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  1. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    I watched time waster THE BRASS BOTTLE 1964 mostly because of the kick jazz leads: Burl Ives, Tony Randall & Barbara Eden and because my library HAS it! A silly story of mild mannered Harold Vennimore (Randall) ending up with a Genie (Ives). Eden plays Vennimore's girlfriend and is adorable as usual. Ives is his humongous self playing the flamboyant Genie and Randall actually holds his own, showing some early comedy chops. Tony Randall is a joy to watch - he remains coolly controlled alternating with spa stic* hilarity with each predictable disaster created by the Genie. Also nice seeing Bollywood star Kamala Devi dancing in costume. It's pretty much a kid's film, basic story that pretty much became I DREAM OF JEANNIE for sweetheart Barbara Eden. Too bad she had to play her Jeannie a dumbbell, while Ives got to be commanding & crafty-much more fun.
  2. TikiSoo

    Marsha Hunt is 102

    Wow-thanks for this thread! Beautiful, talented lady - Happy Birthday Marsha! 🍰
  3. I have noticed throughout the years, the more professional the star, the nicer they are-they understand the VALUE of cooperation. While music/acting/art is an emotionally driven job, those who intellectualize their careers seem more successful long term. I wondered how bands felt being "reduced" to touring en masse. Landmark bands like the Tubes lumped in with poncey one hit wonders like Flock Of Seagulls. True fans are happy just to see the band, but 3-5 songs is a terrible tease. As an active senior though, I completely understand the band's convenience on the combination tours. It just makes me feel like I'm rocking' to the "oldies". Rick Beato was insulted someone called out "Dad Rock". Well, cool jazz was my "Dad Rock" and that holds up way better than the manufactured simple stuff on the radio today. At best the R&R HOF keeps real rock music in the news, discussed, listened to. Face it, well crafted rock music-all it's genres- is just as historic as Glen Miller swing.
  4. Isn't that it in the center? Or are you saying there's an "Ethel" part to the set-that you don't have. That's a totally AWESOME book collection, several I'd like to read. I prefer reading library books and giving them back, storage is such an issue. Many of the oversize picture books I inherited from friend's estates. I've gifted many away, like Westerns. I don't like dolls very much, but they really captured the spirit of Lucy & the costumes. I'd buy any one of them, but I especially like the Lucy & Desi sets. There's something heartbreakingly Shakesperean about the huge success/huge failure of their lives.
  5. Wow. From my generation of early punk. Lawrence thanks for the T Rex love & mention of SLADE, whom I had forgotten about. Noddy Holder's contribution to Rock N Roll - the top hat: As stated earlier, I'm a Kraftwerk fan, it has it's place in music history. But I think Raymond Scott's electronica does too, so you can't go by my opinion. I do love the whole "cold persona" of German music (Nico!) and hooted when I came across this on YT: Kraftwerk took "detachment" so far, they programmed mannequins of themselves to "play" recorded music on stage. Thankfully, those shows have been uploaded on the internet. What a weird curious statement about music & society.
  6. TikiSoo

    Barack Obama Endorses Justin Trudeau

    Looks like he's spoofing the BeeGees in that first photo. I like how dressing up in "costume" is now considered offensive. What's to become of Halloween? It's offensive to wear traditional Indian clothing? I find Indian Pajamas gorgeous: American's version, not so much: It's SLEEPWEAR dumbbell, not outerwear.
  7. TikiSoo


    I used to have one of these...until it was STOLEN. My Mutoscope (from Knotts Berry Farm) a big circus poster of a girl & her performing horse and 2 dragon chariot sides were all stolen & sold by my former business partner. Eh, they're only "things" but more importantly, I learned my business partner was a crook!
  8. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    Hope Summers....remember it's not nice to fool Mother Nature! Don't forget favorite wise-cracker Patsy Kelly was also part of the coven. She was the one who rocked the baby- I just love the vibrant color palette clothes used to offer. Used to be the only people who dressed in somber colors were law enforcement & mourners.
  9. It's not really a "comic book" thing as much as a devo thing-people who just don't want to grow up. As I said, I enjoyed my youth absurdities as much as anybody, but it someone else's turn. The only picture I could find...this "athletic" toddler has hair. And this giant toddler is the cool stoner version. He's hangin' with friends Darla & Tragedy Ann. Sorry. Hey people made fun of me & the way I dressed in my 20's & 30's, now it's my turn for that!
  10. Really? Carole King not in there already? Really, MC5 not inducted already? Shoe ins. While I'm a huge Kraftwerk fan & see their influence in fave electronica genre, I don't think many outside of ravers "get" them. NIN benefitted, more industrial than electronic, and while I personally like their recordings, not a major player in the big scheme of things. I hated Pat Benatar when she was popular, but can see her as a kind of pioneer. Very much dislike Whitney Houston, but she was hugely popular. Don't know anything about Dave Matthews except snippets I've heard were pleasant/unusual. Another very popular band...is it a popularity contest? But T REX. A really important inductee. Hands down that one. Like Chaka Khan, much more to them than a few "hits". Hopefully it's about importance, not popularity. Gah, the Doobie Bros were popular at the time-obviously don't hold up. Check out UK's The MARC BOLAN SHOW on YT. He's amazing. Johnny Depp of the 70's.
  11. TikiSoo

    Much of this Month's schedule has disappeared!

    This month's schedule: meh. Be gone!
  12. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    You're weird.
  13. TikiSoo

    Movies That It Sometimes Feels That Only You Alone Like?

    Wow. I think BIRDCAGE is brilliant as well. Along with Nathan Lane & Robin Williams' talented lead performances, it's a winner!
  14. Ok, ok I'm sorry speedy was insulted about my post raving about grown adults that dress & often act like children. There are always examples of grown adults that behave responsibly but still enjoy comics & super heroes....not at all whom I was referring to.... There is a large segment of 35-45 year olds who have found it acceptable to not become responsible adults and have little ambition to evolve. Mostly, their appearance is due to just being lazy: "it's easier to stay the same than put any effort in my appearance-who cares?" Unfortunately, PEOPLE CARE what you look like. Your appearance tells others about your level of education, your station in life & your personality. The "comic book guy look" of long shorts/long t-shirt creates a visual proportion of a giant toddler. I'm sorry, but there's nothing flattering about a 50 year old in a Goofy or Pooh t-shirt. I had pink hair & wore mini skirts for decades & it looked adorable. A mature woman would look silly in crazy colored hair, heavy make up & sexy minis, so I respect others enough to dress appropriately. (I only mentioned Chuck Taylors because most find out after 40 they don't offer enough support)
  15. Re: Bill Maher above: I was shocked when working retail at how many grown adult customers dress like children. Men had shaved heads, long t-shirts with some cartoon logo (often with holes or worn out) droopy shorts that ended near the knee, & flip flops or Chuck Taylors. Unfortunately could not find suitable pics, but girls get stuck too-look for the severely pulled back hair & skintight clothing showing every roll & crease along with that tweety tattoo.

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