering actress of yesterday?
  11. I was surprised how wonderful A Warm December starring Sidney Portier was. What an over looked gem . There is much about it that would make a fine musical. A team of enterprising young writers and composers should look into it.
  12. Kim Jung Un is a great fan. It is him no doubt.
  13. Im4movies2

    Rex Reed would be a great TCM Host

    I'd love to have Rex Reed on board at TCM. Perhaps he could team up with Alec Baldwin on The Essentials.
  14. Im4movies2

    Question of the Day: Ruby Keeler

    When they filmed "The Jolson Story" Ms. Keeler forbade them to use her real name. What a pity. It might have helped her in later years, but she "retired" to be a mother and golf pro until she came back with No No Nanette on Broadway.
  15. Im4movies2

    Barbara Stanwyck's son

    Barbara and Joan Crawford tried to fix up Christina with him but of course we know that idea didn't work.

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