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  1. Wallace Reid

    *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    Wallace Reid and Wallace Reid Jr, the greatest father and son of all Hollywood. Everybody please add you memories 1923 well it was as if it were only yesterday.
  2. Wallace Reid

    Are You Related to Someone Famous?

    Yes but who remembers my familys name?
  3. Wallace Reid

    Hollywoods Children

    Good evening to all: Do we have any off spring of Hollywood Greats with us tonight or any other night on this board? To this day I regret realizing that like a silent movie the children of the golden age of Hollywood unlike the films we watch do get older and pass on, then we loose another link which some day will be gone forever, is it to late to remember them all? If we truly care can we not forget the children and remember them like we do their parents? WRJ
  4. Wallace Reid

    Are We Only Just A Legacy?

    Hello and good evening to all: Is anyone out there related to any Silent Movie performer, son, daughter, any relation? Or does anyone know a star from the past forgotten by the present but remembered by people like us who will keep their memories, movies, and stories alive, any relations to Wallace Reid or his family, the original Harrison Ford, or Johnnie Walker, don't be shy how many do we lose and then lost forever the link to the past. CJD
  5. Wallace Reid

    Are We Only Just A Legacy?

    Wow hard to explain, lets just say he was here long before DW and well Stan Laurel was for ever grateful
  6. Wallace Reid

    Are We Only Just A Legacy?

    Too funny I lived next to an actor who worked with Broncho Billy Anderson, wished i appreciated our time together more.
  7. funny I actually watch 1 of 2 movies, the 1st being All Throught The Night with Humphrey Bogart, and a modern film, Love Actually, go figure
  8. Wallace Reid

    Christmas Eve (1947)

    The Cast: George Raft ... Mario Torio George Brent ... Michael Brooks Randolph Scott ... Jonathan 'Johnny' Joan Blondell ... Ann Nelson This is a very under rated movie and they don't show it enough, TCM when will it be on this season? Has anyone else seen it? WRJ
  9. Wallace Reid

    Single woman

    Hi all, short and sweet: Do single woman like old movies and really where do you all hang out? ( 42-47) In Mass.....
  10. Wallace Reid

    Soon they will be gone: Actors still living

    I'm familar with that site, I'd like to see one that has all the names set up.
  11. Well what's everybody's thoughts on this? From flickers to 1 & 2 reel movies to the silents, sounds and now 2007, who's left? We know Charles Lane, Bruce Bennett,(still living) is there any data base at all that lists who's still with us? Yes I know the IMDB, but how many extra's, supporting players, as well as children of those great silent stars who are with us today. WRJ
  12. Wallace Reid

    Wallace Reid

    Well I cn say he may have looked like him but he wasn't. Yes Wallace Reid was a big star and yes the studio probably did kill him. It was a scandal then, today it would be nothing. Well His son did pass and I know it wasn't his son so who out there has info on him? If anyone is still living who knew him or his wife, or family please contact me. I do know his grand children so please let's put it all together. WRJ
  13. Wallace Reid

    The son's and daughters

    Well here we are in 2007 and well sometimes I think is this all there is? Most of us were born way to late so we come here to talk and remember yester year. How many son's and daughters of those we all love? The Chaneys, Reids, Gilberts, Karloff, Lorre, Raines, Bogart and Flynn, so many more. Pleaze.... TCM grab the past before it's to late. Thoughts everybody on the sons and daughters of the legends. Cordially WRJ
  14. Wallace Reid

    Wallace Reid

    Hello Everyone: If only it was that easy. Wallace Reid is so long ago, his son gone awhile as well. Everyone his memory and lfe will be back soon. Wallace Reid II
  15. Wallace Reid

    Zasu Pitts needs a DVD collection.

    I agree, I just bought her Candy cook book published after her death.
  16. Wallace Reid

    The son's and daughters

    Well we have to remember that the son's and daughters are not young, maybe 75 or 80 but please before it's to late reach out. Did you all know all know Wallace Reid Jr's daughter is live and very well? With memories or her Dad Wallace Jr as well as Dorothy Davenport Reid... Come on everybody before it's to late.
  17. Wallace Reid

    favorite pre-code film

    Even clevage 72 years ago still looks good, that is before Will Hayes showed up....
  18. Wallace Reid

    the real oldies

    I want to see Charley Chase, Clark & McCullough, Smith & Dale, Moran & Mack as well as those misc shorts that teamed odd bedfellows all those years ago....
  19. Wallace Reid

    TCM personnel sure have to put up with a lot

    What ever, TCM really has no clue....
  20. Wallace Reid

    The son's and daughters

    It's not a question. It asking for =Hollywood not to forget the past, heck did you know that Barbara Lamarr's son is still alive? Or Wallace Reid's grandchildren? Let's not forget to tap the past, get TCM to bring it to us Gloria Swansons children, or Chaplin's kids, Stan Laurels daughter, I mean don't you want to hear from those who remember???
  21. Wallace Reid

    Obscure Comedy

    DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY INFO OR TITLES FOR THE FOLLOWING; Smith & Dale Moran & Mack Clark & Mcoullough Grady Sutton & Edgar Kennedy or any other really obscure comedy team
  22. Wallace Reid


    You know what I think? so much is missed on the obscure that we all know about. If it"s about Grady Sutton, or Vernon Dent, Wallace Reid Jr, Smith and Dale, or Charles Ray ( long time ago) why do we forget those who no body remembers?
  23. Wallace Reid

    Another loss of the Jr's RIP

    Hello to all: Johnny Weismuller Jr, Mickey(Tim)Rooney Jr, Eddie Albert Jr. Well 3 more are gone any one noticed? The 1st 2 never really caught on but stayed in the buisness. Eddie Albert Jr though had a very long career. Johnny Weismuller Jr, Mickey (Tim) Rooney Jr, Eddie Albert Jr. Rest in peace.
  24. Hello all, might have missed it but how many players from the flickers, to the silent's and into sound film are still with us? Bruce Bennett, Luise Rainer, Charles Lane and I know I'm probably missing some obvious ones, Anita Page & Gloria Stewart. You know I sit and watch these movies and ask myself if those still with us and they watch their old films, I wonder what they are thinking? Even the extra's in the back ground. Anyone want to add to the list? WRJ
  25. Wallace Reid

    Labor day who's still working and who's stii with us?

    I was really asking who is still with us in the 90-100 + range, I mean scratch your heads everyone. I saw Baby Peg the other night but aside from the obscure who from the silents are still with us and going strong? You can all check The IMBD but not everyone is there. Cordially WRJ

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