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  1. jdb1

    Who Likes Danny Kaye?

    > metsfan, this movie sounds like it's alot of fun. I > am always amazed at how well he can imitate accents > and facial expressions so well! He had to have been > a geat person to gain the guest stars' admiration so > much. I still need to see this tape... Well, my friends, you won't find a more staunch supporter of Danny Kaye's talent than me. Danny Kaye was the lord almighty in Brooklyn when I was a girl - he was adored, and could do no wrong as far as the populace was concerned. However . . . . .you might be a bit disappointed in him if you read any biographical material. Apparently, he wasn't the sweetest peach on the tree. And it seems that the farther along in life he got, the more insufferable he became. His obnoxious behavior, both on and off stage, during his last Broadway show is "legendary" in the entertainment industry. I saw an interview some time ago with Madeline Kahn, who was in that show, and although she made an attempt to be polite and civil about her experience, it was evident from what she said (and did not say) that she thought Danny Kaye was a pig. Don't believe everything you see on TV. There were a great many of his co-stars who, although they wanted to work with him because of his great abilities, didn't care all that much for him personally. I recall once instance I read about in the news, during the run of his TV show. The actor/comedian Godfrey Cambridge, who was a very smart and trenchantly funny standup, was a guest, and most of his routine wound up on the cutting room floor, as they say, because Danny was unhappy with all the laughs Cambridge got. I don't think professional generosity was one of Danny's strong points. I do think the man was something of a genius at what he did, and sometimes geniuses have a hard time behaving themselves in socially appropriate ways. In his case, I can separate the man from the performer, and I continue to think him one of the world's great entertainers.
  2. jdb1

    Looking for a Movie

    Maybe you're thinking of "Cotton Comes to Harlem?" That's more of a comedy than is "Tobacco Road," although "Tobacco Road" has its funny moments.
  3. Living on Love sounds suspiciously like Rafter Romance, except in this instance the shared apartment is in the basement. I hope I get a chance to see at least a bit of it to make a comparison.
  4. jdb1

    Trying to Find An Oldie Again

    I've seen "Three Coins in the Fountain" several times recently on cable. It was probably on the Fox channel, since it's a Fox movie. They run it fairly often.
  5. jdb1

    My Favorite Trivia

    Spin & Marty?
  6. jdb1

    Gallery of Characters

    One more birthday for April 11. Designer Oleg Cassini
  7. jdb1

    Gallery of Characters

    Another 4/11 birthday - director/producer Howard W. Koch
  8. jdb1

    Gallery of Characters

    April 11, and here are some of today's supporter/character birthdays: Paul Douglas
  9. jdb1

    Gallery of Characters

    > Tully Marshall? My Tully Marshall, whom I first > cottoned to in Ball Of Fire?? > > How funny that you recognize him, jdb1. And welcome > back! > > Still more funny -- all of the birthdays are of the > 'type' that I like, a la Warren William or Basil > Rathbone, tall, thin, Roman nose -- Arliss, Von Sydow > and Marshall all. Yes, it's that Tully Marshall. I wonder if it is a coincidence. I've noticed, since I started looking up birthdays for this thread, that there are certain "types" born on the same day - e.g., musicians, comedians, (or scientists or writers) or sometimes those who resemble each other. Perhaps there's more going on in the celestial firmament than we realize. I'd like to think so.
  10. jdb1

    Gallery of Characters

    One more April 10 birthday: A consummate character actor of great skill and range, who's been around forever. Long may he thrive. Harry Morgan
  11. jdb1

    Gallery of Characters

    Also born on April 10 My favorite Swede, Max von Sydow (he's the live one, on the left)
  12. jdb1

    Gallery of Characters

    More on 4/10 George Arliss
  13. jdb1

    Gallery of Characters

    Hello, everyone. Back from a brief vacation (didn't go anywhere, just didn't do any of the routine things). It's April 10, and here are some birthdays: Tully Marshall
  14. jdb1

    Gallery of Characters II

    One more 3/27 birthday: David Janssen
  15. jdb1

    Gallery of Characters II

    Some more March 27 birthdays: Richard Denning (here as co-star of radio's "My Favorite Husband" with Lucille Ball)

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