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    February 2019 schedule is up

    So many of the Oscar nominated pictures have been left out. Here are just a few; Arrowsmith (1931) Blossoms in the Dust (1941) The Country Girl (1954) Darling (1965) Five Easy Pieces (1970) Hannah and her Sisters (1986) Remains of the Day (1993) More of the nominated films for best picture would be geat. Perhaps next year?
  2. Im4movies2


    Thelma Ritter and Judge Judy.
  3. Im4movies2


    Character actress of the early 1930's, Beryl Mercer and TV's Aunt Bee of the 60's Frances Bavier.
  4. Im4movies2

    Actress Carol Channing (1921-2019)

    She lived to be 97 because she took good care of her health. She was very strict on her diet and what she ate. During the run of Hello Dolly during an "eating" scene she brought her own food from home and actually ate her supper during the show. She never trusted fast food places and most restaurants. Only Sardis, since she was a friend of owner Vincent and the head chef.
  5. Im4movies2

    A Night At The Movies

    Before TCM All three major networks had their "Night" At The Movies series, usually once a week on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night. Naturally cut up for commercial space. Openings began with a shot of a brilliantly lighted marquee. You could almost smell the popcorn.
  6. Im4movies2

    Everything from 1923 is Public Domain Now.

    That means if I wanted to adapt a portion of the 1923 version of The Ten Commandments into a new work I can do so without asking permission rights to do so?
  7. Im4movies2

    Judy Garland, Ideally

    HAD Judy lived she probably would have taken time off to get her act together. She would have taken a role in Sondheim's Follies and continued as guest on game shows like Match Game and Password. She may have tried Broadway again as Miss. Hanigan in Annie and after one or two more attempts at concert giving retire once and for all and die a peacful death.
  8. Im4movies2

    Ever had a bad experience at a movie theater?

    I was about ten years old when I went to the movies with the wrong friend. This friend was a perpetual trouble maker at school and I knew better not to hang out with him but I did any way. Just as the picture started as we sat in our seats Mickey started his mayhem, with me following suit from making noises, running up the aisles, throwing popcorn and candy all around until ushers with flash lights came and grabbed us and brought us to the manager's office. Our parents were called and we waited to be picked up by our angry mothers. The manager warned that we were never to come back to the theatre again and if we did he'd throw us out. Well, about a whole month went by before my nother let me go back to the movies, but without Mickey. My first time back I was able to get in with no problem and I was well behaved throughout. Mickey never asked me to go to the movies with him again and I never did.
  9. Is there a difference between being beautiful or just pretty? Like I consider Mary Pickford pretty and Gloria Swanson beautiful or Norma Shearer pretty and Greta Garbo beautiful, etc.
  10. It has been awhile since TCM presented the 14 part series Story of Film and Moguls and Movie Stars. I'd say enough time has lapsed to study the films of the 70's, 80's, and 90's. There were great film histories of the 60's like Hollywood and the Stars and Hollywood that took us from the beginning with Edison to the then present day. So TCM start presenting a new historical look at the movies great history perhaps starting not in 1900 but in 1970 forward.
  11. Im4movies2

    Smart Blonde - Judy Holliday Biopic

    Biopic? Heck. They should do a Broadway musical for her like they did for Fanny Brice, Carol King and Cher!
  12. Anyone remember a film of the mid 50's, 1956-1958, that was wide screen in color, showing a woman eating a fried chicken leg? The woman was a blonde wearing the then very stylish pair of black stretch pants.
  13. Im4movies2

    Bye Bye Birdie Live

    Why Jennifer Lopez in the first place? For cry not loud get someone else and be done with it!
  14. Im4movies2

    Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

    I was lucky to have met Maureen O'hara who was in town for the Fortieth Anniversary of Miracle on 34th Street. She was making her rounds on talk shows and promoting the 40th Anniversary edition of the film on dvd. I must tell you I was awe struck as to how young she appeared and even spoke and moved like a woman half her age, she might have been in her mid 60's then. She was just amazing. Years later after she had a stroke I saw her on tv again and it was devastating.
  15. Im4movies2


    Character actress of the early 1930's, Beryl Mercer and TV's Aunt Bee of the 60's Frances Bavier.
  16. Im4movies2

    Torchy Blaine

    Based on reporter Dorothy Kilgallen, before her What's My Line? days.
  17. The original silent version of The Ten Commandments (1927) had a second part that was dropped from the later remake. It was a modern story, for the time, about two brothers on the opposite ends of morality with their very religous mother infusing the ten commandments to guide their way. The story isn't bad and I think if someone would up date it to today's world it just might be popular. Here's how I'd do it. The family would be Afro-American with a very devoute mother attending a Gospel church. The one brother, a crooked architect builds a new church by cutting corners to save money. The day his mother enters the new church it collapses killing the mother. The bad brother distraught commits suicide, but the good brother forages on holding dear the ten commandments. It's pretty close to how the second part of the original went, but I think it also should get a modern remake.
  18. I tried FIVE times and NEVER got it yet! So fuget about it!
  19. Im4movies2

    Original Ten Commandments Second Half

    DARGO! I always hear the voice of Groucho in my head when you post! Do you look/sound like him in real life?
  20. Im4movies2

    Movie Magazine Memories

    Remember the old movie magazines from the 40s, 50s, and 60s? You know, the ones your mom, aunt, or grandma used to buy and collect and you'd find yourself enthralled with them? As young as I was I caught up in the drama of the love triangle of Debbie Reynolds, Eddie Fisher and Liz Taylor. The anguished heart break of Doris Day. The illnesses of Liz Taylor. The lavished home life of Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh all in splendid splashy colorful pages. I don't know if the 70s,80s,and 90s were as fascinating to you younger folk who had People as your magazine of choice but Silver Screen and Photoplay opened up to our fantasies of Hollywood!
  21. Im4movies2

    George Sanders

    For some reason George C, Scott reminded me very much of George Sanders,
  22. Im4movies2

    Movies I watch again and again.

    I'll always stop to watch until the end of; Singing In The Rain, The Sound of Music, Citizen Kane, and Wizard of Oz.
  23. Back in the 60's and 70's there were two out standing documentaries on the history of Hollywood on commercial tv. One was Hollywood and the Stars with theme music by Elmer Bernstein and another whose name I forget but it too had theme music by Carl Davis called Up In Lights. Can TCM acquire these and show them? I think they were narrated by Joseph Cottton, Henry Fonda and Orson Welles.
  24. Im4movies2

    Mary Pickford Biopic

    I am surprised that no one has attempted to make a biographic film of Mary Pickford besides the number of documentary films that have been made. What young actress today would bring to life that pioneering actress of yesterday?

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