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  1. oreocat

    Would a Film Noir work today?

    The most recent film that I consider to have worked as a film noir was "Body Heat" and that was, what, 1980?
  2. oreocat

    Famous lines from movies

    > OK ! Who said "I'm getting too old for this stuff?" Danny Glover's character in the original "Lethal Weapon"
  3. oreocat

    Your Favorite Movie Lines

    I love Mel Brooks. From "History of the World Part I" "Don't get saucy with me, Bernaisse."
  4. oreocat

    Your Favorite All-time Horror Flick!

    "The Mummy" scared the hell out of me when I was a kid. Watching it on Creature Features (any New Yorkers here) gave me nightmares. The scene where he was wrapped alive was terrifying. "Aliens" was not a sci-fi movie - it was classic horror movie where someone is trapped in a house (now a spaceship) and can't get out. An overlooked movie is "Fallen" with Denzel Washington. Nothing gory, but the psychological thrill is unbelievable. "The House On Haunted Hill" with Vincent Price was another that scared the hell out of me when I was a kid. And "The Omen" scared me - probably because I didn't read the book. The reason "The Exorcist" didn't affect me as much is because I did read the book first.
  5. oreocat

    A list of 50 greatest War-Films from www.imdb.com poll?

    What about The Big Red One with Lee Marvin - a classic
  6. oreocat

    The definitive film noir

    > I'd say for me that the definitive film-noir would > have to be Out of the Past, for its twisted > plot, seedy locales, devious dames, and an oh so > smooth antagonist played to great effect by Kirk > Douglas--then again, he's perhaps not the main > antagonist here, though his character has the most > clout. A must see. Plus, the ending was totally > noirish. In a world like that, the happy stuff is > best left to Romance films. > Out of the Past is a classic. Robert Mitchum is the definitive film noir actor. And how many know that "Against All Odds" was based on this movie.

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