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  1. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    I highly recommend GORILLAS IN THE MIST '88, but have tissues handy. When all the boys raved about how hot Weaver was in ALIEN '79, I just didn't see it. I thought she was kind of hard looking, but that may have been by design. I only saw GITM a few years ago, but was struck by how captivating Weaver was in that. She's a powerhouse actress, carrying the entire movie. I also think she is one of those rare woman who actually got prettier as she matured.
  2. TikiSoo

    Another "Best Years" query....

    I never considered that before.... I guess my assumption for Homer at least, is he'd find some kind of a job-I'm sure there are enough decent jobs for a handicapped veteran. Remember this was a time when people & honor were first, above profit. Homer doesn't seem like the kind of guy content to sit around on gov't disability, he was ashamed of not being able to hold his own glass or open the door. And Wilma's job of course is to work for him & the household. I doubt they'd stay at Homer's parents house. After the War was the first big push for everyone to have a single family suburban home. Many "girls" went on to college or menial jobs while "waiting to be married", and often started taking care of the household as teens in preparation. I was actually surprised by Peggy driving herself around independently. My Mother -who was Peggy's age- expected a male to drive her around. It wasn't until after she was married a few years did she start driving herself & me, to the Country Club.
  3. TikiSoo

    Another "Best Years" query....

    Well the movie clearly illustrates the Derry's are "the wrong side of the tracks" kind of people. Living in a noisy dilapidated shack, reference to heavy drinking is just topped off with a blowsy blonde Hortense replacing "Mom". (I imagine Mom's dead or Fred would have visited her, wouldn't he?) I'm sure Fred was brought up better (illustrated by his manners) but the scene shows him the downward spiral of choosing the wrong path in life. I think Hortense is just an older version of Fred's wife, Marie (brilliantly played by Virginia Mayo) and I like that Fred is not judgmental. They just show the scene and the AUDIENCE is judgmental. It's kind of heavy handed, but the movie is just packed with all these morality tales & decisions. I think that's why we like it so much.
  4. TikiSoo

    Another "Best Years" query....

    Peggy. "Peggy" was a common nickname given EVERYONE with an impossible shortening of their real name. My grandmother Terkish (Theresa) was known as "Peg". I asked why and that's what she told me.
  5. TikiSoo

    Hollywood Running Out of Ideas?

    Haha cute old house observations, Sepia. How many people imagine their house's life before theirs? As an antique restorer, I imagine every item's "life" as I work on it. Changing "social mores" was most evident to me in the movie THE WOMEN. It was all about society & personal dignity and for some reason as a young person I "got" it. When they recently remade the movie I assumed it would bomb because NO ONE would understand the insult, pride or unscrupulous behaviour the entire story is based on. Nowadays, the first emotion of discovering infidelity is fear of disease from an unknown, extra partner, moreso than pride.
  6. TikiSoo

    Hollywood Running Out of Ideas?

    I just want to point out that so many of the really old movies-like from the 30's & 40's, the humor or plot points are wrapped up in old moralities, or the society of the day. Kids today would never understand the scandal of DESIGN FOR LIVING so they'd totally miss the humor. This point hit home for me with GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER. Younger people don't understand just what a mixed race couple would face from "society" in work, housing, schools and the like. Thankfully for those kids, that kind of racism is against the law. But so many "old" films reflect the mores of their time, so similarly the humor may not connect.
  7. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    When I saw that poster, I instantly thought of THE SCREAMING SKULL also '58. The plot is eerily similar: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Screaming_Skull I've seen SCREAMING SKULL numerous times on MST3K (huge fan) and it's a pretty funny episode. GIRL IN GOLD BOOTS '68 is one of my all time favorite episodes. I love the movie so much, I have the poster & lobby card set. (movies these days don't even have lobby cards, they have standees and giveaways) There is an "Hollywood Backstage" show that includes footage of Sonny & Cher visiting the HAUNTED HOUSE available on YouTube.
  8. Then you'd really like her in WEDDING BELL BLUES. I liked that movie, she certainly elevated it, as usual. I adopted her line "Bout a hundred" as a response to anyone asking how many men I had slept with. A perfect retort to a rude question.
  9. TikiSoo

