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    Robert Montgomery in The Single Standard (1929) ???

    Well, I just ran through the entire film and didn't see him. I saw Joel McCrea as one of the three bad boys in the beginning, but no Robert Montgomery. He must have been an extra at one of the parties dancing, but I couldn't find him.
  2. GarboManiac

    Greta Garbo

    Brava! I love your name! Norma is Great! Glad we see eye to eye on both!
  3. GarboManiac

    if you could have lunch...

    Garbo. But, she probably wouldn't show.
  4. GarboManiac

    Ninotchka remade as Silk Stockings

    Wow! You really know your stuff! It will be great reading your comments! I will welcome your clarifications on my inaccuracies. I have a lot of knowlege, but it is mostly superficial, except for Garbo! But, I still learn more about her everyday!
  5. GarboManiac

    Greta Garbo

    Well, I have read everything everyone has written. First, let me say that the Mark Vieira book is one of the best I've read, next to Swenson's and Paris'. In response to alleycat1920, yes Ingrid was quite an actress. In fact, both being Swedish, I saw Gaslight and then watched Romance with Garbo. I thought Ingrid's portrayal was so good, I wanted to compare her to Garbo. Well, I found Garbo to be every bit her equal. In fact, she is much better. I fell in love with Garbo when I was 16 years old and now, forty years later, I still hold her higher than any other actress. Yes, I love Bette, Katherine, and Ingrid who all beat Greta out in the top five spots of The Film Institutes top 5. But, Garbo was # 5. Thank God! Any lower, and I would have bombed the Institute. Yes, her hair was terrible in most all her films. I don't know why except that I know she didn't care. She never cared about her appearance. Dietrich called her a peasant! Camille was her greatest film. Nickdimeo, she should have won! There was no one who could have done that part like she did. That particular performance was not only compared to Duse and Bernhadt, but was said to be "the greatest performance by any actress in any film," EVER! This is all fact. You cannot argue with historians. You have your opinion, and the Experts have theirs. Nodgnoc and xxmass, you don't have to like her. You are not needed. And, like so many others have said, if you don't get it, we can't explain it to you. As Guest said it best, she was SUBLIME. But, I have to differ on one point. She was not A superstar, she was THE superstar. No one has ever come close to her appeal. In April, 1931, Katherine Albert, a writer from Photoplay wrote an article called, Exploding the Garbo Myth. In it she said pretty much what all of you nay sayers are proposing, that she is nothing more than a creation. She can't act, and she literally does not deserve her status. Well, FIFTEEN THOUSAND angry fans wrote Photoplay to have that woman impaled on the top of the highest building as an example of her blasphemy! That is just a sample of how some of us feel. She is the supreme goddess, separate and above any other. She is not to be compared with any other "actress" because she is not just an actress. She is our vessel through which all of our deepest emotions are expressed. Yes, she wanted to be left alone and that "alone" is why we love her. She was not commercial. She did not play the game. And, when the game got too much for her, she left. Scottlord suggested it was Moje who influenced her, and I agree. But, it was also John Gilbert and Harry Edington, her agent, who encouraged her to distance herself to increase her fame. It worked, like no one else's technique. Luvsgarbo said, and again it is fact, that Hepburn, Davis and Crawford all stood in awe of Garbo. They all praised her as above and beyond all others. Crawford even did a documentary on Garbo, stating in the beginning that she would do this for no other star. If you love her, you love her. If not, there is no way to bring you to her. She is an addiction to some. There is no escape, and to have her name bandied about is sacrilege. All of us who love her favor different films. Some of us love her silents. Some love her talkies. Some love everything. Some hate her hair, but none of these differences separate us in our adoration of the Divine Garbo. Personally, I LOVE Romance, Inspiration and The Single Standard. Others think those are some of her worst movies. There is nothing more exhilarating than a heated discussion on the Supreme Garbo! There is nothing I love talking about more.
  6. GarboManiac

    Norma Shearer

    I heard that Kirsten Dunst is trying to be Norma! Why was she chosen to play the part? Guess they just don't have any greats anymore.
  7. GarboManiac

