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  1. Before I even watched classic film, there were the great crooner tunes and Hollywood blasphemys featured in golden era cartoons. I don't know why, but these fascinated me so much. Then I actually started watching classic movies years later... And the vision was complete. This December, Cartoon Alley highlights three crooner tunes dedicated to the mocking of Bing Crosby. I, as a huge Bing Crosby fan, eat this stuff up. I wish TCM would have a two hour special simply dedicated to the cartoons that feature the stars of the golden era. Cartoons like Tex Avery's monumental Hollywood Steps Out are like valued members of my list of favorite films... I think in the six and something minutes, these 'toons give us special insight into the subculture of classic Hollywood. We can never get that back, and I wish they would get more of the respect they diserve on Turner Classic's line-up. Give them at least two hours on Saturday mornings. People that really want to see them, I'm sure, would be more than happy to wake a little early! bhf1940
  2. What's the first silent you ever watched? Was it love at first sight? My first silent was Uncle Tom's Cabin, I cried upon viewing it. I thought it was beautiful. I don't know much about silents, but I hope to keep viewing them and learn more. Thanks, bhf1940
  3. bobhopefan1940

    To Have and Have Not ?

    I have two questions... Totally off the wall. This is a last resort, but I have to know -- Why does Bacall call Bogie "Steve" throughout To Have and Have Not when his name is Harry? Just a nickname? Maybe I missed something... I searched the forum first, but if anyone could redirect me to a previous thread that'd be fine. Question #2: Why, especially during early talkies, does the film speed increase when fights break out or horses are running? Or cars are speeding? I actually thought it was because the camerman was spinning the crank thingy (technical term, I know) faster during the excitement. Ha. :| This strange effect makes the whole moment, no matter how serious, look ridiculous to me. They couldn't possibly do this purposefully, could they? Ok, that's all. Danny
  4. bobhopefan1940

    marx bros. faves

    hello, alot of marx bros. films are coming on in November and i'm making sure i catch the best ones. any oppinions?
  5. Some one mentioned starting a thread just for Astaire, so here it goes! I've got the Fred Astaire bug tonight... Please don't just say you love Fred Astaire (who wouldn't?), tell me some favorite moments... movies... dances... lines... photos... ect. One of my favorite Fred Astaire moments happens in Shall We Dance when Rogers sings her verse in "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off." I love when she says, "You say oysters, and I say urrsters..." I love the look on Astaire's face! It's close to the same look as in Easter Parade when he sings "Snookiookums..." Did I mention he's adorable? When I think of the "urrsters" line I always smile. I put in one of his films when I'm feeling down... bhf1940
  6. bobhopefan1940

    ~ The Sand Man ~ (Fred Astaire Favorites)

    I saw the movie! :x :x :x You know, FA is quite small but has a very muscular physique! Loved all of his dances in the guardhouse, he was so adorable in his uniform... I don't get into Rita much but I enjoyed her in this one. Does anyone know what Fred's weight was while filming this one? I was wondering how he compared to Frank Sinatra, and who was smaller (Frank was SO tiny in the 40's!).
  7. bobhopefan1940

    ~ The Sand Man ~ (Fred Astaire Favorites)

    Oh, boy! I'm definately going to record it, I cannot weight to see this one... I just officially went back to school this evening (and have just gotten home). But I get out within the next few weeks, for summer! Can't wait to give my thoughts on the film tomorrow... Danny
  8. bobhopefan1940

    ~ The Sand Man ~ (Fred Astaire Favorites)

    Thanks so much for all the info on the film and the photos, how fantastic! :x I can't wait to see it tonight! I get to see FA's bare legs? Well, this really will be something I need to pay close attention to. I actually don't Hayworth that much, either, greer. I will be sure to try to give it a look tonight... Thanks for all the replies, hope everyone is well. I go back to school tonight Darn.
  9. bobhopefan1940

    ~ The Sand Man ~ (Fred Astaire Favorites)

    I have on my schedule (sorry for any inconsistencies) that one of Fred's films are coming on tomorrow night, 11:30 PM: You'll Never Get Rich, 1941 I know nothing about it and was wondering if it had been mentioned here before (?).
  10. bobhopefan1940

    [i]The Pirate[/i] (1948)

    Any oppinions on this one? I held off watching until last night... I had seen clips of it and assumed I didn't like the way Kelly looked in it. Well, you know what happens when you assume! I loved it, Garland and Kelly were dynamite. I'm glad I recorded it now...
  11. bobhopefan1940

    [i]The Pirate[/i] (1948)

    Yeah, I actually really love Mr. Astaire but thinking about him in that one particular scene is the thing nightmares are made of. This is the one instance where it really would not work switching the two!
  12. bobhopefan1940

    If you could save only one film

    Must have posted in the wrong place... Pardon me! Message was edited by: bobhopefan1940
  13. bobhopefan1940

    [i]The Pirate[/i] (1948)

    I have to agree with all of you! The legs are sexy, everything about Gene is sexy... And I always thought him with Judy was just the best pairing. They seem to enjoy one another quite a bit. What about the scene in this where he wears the short costume? Yikes I've never seen such beautiful gams on a guy! This would certainly be an odd role for Fred Astaire :0 Anyone think he could pull it off?
  14. bobhopefan1940

    What is up with the programming?

