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  1. I'm exactly 5 years your senior, heh. Still slept with the lights on.
  2. Agree with that 100% Disagree 75%. I think Aldo is a "type", an intense type, so I don't always think of him in war movies. I much prefer his "every guy" roles where he's a teddy bear. But I could totally see him as a psycho-he can be large & menacing too.
  3. People react to movies differently. Nothing seems as polarizing as horror or comedy. I saw THE SHINING at the theater first, and was completely enraptured in it. I still love viewing it but glad my initial fright has worn off & I can sleep with the light off after.
  4. TikiSoo

    November 2019 schedule is up

    That's what you get (Bette Davis) when you let newbie film fans vote. Sadly, they don't even know who Joan Bennett is.
  5. I love Aldo Ray. He was born in Pen Argyl PA, same town as Jayne Mansfield. (I now work for this beautiful town!) I think Aldo was a natural- a lovable type we all know in real life. He played soldiers, cops & athletes well, but I loved him in THE MARRYING KIND as just a normal guy.
  6. TikiSoo

    November 2019: Dennis Miller & Friends

    Well it is nice to hear opinions from someone in the business-he may have unusual insights in the movie making process. I much prefer they invite those "in the biz" as hosts & commenters. Pros make it look easy. These people know how to speak and engage with an audience on camera far better than us "fans", even those of us used to being on TV. Nothing is more cringe-worthy than seeing someone (myself) nervous on camera, you know you're not getting the full impact of what they want to say.
  7. I almost named my puppy Cinema. Bijou was a contender too. Goes good with my last name.
  8. Achieving fame early as a young person, is devastating to emotional development, re Michael Jackson/Liz Taylor/Judy Garland. A strong family presence & good BS meter are the support needed for balancing normalcy in those situations. It's not fun just discovering who really loves you & who is using you at 35-40 years old. Most kids learn that in their teens-20's.
  9. C'mon, it's just a movie, lighten up. If we teach our kids well, they'll realize it's just vapid entertainment and be OK. Comic books didn't make us all costumed killers, did it?
  10. TikiSoo

    Films in 2019

    Why do they insist on these turquoise gray color palettes? It's like the Gap's 90's navy/gray/black theme has taken over film-simply because they can easily tweak digital colors. Give me this ANY DAY: Not to belabor the point, but our eyes are designed to see color. Color can eccentuate depth, add details and help us perceive the projected image as 3D.
  11. I agree with that. It was fame that killed her. Although I hate being an armchair psychologist, I know how I'd feel if some corporation "hyped" me and dictated their expectations of me. I also have been in the company of the truly famous and am sickened by their lifestyle-not them personally, but how they have to endure non stop crazy bombardment and remain composed & positive. That alone would drive me to self medicate. Oh how I wish Whitney Houston took her voice talent and obvious love of music and sang in small venues without corporate backing so early in her life. If Whitney sang jazz or standards and was just mildly successful I bet she could have led a normal life.
  12. TikiSoo

    Bill Macy has passed

    I am a Maude personality as well, just not so tall/commanding. My partner is definitely a Walter Findley type and we have a similar dynamic. Classic characterizations fleshed out by great writers & talented actors. Thank you Bill Macy, for sharing your talent with us.
  13. I was glad to see BARRY LYNDON decades ago projected 35mm in a theater. I don't think it would have captured me nearly as well seeing it on TV first. Kubrick's films always benefit by a big screen. So, my list are films everyone else likes-I've heard enough about them. Some movies just don't engage as well when watching on TV, home alone. Some films I need to be immersed in. Pather Panchali (1958) love Indian films, but barely got through the Music Room. I couldn't get into it. Eraserhead (1977) Started several times, fell asleep 7 Brides For 7 Bros (1954) I love this film but would love to see it on the big screen I've only seen Modern Times, but think ALL Chaplin films are much better with an audience. I mostly never watch silents at home but am lured out by any oft seen title like METROPOLIS or DR CALIGARI just for the experience. The Cinephile group I belong to showed a Harold Lloyd silent and few showed up. The powers that be think the fact it was a silent kept people away (like foreign films) I think no one knew who Harold Lloyd is. If they scheduled a CHAPLIN silent, like the KID, I think we'd sell out because of Chaplin's name and curiosity to see a film of his-many have never seen one! You gotta break the ice with a strong contender that most will like.
  14. TikiSoo

    Bill Macy has passed

    I agree with TB's assessment. As a young tween in the 70's, I liked the dynamics between Walter & Maude- a strong woman with a man secure in his own strength. He played it well, a very understated comedic style. Wow 97! I hope he had a healthy happy life. Bill Macy always reminded me of a koala bear.
  15. Eh, how is Whitney Houston the most deserving? (crickets chirping) You sure can post 'em, but you never back your post's claims, jakeem. Back when Whitney Houston first came on the scene, the pop/AOR radio station I worked for was bombarded with Whitney Houston promo stuff. All of us were shocked by what "hard sell" they put on this one artist-the record company was trying to dictate how many times her songs were to be played per hour! The DJs were still educated, experienced people in the music business then and offended by this artificial push of one artist, now a commonplace practice. We all were underwhelmed by Houston's records most likely colored by resentment of being told how great she was. I still think most of her success was manufactured and the root cause of her chronic drug addiction. Around the same time period, Madonna debuted. While there was a push to play her songs, it was more organic. Publicity in other medias got her name & face out there and people were curious to hear her. The requests to play Madonna records came from the public. While I never have liked Madonna's music, she seemed to know how to use publicity aggressively, but not quite as offensively as Whitney Houston's reps.
  16. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    I watched time waster THE BRASS BOTTLE 1964 mostly because of the kick jazz leads: Burl Ives, Tony Randall & Barbara Eden and because my library HAS it! A silly story of mild mannered Harold Vennimore (Randall) ending up with a Genie (Ives). Eden plays Vennimore's girlfriend and is adorable as usual. Ives is his humongous self playing the flamboyant Genie and Randall actually holds his own, showing some early comedy chops. Tony Randall is a joy to watch - he remains coolly controlled alternating with spa stic* hilarity with each predictable disaster created by the Genie. Also nice seeing Bollywood star Kamala Devi dancing in costume. It's pretty much a kid's film, basic story that pretty much became I DREAM OF JEANNIE for sweetheart Barbara Eden. Too bad she had to play her Jeannie a dumbbell, while Ives got to be commanding & crafty-much more fun.
  17. TikiSoo

