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  1. Might as well call it "Fist-gate" because that's what we're getting from the White House.
  2. Racism in Trump's America

    Sadly, Trump's attitude isn't "from a 50's Museum" but still shared by other idiots. It's hard to believe, but since that A-Hat's been in office, I've heard many other people talk that way! Amazingly, these same people secretly hated Obama as our president, but were just too afraid to say so, knowing it was an "unpopular" opinion. Trump in the White House has only "emboldened" them out of the closet. I dislike this President for several reasons, but his racist remarks & attitude make me truly hate him.
  3. Mondo Movies

    I'm a little confused....when looking at my collection of "Mondo" movies I see they are actually "Mondo Macabro" movies. My all time favorite is double feature BANDH DARWAZA with PURANA MANDIR. Amazing Bollywood vampire movies that contain everything you want in a horror film: blood, crypts, angry mob with torches, songs. Instead of a cross re-pell-ing the vampire, it's a staff with "ohm" on the top. And my WILD WORLD OF JAYNE MANSFIELD/THE LABYRINTH OF SEX is a Something Weird Video release. These are favorites of mine, I have a boxful of them. I've only kept 3 disks from the box so far: TOUCH OF HER FLESH/CURSE OF HER FLESH, THE ACID EATERS/WEED and HIGH SCHOOL BIG SHOT/HIGH SCHOOL CAESAR. Those "keeper" titles encompass my interest in exploitation films of sex, drugs & juvenile delinquent plots. I like these films mostly because they are un-Hollywood, giving insight about smaller indie productions of the time. Systematically going through the box, anything I'll never watch again goes into the "sell" pile.
  4. The tragedy of Judy Garland....

    A very good book to give some insight to Judy's life is Gerald Clarke's GET HAPPY ISBN:0-375-50378-1. Clarke's books are well researched and very well written-no conjecture, no unclear "pet" names or phrases or any other affectations so many modern writers narcissistically add to their works. This book offers a very well rounded view of Judy's life and will help answer some of the OP questions. (although no one has corroborated the story that Judy's body laid in the mortuary awhile with no final resting place until Sinatra paid for one for her)
  5. Movie Related Pet Names

    I have two chihuahuas named Samson & Delilah Hilarious! Perfect dogs for FL. Pictures?
  6. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    -What I don't understand regarding Trump denying using "vulgar language" when referring to African Nations & Haiti. I heard a tape of his voice calling these areas "****-Whole" places. Is Trump claiming it was an impostor's sound-alike voice? Or a tampered recording? I "hole-ly" believe Trump actually used those words in conversation.
  7. We're all fans of classic movies here....and many of us have pets. Have you named your pet after a movie, movie star, director? My horse looks like Kirk Douglas' horse "Whiskey" in fave movie LONELY ARE THE BRAVE, but she was already named.... So I named my dog Butterscotch Whiskey, combining a former TCM board member's name with Douglas' horse's name. Bijou was almost chosen, but noticed it sounded like sneezing when calling it out loud! You?
  8. The Cranberries sounded like Ireland to me, mostly because of O'Riordan's thickly accented voice. I did not realize she was so young, either. So sad. Her voice was joyous.
  9. So, tell, tell about Tom Hanks . . . Really? I've spoken of this numerous times, whenever some puetz says they saw some movie and Tom Hanks was "great". Maybe good writing or a good director carries Hanks through, but if you pay attention you'll find he just blandly reads his lines. The person I know that worked with him said his lack of talent & personality was obvious to all on the set. Maybe he's given up, maybe he hates the Hollywood scene, who knows? His best acting apparently is off camera-he acts like a great star. (Wholly different from my first "hated" actor, Kevin Costner. Costner seemed to try hard in his roles, but was often just unconvincing) Maybe Hanks is a cute everyman, but he doesn't really add anything fresh or dramatic artistically in his roles. A perfect example is his portrayal of Walt Disney in SAVING MR BANKS-we don't "feel" anything towards Disney as a man, he just reads Walt's lines. If you pay attention, his ineptitude shows. This is just my opinion, though.
  10. Thanks a great story lydecker. It reminds me a little of how my old bf would speak about Kirsten Dunst. Apparently he worked with her on one of her earliest movies and was completely charmed. He said she was a everyone's "little darling"; incredibly talented, intelligent, hard working & professional. He told me to keep my eye out for her, she will be "BIG". (This was the guy who also pointed out to me what a wreck Tom Hanks is)
  11. Go ahead, cry me a river.

    I kind of agree with slayton on this one- Cry Me A River is a "heartbreak" story song, not an anger song. I just listened to all the clips here and actually turned the Joe Cocker one off halfway through. He sings it like Proud Mary, with energy & anger. I like the Streisand version since her voice is so emotional and gorgeously smooth while maintaining power. But I have to say, I really do prefer the Julie London & Combustible Edison versions because they don't carry a whit of anger or energy in them-they are more smoldering and resolved. If you've never been in that situation, you know the feeling of being used and finally saying "enough". Yes, it's a powerful position, but should be tempered with weariness. And I'm the opposite- I knew Julie London as a great singer & just recently saw her on ME-TV EMERGENCY re-runs. I thought, "Gee, that looks like Julie London" and once I heard her voice thought, "when did she become an actor?" She looked great in the nurse costume!
  12. Sling tv on-demand

    I successfully loaded FireFox on my Amazon Firestick. WATCH TCM is available several ways-through a subscriber service as the OP mentioned, as a stand alone app (which never works-you get the "error occurred message) and over the internet, ie FireFox browser. I've tried every route and although Watch TCM loads perfectly, I can navigate around the page, it just will not work. Whenever I press "play" the "sign in" screen pops up. Even if I choose "remember me" it defaults to the sign in screen. Phooey! Like the previous poster-I have enough choices I don't really need TCM especially if they're going to be difficult about it. And I cut my cable cord nearly 7 years ago without any withdrawal symptoms. There is so much readily available....
  13. Heh, my High School English teacher (also the drama teacher) was one of the panicked crowd running on the beach in JAWS. He was a vain queen sort of a guy who finished one school year with a red toupee & beard then returned the next year with a bald head & white beard. I think he was in his "red" stage in JAWS, enough cause to say you missed spotting him in the scene!
  14. Go ahead, cry me a river.

    I bet Babs' version is the definitive-she's the greatest. Personally, I always liked Combustible Edison's version best. (sorry, I can't post a link) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ak7H2Qj8zo
  15. I Just Watched...

    NickAndNora said:I saw this back when it first was released in theaters, and the clown (Pennywise) scared me so much that I had to sleep with the lights on for a week. Uh oh, that happened to me after seeing THE SHINING when first released at a theater. Hopefully, watching IT at home on a TV will minimize the scariness. My other "trick" is to fast forward through intense scenes, or just watch it without sound. Tom Savini taught me this-he said you won't be effected by violence as much if watching without sound-you'll then view it as a visual "special effect".

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