    > I am grateful for what we do have at TCM.
  15. bobhopefan1940

    [i]The Pirate[/i] (1948)

    Thanks, 'Scope. Let's just resort it to a big misunderstanding!
  16. bobhopefan1940

    [i]The Pirate[/i] (1948)

    Hey fellas, I've never fought on these forums and I don't intend to now. So if you are going to go through the whole "troll" phenomenon, take it else where. I appreciate your opinions on the flick, and if you don't like it say so and then defend your opinion. Nothing wrong with that, but must we resort to name calling? I mean where does it get us? 'Scope and Spencer, you've always respected my threads and I have never had a problem from you. I hope the both of you will let it lie and keep to the intended subject matter. Thanks. bhf1940
  17. bobhopefan1940

    [i]The Pirate[/i] (1948)

    > Saw for first time and was delighted by it. Kelly in > probably the best physical shape of his life, at his > peak, and that's saying something. He seems to be > highly enjoying himself in the role(s). One of his > best M.G.M. musicals in my opinion. Don't understand > why the public didn't go for it at the time; didn't > they get parody? I have no idea why people did not like this movie when it was first released, perhaps it was too clever? Too progressive? Gene Kelly was a bit psychotic looking, with the mustache and longer hair But I love it... lol. None the less, I'm glad you enjoyed it. The more people that see it the larger the following it generates. Honestly, I don't see how you can be a fan of Gene or Judy and not enjoy this one. IMHO
  18. bobhopefan1940

    Gene Kelly, SOTM - 4th week =)

    [nobr]Well, of the ones I have seen, Pilot #5 is probably my least favorite. I don't even know why that is, I love Van Johnson and adore Franchot Tone... [/nobr] [nobr][/nobr] [nobr]The Three Musketeers is not one of my favorites either, but I think it was because all of the other Musketeers I didn't care in the least for. It's worth a view just for Kelly's adorable smile at the end![/nobr] [nobr]The Devil Makes Three is definately worth a look, very good drama that I enjoyed quite a bit. A little hard to follow at times...[/nobr] [nobr][/nobr] Black Hand is worth a look! Very good drama about the Italian Mob. Missing the romance but very exciting. I'm looking forward to seeing The Cross Of Lorraine [/nobr]
  19. bobhopefan1940

    [i]The Pirate[/i] (1948)

    Hi kat! Yes, there are so many great funny moments from The Pirate... I don't think it ever takes itself too seriously. One of my favorite funny moments is when Garland is pretending to not know Macoco is Serafin, and she starts talking badly about his acting. Kelly is so funny when he says he wished he had a review on him while patting himself down. Then, when he finally does get knocked out, she picks him up and says something a little positive about his acting, and he comes to life.
  20. bobhopefan1940


    > In general, Bob all the way. I'll help > bobhopefan1940 hijack the thread lol, Oh no - You don't know what you are saying! I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy... I could go on and on, but I'll save that for the "Night Must Fall" live journal :x Hey, anyone got any fave D. Powell movies I should check out? Just curious...
  21. bobhopefan1940


    I could so hi-jack this thread right now But I won't.
  22. bobhopefan1940

    [i]The Pirate[/i] (1948)

    I just saw Thrill Of A Romance and loved it, but I am kind of partial to Van I wrote a reply to PF, but it obviously didn't register... But I agreed totally with your oppinion on The Pirate. And have to say one of my favorite dance sequences was the last one just before Serafin was suppose to be executed. I think it is such a seductive dance. B-) As for Esther Williams, I love her! She was such a great team with Kelly in Take Me Out To The Ballgame!
  23. bobhopefan1940


    [nobr]I don't even need words to answer this question:[/nobr] [nobr][/nobr] [nobr]Um... I actually like Dick Powell. I'm not sure I could state a memorable opinion of him, though; since I have only seen a select few movies. I love Bobby M. :x I cannot think of someone I enjoy watching on screen more than Robert. He is absolutely the most adorable creature I have ever laid eyes on.[/nobr] [nobr]And stoney, the creepy role you are referring to I believe is his murderous Irish characterization in 1937's Night Must Fall (which I loved by the way). I saw The Divorcee for the first time the other night and found myself a little disappointed. I thought Bobby kissed in that one, someone told me he did but I was horribly teased.[/nobr]
  24. bobhopefan1940

    [i]The Pirate[/i] (1948)

    Hi Anne! I would say you are in the majority with your oppinion on The Pirate... Most really think it is quite freaky (especially GK's style and appearance). Really, I have to be honest, I have stated it before but anything GK wears is alright with me. I just find him incredibly attractive. I think it is because all my life I grew up thinking male dancers were not masculine, then when I saw GK dance for the first time I thought it was the hottest thing I'd ever seen. I think GK did have a large ego, but I also think he wore tight clothing to appear more masculine in order to contradict stereotyping. Just my oppinion... As for the movie, it's actually Cole Porter's score that makes it hard to bear for me (like that song Nina, Nina! Sheesh...). I think they really are some of the worst songs I have ever heard... Only the "Be A Clown" number sticks out as one that might be of use. Other than that, I enjoy the storyline of Serafin taking on a dangerous persona in order to attract Manuella. But that is about all the plot is, I guess. As for your oppinion, it is well-grounded on GK's ego. I know a great many people cannot get past who he was in real life and the pig headedness he displays on screen... It is sort of like Bing Crosby with me, I just love the man I can't help it.
  25. bobhopefan1940

    Any Gary Cooper Fans?

    Just wanted to thank coopsgirl (and all who contribute to this thread day in and day out) for those beautiful and stunning pics of Mr. Cooper!

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