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  1. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    My main reason for loving this movie. She just lip synchs songs from her recordings. The recordings blow you away played on rich old vinyl on a really good hi-fi. Amazing. What other movie can I see her in? I hear a lot of her songs used on soundtracks, but I like seeing her. So exotic! I really enjoy your sentiments, Lawrence.
  2. TikiSoo

    My Favorite 25 movies released AFTER 1960

    Yeah yeah yeah! Looking over everyone's lists, I find a few movies in my own "favorites" list. But I am surprised at how many listed are on my "stinkers" list. I love how movies touch people differently and I love the diversity of the titles and of genres. I really like your posts fxreyman, but I don't care for ONE movie on your list! Surprisingly, same for cigarjoe's list! (please don't hold that against me) I'm most agreeable to speedtracer's, CinemaInternational's and DetJim's choices in liking more than 50% of what they've listed. We're not talking about "best" movies, but your "favorites" which means movies that touched you in a special way. Interesting. Some post 1960 films (mostly already mentioned) that I do love: Harold & Maude In Cold Blood Network One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest The Shining Young Frankenstein The Parent Trap Love & The Proper Stranger Inside Daisy Clover All The Fine Young Cannibals The Fisher King 2001 A Space Odyssy In The Heat of The Night The Royal Tannenbaums The Purple Rose of Cairo Radio Days Annie Hall Hannah & Her Sisters (I hate myself for loving Woody)
  3. TikiSoo

    Archaic Expressions in Films

    That one goes with "I'll give ya something to cry about" Whaaa? (I know what it means now, but not when a kid) One archaic phrase I never hear anymore: "Bartender - another round for the house!"
  4. TikiSoo

    Joan Bennett for SOTM

    That just sounds like how every woman was treated in Hollywood, once they turned 30 and even moreso after 40. So sad that so much revolves around a woman's looks; quick fleeting "sex appeal".
  5. TikiSoo

    Joan Bennett for SOTM

    Wow that's perseverance! I love Joan Bennett too. She seems to have a "modern" quality to her looks, much like Paulette Goddard. Joan also has a unique voice which really helps sell her acting. I like Constance enough, but her roles aren't as memorable as Joan's -especially Joan in noirs- previously mentioned.
  6. TikiSoo

    Movie Partners.

    Yeah me too. I rarely watch movies at home with anyone but the dog. The kind of stuff MrTiki likes is way too violent for me and the kind of stuff I like is too "silly" for him. We both belong to a classic film group so we see whatever is scheduled, lumping it. What's really funny is when something screened is super popular with the audience & a real groaner for both of us. (Doris Day comedies/Betty Grable period musicals fall within that) A fellow member of the group is my "movie theater buddy". We will travel to a classic theater to see any sort of oddity or tripe being screened that neither of our partners could tolerate. He has urged me to see any number of films I initially rejected, like THE GIANT CLAW, of which I am forever grateful. ..."Trust the Movie Buddy"...
  7. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    I'll have to give that TCM recording another try. Fell asleep first try. I was disappointed with MIRANDA, although Glynis is bee-oo-tee-ful in that photo. I like Gynis now too, although initially turned off by her warbley voice in Mary Poppins. I honestly think favorable/unfavorable "initial" impressions are recognized familial traits & appearances.
  8. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    Understood. Maybe I'm more forgiving since I was much younger when first viewed. Some movies are spoiled by an "adult's" mind-Abbott & Costello come to mind. When watching even the silliest "Road" picture, it's as if I'm instantly transported back to having a 15 year old mentality.
  9. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    I may not find him the "swoonworthy boy wonder" in the musicals, but absolutely appreciate his talent. I feel was you do, it never fell between the cracks for me. What a stellar cast! I'm a huge Bennett sisters fan, as a big Patsy Kelly fan...bonus strength Ahern, Mowbray & Burke. This movie has the same feel for me as IT HAPPENED ON 5TH AVE; movies I saw as a teen that were sweet & simple enough for me to be charmed by the genre classic b&w movies.
  10. TikiSoo

    Predator on the Reservation

    I bet it was an Otto incorrect "correction"
  11. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    I've had 1951's YOU NEVER CAN TELL on my wish list forever. Thanks TCM for finally showing it last month, I watched my recording yesterday. It's one of those goofy "come back from the dead and influence the living" type ghost/reincarnation stories that I've enjoyed since childhood. THIS one is special though, that the spirit is a dog coming back as a human. This movie's not really anything special, just goofy fun really. The story is elevated by the fantastic acting, most notably by Dick Powell as the "human" dog spirit. The poor dog inherits a fortune when his master dies and then the dog's murdered. The estate manager played straight by adorable Peggy Dow is instantly suspected, although WE know she's as innocent as snow. Powell is really deft at comedy and combines that with his serious "detective" persona in this one film, almost like a combination of his two careers. Joyce Holden plays a reincarnated horse companion and that note gets tired, illustrating the difficulty in the animal/human spirit role Powell pulls off more successfully. Charles Drake plays the hiss inducing gold digging boyfriend. Although I never warmed to Dick Powell, I'm starting to look beyond his smugness as just his "schtick" Then I watched an oft discussed here noir starring Lucille Ball THE DARK CORNER 1946. Seriously, how could this movie go wrong with this group: Lucy, Clifton Webb & William Bendix all directed by Henry Hathaway? The story starts out simply enough- William Bendix is tailing/threatens NYC transplant Bradford Galt (Mark Stevens) and his secretary Kathleen (a blonde Lucy!) Clifton Webb is an art dealer with a trophy wife (beautiful Cathy Downs) who has strayed with Kurt Kreuger playing a character named Jardine. These two stories intersect -once you find Jardine was once Galt's partner in a detective agency- but takes all sorts of twists and turns, with Stevens barely keeping up with Lucy's obvious star quality. Bendix is given a role he can really play with for a change, and brings real menace to the movie despite his teddy bear face. Clifton Webb brings his usual haughty coldness to his pivotal role but mostly at the very end of the film. You don't need a lot of Clifton Webb to be memorable, so this was paced just right in my opinion. I enjoyed this film a lot, only the middle seemed to drag a little, probably only because I was a little confused as to what was going on. Enjoyed the inserted NYC footage & foley and opening song "Street Scene" to suggest setting. I'm always amazed that NO one could see Lucy's obvious talent & star quality: she stands out here just like Marilyn does in her early roles. Although the poster lists the stars in appropriate order....
  12. TikiSoo

    Tiffany Vasquez

    Naaaw, you make me sound like the thread police! I'm actually enjoying the funny legs this thread has.....seems Sybil left for the cornfield. For now. (well, after trying yet another, weaker alter)
  13. TikiSoo

    Tiffany Vasquez

    Notice the chirping crickets?
  14. TikiSoo

    Tiffany Vasquez

    Obviously neither of you remember Cave Girl. Every board-even one as seemingly harmless as one focusing on classic movies- has it's hecklers cloying for attention. Me? I learned in high school I could get away with murder (ok, sex & drugs & R&R) if I just disappeared into the crowd.

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