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    YCMPUYUNRTTOIAM9INN Haha I gotta say, when I saw that title it was a spit coffee lol moment. I commented on another thread surmising spenshannon was transcribing his posts via a phone & it was badly trying to auto-correct. Even Otto doesn't understand what he's trying to say!
  2. TikiSoo

    Actress Carol Channing (1921-2019)

    OK, I think I'm finally "getting" what's going on with your posts.... Are you speaking (transcribing) your posts into a device & it's auto correcting your words? This could be why there are so many typos and we as readers, can have a hard time understanding your posts. Sadly, it even changed the spelling of "Rockettes".
  3. TikiSoo

    colorizing deserves another shot

    Wow seeing that made the episode so much better! (sarcasm)
  4. TikiSoo

    colorizing deserves another shot

    I thought the make up for the MUNSTERS was done by a Westmore. In fact, I had a conversation with Butch Patrick about working with the Westmores on that show. I will also reveal that on COLOR film, you use different colors on the face to do different things. A yellow crayon type stick under the eyes will counter the purple-y dark circles. Using any shade of blue eye liner will make the eyes "white-er" and any redness less noticeable. Color is an amazing tool that works great creating illusion on film, a little more noticeable in person.
  5. TikiSoo

    Another TCM function that died

    Yup I tried it too. Was happy to see Mary Tyler Moore was top "searched" name.
  6. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    Glad you included the photo. I got excited thinking there was a movie with those two in the leading roles. Eh, a cartoon using their voices is not "starring" the actors, to me. I want to see their faces acting too.
  7. TikiSoo

    Oh No! Democrat Field Trip Cancelled!

    Haha there isn't enough lol for that statement! Why would his candidacy warrant an apology? I think most people fully expected his candidacy. Trump doesn't apologize for anything- he can't. That would take maturity and professionalism. Trump can dish out lying, cheating & bullying but can't/won't take any of the responsibility or consequences of his actions, the very definition of maturity. enough people saw a guy who would deliver the goods to America and our longshot payed off... And please explain exactly what he's "delivered"? Nothing. Trump has not accomplished ANYTHING positive for the American people and the government that is supposed to protect & support all of us. He's supposed to be a LEADER, not a destroyer. All I see is people needlessly OUT OF WORK and a President who thinks a dangerous diplomatic mission is a "vacation" to be cancelled as "punishment" for those who have to represent his policies.
  8. TikiSoo

    Oh No! Democrat Field Trip Cancelled!

    Yeah, in a Dan Quayle on steroids sort of way.
  9. TikiSoo

    Oh No! Democrat Field Trip Cancelled!

    Haha, funny Trump doesn't realize bulling is a loser's game. Heck, I'd breathe a sigh of relief staying home & not having to defend or represent him.
  10. TikiSoo

    Discussion: The Disappearing Middle Class

    I'd say there never was a middle class. People used to be polite, now their ALL mean. No class. White Suburbanites seem most angry and scared realizing their reality isn't an "American Dream".
  11. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    Last night I caught up on my 70's "classics" by finally seeing SERPICO,1973. I had zero interest in this movie, but it's one of MrTiki's favorites, so it was really about time to give it a try. It's basically the story of a "good cop" (surprise) who becomes disgusted by the corruption he sees among his fellow officers in NYC. When Serpico goes through the proper channels to report this, he finds authorities reluctant to investigate, preferring to just allow it to continue. Serpico refuses to "go along" with his coworkers, who brutally mistreat perps and take regular bribes. Knowing Serpico sees them with their hand in the cookie jar but will not take a cookie of his own, makes his a target, out of their guilty fear of discovery/exposure. We all know what it feels to be the outsider at work, but Serpico's life is in danger. This was only my second time seeing Al Pacino in a movie and wow-what a talent. He completely carried this film seemingly easily, always fun to watch. Pairing Pacino's talent with a great director like Sidney Lumet, and you have a winner. There were a few times I was startled by the direction-I know-something you're not supposed to notice. The editing was also notable, and also noticeable as how it furthered the story. Although the dialogue was excellent, Pacino and Lumet told a LOT of the story through their respective crafts: Pacino can wordlessly tell you the story with his body and Lumet knows how to elegantly tell much of the story through the action, sometimes even the "look" of the scene tells you how much time has passed. The very heavy subject is lightened brilliantly, not with words or jokes but with Serpico's crazy under cover costumes. I stopped the disk a few times just to get a better look: one close up scene Serpico is wearing an absurd ring made of a metal jointed fish-as he gestures, the fish on the ring wiggles! And I LOL when he showed up undercover in full Hasidic Jew garb. The NYC locations were wonderful! You couldn't make a film like this today, so much has changed. Sadly, the very impressive classical stadium used for a key scene was demolished a year after this picture was made. I found myself yelling at the screen, "How can that officer TOUCH that guy?" "Where's your back-up?" and "You can't leave the room, there needs to be 2 officers present!" all the protocol in place today that (hopefully) eliminates the sort of police corruption portrayed in this movie. I do understand why MrTiki loves this movie, he's one of those cops that easily works within the "rules". Thankfully the corruption HE complains about his fellow officers is mostly the same as anyone else: abusing vacation or sick time, being lazy at their job, disrespecting supervisors, etc.
  12. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    That's why they call it "acting".
  13. TikiSoo

    Actress Carol Channing (1921-2019)

