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  1. Blaisekey

    Errol Flynn - Charge of the Light Brigade

    Actually it is available on DVD at the moment. At It would probably be better to wait a while until you buy, because it is quite expensive at the moment, and it will probably get a whole lot cheaper.
  2. Blaisekey

    What film used TECHNICOLOR to best effect?

    Definitely "The Adventures of Robin Hood", made in 1938. It had lovely costumes and colour of the 12 century. The shots of the forrest, and the supurb battles looked magnificent in TECHNICOLOR.
  3. Blaisekey

    rex harrison movie

    Yes, definately "King Richard and the Crusaders". Actually quite an entertaining film, though not the best.
  4. Blaisekey

    Favourite Swashbuckler?

    I was wondering what everyone's favorite swashbuckler film was when they were young. Mine was "The Adventures of Robin Hood", starring Erroyl Flynn and Olivia de Haviland. I watched it over and over again. I loved it so much because of all the swordfights and lovely costumes. Ever since I was young it was my favorite movie, and I still enjoy it today. Tell me what was yours.

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