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    Upcoming Releases

    Thanks to TCM for adding this new DVD Genre Forum. I've been wishing there was one spot where I could refer to upcoming releases. Thanks to Edgecliff and Shearerchic04 and their posts. I hope they'll continue to add them here. In the meantime I'll search through the other forums to cull some information for this new thread.
  2. JackBurley

    TCM Survey Site Crash

    Aw shucks, I found this too late!
  3. JackBurley

    TCM Survey Site Crash

    "My invitation must have been lost in the mail." "You don't write. You don't call." I didn't get a survey and I have lots of comments to add. Oh wait, maybe that's why I didn't get it. ;-)
  4. My apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere in TCM City, but Classic Film Union site seems to be down. It's not allowing me to go past the initial screen (to go to my profile, see the Members section, etc.) You probably already know about this, but thought I'd bring it up just in case. Thanks you guys, for all you do! TCM is my favorite realm!
  5. JackBurley

    Production company info please

    Ah, the ATA; I used to do editing work there. Thanks for the link! (With apologies to FriscoPaul for the quick tangent from his question regarding Essential Films.)
  6. JackBurley

    Production company info please

    {quote:title=ValentineXavier wrote:}Well, the king of found footage is Craig Baldwin, in SF. He has an alternative/exp. movie theater there. He helps experimental filmmakers find just the right found footage for use in their films.{quote} What's the theater? I live in San Francisco and thought I was up on local film venues (just got in from an afternoon at the Roxie), so I'm very curious about this one.
  7. JackBurley

    A Tradition Is Born

    {quote:title=hlywdkjk wrote:}I feared that might be confusing. The titles accompanying the cement photos are of films that were being shown at the Film Festival this year and not of the premiere when they were having their hand and foot prints put into the cement. The Judy Garland ceremony took place during the premiere of *Babes In Arms*. Ginger Rogers was for *Kitty Foyle*, I think). ...Sorry it was confusing.{quote} No worries; I'm easily confused and now it makes complete sense. And it was a nice test. It shows what freaks we are: you show a photo and we'll pinpoint it to a date. "1937? No, that's 1940!"
  8. JackBurley

    What films would you like to see?

    {quote:title=sazball wrote:}It's leaving from Miami, but your suggestion about Where the Boys Are and Paula Prentiss is excellent.{quote} Guess I'll have to switch to "Moon Over Miami" then! {quote:title=sazball wrote:}Oh, we're stopping in Key West. Maybe a Hemingway film, like the rarely seen The Breaking Point with John Garfield and Patricia Neal.{quote} Or "Old Man and the Sea". "Key Largo" is an excellent idea, soulsalsa!
  9. JackBurley

    A Tradition Is Born

    I wonder who bought them? What will they do with them? I keep fantasizing that somehow they'll end up at the Smithsonian. Kyle, I'm curious about the movie titles accompanying the photos. For instance, the Judy Garland shot reads "Girl Crazy", but the photo looks a few years previous to that movie. Ginger's picture looks circa 1940, rather than 1933 or 1937. Are these just some movies for which they signed the wet cement, but not necessarily the actual photo of the named event?
  10. JackBurley

    What films would you like to see?

    Luxury Liner Now, Voyager An Affair to Remember One Way Passage Ship of Fools A Night to Remember Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Are they leaving from Lauderdale? If so, opening night is "Where the Boys Are" with an interview with Paula Prentiss.
  11. JackBurley

    2012 Festival Theme ideas

    {quote:title=SueSueApplegate wrote:}And lzcutter and Countess, dears, I absolutely adore the transportation theme! Even if it just focused on trains... *Strangers on a Train*, *The Harvey Girls* ("The Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe"), *Brief Encounter*, *Young Frankenstein*, *North by Northwest*, *Murder On The Orient Express*, *Julia*, *The General*, *The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance*, the possibilities are endless.... {quote} Please promise me you'll include Since You Went Away in the train fest. This Selznick beauty features two of my favorite train scenes: Jennifer Jones' farewell to Robert Walker (how fitting, since they were divorcing at the time of filming) and the singing/dancing soldiers on the train to D.C. as the family goes to (unsuccessfully]) rendez-vous with their father. And No Man of Her Own and Some Like it Hot and Twentieth Century... okay, you're right -- the possibilities are endless.
  12. JackBurley

