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  1. AlbertCD

    "Contact Us"

    Why is it that I never get a reply from TCM when I use the Contact Us feature? I don't have TCM set to "spam".
  2. Now that "31 Days of Oscar" is taking place, before each film starts there is an old recorded announcement featuring the voice of a man about to announce the Best Picture winner. He speaks about how this award is a tribute to all the men and women involved in making films. Does anybody happen to know who the voice belongs to? Edited by: AlbertCD on Feb 6, 2014 4:51 PM
  3. AlbertCD

    A TCM question

    We have not been getting the high def version of Turner Classic Movies today. All our other channels are fine. Why is this happening? We live in Sandy Springs, Ga.
  4. Every time I do a search from the search engine, I get taken to a page with Charlie Chaplin's picture which says "404 Page Not Found".
  5. Was that really the silent version of "Blackmail" that they showed last night? What I saw had talking in it!
  6. AlbertCD

    "Moby Dick"

    Today TCM showed the 1956 "Moby Dick" in its proper aspect ratio (that is, about 1.85: 1). Does this mean that it's finally going to be issued on DVD like that? The current DVD release has the film at the standard Academy ratio, not widescreen.
  7. I am getting that message every time I try to look up detailed info on a film (such as the 1949 "Black Magic"). What can I do?
  8. AlbertCD

    Berkeley Square (1933)

    Is this coming out on DVD? Is that why the print they showed last night was in such good condition?
  9. AlbertCD

    Foreign Legion short

    To those who were watching last night at about 11:30 P.M., what is that name of that silly Warners Foreign Legion musical short that was on last night just before the weekly silent film started?
  10. AlbertCD

    Again, "Show Boat" (1936)

    Any word as to when this film will be released on an authorized American DVD? I'm getting damn tired of waiting for what is supposed to be Warner's 3 disc complete "Show Boat" (the 1929, 1936 and 1951 film versions in a DVD set). It was announced about ten years ago and still has not appeared yet. For that matter, I'm getting very tired of waiting simply for the 1936 version. Almost every great musical I want to get is now on an authorized DVD, except this one. And I don't want a bootleg copy.
  11. AlbertCD

    Joan of Arc shortened version

    She was not a child. She was about seventeen when she first spoke to the Dauphin and nineteen when she was burned at the stake.
  12. AlbertCD

    Joan of Arc shortened version

    All that narration wasn't in the long version. In the long version, there is narration only at the beginning. The narration was put in to cover the gaps where scenes are missing. The long version is much more like a filmed play, and has much better continuity. Don't knock it because the basic plot is simple. It's like the difference between the complete and the edited versions of the Orson Welles "Macbeth".
  13. AlbertCD

    Joan of Arc shortened version

    Joan's father appears in the long version, but not in the short one. And in the longer version you get a clearer idea of everything she has to go through just to see the Dauphin. You also get more motivation for the characters. I like the longer version much, much better.
  14. AlbertCD

    Joan of Arc shortened version

    The long version used to be available on DVD. Unfortunately, it's out of print. You can, however, get it at Z-Shops, but for no less than 46 bucks. And don't rely on E-bay, they often send customers bootleg copies of films - although some of them are **** good copies. (I got "Fantasia" from them in 2006.)
  15. AlbertCD

    Joan of Arc (1948)

    What is with TCM? They are usually so reliable. They were scheduled to show the full-length, 145-minute restored version of the 1948 "Joan of Arc", with Ingrid Bergman, which has never been telecast. Instead they showed the 100 minute edited version! Any other TV station could have done that. Edited by: AlbertCD on Feb 27, 2011 8:08 PM Edited by: AlbertCD on Feb 27, 2011 8:09 PM

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