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  1. SUE SUE II...

    Could be we might have an update Thursday... A little birdie told me that we might see a screening of Where the Boys Are, a perfect poolside treat! And since Jacqueline Bisset and Michael York are both scheduled to attend, maybe we might see the original Murder On The Orient Express.... Stay tuned!
  2. SUE SUE II...

    On March Highlights from TCM: Martin Scorsese, the first recipient of the Robert Osborne Award at the TCM Film Festival 2018 opening night, has several flattering comments to make about Ben Johnson: "Starring Ben Johnson (March 27, 8pm ET) On March 27, TCM will pay tribute to a very special actor, Ben Johnson. Johnson was born on the Osage Reservation in Oklahoma, and he grew up handling horses for his father, who was a rancher, horse breeder and rodeo rider. Like Richard Farnsworth, another fine actor, Johnson started as a stunt rider. He doubled for Henry Fonda in Fort Apache and John Ford put him under contract as an actor. Johnson was apparently fond of understating his acting ability: he was quoted as saying that everybody in town was a better actor than he was "but none of them can play Ben Johnson." What he's describing is, in fact, extremely difficult. Anyone without training as an actor knows how hard it is to simply walk across a room believably. In Johnson's case, he started on camera by doing what he knew best--riding and handling horses--and I suppose that it paved the way for his wonderful onscreen presence. Ford built one of his best movies, Wagon Master, around that presence. Johnson, who never stopped riding horses (he was inducted into the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame), was always good, but Ford's beautiful cinematic ballad was his finest picture." Ben Johnson and Joanne Dru in Wagon Master...
  3. SUE SUE II...

    Well, according to past years, it seems that we are way overdue for an update. Maybe we will hear about Club TCM Panels soon...or films....or special guests....or somezink!!! On March 29, In Search of the Castaways screens as part of Leonard Maltin's Treasures From the Disney Vault...
  4. SUE SUE II...

    This last week I revisited the stunning beauty of The Black Stallion, and my curiosity led me to a website with some fascinating articles, one of which is an interview with Kelly Reno, the young actor whose spirit propels the poignant tale filmed by Director of Photography, Caleb Deschanel, and directed by Carroll Ballard. Interesting back stories about many of the stunts reveal what a monumental effort this film became. I still tear up in at least 3 places. I'm looking forward to seeing this film on the big screen! The third article begins with the interview.
  5. SUE SUE II...

    I'm thrilled that Nancy Kwan is heading to the TCM Film Festival this April to introduce The World of Suzie Wong, also starring William Holden. James Shigeta, who passed away in 2014, with Nancy Kwan... Since Nancy Kwan will be in attendance, maybe she will also intro a screening of 1961's Flower Drum Song, directed by Henry Koster and produced by Ross Hunter.. We can only hope. Info about Ms. Kwan from the TCM website: Nancy Kwan was catapulted from her native Hong Kong at 19 to become an international star in such famed American films as THE WORLD OF SUZIE WONG (1960) and Flower Drum Song (1961). Kwan, the daughter of a prominent architect, was born in Hong Kong and educated in England, where she also studied dancing at the Royal Ballet School. By chance, while on vacation from school in Hong Kong, she was spotted by famed American producer Ray Stark, then on a hunt to find an Asian beauty to star in the film version of The World of Suzie Wong. After a number of screen tests in Hong Kong, Los Angeles and London, Kwan finally got the part starring opposite William Holden. For this role, she was nominated for Best Actress and International Star of Tomorrow by the Hollywood Foreign Press. Kwan’s second starring role, which allowed her to display her dancing talents, was in Flower Drum Song, based on the acclaimed Rogers and Hammerstein Broadway musical. The film was nominated for five Academy Awards. An authentic global player, Ms. Kwan has written and produced film and TV commercials in South East Asia, while continuing to perform in America, Asia and Europe. In 2002, Ms. Kwan was appointed Hong Kong’s Film Ambassador. Kwan has starred in over 50 films. Some of her films include Fate is the Hunter(1964), with Glenn Ford; Walking the Edge (1985), with Robert Forster; Keys to Freedom (1988), with Jane Seymour and Omar Sharif; Dragon: The life of Bruce Lee (1993), with Jason Scott Lee; and Mr. P’s Dancing Sushi Bar (1998), a project that was developed at Sundance. Kwan appeared on television in the pilot for Hawaii Five-0, with Jack Lord; the two-part “Cenotaph” episode of Kung Fu, with David Carradine; Chicago Story; The Last Ninja; James Clavell’s Noble House; Miracle Landing and Babies. Stage plays include The Quartered Man, Love Letters, Arthur and Leila, and as Martha in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.
  6. SUE SUE II...

