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  1. ken123

    Noir Gallery

    Dewey, Ronnie was warming up to sock it to the American people for eight years. Back in those days the three major US TV networks covered the major parties convention more entensively. In an afternoon session of the 1964 GOP conclave, I was watching TV, while getting a haircut, Victory Jory & Lloyd Nolan were addressing the convention with the theme " Why I am a Republican ", I dont remember one thing that either of these gentlemen said, but I do remember, that at the time,I felt I had just heard two " Hate America " speeches.Both speeches were delivered in ( to me at least ) a blood curdling way, without a smile to be found.
  2. ken123

    Noir Gallery

    Reagan plays essentially the Albert Dekker role.
  3. ken123

    SHACK OUT ON 101 (1955) TCM Fri 3/13

    Well at least this film had the GREAT Whit Bissell, as a supporting player. Terry Moore was ok also, but only when she was wearing a bathing suit.
  4. ken123

    Noir Gallery

    IMHO Postman is very boring with too may cardboard characters, I much prefer Double Indemnity. Also I believe Barbara is much more alluring than Lana !
  5. ken123


    IMHO Nixon was set up by the CIA with Hunt & McCord being the leading, on ground, players.It all relates back to the events of November 22, 1963, and before, see Advise & Consent and try to figure out the Nixon character. Question - Did Nixon have J. Edgar Hoover murdered ?
  6. I first saw The Wings of Eagles at the Tiffin Theatre West North Avenue Chicago and fell asleep, I was about 9 - 10 when I frst saw it and my parents took me for a nighttime viewing. That being said I think the film would be better ( its very good as it is ) if the Maureen O' Hara role was not diminished due to the intervention of the Wead family, because the familt didn't want their mothers alcholism portrayed. I give it 3 out of a possibe 4 stars. I wish that the DVD would have included a commentary.
  7. ken123

    Your Favorite Western Character Actor

    In no special order Paul Fix Harry Carey, jr Denver Pyle Strother Martin Arthur Kennedy Millard Mitchell Walter Brennan Ward Bond John McIntire I'll add more later ! Incidentally Harry Carey,jr was the son in law to Paul Fix Ray Teal was great in Brute Force and Ace in the Hole non - Westerns. Henry Brandon was very good in The Searchers & Two Rode Together
  8. ken123

    The Music of Noir

    Criss Cross Key Largo The Killers (1946) Brute Force Yep the music !
  9. ken123

    Hello, Norma Jean!

    Paddle ball is NOW my favorite spectator sport.
  10. ken123

    5 Most Important Films

    Thank you Miss G for the kind words. In grammar school the nuns warned us about " The Grapes of Wrath ", film & novel, it was " communistic ". My sister - in - law thinks that " Its a Wonderful Life " is the most Catholic film of all time.
  11. ken123

    5 Most Important Films

    1. The Informer - Noir before noir - pre Citizen Kane camera angles 2. The Grapes of Wrath - Catholicism in Crisis ( now Crisis magazine ) an ulta -rightists publication called this film the most Catholic & liberal film of the 1940's 3.Fort Apache - American Indians recognized as human beings, but not by Fonda 4.The Searchers - Serious look into what hate can do to the human soul 5.Stagecoach - Brought the Western genre back 6. Pilgrimage - Post WW! drama which shows how the government really feels about its citizens.
  12. ken123

    5 Most Important Films

    The Five Most Important Films - Any list of the five most important films must include anyone of two dozen, or more, of John Ford's films. Message was edited by: ken123
  13. ken123

    Hello, Norma Jean!

    I will never forget MM - Thanks Miss G for the thread.
  14. ken123

    Hello, Norma Jean!

    Marilyn - whose is that ? hehehehehehehe
  15. ken123

    Rawhide (1951)

    When I was a kid I thought that The Untamed wasa great action film, as I have natured I find it was run - of - the - mill. Rawhide is a much better film, and Hugh Marlowe makes ( believe it or not ) a credible villian. Message was edited by: ken123

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