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  1. SueSueApplegate

    SUE SUE II...

    Laura of Laura's Miscellaneous Musings with J. B. Kaufman, Disney historian and author in Club TCM for the closing night party... TCM Backlot members in LA for a classif film screening... Night of the Living Dead audience members before the midnight screening with Simon Pigg.... FOR YOUR CONTINUED AMUSEMENT (FYCA): Last year's festival announcement arrived on Tuesday, August 29, 2017....
  2. SueSueApplegate

    SUE SUE II...

    Enjoy my latest review of Hollywood historian Mary Mallory's latest book, Living With Grace: Life Lessons From America’s Princess by Lyons Press!
  3. It is going to be a fantastic festival year, MotherofZeus! I hope you will be able to attend. Festival organizers are already planning a 10th anniversary festival that will thrill passholders with anniversary screenings, special guests, some of whom have previoiusly participated in TCMFF events, and possibly some new festival guests that fans have been requesting since the first festival but for whatever reasons couldn't attend. I'm definitely looking forward to it! 😀
  4. SueSueApplegate

    SUE SUE II...

    Enjoying the MAD ABOUT MUSICALS online course from TCM and Ball State? Check out all the conversations here:
  5. SueSueApplegate

    SUE SUE II...

    My special Wednesday, April 25, interview with Director Alexa Foreman, former TCM Senior Researcher, at the iconic Larry Edmunds Bookshop on Hollywood Blvd. informed early bird pass holders and the SRO crowd about the fascinating new documentary, SCANDAL: The Trial of Mary Astor, which premiered on Friday, April 27, in Club TCM. Foreman discussed the journey of the documentary, and how TCM Host Robert Osborne's legacy helped support Foreman's project. One of Osborne's favorite films was Dodsworth, which starred Astor, Walter Huston, and Ruth Chatterton, and premiered at the second TCM Film Festival in 2011. Foreman took questions from the audience, explained how many elements of the film came together, shared her background as the Senior TCM Researcher, and her close, working relationship with the late Robert Osborne. Andrew Yang, the great-grandson of Mary Astor, was also in attendance and spoke about his connection with his great-grandmother. Sue Sue and Director Alexa Foreman at Larry Edmunds Bookshop.... Andrew Yang discussed Mary Astor's legacy and shared his recent creations, Mary Astor dolls in some of her iconic costumes from her featured films.Yang and Foreman later visited with social media fans poolside at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel to discuss SCANDAL: The Trial of Mary Astor, which made for a hectic Wednesday for the director and her crew. The film screening filled Club TCM with grateful Mary Astor fans learning about her struggles and her legacy, defying the studio system to fight for custody of her daughter, Marylyn, who was also featured in the popular documentary. *Event photos courtesy of Linda Wiegman, who is currently showcased in the TCM Backlot promos. Look for "Sue Sue's” name as the documentary credits roll by...
  6. SueSueApplegate

    SUE SUE II...

    Loving May's month of series films with Ann Sothern as Maisie, Boston ****, The Saint, The Thin Man, Andy Hardy, and many, many more. TCM Festival Special Guest Ted Donaldson, who introduced A Tree Grows In Brooklyn with writer Jeremy Arnold in 2016, visited with social media groups on Wednesday evening before the Thursday opening night festivities. His series of films, beginnning with The Adventures of Rusty are screening as we speak on TCM... Donaldson visited with pass holders and posed for photos ...He will be back next year for #TCMFF social media fans at the early gatherings....
  7. Laura, Laura, cinecrazydc, and Jasmine in Club TCM during the closing night party!
  8. Wow! Cinecrazy! You have been doing your homework! So glad we were able to connect during the festival! 😍

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