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  1. TikiSoo

    September 2018 Schedule Now Available

    Interesting choice for SOTM. I love Dino in BELLS ARE RINGING and SOME CAME RUNNING. Otherwise, pretty blah fare. I'm more interested in the spotlight on Black Experience in Film since several of my very favorite movies will be shown (again) I'm compiling my list of what to record (titles I've never seen) Thursday the 8th 7:45-6PM has a list of unusual titles. I've chosen THE WORLD CHANGES with Paul Muni Any recommendations for a title to pair it with to make a double feature? I'm also going to record AN AMERICAN FRIEND by Wim Wenders. While like Bergman, Wenders are best seen in a theater, I'll give it a try.
  2. Tuesday, September 4: 9:30 PM Imitation of Life (1934) 11:30 PM Pinky (1949) 8:00 PM A Raisin in the Sun (1961) Thursday, September 13: 12:00 AM A Patch of Blue (1965) Tuesday, September 18: 10:00 PM Cabin in the Sky (1943) These are just about my favorite movies of all time. If ever caught mid movie, I always get sucked in. I'm amazed at what's NOT included. Maybe I'll understand after hearing the host elaborate on the spotlight.
  3. I just love WHAT'S UP DOC? and am always kind of unsatisfied after seeing BRINGING UP BABY. Some of it may be due to the music? It feels more frantic. I suspect some of my preference could be from more modern dialogue in WUD. In any case, I enjoy both lead couples.
  4. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    Great well rounded description of The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover, Lawrence. I search the library & upcoming schedule of titles that sound interesting from this thread. I just added ABANDON SHIP & PRIVATE WORLDS to my list! I do have a question about this lobby card, posted earlier though: After reading the description of this movie, WHY is Colbert-pictured in the bottom left corner-surrounded by stars & planets? Even the lettering of "Private Worlds" with the credits is pretty futuristic. As a movie poster collector, I'll often find weird juxtapositions in the designs, but this one is truly perplexing to me after hearing what the movie is actually about. It just looks at odds next to the dramatic still of the main charactors. Any opinions?
  5. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    Speedracer said 4. Yes. Abner Kravitz (aka George Tobias) is the husband to Gladys Kravitz, grade A snoop. While most of us first saw George Tobias on BEWITCHED, once seeing him in so many supporting roles in so many movies, we realize what a truly fantastic actor he was. He wasn't particularly handsome so he remained in supporting roles most of his career. But just off the top of my head I can recall him playing a Russian, an Englishman, a Southerner, a soldier, blue collar worker, gangster, pilot and the list goes on. Tobias is right up there with Ward Bond, Thomas Mitchell & Alan Hale as talented & prolific supporting actors in so many great classic movies. Just look at all he brings to his last role as Kravitz which is essentially just a straight man part.
  6. TikiSoo

    Tyrone Power

    No doubt Power was a gorgeous, handsome man, but his looks do not appeal to my taste at all. But I find him an excellent actor, and always believe his character on screen.
  7. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    OK, we get your point, please stop yelling.... I appreciate that you appreciate the Biltmore. Grand Resort Hotels are one of my favorite subjects and (like my tapophelia) most people don't "get" it. The title was found in my library & is ordered. I'm also a Don Knotts fan and never seen this. Thank you for the recommendation!
  8. TikiSoo

    Has This Been Addressed?

    Well said, sew. But might I add that as I understand it, stations rent "packages" which typically contain one big feature, several good movies with big stars, a smattering of lesser movies and a handful of programmers & shorts. The distributer allows (or requires) how many times a movie can be broadcast for the rented time period. That is why you'll see something like TWO GUYS FROM MILWAUKEE play every month in succession of three months and then not see it for years. This has been explained to me by a retired TV technician who would rent these packages for his TV station for years. I remember seeing ALL THE FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS on TCM for years. The week I bought a recorder, it stopped showing, never to be seen again! As for the suggestion box-I would surmise if there are several consistent requests for a star, movie or genre, it may sway whomever's choosing through "packages"
  9. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    Lawrence watched: Toward the Unknown Hey Lawrence-this title has been on my brother's wish list for years- he's a pilot & Holden fan, so now it makes sense! (haha from the title I thought it was one of those "people on a plane who don't know their dead" fantasy movies) Where did you ever find a copy of this?
  10. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    Lawrence said: Patterns - Corporate America is dramatized in all of its ugly glory by writer Rod Serling. (snipped) This may be a little dated, but it's still hard-hitting Like movies that take place in a newsroom setting? I've wondered if any movie revolving around newspapers and other trades of the past will just not be understood by future generations. Westerns were definitely a nostalgic genre for most even though highly elaborated, most viewers were more likely to meet an Indian than cowboy. I still have a big old metal dial phone and a couple of visiting 5-7 y/o did not believe me when I told them it was a phone!
  11. TikiSoo

    Errol Flynn....still the best.