    Norma Shearer

    Pesonally, Garbo is my favorite, but no one can exclude Norma Shearer from the Top List! People keep saying she wasn't the greatest actress, but she was. She was one of the GREATEST! I don't think anyone mentioned the book The Films of Norma Shearer by Jacobs and Braum. It has great pics of her and all her films. There is one older pic of her in 1953 with Jean Simmons, Stewart Granger and Deborah Kerr. She looks Fab! I fell in love with Norma in Marie Antoinette. Later, I came to admire her acting ability and realize her true ranking as MGM's queen. Yes, Irving helped her career. And, yes Joan complained and even Greta lost directors, cameramen, and scripts to Norma because of Irving's drive to make her the queen, but she deserved it! There was no one like her, and I agree she has been forgotten. I think it is because of her retirement, even thought that didn't affect Garbo's memory. I understand why she retired, though. Everything had change. She simply had to finish her contract. Mayer didn't pay her any respect, and Irving was dead. Crawford was finished at MGM and Garbo never made another film. Harlow died, and Norma simply had had enough. But, when I think of MGM in the thirties, there were only four major stars: Garbo, Crawford, Harlow and Shearer. Yes, they had Myrna Loy, who was even crowned Queen of Hollywood one year, and Marion Davies, Judy Garland and Rosiland Russell, but MGM to me will alway be just those four!
  8. GarboManiac

    Ninotchka remade as Silk Stockings

    Yes, Silk Stockings was a remake of Ninotchka, but you have to remember the times. It was the time of the big MGM Musicals, and they were cranking them out. Personally, I liked Silk Stockings for what it was, and I loved Janis Page. Cyd needed starring vehicles, and this was just one of the many they put her in. She did a great job. As she grew older, and I saw her interviewed on many shows, I realized she was a classy lady with tremendous composure and style. Loved Cyd. But, Silk Stockings was a poor imitation of Ninotchka.
  9. GarboManiac

    Linda Darnell should have played Pinky!

    Yes! And, I saw a show on Miss Horne. She said that she was supposed to play Tondelayo in White Cargo. But, she was miffed that they finally gave the part to Hedy Lamarr and rubbed "Light Egyptian" all over her! Poor Lena missed out on too many parts. She would have been great as Tondelayo, but I loved Hedy in the part. As for Linda, Forever Amber and A Letter to Three Wives are my favorites. She would have been great as Pinky, too!
  10. GarboManiac

    Garbo voted by "Guinness" as most beautiful ever!

    You know my wife, before she died, idolized Ava Gardner, too. And my mother thinks Ava is the most beautiful woman who ever lived. So, yes, it must be a woman's point of view. But, I also agree with you. If you chose to look like anyone, Taylor would be an excellent choice, and you would soon be famous, and rich!
  11. GarboManiac

    Garbo voted by "Guinness" as most beautiful ever!

    I stand corrected! Very funny! If I had The Divine Woman, you would be the first I'd invite over!
  12. GarboManiac

    Garbo voted by "Guinness" as most beautiful ever!

    Well, my name says it All! Although I love all of the stars of the 30s, 40s, and 50s, I am completely, one hundred percent a Garbo fan. I have seen all of her films, with the exception of Gosta Berling, more than twice. I have read everything I can get my hands on. Everyone who worked with her was, 1) astounded by her beauty, which makes me believe that films never did do her justice, 2) blown away by her photogenic qualities, more than one photographer said she had no bad angles, any lighting from any angle only made her look more beautiful (even Dietrich had to watch which angle the light came from), and 3) in awe of her technique and ability to make herself more beautiful through her characterizations. I even remember once in the 70's on a Mike Douglas or Merv Griffin show a guest was asked who he considered to be the most beautiful of all, and he said Greta Garbo. I was a little taken aback by that, but of course, now I agree. So, I am thrilled with the news that she is considered the most beautiful woman. But, you are all correct in your general consensus that the dark beauties take the cake. For sheer beauty, there is no comparison to Hedy Lamarr, the most beautiful star! Second would probably be Elizabeth Taylor, but only because the world made her the most beautiful woman in the world in the fifties because Hedy had grown too old for the title. Next, in any order, I agree with Vivien Leigh, Delores Del Rio, Linda Darnell, Gene Tierney and Ava Gardner. All of the blondes and redheads could not compare with the brunettes. They were in a different class, and although beautiful, they lacked the exotic qualities of the burnettes. The one redhead, Rita Hayworth, was outstanding, but even she was created by Hollywood. If you read about her, she had a forehead down to her eye brows when she came and had hours of painful electrolysis to create that beautiful image. And, a comment on the new stars, who may or may not be beautiful, they have no mystery or allure. They are just people who make movies. The star system is gone and so are the stars. They are not even worth mentioning in a discussion like this. Hooray for Greta! She has gained her rightful place at last. The American Film Institute named her # 5. I was very upset with that, but at least she was in the top five, so I am content. I know she is # 1, even if everyone else disagrees! Ha!

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