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  1. I'll throw a couple out there.... The mods can't decipher the posts either & delete them as spam or trolling They are posted, you just can't FIND them because even YOU can't comprehend them
  2. Films about fancy looking gas stations

    That clip makes me want to see BACK TO THE FUTURE (ah so many movies....never enough time) I specialize in restoring 20th Century Commercial objects & buildings and have experience with vintage gas stations. That "Texaco" station shown in BTTF isn't a "fancy" model, it's more of a drive through style typically set further out of town. I don't think Texaco ever built a station like that, but most likely the set designers just put that sign on it for viewer nostalgia. Stations built in city or town centers typically followed a "homey" look, complete with windows & chimneys, mostly to appeal to women. Of course much also depends on the decade: late 50's & 60's stations tried looking "futuristic", with designs by WD Teague & FL Wright. Once you become familiar with designs, you can name the petrol company that originally built the station just by it's architectural elements. More here if you're interested: https://www.nps.gov/tps/how-to-preserve/briefs/46-gas-stations.htm
  3. Donny & Gene

    Great clip-thanks! Princess of Tap can correct me on this, but aren't they perfectly "matched" dancers? Seems like dancers that are the same height, proportions & build just look great dancing together. These two have the same physicality (flexibility & reach) and with the matched clothing, are a treat for the eye. My old Golden Retriever just LOVED Fred Astaire, I have lots of photos & videos of her watching him dance. I realized dancing (esp in b&w movies) attracts our attention like primitive hunting instincts- movement catches our eyes and obviously mesmerizes us to a certain extent. Dancing is primal...and Gene Kelly brings out the cave woman in me-;-)
  4. May 2018 TCM Spotlight: Movie Series

    I'm very surprised these "series" have not been spotlighted earlier. (at least this many of them shown together) I think most of them are great productions, very well acted & fun. As a kid, these were the first movies I could digest-they had simple entertaining plots, strong charactors and were short enough for my attention span. Maisie is a particular favorite. I thought Ann Southern was adorable. When I got older and first saw Joan Blondell, I yelled out "Maisie!" but was soon corrected. Our movie group just screened GREAT GILDERSLEEVE ON BROADWAY and TARZAN'S NEW YORK ADVENTURE as a double feature and the audience just went wild over them!
  5. For Audiophiles Mostly

    Thanks a lot Sepia....now I've got to find that Harry Lubin on CD. That was great Theremin playing- more "vocal" style than "violin" style. That Blue Man Group thing was kind of interesting too. So their performance is just a bunch of percussionists with vinyl head coverings? Anyone know what that PVC drum apparatus is? Interesting, but I bet it's too loud for me to see live.
  6. How many remember this one?

    Wow the 70's had an odd drawing style all it's own.
  7. Orson Welles' The Other Side of the Wind

    Is the book This Is Orson Welles? Yes that's the book. Heh, I didn't know Welles directed THE TRIAL! (just finished the KANE sections in the book) I once caught THE TRIAL on TCM about 5 minutes in and was hooked by Anthony Perkins. What an incredible actor he was. Loved the movie- thought it was superior to the book- but saw it so long ago, I don't recall much about it. It struck me as having an artsy-fartsy pompous air to it, but fun in a stagey play sort of way. (A positive aspect of having severe memory loss is every movie eventually becomes a "new" movie. Often all that's retained is the emotional impression)
  8. Orson Welles' The Other Side of the Wind

    The Other Side of the Wind is getting a royal treatment from Frank Marshall, Peter Bogdanovich and Netflix. Hearing Pete Bogdanovich is on the project is a big boost for a satisfactory end result. I'm currently reading Bogdanovich's 1992 book of interviews with Welles where all his unfinished projects are discussed in detail. Bogdanovich knew Welles pretty closely, plus his experience & talent make him the only choice to complete Welles' vision. Here's hoping for the best....
  9. Sibling "Chefs"

    I agree. The entire PA/NY border is an undiscovered gem from the Catskills to Chautauqua. Chautauqua was a big influence on Lucille Ball's early acting career. Rod Serling named his company Cayuga Productions after the Finger Lake where his summer camp was. (my brother's camp is on the opposite side of Cayuga Lake) Humphrey Bogart's family had a camp on Canandaigua Lake during his childhood.
  10. Orson Welles' The Other Side of the Wind

    There hasn't been much success for those taking over and completing Welles' films in the past. Will this be any different?
  11. I Just Watched...

    Wow Lawrence....that's the most scathing review I've ever heard from you! Too bad I recorded THE NIGHT OF THE STRANGLER....but good thing I combined it on the same disk with THE QUARTERMASS EXPERIMENT, each under 90 minutes for a (hopefully) fun double feature. I always enjoyed Mickey Dolenz, he's obviously the big draw to watch the movie.
  12. The End of "TV"

    The show was to be about my business...most of you know what that is...similar to American Pickers. The girl on the phone kept asking what type of infighting goes on between employees and I said NONE. (because I fire anyone who gives me trouble-I'm sole proprietor) I was then told they would provide workers & clients (actors!) & jobs and I would have to "play along". I'm almost 60 year old woman. There was NO WAY I was going to allow them to over-make up my face, draw on tattoos or color my hair to make me look like an "edgy creative person". It really goes to show you that what you're watching is all manufactured.
  13. Sibling "Chefs"

    Sorry to correct you Fedya, but Hammondsport (a big wine community) at the south end of the lake isn't "Bedford Falls", Seneca Falls at the north end is. The Bridge, the divided main street (Genesee St) and the story of the suicide jumper all are in Seneca Falls. Hammondsport is nothing to sneeze at, though. I once wrote an article for a travel magazine about visiting the southern Finger Lakes region. My very favorite thing in the world that can only be found there is grape pies. Ladies sell them off their porch, and depending on what type of grape they use, the pies can vary widely from tart to sweet. Amazing.
  14. Happy 96th Birthday to Doris Day!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DORIS DAY! What a great job she did in all her movies! We show at least one a year at our screenings and they are wildly popular. Her talent translates through time to new generations of classic film fans. She found out about our screenings & has sent notes to us to read as "intros"-what a kind, thoughtful person! (I like her "sweater stretcher" gesture in that earlier posted photo and just made it my desktop pic)
  15. The End of "TV"

    Ah don't be so sure about "network influence".....some of you may recall when I was called about appearing in a reality TV show- not only were they providing a script, but they would dictate wardrobe, make up AND my hair style! All I could imagine was those poor Duck Dynasty guys whom were forced to grow those long beards. (also told they would "bleep" my dialogue liberally to make it seem like I was swearing) The money offered was crazy, but I declined to preserve my privacy, sanity & reputation.

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