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  1. TikiSoo

    Summer Drive In

    My first experience at a drive in was with my Mother & Grandmother seeing the The Godfather. I slept in the back seat-not interested. By time I was in my late teens/early twenties, catching a soft porn triple feature was a fun date. I saw lots of those & schlocky monster movies during that time. a decade later, as a travel reporter of vintage roadside attractions, I saw many first run movies at drive-ins throughout the US. I'm afraid we've lost another wave of indie drive ins due to the recent expensive digital upgrade.
  2. TikiSoo

    Marion Davies & Leslie Howard

    I recorded it & can't wait to watch it!
  3. TikiSoo

    Summer Drive In

    My family loves the utterly ridiculous FROM HELL IT CAME. We cultivate Tabangas as a topiary hobby. Halloween time, mine gets "eyes". This type of movie is great fun seen in theaters with others, but can fall flat when watching at home alone on a TV. So out of "context". I also like UNTAMED YOUTH, a great chance to see how talented/un-talented Mamie Van Doren is. You realize she's still with us & looks pretty much the same?
  4. TikiSoo

    Barbara Stanwyck's son

    ^^^ Well THAT post is certainly off-topic! I find those who have experienced poor parenting typically end up over-compensating with their own parenting. It's as if they feel "cheated" from not experiencing loving parents so they make SURE their child is unconditionally loved. Not unlike the kids who were beaten by their parents grow up vowing to never strike their own children, since they know how it scarred themselves.
  5. TikiSoo

    I produce a students films tv show

    What did everyone think of the shots and or the editing of the piece? There certainly is enough material out there to harvest examples from. Are those news clips PD or did the student need permission to use them? The editing was good, the story flowed nicely and illustrated one viewpoint well. Computer's video editing software available these days is a great beginner's tool for students -really anyone- to learn the basics. I will add however, I wasn't enamored with the opening "selfie" explanation. Unnecessary, work needs to stand on it's own.
  6. TikiSoo

    I produce a students films tv show

    I'm a big fan & subscriber of FILM SCHOOL SHORTS so was curious to see what even younger kids might have to offer. I also really like non fiction filmmaking (documentaries) so I gave it a look-thank you for inviting us. I bring some professional editing experience along with my personal opinion..... The filmmaker did an excellent job compiling news reports, visual clips & voice overs of kids protesting school shootings. There isn't much need to convince viewers of the POV that kids (or anyone) being killed in school (or elsewhere) is horrific & needs to be stopped. Why isn't it? What is the "opposing" side? Why is this "allowed" to happen? I realize this video's focus is to show a "movement", but just who are they showing signs to and yelling at? Their parents? Their Principal? Their Mayor? The viewer? What is the reaction? And most importantly, how are these kids going to change the situation? The sign that read "I'm 18 & will vote for pro gun control politicians" was the only indication I spotted. Great job kids. Film is an excellent story telling medium. Keep it up!
  7. TikiSoo

    "I'd love to see a biopic about..."

    Sepiatone said: Documentaries differ from traditional "biopics" as documentaries are usually filled with FACTS. Thanks for pointing that out, I realized that after posting it. Can anyone express their feelings as to why they'd prefer a dramatization of someone's life rather than a movie that documents the actual facts?
  8. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    Lawrence said: I'm open minded when it comes to movies. Just because I largely don't like a specific genre, that doesn't mean that I will never like a movie from that genre. I don't completely write off some genres, as others on here do. Spoken like a true cinephile. True movie lovers don't avoid certain genres, or even actors or subjects matter they don't care for. My movie buddy invited me to see '57's THE GIANT CLAW at the theater. I declined saying it was just a waste of an evening. He urged me to give it a try in the theater, so I did. It was a great fun, the audience reactions definitely enhanced my enjoyment of the film. My movie buddy said: "Every film is worth seeing-once" So now whenever I wrinkle my nose at some movie showing, he'll just say "Giant Claw" and I'll remember to give every movie at least one try. I've discovered some stars (WC Fields, Mae West) that I thought were horrible until seeing them in "good" films and seen a few very good films in genres I'd typically avoid like boxing or westerns. It generally helps if the movie is universally liked, like EASTER PARADE....if so many other people like it, chances are you'll see what's good about it too, despite any personal prejudices.
  9. TikiSoo

    "I'd love to see a biopic about..."