    I like TomJH's post....it reminds me of all the guys who say they like Marilyn & Jane in GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES because of their dazzling smiles! None of you guys familiar with Dr Macros' site of photos? (doctormacro.com) You'll find fantastic high resolution photos you can download & print. I've taken files to our local photography studio (yes we still have one!) and have had them printed as 8x10 glossies! That's where I get most of my best movie star photos. There's 4 pages of fantastic photos..enjoy!
  12. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    While waiting for MrTiki, I sat down & turned on TCM (of course!) Columbia's CONVICTED '50 must have just started and although no Glenn Ford fan but love prison movies, I was sucked in. The "nice guy thrown in with hoodlums" is a common theme. Glenn Ford as Joe Hufford, was excellent in this leading role because he always strikes me as bewildered anyway. (he plays a victim in a lot of movies, doesn't he?) His cellmates are hardened criminals Malloby and Mapes (funny because "Mopes" is a common term cops use to describe thugs) who involve Hufford in all kinds of ridiculous escapades. A new Warden comes on duty, played perfectly by fave Broderick Crawford. This is where I got hooked: The Warden shows up with his wife, adult daughter (Dorothy Malone) and mother-in-law and they are given a fully furnished apartment RIGHT ON THE PREMISES. After howling out loud, Mr Tiki informed me this actually used to be done!* Well of course the Warden was the very guy who wrongly convicted Hufford and tries to make amends by giving him extra privileges and fighting for early parole. And of course Hufford is totally trustworthy driving the Warden's daughter around town in civvies! All the while trouble is brewing in the rec yards with a planned escape headed by particularly evil Frank Faylen. Ford gets sucked in the maelstrom and the story is mostly about how he overcomes the system. This movie was just about a howl from beginning to end, even more hilarious than 1953's JEOPARDY in how criminals & the justice system are depicted. This movie had inmates preparing food, even butchering large slabs of meat with HUGE knives! Rrrrright. These knives & even guns are passed undetected from one guy to another when in real prisons, fleces or spit are more likely to be what's shared. Along with the hilarity, this movie was kept very enjoyable and entertaining solely by the great performances. As I stated earlier, Ford was good as the victimized prisoner. I just loved seeing Broderick Crawford as a good guy, he was excellent, as always. Outstanding was Millard Mitchell as conniving inmate who really moves the entire plot along. It was funny to see mild Frank Faylen playing the worst of the worst, I bet he enjoyed that role although he was only believable once he feared retaliation. Dorothy Malone gets a lot of discussion on this board, and she left me cold. Could have been difficult material for her to take seriously, don't know. My summation to MrTiki is I can totally see how so many people "feel sorry" or empathize for those caught in the penal system after watching this type of fantasy prison story. They feature "regular guys" stuck, confined in a violent situation which rarely happens-when it does, those inmates are often separated for their own protection, or just keep to themselves until their time is up. Most bad behaviour in prison revolves around contraband food/drugs and violence is most often spontaneous. Most "planned" crimes involve revenge upon release, which bounces them back in. *in real life, no prison guard or cop wants an inmate to know who his wife/daughters are for fear of retaliation/victimization a la Cape Fear. (Fleces is deliberately misspelled for Otto)
  13. Great article...thanks for posting the link!
  14. TikiSoo

    Errol Flynn....still the best.

    I have a photo from the same session as my desktop pic. It's great because Flynn doesn't seem to be wearing any undergarments, if you know what I mean. Our reaction to Flynn's hotness just goes to show we all respond to physical fitness, but not overly bloated muscles like what bodybuilders have. Sorry that I always bring this up in discussions of Flynn, but when seeing his costume in a museum exhibit, I was struck by how tall and beautifully proportioned he was. Like perfection. My Wicked, Wicked Ways is one of the best books written by any Hollywood star. It doesn't matter how much he embellishes a story, it's how HE experienced it, so we get a glimpse of the man's personality. As for his "exploits"... he makes no secret whom he beds, and don't most throw themselves at him? Wouldn't you? Wouldn't I? Wouldn't we? And since we weren't there, we don't know what really happened. I'd like to think his positive qualities, his artistic endeavors would be what endures through time -more than any negativity- just like his images on film.
  15. Yeah, it's now been 3 days of over 100 pages of this crippitycrap when I log on early in the AM. Is it ever cleaned out or has the spam just been compiling? Another most popular candidate: a Korean Partridge Family movie....c'mon get happy!

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