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  1. metsfan


    I saw it this year and was greatly surprised at the end. ?
  2. metsfan

    What films would you like featured on Silent Sundays?

    I would certainly like to see Roaring Rails (1924), Beverly Of Graustark (1926), more of Max Linder, Ian Keith, and Antonio Moreno.
  3. metsfan

    Movie Title

    During the October features segment, there is a clip of a man with a disfigured head (reminiscent of Mask (1985)) and a tear coming down his face. It seems to be a b/w 60's or 70's film. If someone could tell me, I'd appreciate it.
  4. metsfan

    Noir Alley

    Could you tell me what film of Conte's is being referenced in the noir segment showing a woman playing tic tac toe on him? I always miss the title, thanks.
  5. metsfan

    MARION DAVIES on DVD this year

    Is Beverly of Graustark (1926) a lost film? If not, I wish TCM would play it since she is paired with Antonio Moreno.
  6. metsfan

    silent film crushes

    Thanks for posting new ones Jeff! Hope you're doing well. I found this rare pic of Conrad Veidt in character for the play Salome (1921). Since it's from getty I can only post the link.
  7. metsfan

    The Post an Interesting Pic thread

    Conrad Veidt in Lucrezia Borgia (1922)
  8. metsfan

    The Post an Interesting Pic thread

    Warren William in the lost film Honor of the Family (1931)
  9. metsfan

    Favorite Fat Men on Film

    Some of my favorites have been mentioned so I'll add these to the big guy list. Edward G. Robinson Ernest Borgnine Lou Costello Louis Armstrong
  10. metsfan

    My sincerest apologies

    I found the segment you are referring to on youtube but there is no information about the piece. I'd suggest downloading realplayer and recording the video or try recording just the audio for your dad. I think he will like the second video as well since it has similar tunes. Wish you and your dad the best! I know you will make him happy and comfortable as possible.
  11. metsfan

    2016 SCHEDULE

    Out of curiosity, has Richard Conte ever been featured? I know it would be difficult since he was a 20th century fox player. I'd love to see Target Zero among some lesser known films.
  12. metsfan


    Has Tim Burton ever presented some of his favorite films on TCM? I know he is a big fan of Vincent Price and was most likely influenced by German Expressionism so it would be interesting to see his picks. Please pardon my ignorance, I don't recall if he has appeared as a guest programmer.
  13. I was delighted to see the small tribute to Don Ameche. He had a nice voice and lit up every room with his smile. With the decline of fox movie channel, this was a great treat for me. Thanks TCM!
  14. metsfan

    THE BROOD (1979)

    We discussed an essay from The Dread of Difference in which McLarty states that "scientific experiments on women's bodies results in consequences that have to do with the female body as a site of disgust than with male science as a source of horror". There is also "a projection of evil and revulsion onto the female body" as she creates the brood and makes them carry out her orders in anger. The "eruption" of her body causes disgust towards the end. Another author (Wood) makes the point that the ultimate dread in films like these is of "women usurping the active, agresive role that patriarchal idiology assigns to the male". She is the one in full control of her body (in creation) and purpose of the children to carry out evil desires. In the end we resent her more than the scientist using her for experiments.

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