    2012 Festival Any thoughts on films/actors?

    {quote:title=ChorusGirl wrote:}The rarities...HOOPLA, WENT THE DAY WELL, NIGHT FLIGHT....were all sell outs. Here's hoping we will get even more next year!{quote} {quote:title=yanceycravat wrote:}Seeing WENT THE DAY WELL with a full house was, for me, the highlight of the festival. I was fortunate enough to attend all three of those screenings. I have to say they were the most memorable events for me. Sitting with an audience who had never seen those movies before was truly and extraordinary experience.{quote} I couldn't get into either Went the Day Well or Night Flight! Torture. I'm relieved that my scratching and whimpering outside the door didn't distract the audience. Counting sheep? Not I. Each night when I go to bed, I plan my dream festival...
  13. JackBurley

    2012 Festival Any thoughts on films/actors?

    {quote:title=ChorusGirl wrote:}Ann Rutherford has been at the festival 2 years in a row now...though not to introduce a film. I'd love to hear her talk. I dont want to sit through GWTW or an ANDY HARDY movie while I'm there, but something like ORCHESTRA WIVES would be fantastic...I would think that movie would be a hit with the festival crowd.{quote} OMG, I would love to see Orchestra Wives on the big screen. And after the Nicholas Brothers tribute this year, there are a lot of new fans that would also get a kick out it. To have Ann Rutherford discuss it would make it a "must see" attraction. {quote:title=ChorusGirl wrote:}I'm guessing they have asked Doris Day...but EVERYONE has been trying to get Doris Day...to no avail. Maybe if they donated a portion of their profits to her charity, she could be persuaded.{quote} I have acquaintances that see Doris Day. There's a fellow who gives concert soir?es in his home that she attends. They say she'll never make a public appearance and she'll only talk with you if it's about pets. I'm comforted that she still gets out occasionally. {quote:title=ChorusGirl wrote:}Gloria DeHaven is still with is. She worked on some good MGM musicals...it would be wonderful to hear some of her memories.{quote} I never had too much interest in post-1957 Sinatra, but would be interested in hearing her talk about working with him in his first films as well as her MGM years.
  14. JackBurley

    Sense of community at film festival

    {quote:title=yanceycravat wrote:}Despite it being against policy people happily held seats and places in line and I never heard anyone complain. Folks shared memories about actors they met and movies they saw. Ideas and comments regarding all things TCM flowed freel.{quote} The queue numbers kept line saving complications to a minimum. If they didn't have the number they couldn't get in the line earlier. However, I did witness one very minor skirmish at the Egyptian when a fellow came in and saw an empty seat. The lady next to the seat said she was saving it; to which he replied, "That's against the rules." She said, "he only went to the bathroom, it's not like I'm saving a seat for someone who isn't here yet! Sheesh!" He rolled his eyes and moved on. That was the only drama I saw though. I loved the queues and met many interesting people from all over the world. {quote:title=yanceycravat wrote:}Anyone else feeling post Festival let-down?{quote} I'm still floating on a residual high from the weekend. I think going on the Warner Brothers Studio tour the following day was a great way to ease myself gently out of the fest while keeping the spirits buoyant. I'm also still dazzled by your memories of being on the MGM lot. I told Lynn I thought you should guide us through the surrounding neighborhood pointing out where locations used to be. ["See this duplex? That's where the Showboat was."] By the way, I went to a favorite local bookstore today to buy the MGM Backlot book. The salesgal said it was sold out and offered to order it. Yes please. "But wait, it's on backorder. It looks as if the entire first printing is sold out." This book was only published in February and it's sold out? Once again, it seems there is more of a market in classic movies than the studios give credit.
  15. JackBurley


    {quote:title=CineMaven wrote:}I know, I know... you've all seen The Nicholas Brothers in film, but to see their routines back-to-back, in one fell swoop...well, it is simply breathtaking.{quote} This was one of the highlights of the Festival. Of course, it was amazing to see their routines back-to-back, but what shot this presentation over the moon for me were the home movies that were included; especially of the brothers dancing in the middle of the street on the studio lot with Fred Astaire. The Nicholas Brothers were the greatest. A very moving tribute.
  16. JackBurley

    Festival Love Letter

    {quote:title=hlywdkjk wrote:}I am lobbying for TCM to get the "In-N-Out" Food Truck to park on the Blvd. for the entire weekend.{quote} The Boulevard is already strewn with burgers joints. My kingdom for a vegetable!
  17. JackBurley

    Festival Love Letter

    {quote:title=CineMaven wrote:}...And Jack let us open that concession. Feed the fans and then see the movie and make enuf money to attend TCM's fourth film fest.{quote} For a free pass, I would gladly don the cigarette girl outfit.
  18. JackBurley

    You know you are addicted to TCM if...