    Marsha Hunt is 102

    Wow-thanks for this thread! Beautiful, talented lady - Happy Birthday Marsha! 🍰
  18. I have noticed throughout the years, the more professional the star, the nicer they are-they understand the VALUE of cooperation. While music/acting/art is an emotionally driven job, those who intellectualize their careers seem more successful long term. I wondered how bands felt being "reduced" to touring en masse. Landmark bands like the Tubes lumped in with poncey one hit wonders like Flock Of Seagulls. True fans are happy just to see the band, but 3-5 songs is a terrible tease. As an active senior though, I completely understand the band's convenience on the combination tours. It just makes me feel like I'm rocking' to the "oldies". Rick Beato was insulted someone called out "Dad Rock". Well, cool jazz was my "Dad Rock" and that holds up way better than the manufactured simple stuff on the radio today. At best the R&R HOF keeps real rock music in the news, discussed, listened to. Face it, well crafted rock music-all it's genres- is just as historic as Glen Miller swing.
  19. Isn't that it in the center? Or are you saying there's an "Ethel" part to the set-that you don't have. That's a totally AWESOME book collection, several I'd like to read. I prefer reading library books and giving them back, storage is such an issue. Many of the oversize picture books I inherited from friend's estates. I've gifted many away, like Westerns. I don't like dolls very much, but they really captured the spirit of Lucy & the costumes. I'd buy any one of them, but I especially like the Lucy & Desi sets. There's something heartbreakingly Shakesperean about the huge success/huge failure of their lives.
  20. Wow. From my generation of early punk. Lawrence thanks for the T Rex love & mention of SLADE, whom I had forgotten about. Noddy Holder's contribution to Rock N Roll - the top hat: As stated earlier, I'm a Kraftwerk fan, it has it's place in music history. But I think Raymond Scott's electronica does too, so you can't go by my opinion. I do love the whole "cold persona" of German music (Nico!) and hooted when I came across this on YT: Kraftwerk took "detachment" so far, they programmed mannequins of themselves to "play" recorded music on stage. Thankfully, those shows have been uploaded on the internet. What a weird curious statement about music & society.
  21. TikiSoo

    Canadian Election Update

    Looks like he's spoofing the BeeGees in that first photo. I like how dressing up in "costume" is now considered offensive. What's to become of Halloween? It's offensive to wear traditional Indian clothing? I find Indian Pajamas gorgeous: American's version, not so much: It's SLEEPWEAR dumbbell, not outerwear.
  22. TikiSoo


    I used to have one of these...until it was STOLEN. My Mutoscope (from Knotts Berry Farm) a big circus poster of a girl & her performing horse and 2 dragon chariot sides were all stolen & sold by my former business partner. Eh, they're only "things" but more importantly, I learned my business partner was a crook!
  23. TikiSoo

    I Just Watched...

    Hope Summers....remember it's not nice to fool Mother Nature! Don't forget favorite wise-cracker Patsy Kelly was also part of the coven. She was the one who rocked the baby- I just love the vibrant color palette clothes used to offer. Used to be the only people who dressed in somber colors were law enforcement & mourners.
  24. It's not really a "comic book" thing as much as a devo thing-people who just don't want to grow up. As I said, I enjoyed my youth absurdities as much as anybody, but it someone else's turn. The only picture I could find...this "athletic" toddler has hair. And this giant toddler is the cool stoner version. He's hangin' with friends Darla & Tragedy Ann. Sorry. Hey people made fun of me & the way I dressed in my 20's & 30's, now it's my turn for that!
  25. Really? Carole King not in there already? Really, MC5 not inducted already? Shoe ins. While I'm a huge Kraftwerk fan & see their influence in fave electronica genre, I don't think many outside of ravers "get" them. NIN benefitted, more industrial than electronic, and while I personally like their recordings, not a major player in the big scheme of things. I hated Pat Benatar when she was popular, but can see her as a kind of pioneer. Very much dislike Whitney Houston, but she was hugely popular. Don't know anything about Dave Matthews except snippets I've heard were pleasant/unusual. Another very popular band...is it a popularity contest? But T REX. A really important inductee. Hands down that one. Like Chaka Khan, much more to them than a few "hits". Hopefully it's about importance, not popularity. Gah, the Doobie Bros were popular at the time-obviously don't hold up. Check out UK's The MARC BOLAN SHOW on YT. He's amazing. Johnny Depp of the 70's.

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