    Screening in Club TCM at the TCM Film Festival 2018.... Scandal: The Trial of Mary Astor is a documentary about a woman who has to make a choice after learning her personal - and very intimate - diaries have been stolen. As an actress - an employee of the Hollywood studios - it means risking everything.Using interviews with Astor’s daughter Marylyn, along with film historians Molly Haskell and Leonard Maltin, the film tells the story of Astor’s 1936 child custody case. Coincidentally, at the same time the trial is taking place, the actress is filming the movie Dodsworth, directed by William Wyler. David Wyler, the director’s son, and L.A. Times critic Kevin Thomas are also interviewed and give their perspectives on this amazing - and very timely - struggle.
  7. SUE SUE II...

    Evidently the rules for posting images have changed again for the TCM Film Festival Forum. I’ll post a link soon to more information...
  8. SUE SUE II...

    Just received word that this fabulous documentary by Director Alexa Foreman will screen at Club TCM during #TCMFF 2018.. “SCANDAL: THE TRIAL OF MARY ASTOR” A DOCUMENTARY BY ALEXA FOREMAN NARRATED BY ACADEMY AWARD WINNER LEE GRANT THE TRIAL HOLLYWOOD WANTED TO STOP...THE ACTRESS WHO SAID “NO.” Alexa Foreman is a former senior historian and segment producer for TCM, and a writer, producer and researcher for other projects on PBS and other channels. Scandal: The Trial of Mary Astor is an exciting addition to Club TCM events for the TCMFF 2018, a full list which has not yet been fully disclosed on the website.
  9. SUE SUE II...

    There are still three levels of passes still available for the TCMFF 2018:
  10. Spouses & Festival Passes

    There are still festival passes available for the TCMFF 2018. The Essential pass is sold out, but there are still Palace, Classic and Spotlight passes available here:
  11. 2018 TCM Festival Suggestions

    THE ROBERT OSBORNE AWARD “Turner Classic Movies is proud to honor our late host, Robert Osborne, with the creation of the Robert Osborne Award. This annual award will be presented at the TCM Classic Film Festival to an individual whose work has helped keep the cultural heritage of classic films alive and thriving for generations to come. Osborne served as the host of Turner Classic Movies for 23 years, and his passion for film and wealth of knowledge as a film historian helped preserve the legacy of classic film. For the inaugural award, TCM will celebrate world-renowned filmmaker director Martin Scorsese and his longtime dedication to preserving and protecting motion picture history at the ninth annual Festival. This presentation will be made as part of the official Opening Night Gala at the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX.” This is from the latest link added on the programs website for the festival:
  12. 2018 TCM Festival Suggestions

    Cinecrazydc, I'm also excited that we'll have a chance to see Windjammer! So happy you are thrilled with this gem, too! “This visually stunning film, the only film ever shot in the widescreen Cinemiracle process, captures the voyage of the ship Christian Radich across the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea with stops at exotic ports of call.”
  13. SUE SUE II...

    Then we'll see each other soon!
  14. SUE SUE II...

    Yes! What an oversight on my part! Nancy Olson Livingston will once again favor TCM Film Festival pass holders with an appearance before a screening of Sunset Blvd. She attended the very first festival in 2010, and the overwhelming popularity of her attendance at the screening made for an exciting event. Attendees who missed the first festival are indeed in for a treat. And from some of the comments I've encountered on social media, those pass holders who enjoyed her first appearance are planning on a return engagement with this lovely, accomplished lady as she discusses one of director Billy Wilder's most iconic films. Hope to see you there, txfilmfan!
  15. SUE SUE II...

    New Films: A Hatful of Rain with Eva Marie Saint! A Star Is Born (1937) Finishing School (Ginger Rogers and Frances Dee pre-code) Girls About Town Grand Prix (James Garner and Eva Marie Saint) I Take This Woman (Gary Cooper and Carole Lombard) Leave Her To Heaven (Nitrate!) Maurice with recent Oscar-Winner James Ivory! My Brilliant Career with Director Gillian Armstrong Phantom of the Opera (1925) Romeo and Juliet (1968) Spellbound (Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman!) Stage Door Sweet Sweetback's Baadass Song (1971) Melvin Van Peebles!!! WINDJAMMER: THE VOYAGE OF CHRISTIAN RADICH--Cinerama Dome Witness For The Prosecution The World of Suzie Wong

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