    A friend was showing me his photo album. In it was a photo of him and in the background was a television set. The image on the tv was a milk bottle sitting in front of a door. I said, "Oh, you were watching The Clock!". He was stunned that I could recognize a movie from such an innocuous still picture of a prop, to which I replied... ...Thank you, Turner Classic Movies.
  19. JackBurley

    Festival Love Letter

    {quote:title=SueSueApplegate wrote:}Snacks helped me with my flagging energy as this was a very fast-paced, fun-packed festival!{quote} One of the attendees had a brilliant idea: why not have "cigarette girls" sell little sandwiches and snacks to those in the film queues. We were often stuck in lines for an hour or so -- and hungry! They could have raked in the dough and added to the ambiance. I hope someone picks up on this for next year.
  20. JackBurley

    Festival Love Letter

    {quote:title=wouldbestar wrote:}The person introducing Carousel said that Sinatra was in New England to begin filming when he discovered two cameras-one Cinemascope and the other Cinemascope 55-and learned the movie would be shot twice. He demanded a double salary and left when that was refused. Gordon MacRae was slipped in over the week-end.{quote} The Road to Hollywood series that preceded the Festival brought Elmer Gantry to San Francisco. Ben Mankiewicz attended and interviewed the Oscar-winning Shirley Jones before the screening. She looked gorgeous and I was sorry to see that she wouldn't be joining us at the Festival. However, she did tell us the backstory of Sinatra and Carousel. First she told the story as you shared it. Sinatra arrives, learns of the two cameras, makes his demands and storms off. Then she looked at the audience and asked, "but do you know the real story?" She said she didn't know the real story until decades later, but everyone seemed to know but her. It seems that Ava Gardner had called Sinatra and gave him an ultimatum that he should high-tail it to her or else. So he arrived on the first day, feigned surprise at the two filming processes and made his impossible demand. Fox, of course, refused; and off he flew to Ava's arms.
  21. JackBurley

    Robert's 80th Birthday

    {quote:title=filmlover wrote:}There were at least 2 birthday cards signed by multiple fans that were to be presented to him on the final evening of this year's festival.{quote} How did I miss that?! What a wonderful idea, and crazy's idea for next year is swell too. Hope it happens. The audience sang "Happy Birthday" to RO at one of the screenings; I believe it was at Gaslight.
  22. JackBurley

    Sense of community at film festival

    You're so right. This was actually my favorite aspect of the entire festival. I felt I was "home" and with family. I tend to become shy at crowded events like big parties (it's true SueSue, I am shy!), and felt a little of this at the opening party; but quickly discovered all one need do is stand in line for one of the movies. By the time you've entered the theatre you have made five new friends. Multiply that by the number of queues we shared over the four days, and we have quite an extensive social circle. By the closing party I felt like "Mr. Schmooze". The basis of this social ease, of course, is our shared love of classic film. What a luxury to be able to mention to anyone within earshot something about Helen Broderick, Eric Blore or Mabel Normand and have them know who you're talking about! I'm presently reading the biography of Hattie McDaniel. I carried this book with me the first day of the fest, intending to catch up with the reading while in queue. By Day Two I'd given up. Meeting film fans from around the country was far more interesting than nestling with Hattie (apologies Miss McDaniel!).
  23. JackBurley

    Smiles All Around

    {quote:title=chicagovet wrote:}Wish I'd gooten there early enough to meet you folks on this board. But I am grateful to have met some very friendly & nice people in such a joyous, loving atmosphere.{quote} I wondered how long it took your shuttle to arrive at the hotel. For the same price, next year let's share that taxi! I was in my room at 1:30pm and stuffing my burger (animal style) with the gang at In 'n Out soon after.
  24. JackBurley

    Smiles All Around

    {quote:title=yanceycravat wrote:}Great Photo! On line waiting to see GASLIGHT...{quote} Who's the freak in the hat? There are at least three states represented in this photograph. I met Festival attendees from Italy, Scotland and Canada and wonder if all states were represented. (I met some from Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Massachusetts, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington.)
  25. JackBurley

    Hoopla with Clara Bow

    {quote:title=midnight08 wrote:}I was curious: did the newly restored version of Hoopla have English titles at the beginning and end? The version I saw at Film Forum a few years ago had French titles at the beginning with no soundtrack and also French titles at the end. It made me wonder if the original nitrate print was lost and this was the only one still around.{quote} We saw the premiere of MoMA's nicely restored print which reunited the original English titles to the film. Soundtrack is in tact, and Clara Bow's final close-up is rich and beautiful! The original screening was so popular, it was brought back as an encore on the final day of the Festival.

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