    There was recently an excellent documentary made on the life of Janis Joplin, 2016's "JANIS: Little Girl Blue". Although I grew up listening to her music, I knew nothing about her until seeing that doc, so of course I thoroughly enjoyed it. Also to the person interested in Paul Newman....there's a 2015 documentary on his passion "WINNING: The Racing Life of Paul Newman". Both these are at my library, maybe worth looking into yours.
  10. TikiSoo

    NickAndNora34's Disney Movie Journey

    Well I got a copy of THE RELUCTANT DRAGON from the li-berry just to see fave Bob Benchley. Wah! The copy I got was a compilation of cloying Disney shorts, including TRD, Ferdinand The Bull, Goliath 2 and Johnny Appleseed. Beautiful animation. I can see that Hanna Barbara took the personality of Disney's dragon for the original Dino in the Flintstones, then dropped it for a non verbal Dino. I believe that "personality" was originally Phil Silvers' charactor creation.
  11. TikiSoo

    R.I.P. Anthony Bourdain (1956-2018)

    Sepia said: it was the COWARDICE that's kept me alive. Haha you're just afraid of (the method) of dying, like any normal person would be. The "cowardice" people mention (not I) refers to "being afraid to live"- to face life and all the misery/disappointments that are inevitable for all of us. I have a chronic disorder that brings physical pain on a daily basis that will shorten my life. I learned at an early age to appreciate all the good things that happen -no matter how small- that balance any bad things. We all are dealt different cards in life and there's always someone who has it worse. I have little tolerance of complainers.
  12. TikiSoo


    The OP: I watched AK, wondering why no one since Garbo seems to have the same physical presence on screen, or the ability to transcend reality. Well I tried introducing Garbo to my teen who loved classic movies.....thud! For some reason, her performance did not reach this millennial with the same impact it did for me, first seeing her at that age. The kid was bored by Garbo and wasn't even impressed with her beauty! OTOH, this same girl was completely enraptured by Louise Brooks! We returned from an evening out to find her glued to TCM watching Brooks in a silent film! She discovered it all on her own, not even realizing Brooks is the same girl in the photos throughout my house. The only thing I can attribute it to is "age". Possibly the Garbo movie was too adult a theme for this teen to connect. But I was still shocked, shocked that Garbo's charm did not reach her.
  13. TikiSoo

    Men You Love to Hate in the Movies!

    Since there are several mentions of Charles Boyer in GASLIGHT.... I can't stand Boyer's screen persona: he's smarmy & smug and I don't find him attractive at all. The role in GASLIGHT fits him perfectly and I enjoy it, but avoid any other movie he's in just because his presence ruins it for me. I feel the same way about Randolph Scott. Yuk.
  14. TikiSoo

    A STAR IS BORN (2018) trailer

    Interesting....thanks for posting that. I really like seeing Gaga out of costume, as a regular person. I've only seen the Gaynor/March and Garland/Mason versions....this seems to be about singers, not actors. The only flaw I see is that singers can be popular "stars" forever-like Elton John, Billy Joel, Mick Jagger, etc. Musicians don't seem to have as fickle or short a career as movie actors.
  15. TikiSoo

    Marion Davies & Leslie Howard

    Sepia said: What was funny too, was that HE thought the ZORRO legend was based on FACT! I'm no longer amused or amazed by ignorance or stupidity. Consider this earlier post: Soory but Leslie was as dull & drippy as dishwater, though she had talent,. especially comedic of which Hearst wouldn't let her display, wanting her in heavy costume dramas instead Thank you drednm, for keeping us informed about Davies.

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