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  1. Jillian13

    (A Night To Remember)

    You don't have to be sorry about anything, bradtexasranger. The first one was far more emotional to me, (which should prove to you that you're wrong about me having a heart of stone). And I cared a great deal about ALL the charictors in the first one, which was hard to do when you have to watch Jack and Rose jumping into cars and having sex.
  2. Jillian13

    (A Night To Remember)

    I never got emotional when I watched Camron's version, the love story was sickning to me, and Rose raising her middle finger at that cop (or who ever he was), that was sickning as well. A Night To Remember had a great deal more realizm than Titanic. Jim Manklwich said that they had over 60 people from the acual titanic helping them along with the film, Camron had nothing except a corny love story and what he copied from the original.
  3. I know i've always hated Joan Crawford, Lana Turner, Frank Sanatra, Peter Lawford, Sidney Pontier, Clark Gable and Tony Curtis. The actors I do like are Bette Davis, Olivia De'Havlend, Joan Fontaine, Spencer Tracy, Donald O' Connor. And that just about covers it.
  4. Jillian13

    (A Night To Remember)

    has anyone seen this film. It's marvelous. Its about the titanic and its so much better than the second one.
  5. Jillian13

    Olivia or Joan?

    As far as who is the better looking one, i'd say they are both equal. As far as acting is concerned I'd say Olivia, she can change her roll, and Joan always seems to be the same in every one.
  6. Jillian13

    12 Angry Men

    I love this movie, its one of my favorites next to Rope and Brief Encounter.
  7. Jillian13

    The Bat

    I did enjoy the house of wax, especially the seen when Vincent Price's face falls off. The House Of Wax and The Bat or good.
  8. Jillian13

    "You look a little like..."

    I've been told in the past that I look like Pier Angeli. Than they told me I look like Elizabeth Taylor....I don't buy that one. I've also been told I look like Greta Garbo.
  9. Jillian13

    The Most Handsome Actors!

    He wasn't in the movies as much as the rest of them, but I still think Richard dawson is the best looking man I've seen.
  10. Jillian13

    The devils brigade

    I past it on encore once, but It came on at a time when I had to leave the house, It would be nice if TCM would play it. Has TCM ever played The devil's brigade before???
  11. Jillian13

    The devils brigade

    I have heard alot about it, wasn't Dana Andrews, William Holden, & richard dawson in it?
  12. Jillian13

    The devils brigade

    Who wheres kilts in it????????????????
  13. Jillian13

    Favorite Bette Davis Film

    The very best film Bette Davis was in to me, was The Little Foxes. It's a marvelous film, and my favorette seen is when she lets her husband die by not giving him his pills, her performance in that movie was marvelous. She was so cold in that film, and had absolutly no sensitivity at all. I adore this movie.
  14. Jillian13

    The Bat

    I don't care for the films he did later on, such as Mask Of The Red Death, or House On Haunted Hill, they were just plane stupid. And as I remember The Bat only got two stars, and Mask Of The Red Death got four stars, which it didn't deserve.
  15. Jillian13

    The devils brigade

    Has anyone ever seen The Devil's Brigade?

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