    I'd add "always", since it was a lifelong habit, not something she adapted late in life. Also add the fact that she was a PERFORMER, a tireless performer who never missed a show. Although she may not have had big long dance numbers, she still had to take up the stage, sing, project her voice. All that takes strength, stamina. I'm sure her body was in GREAT condition for a lady of her age. Her mind was sharp too. I recently saw that documentary and it was fantastic!
  14. TikiSoo

    Ohhh. . . .that dress

    I just saw this photo from GYPSY in another thread: I wondered if any of you fashionistas noticed her fur shawl? In the 20's, it was all the rage for flappers to have a "monkey fur" coat-often a cloth coat with "monkey" fur trim around the collar & cuffs. Obviously Rose could only afford a collar/shawl.(great costuming!) Fur hunting was big in Africa at that time period and I'm not sure exactly what "monkey" fur was used, Chimpanzee, Gorilla, etc? According to LA's Fashion Institute & Design school, it's Colobus Monkey a very sweet little striped monkey. 😞 Anyway, it was all the rage at the time and I thought may go unnoticed by some classic film fans. (I only know about this because I inherited my grandmothers COVETED monkey fur coat that looks exactly like the one in FIDM's blog: https://blog.fidmmuseum.org/museum/2011/06/monkey-fur-coat-c-1938.html )
  15. TikiSoo

    Parting Shots.

    While not a "monumental" ending, I always liked this parting shot closing MODERN TIMES. Walking the road of life with dignity, strong, together....wherever it leads.
  16. TikiSoo

    colorizing deserves another shot

    As a professional "colorist" I can tell you 98% of my customers cannot picture described colors in their mind. I would venture to guess that is why some people like colorized movies, they have little imagination. When I watch B&W films, I "sense" color anyway - just from shade and texture. It was very early that I realized satin clothing makes the wearer look slimmer due to the high contrast tones of the fabric.
  17. TikiSoo

    And Your Favorite Billy Wilder Film Is...?

    Wow it's been forever since I've seen SOSL, but you summed up my lasting impression of it perfectly there. (I'm generally not fond of John Ford pictures)
  18. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    Well I'm glad you reviewed HALLOWEEN, because I just watched another remake of a 70's movie, THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. Looking at Wiki's page of this, I see it's called LETS DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN and was a TV movie. Many of you know I'm a fan of the original, having seen the stage production as well as the movie in the theater well before any yelling or shenanigans. The original movie (1976) is a tribute to classic film, foreshadows punk style & contains spectacular performances. But hey I wanted to give this a shot, although how can you improve upon near perfection? I thought possibly they took it in a new direction or actually updated the costume styling & sets. They cast an extremely talented Laverne Cox as FrankNFurter. While she was really great, too much of her masculinity is lost in her portrayal. The sight of Tim Curry, looking like a strangely dressed woman with that husky man voice and that impish smile was ARRESTING to anyone watching it for the first time. Curry has so much charisma, making the audience accept him and actually LIKE him even though he's pretty dasterdly. Ditto for all the supporting actors...only Victoria Justice as Janet comes across well. Everyone else's performance just pales in comparison...especially the guy playing RiffRaff which is simply an imitation-reading his lines exactly the same way as O'Brien. The absolutely only "update" or improvement was the Time Warp dancers choreography was a bit tighter, or just filmed more cohesively. There's a few story differences, like a few times the action turns into a theater screening, with the audience reactions kind of as an homage to the movie's place in history. And how lovely to see Tim Curry as narrator. What a great actor, singer, entertainer. Like Freddy Mercury, there will never be another Tim Curry. And that is my ultimate assessment of this remake. It's the TALENT the original stars: Richard O Brien (writing too) Little Nell, even Pat Quinn (& set/costume designers) had that made the movie worth watching. You cannot estimate the impact Meatloaf contributed in his few minutes onscreen, until you have someone else's performance to compare it to. Every facial expression is nuanced originally, while the actors in this remake shove it in your face. I'm very sorry they even attempted this. It would have been advisable to instead re-do the stage show which had it's own bare bones kind of differences, and mostly unfamiliar to most viewers.
  19. TikiSoo

    NOW I'M REALLY MAD ! ! !

    That 2015 movie, BEING CANADIAN, was pretty good, I thought. But nothing compares to Rick Mercer's haughty, brilliant TALKING TO AMERICANS. "Congratulations Canada for adopting the 24 hour clock!" (anyone recall idiot politician Mike Huckabee's congratulation?)
  20. TikiSoo

    And Your Favorite Billy Wilder Film Is...?

    Yes. I've noticed people in the background of news stories or amateur videos will do that when surprised, shocked or disgusted. Maybe it's an unconscious reaction?
  21. TikiSoo

    colorizing deserves another shot

    COLORIZING DESERVES ANOTHER SHOT Really? Why? You don't give any reasons to back up why you said that. My reason NOT to colorize: not only does it look weird, it just panders to narrow thinking, prejudice attitudes against B&W movies. Hey, let's colorize Ansel Adams & Man Ray photographs while we're at it!
  22. Haha, my mother LOVED Mick Jagger and even funnier Keith Richards. I think Mom was in her late 50's when I took her to a Stones stadium show. She loved it but I thought it was a bore. OTOH, I saw Peter Noone with his band (the Tremblers?) in a bar in the 80's and it was one of the best shows I've ever seen (& I've seen a LOT) A contingent of kids stood outside his dressing room afterwards singing Henry The Eighth and he came out to sign autographs. Cute.
  23. TikiSoo


    ...talk about a round head....
  24. TikiSoo

    NOW I'M REALLY MAD ! ! !

    WAH!😫 What about The Silver Snail?

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