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  1. inglis

    Famous lines from movies

    WoW I have not been here in a few years nice to see my post was being used after I was gone.
  2. inglis

    Doris Day, Doris Day, Doris Day !!!

    All her movies are great .I loved her in Young at Heart and Love Me or Leave me .With Six You get Eggroll .She is a classic and her movies are timeless.
  3. inglis

    ESTELLE GETTY has died

    I loved her in Golden Girls .She was the spark in that show
  4. inglis


    Me too! I am not on here as much anymore but I popped in just to see what's been happening and I saw this thread about Mongo. The effort put forth with all the information is fantastic and I have enjoyed reading the Mongo threads very much .Cheers Inglis
  5. inglis

    Famous lines from movies

    Frankenstein to his bride LOL I am working on it Dan !
  6. inglis

    Gallery of Characters II

    I remember him in the Gidget Movie with Sandra Dee and Moon doggie ( James Darren) Joby Baker was always a clown type in those movies Message was edited by: inglis
  7. inglis

    Gallery of Characters II

    I liked him in Wild Wild West
  8. inglis

    this or that

    John Payne Gumby or Pokey I hope I am doing this right Message was edited by: inglis Message was edited by: inglis
  9. inglis

    Gallery of Stars!

    I didn't know she passed away thanks for the info .I loved her in The Greatest Show On Earth.
  10. inglis

    Jack Elam Western roles

    Love Jack Elam especially with JohnWayne.What was it Rio Bravo that he was in with Wayne or Rio Lobo ? I always get those ones confused
  11. inglis

    John Wayne

    OH Fred you made me laugh on that one and I needed a good laugh . Thanks so much !
  12. inglis

    John Wayne

    Hi Fred I was watching it but lost interest in it,and I am a big fan but this movie just did not cut it for me .
  13. inglis

    Gallery of Stars!

    How old is Betty Hutton?
  14. inglis

    Famous lines from movies

    Hey Charlie just popping in to say hello glad to see famous lines is going strong .
  15. inglis

    And the Oscar goes to.....

    Hi Filmlover I saw your reply about the dancers .Nice to hear from you hope all is well .I have to agree with you about it being longer and its to bad they don't have as much entertainment like they use to years ago I remember seeing some great dance numbers long ago .

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