    Getting It Right

    Ah, I knew what top 40 meant, but didn't know you only played from that list! Wow talk about politically "incorrect". Those titles would never fly these days. Poor Little JoAnn's song would be taken as a suicide note. Well MY favorite on that list is David Rose's THE STRIPPER. I have several CDs of strip music with many versions of that song. Wasn't he Judy Garland's husband? Second favorite is TIL THERE WAS YOU although I can't imagine it being a hit. Nor can I picture Burl Ives being on Top 40 in the 60's. Just goes to show decades "culture" is from the half decade to half decade...in other words 1955-1965 was one style of clothing/music/design and 1965-1975 was wholly different culturally.
  10. TikiSoo

    The "Secret" Hidden Celebrity Cemetery

    Ah, MovieCollector OH, I can't stand the Lion videos. Way too self indulgent: I'm just not interested in his dog or what he had for dinner. That cemetery isn't "hidden", anyone who knows anything about visiting cemeteries or movie stars knows about it. I recommend HOLLYWOOD GRAVEYARD videos for a professional visit of all the Hollywood & vicinity cemeteries, and I'm a taphophile. I particularly like that along with the memorial, he shows posters, photos & sometimes examples of the departed's best known work. He's done 4 episodes of Westwood, he's pretty thorough. Hollywood Graveyard will often show the gravesite of Hollywood non-stars like screenwriters, stunt people, make up artists and doesn't forget silent screen stars classic movie fans likes us are familiar with.
  11. TikiSoo

    Hollywood Running Out of Ideas?

    I agree with that. I also think teens interest in apocalypse/zombie/afterlife fantasy movies is because the way the planet is going, they don't see a future for themselves (rightly so) I'm reminded of the opening classroom scenes in PLEASANTVILLE (1998) When I used to get tickets for pre-release "audience reaction" movies in the 90's, I saw a lot of smaller romantic comedies. I'd leave the theater with a good feeling, having enjoyed a cute modern version of all those old B&W screwball romance comedies with Joan Blondell, Claudette Colbert & the like. You know, those old movies WE like with thin storylines but fun writing & acting. Those "cute" movies rarely became hits, and quickly disappeared. I remember people leaving the theater saying, "Well that was dumb". Either audiences are "too sophisticated" or the writing isn't particularly snappy. One of the biggest laughs came when Mr Wrong was at the door and an audience member shouted out, "NO! Don't answer it!" (at least someone got into it)
  12. TikiSoo

    Getting It Right

    Wow-a lot of discussion about AMERICAN GRAFFITI. Here's another angle for your consideration... I recall reading in Lucas' earliest biography (SKYWALKING, I think it's called) that he originally wanted Elvis tunes to set the tone for the radio play in the movie. Unfortunately, the rights to get even one Elvis song was way out of his budget, so he had to choose from everything else. Even if one of his choices was a "fudge" from the future, it still works great for me, without Elvis. Besides, like Sepiatone stated, there's only so many current hits on the chart at any given time. A DJ playing a two year old song on the radio is wholly acceptable "filler" for the current top 10. After all, you couldn't rotate only the top 10 or 20 songs all day long, could you?
  13. I first saw Melvyn Douglas in NINOTCHKA and just fell in love with him. Could you imagine your own grandfather talking about making a movie with Greta Garbo? And being in NYC during those "recluse" years of hers, possibly spotting her or better yet meeting her? I'd be a star struck kid too.
  14. TikiSoo

    Hollywood Running Out of Ideas?

    As someone who really prefers seeing a movie in a theater, even I am staying home. I'll go to classic film festivals for the rarities, but I just can't get excited about going to first or even second run theaters-people talking through a movie, the bright light of their phones, etc. I almost always walk out unsatisfied with the story, possibly from lack of concentration? Oh wait, there typically isn't a satisfying story. I'm interested in the new STAR IS BORN, only to find out about Gaga, whom I'm totally unfamiliar. But like most Hollywood movies, I'm content to wait until it comes to the library and watch it at home.
  15. TikiSoo

    Getting It Right

    Haha, along the line of firearms....the entire Tiki family are gun enthusiasts and we all burst out laughing when we see anyone gesture shooting a handgun-whether turning their arm sideways or jerking their elbow (pumping). James Cagney is the king of shooting with pumping action. Anyone with knowledge about a subject generally dislikes movies just for the inaccuracies, like the aforementioned trains. I dislike most movies about horses and often howl out loud at medieval knights riding horses in modern Western bridles/bits & saddles tarted up with costuming. Even the type of horse is "wrong". But you certainly wanted the star riding a gorgeous horse like Trigger, not a Budweiser draft horse.

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