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  1. Chris Isaak RULES. He is a SanFrancisco based "surf" type crooner singer/songwriter. While "Wicked Game" is great, all his album songs are great too. Obviously, I'm a huge fan. He had his own TV show in 2001-4 which was excellent. He has full rights to the show which has never been released on DVD or in syndication, wah.
  2. I dunno.....I'd certainly call these two beautiful.... Over what's considered beautiful by the youth of today:
  3. The Tiki Family all live in Sybericuse and are well versed with huge debilitating snow storms. We were traveling through Mississippi/Alabama on a straight, clean divided highway. It started to snow with maybe 1" accumulation, nothing really to worry about if you know how to drive in snow. We saw cars traveling around 10 mph on the other side of the highway and started laughing at their overreaction. A few cars who didn't heed the conditions, traveled at normal speed, slipping & sliding out of control putting everyone in danger. We lost it though, when we saw a PLOW go by. Guess maybe the salting helped. The moral of the story is: If you don't know how to drive in snow, just STAY HOME. That's what we do. Deaths due to snow can/should be prevented.
  4. Because Chuck Schumer desperately wants to be the next President so therefore just remains quiet, trying not to offend anyone. Just watch-once an opportunity opens, he'll put his cape on trying to appear an American Hero.
  5. TikiSoo

    The Problem with Charlton Heston

    I think it's easier to dismiss some actors' foibles than others depending on the "offense" itself and public/personal opinion. I think Woody Allen's treatment of women & children is deplorable. I can usually still watch a Woody Allen film without issue, unless there is negative treatment of women or children condoned within the story. The reason I think, is because the women in his life had a choice as to accept his behaviour or not. I certainly wouldn't have kept his secret like Mia Farrow did. Although I think Walter Brennan's racist attitude is awful, it was accepted by many in "his time". I wish more people realized how wrong they were, but you can't change the past. I can watch Brennan in a movie because he's often just a bit player. I think Heston's problem is his gun enthusiasm was just arrogant & wrong, and he was over-the-top promoting it. With all of the tragedies due to lack-of-gun-conrol, in retrospect, he just comes across as an idiotic baffoon. That said, if his role in a movie does not touch on the subject, it's still watchable. What do you think, Lawrence?
  6. Thanks for letting me know about IMDB. Amazon own EVERYTHING & try to monopolize all your choices. Along with (new) Disney & Walmart, I have completely boycotted AMAZON. (with that name, you would think they'd donate some of their profits to helping the real Amazon jungle-nope-it's all for themselves) It's actually not hard avoiding the evil empires.
  7. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    Ew, I found him to be so icky even a man starved nun could easily resist him: Shorts do nothing for him. If he didn't wrap his legs around the teeny pony's butt, his feet would drag on the ground....he outweighs that poor pony! Sabu on the other hand...wow!
  8. Well that's the thing, isn't it? The first thing that gets attention is the outside package. That outside package can be helped A LOT by a positive attitude: smiling, good manners and an interesting personality. Once you get to know someone & like them, the outside packaging means less & less. That's a good thing too, because that perfect outside package doesn't last very long. But that's real life. In the movies, there's nothing we enjoy more than the femme fatale; the beautiful woman with the evil mind!
  9. Uh oh, new lucrative jobs are opening up for our obsessive message board "record keepers"! 😉 As many of you know, I cut my cable cord about 8 years ago, but often watch TCM at MrTiki's next door. He is totally afraid of getting rid of cable because he doesn't have time to "learn" it. But slowly, he's "getting" it. I have a fire stick and am trying to watch everything of interest FREE before signing up with any "service". I appreciate the HULU original post & description since I will not sign up with Amazon Prime or Netflix. My biggest issue with TCM is looking over each month's schedule, there is very little offered that I haven't already seen. That's not to say I wouldn't enjoy just letting it play as background sound all day while I'm painting, just like I used to do when I had TCM on cable. On days TCM shows foreign films or silents, I can just put the MST3K live feed station on. Thanks for the input & opinions on streaming.
  10. I recall a very old long running thread on this board, "Is Barbara Stanwyck Pretty?" It went on for pages with people posting flattering/unflattering photos of Babs. I love Stanwyck in movies, just like I enjoy Bette & Angela Lansbury. I don't nitpick about their weight, their eyes, teeth and don't expect them to stay 25 forever. Although I do enjoy discussing odd hair & clothing styles of the day! Bette Davis recalls she was called "the little brown wren" because she lacked glamour & sex appeal. Thank goodness for that! If we all looked like supermodels what a boring world this would be. (paraphrased fave line from THE FISHER KING)
  11. TikiSoo

    Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1948)

    Yeah, we know.😉
  12. TikiSoo

    Interviews with Vulgar Words and Phrases

    I find it hilarious when someone says "Balls!" in a British film. Those Brits...they know how to swear inoffensively.
  13. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    I'm with you Tom about Blondell and her early WB films - just recorded a triple feature of Blondell on Glenda Farrell day last month. She's a favorite in this household and MrTiki lovingly calls her "banjo eyes". Wallace Ford an the romantic lead was the bonus of Central Park. However, I think Ford will be best remembered for playing Phroso in FREAKS.
  14. TikiSoo

    2019 TCM Big Screen Classics

    I think they are also showing WHITE CHRISTMAS. Our film group is showing WC as our season finale this Monday. Musicals like this are fun to watch with other classic film lovers. Our screening space only allows about 100 people, so it's like a big party. Members rarely talk during the feature (like they will in a theater) but you can feel everyone around you reacting to the movie, often with spontaneous applause after a great song/dance number. One recent feature, when the villain was on screen, some people hissed at him!
  15. Eh, everyone here has their "schtick". As for "when WB cartoons went bad" I read the credits & base my opinion on the musical director: Carl Stalling=should be a great cartoon Bill Lava= should be OK to boring cartoon Gene Dietch= horrible cartoon, not worth watching

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