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  1. SueSueApplegate

    SUE SUE II...

    PROGRAMMING HIGHLIGHTS: Silent Sunday Nights with #TCMFF Special Guest Professor Jacqueline Stewart begins tonight!
  2. SueSueApplegate

    SUE SUE II...

    #TCMFF2019 25th Anniversary panels in the Chinese Multiplex... (photo by Sue Sue) Historian and Author Donald Bogle, Producer Stephanie Allain, Author and Historian Molly Haskell, and University Of Chicago professor Jacqueline Stewart after the entertaining and informative Gone With The Wind Panel at the #TCMFF2019 in Club TCM.... TCM announces Jacqueline Stewart added as host of Silent Sunday Nights! (Photo by Sue Sue)
  3. SueSueApplegate

    SUE SUE II...

    Remembering the joyful Cicely Tyson and Tyler Perry at her #TCMFF Hand and Footprint Ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre in 2018 and Sounder on tonight’s TCM Essentials with Ben Mankiewicz and Ava DuVernay... (photo by Sue Sue)
  4. SueSueApplegate

    SUE SUE II...

    The latest #TCMFF Promo!
  5. SueSueApplegate

    SUE SUE II...

    GRAND ILLUSIONS: FANTASTIC WORLDS ON FILM APRIL 16–19, 2020 PASSES ON SALE THIS NOVEMBER You’re invited on a wondrous journey to enchanted worlds of fantasy and stories beyond belief. From myths and magical creatures to ghostly encounters and travels through time, you’ll escape with fellow movie lovers to places that will ignite your imagination.
  6. SueSueApplegate

    SUE SUE II...

    It’s today!!! April 16-19 is the #TCMFF 2020!
  7. SueSueApplegate

    SUE SUE II...

    Action Stations August—an announcement about the #TCMFF 2020 is eminent. Mire about Ten Years Of #TCMFF Themes here.
  8. SueSueApplegate

    SUE SUE II...

    Mary Astor’s Summer Under The Stars Celebration is today on TCM!! This is the perfect day to remember Director Alexa Foreman and her documentary, Scandal: The Trial of Mary Astor and that special Wednesday, April 25, 2018, interview at Larry Edmunds Bookstore. Thanks to Andrew Yang, Mary Astor's great-grandson for attending this exciting event, Larry Edmunds Bookshop, Linda Wiegman who took the interview photos, and all the fans who made the Wednesday interview and the Club TCM Screening two SRO events. The documentary screened the following Friday in Club TCM hosted by Gary Freedman. Thanks to Paula for that frothy cup of Mary Astor java. The iconic Hollywood Boulevard location.... Sue Sue with director Alexa Foreman... Sue Sue (Christy), Director Alexa Foreman, and Mary Astor’s great-grandson, Andrew Yang, creator of the Mary Astor Doll Collection... Inexciting Club TCM with social media content creator Jeff Lundenberger, and Jeff Mantor Of Larry Edmunds Bookshop...
  9. SueSueApplegate

    SUE SUE II...

    Theresa Brown shares her thoughts on Ava Gardner for her Summer Under The Stars Celebration Today..... "It’s here folks! One of TCM’s signature programming events and one of my favorites: Summer Under the Stars! For August, TCM features one movie star a day and programs a full 24 hours of their films. I can’t think of a better way to get a sweeping overview of a film star’s career. Let me tell you a bit about my pick........"(for more, click here.)
  10. SueSueApplegate

    SUE SUE II...

    Sue Sue chats #TCMFF Festival Themes... What will it be this year? Last year's announcement came on Tuesday, August 28! ACTION STATIONS AUGUST!
  11. SueSueApplegate

    SUE SUE II...

    TCM has included this documentary during Ava Gardner's Summer Under The Stars Tribute at 8 p.m. EST....AVA GARDNER: THE GIPSY OF HOLLYWOOD.....
  12. SueSueApplegate

    SUE SUE II...

    UCLA - Forbidden Fruit: The Golden Age of the Exploitation Picture is the planned program in September... Wonder if we might see any of these films at the fest?
  13. SueSueApplegate

    SUE SUE II...

    Robert "Mike" Berry from Williamsburg, VA TCM Backlot highlighted one of our favorite #TCMFF pass holders--It's Mike!
  14. SueSueApplegate

    SUE SUE II...

    Comings and Goings.... First Robert Osborne Memorial Award Recipient Martin Scorsese reunites for a collaborative screen effort with old friends.... Scorsese's secret weapon in New York City... Star Trek TMP Returns Thanks to Fathom Events... 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' | Courtesy of Sony Pictures Violence Against Women in Tarantino Films from THR..... Tarantino Box Office.... August is #TCMFF2020 announcement time! Last year the announcement came towards the end of the month. Be ready to reserve your rooms!
  15. SueSueApplegate

    SUE SUE II...

    SHARIt'sE: *The wonderful tribute to Albert Finney is tonight! Annie, Tom Jones, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, The Dresser, and Night Must Fall begin tonight at 7 CST and 8 EST.... AND your titillating tidbits du jour.... *Cari Beauchamp's wonderful biography of Frances Marion, Without Lying Down, is now an audiobook... *Adjusting the top ten boffo box office bonanzas for inflation.... *Not Faye Dunaway's first time at the rodeo. Bucked off again! * Patsy and Loretta together again! A new film on the way...

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